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  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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Comments • 367

  • Rat King
    Rat King 5 days ago

    *insert the entire school system*

  • Emilio Ortega
    Emilio Ortega 5 days ago

    *video about common practices with no purpose

    **Thumbnail is person PRAYING**
    fucking SAVAGE LMAOO

  • Sanity Sold Separately

    Warm or mildly hot water doesn't kill germs but it does melt some kinds of oil/grease better than cold water which can make some oily substances harder and slow washing them off.

  • Trayce Martineau
    Trayce Martineau 8 days ago

    “I’m so smart because I hate prayer and placebos”
    Just let people be happy, man

  • Cave Jackson
    Cave Jackson 9 days ago

    5:04 I know not all of you are Christian but I'm pretty sure astrology is against God. I think I read that it's up to God to see your future and nobody else. Not that I believe astrology anyway

  • Geometry Dash Kronosaurus


  • Aleksandra Miglowiec
    Aleksandra Miglowiec 12 days ago

    The "door close" buttons on elevators. A) Just wait a few seconds. B) I've heard that in some if not most elevators this is a button that doesn't do anything. Not sure if that's actually true. Either way, no need to press "door close" after entering the elevator.

  • VZ_ 342
    VZ_ 342 13 days ago +1

    Oh, those rambunctious Canadians and their shenanigans! 9:55

  • dangermouseBETA
    dangermouseBETA 13 days ago

    I really fucking hate writing cover letters. Pointless to the max.

  • Tommy K
    Tommy K 13 days ago +1

    and what about circumcision? I don't wanna debate about this in the comments but surprised to not see it mentioned by someone as it's not even practiced in Europe or Asia, basically the majority of the world, unless for religious reasons.

  • Angelica Darlin
    Angelica Darlin 14 days ago

    tHoTs AnD pEaRs!! Instead of actually donating/volunteering/even sharing a free fucking post to spread awareness

  • Anatolia
    Anatolia 15 days ago

    I think school starts to early because most jobs start at 8-9am.

  • Joe Vitale
    Joe Vitale 18 days ago

    Didn't watch the vid yet but homework

  • pianotm
    pianotm 19 days ago

    I worked at a restaurant. We did not wash our rags: we threw them away when done with them. Got new shipments every week. Not super expensive and guarantees that the rag is always clean.

  • Uncomfortable Truth
    Uncomfortable Truth 21 day ago

    #1 Worrying.

  • Tycoon Titian01
    Tycoon Titian01 23 days ago +2

    For school at 7 am, my elementary school started at 8:30, then they f*cking changed it to 7:30, thankfully it was implemented when I was in 4th grade so I only delt for two years, then a year in one middle school then we moved, and here I am. Though I think the high school I will go to will start at 7 so rip
    EDIT: yep it starts at 7:20. Wish me luck next school year

  • vidmuncher
    vidmuncher 25 days ago

    So we not gonna talk about that fire beat at the end?

  • xxEzraBxxx
    xxEzraBxxx 26 days ago +1

    Circumcision. There is no need to do it and it help's absolutely nobody except to keep them from committing their favorite sin (jack off)

  • Bumble The Bee
    Bumble The Bee 26 days ago

    Early school start times are to leave time for after school sports while there is still light out and jobs during busier times when they might be more needed.

  • Dry Fruit
    Dry Fruit 26 days ago +1


  • JAR100
    JAR100 27 days ago +1

    I live in Arizona so I don’t get day light savings

    • JAR100
      JAR100 24 days ago

      Christel Headington no I meant that I’m lucky to not have daylight savings

    • Christel Headington
      Christel Headington 25 days ago

      But you have the sun on your state flag to make up for it.

  • John Vanegmond
    John Vanegmond 27 days ago

    Wells Fargo Bank, 666 Walnut Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309.................Yes, they want your soul.

  • Sauce
    Sauce Month ago +1

    Praying. No, I'm not Aethiest. In fact, I'm catholic. I see no point. Because I've lost 7 family members and I'm not even 18.

  • Weijia Kwok
    Weijia Kwok Month ago

    The Dettol hands free soap dispenser

  • Dom
    Dom Month ago

    I am so glad that there is something about kids and start times, im a crazy conspiracy theorist and people lump my crazy bs into shit like this. School system is broken top to bottom would have to get rid of the human scum that runs it all first after ridding the govt of its grasp of the children and our future.

  • I M Ofage
    I M Ofage Month ago +1

    LOL, As the video loaded, I muttered to myself "saying bless you" and it was the first one!
    Praying has a purpose, but it's a nefarious one. Religions have a much higher retention rate when everyone in a community practices the same one and does it regularly. Prayer is a ritualistic way to "encourage" brand loyalty (faith) in the religion. Other than the mental masturbation aspect of feeling good for silently hoping for good things, it's functionally useless to the person doing the praying. But it's very helpful to the preacher and the church in retaining their flock.

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee Month ago

    There are hand wash stations at at least two army chow halls that I have been to that were actually designed by someone with a brain that was allowed to use it... they are after the CAC reader/ cash box and have knee panel operation with comfortably warm water: Fort Hunter Liggett, CA and Daegu, South Korea. Love them.

  • 109Rage
    109Rage Month ago

    14:40 - I take a selfie maybe once a year just to have a photo of how I look at a given time. Maybe I lost weight, or am rocking a different hair style or beard, and just want to have something semi-up-to-date… but yeah, some people really take them on a near-daily basis, and it's all vanity. Might make sense if they were some hair-stylist or something showing off different work tho? ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Rockspoon
    Rockspoon Month ago

    8:14 this dude has never had a hard day's work on his life if he thinks there's no reason to have a new set of clothes every day. Expect for jeans...

    • Sauce
      Sauce Month ago

      Not nessecarily.
      He/she/they might just not wear a physical job.

  • DJ блять
    DJ блять Month ago

    I am the 666th like. I am the devil

  • Katea Jurors
    Katea Jurors Month ago

    Having school at 8 a.m. to send the fucking parents can go to work dumbasses

  • Katea Jurors
    Katea Jurors Month ago

    If you order not sitting at your table that does not mean you should not tip your tipping for the bullshit mess that people have to clean up after you you're tipping because that place doesn't pay enough for its employees. I've worked at places that were like this and even though yes you could go up and pick up your food we brought it out to you. We cleaned up all the smashed food your fucking kids motion to the ground we clean up all your damn dishes and we cook your food if you want a bitch about tipping or the food prices then cook your own damn food trust me at the hell of a lot cheaper your high prices because the corporations and because we have to clean up your bullshit

  • ChrisPeefe Art
    ChrisPeefe Art Month ago +3

    That one about pep rally really took me back. One of the schools I went to had the worst pep rallies. They literally just stood there and read off the name of every single player on every single team and then the rally was over. There was absolutely no pep of any kind.

  • Stefan Travis
    Stefan Travis Month ago +1


  • Zanon12
    Zanon12 Month ago

    To the people who wrote about the tips... Ok, boomer.

  • Saiyanryu
    Saiyanryu Month ago +1

    14:16 This dude sounds like he's just bitching. Taking vitamins is like a "just in case" procedure, like washing hands after peeing or drinking a protein shake after a workout.

    • The Hidden Ninja
      The Hidden Ninja 18 days ago

      If you're not lacking enough to have medically diagnosable effects, but still mildly deficient
      taking vitamin supplements helps you get enough

  • R Wiley
    R Wiley Month ago +3

    People say "bless you" because it's polite. If the sneezer has the plague, you want to be polite to them before they die.

  • First Name Last Name

    I felt like we should have went the other direction with the time because it gets dark way too early messes with my sleep

  • Jaliyah Best
    Jaliyah Best Month ago


  • alexiane250
    alexiane250 Month ago

    11:00 our school only pushing back us starting at 9am but honestly it was so much better that how some others suffer

  • Jade White
    Jade White Month ago

    That person has a really negative view on selfies... sometimes they're just fun like good lord loosen up

  • Mad Titan Thanos
    Mad Titan Thanos Month ago

    Every single periodic element.
    Oh yeah because my career will definately involve knowing these things. And if it does, then I'm sure literally 4 years of college can help teach me.

    • jeronimo196
      jeronimo196 19 days ago

      Scientific literacy - who needs this shit, am I rite?

  • Ulf Nope
    Ulf Nope Month ago

    did he just say that water thats too hot for the touch has no purpose because if water would have to serve a purpose for cleanliness it would have too be way too hot for the touch...? (yes i know it has to be ever warmer but it sounds stupid explaining it like that :D)

  • Jimbalaya Man
    Jimbalaya Man Month ago +1

    I bet the people who wrote these are real big hits at parties.

  • Michael Brantley
    Michael Brantley Month ago

    Omg....preach brother!! FUCK THOSE DAMN PICKLES!!!!!! I dont want your damn pickle, why is that even a thing? Do they think it makes the rest of the dish look prettier or something??

  • Clowder 64
    Clowder 64 Month ago +1

    9:26 oh hey once our school had a pep rally that me and mah friend didnt want to go to so instead of going to the gym we locked ourselves in my dad's classroom and had a wonderful time goofing off. 10/0 never going to a pep rally again

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name Month ago

      The amount of times I had to Listen to Eye of the Tiger and Roar made me want to f--king blow my brains out

  • Glorified MeterMaid
    Glorified MeterMaid Month ago +11

    I can't believe homeopathy wasn't on this list

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name Month ago

      Its purpose is to harm people people believe that it will save them from something when they could have easily just gone to a hospital

  • vansh prajapati
    vansh prajapati Month ago +3


  • Evan Barnett
    Evan Barnett Month ago +3

    I'm surprised no one from the US said filing taxes! If you're a traditional employee who files a 1040 the gov't knows how much you made, how much you owe in taxes, but won't tell you so good luck figuring that out! Oh and if you get it wrong, get ready for an audit!

  • Flame Panda
    Flame Panda Month ago +1

    School bathroom taps that spray water faster than a car can drive...
    You don't want to get sprayed? Gotta stand back far as you can, and it still won't work!
    What's even the point of timed taps if you're gonna waste water by spraying water the instant it touches a hand, anyway??

  • KymeraAHP
    KymeraAHP Month ago +4

    When you sneeze, your heart stops for a second. So the going belief is you die for a second and that "Bless you" was because you didn't stay dead

  • One Million Subscribers Challenge

    Whenever someone says that they "prayed" for me, it just makes me want to
    1) not trust them,
    2) tell them that if they want to help, just ask how to help
    3) tell them "that is useless information"

    I am Wiccan, but I still react the same no matter what god(s)/goddess(es) they tell me they prayed to (unless they prayed to a deity of vengeance to get rid of a person who did something to me when they weren't there)

    • jeronimo196
      jeronimo196 19 days ago +1

      Yeah, because witch magic works so much better than hebrew magic.

  • V. Hansen
    V. Hansen Month ago +1

    School needs to start early enough that parents can get to work after dropping them off. Plus go to bed. Kids do need sleep and parents need time to relax after kids go to bed and then get to bed themselves.

  • The Garden of Eatin
    The Garden of Eatin Month ago +3

    The theory behind Daylight Savings time:
    I wake up at 6 am every day. I have a doctor's appointment at 10 am, two hours before local solar noon.. My morning routine takes about an hour and a half, and it's going to take me a half hour to get to the doctor's office, so I need to wake up at 2 hours before my appointment, so my appointment needs to be at 8 am. Let's adjust all the clocks in the hemisphere forward two hours so that it says 6 am so that I can wake up in time for my doctor's appointment.

    • The Hidden Ninja
      The Hidden Ninja 18 days ago

      So glad that the E.U. is scrapping daylight savings next year

  • The Garden of Eatin
    The Garden of Eatin Month ago +10

    "all kinds of crazy G-force tricks" non-pilots are hysterical sometimes.

  • Mettle Grinder
    Mettle Grinder Month ago

    I used to have to dim the running lights on my old YV-666. That junker had a bum power distributor. Ended up lucking out and found a YV-929 for 1/3 original price. After the Empire collapsed, the ban was lifted off them and now they're safe to fly pretty much anywhere.

  • ShadowMatter
    ShadowMatter Month ago

    @ 4:50 scientifically speaking astrology is based on the position of the planets the position of the planets has an impact on Space weather certain space weather like solar coronal hole streams and solar flares and increase cosmic rays from extended kp0 events can aggravate mental health issues and has a general impact on the human psyche and can even cause heart attacks and strokes in people susceptible to them so while specific predictions from astrology might be hogwash the basic principles have Merit
    Chakra points / stones
    Certain minerals resonate at frequencies that are affected by and are able to effect human brain waves not saying a rock can heal you or bring you peace but it does have an impact
    It is a scientific fact that human brain waves can and do affect the world around you to a surprising amount even if this is just the placebo effect it is is real and it does occur whether or not you are aware of it and is capable of having a significant impact on your health and well-being even if it's just Mind Over Matter it still works

  • D64nz
    D64nz Month ago

    About the beds thing, one thing that is good though is to open the curtains. UV light kills most bacteria and a lot of other nasties. It's a lot stronger than many people appreciate. It is 100% worth your time opening the curtains and letting the light in during the day, as a very easy way to disinfect your room.

  • James Slick
    James Slick Month ago

    FUCK those "motion sensor" taps!

  • facundo torres
    facundo torres Month ago

    Someones salty their selfie didnt get likes