Stephen A. sides with Reggie Miller: Magic Johnson should speak up on LaVar Ball | First Take | ESPN

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  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores 9 hours ago


  • Ebony Chatman
    Ebony Chatman 15 hours ago

    That man can say what he wanna say. He's his son's biggest fan!!

  • Cheryl Murray
    Cheryl Murray 19 hours ago

    I believe in freedom of speech

  • Quincy Jackson
    Quincy Jackson 20 hours ago

    And yet, yall use the man. For ratings. If lavar is the problem, YALL ARE THE BIGGEST FUCKIN PART if the problem cause u give him air time week after week and complain when he has something to say.

  • serialkilla23
    serialkilla23 Day ago

    Basketball players are employees of the org...players comes n go , lakers still exist.

  • David Davies
    David Davies Day ago

    I disagreed with Stephen A Smith and Reggie Miller these are professional athletes you going to have hecklers you have to move up and be on the heckling and perform coach and players Point Blank nothing else needs to be added nothing else need to be taken away

  • Quantel Green
    Quantel Green Day ago

    Damn Steven A Smith Just got 30 balled smh!

  • GEMJ M
    GEMJ M 2 days ago

    Gay on top of faggotry.

  • Perry David
    Perry David 2 days ago

    The media needs to take some responsibility. The ONLY reason Lavar is as relevant as he is is because of the MEDIA. If the keep the mike in his face he's gonna keeps saying whatever tf he wants. Can't nobody shit him up as long as they keep giving him the platform. Not even Magic Johnson lol. The media needs to take responsibility for the monster THEY created.

    • Perry David
      Perry David Day ago

      Ivory Towers I agree 100 percent !

    • Ivory Towers
      Ivory Towers Day ago +1

      Perry thats 1 way to look at it !!! How about , The Media wouldn't be as relevant , nor the Lakers (24th in league standing 16 - 29) Have as much coverage as a top 5 team ,
      if it wasn't for Lavar what would they have to talked about ? Markelle fultz , Kuzma passing the ball to himself or Jack Nicolsen's drunk ass.
      What could top the LAVAR show in sports Networks , And Majic Knows entertainment value.

  • Christopher Palmer
    Christopher Palmer 2 days ago

    Ask Rick Carlisle how he feels about it.

  • speccial jay
    speccial jay 2 days ago

    You think magic didn't know what he as getting? You think magic wouldn't check lavar? He wanted the show. It's a smoke screen. They throw him in front of the camera and wala nobody talks about how bad the Lakers are, and how the rest of the guys stink it up.

  • monster23cm
    monster23cm 2 days ago

    Bruh it’s because the media won’t stop gassing him up. At the end of the day he’s the father, he’s allowed to have an opinion. Everyone is giving him a platform to speak on which is why everyone is fed up with him. Lavar is not asking for these interviews and questions, you all are giving it to him. Instead of him shutting up, it seems like people want to hear the next thing this man says

  • Trouble
    Trouble 3 days ago

    We sick boss ?

  • Jim Rucker
    Jim Rucker 3 days ago

    I totally agree with Reggie Miller. #shutup

  • Kevin Foster
    Kevin Foster 3 days ago

    Max so on point here....

  • Fuck that Flag And That Racist Anthem

    Sounds like they're trying to stop Lavar's freedom of speech.

  • Fuck that Flag And That Racist Anthem

    The real issue is not Lavar Ball. It's why the Lakers aren't winning? This is not because of Lavar Ball.

  • Reichwein Family Sports

    Lavar Ball is funny. He is a good showman and business person. Let the guy be and let him and the fans have fun with the Baller brand.

  • Tha' Check Hook King

    Max kicked Stephen A's ass on this one lol

  • Jeremy Birk
    Jeremy Birk 3 days ago

    Reggie always was a passive aggressive savage. I think in the long run, they will keep Lonzo because of the side show the media will have.

  • Rzr Skrr
    Rzr Skrr 3 days ago +1

    He needs to be assassinated. Like trump. Simple.

  • Jennifer Temol
    Jennifer Temol 4 days ago

    What is Lavar ball really doing? All these media people saying what the Lakers should do. Stay in yo lane! Some tv guys having all the answers. Sit down stephen A.

  • plmoknty
    plmoknty 4 days ago

    His son suck dick! Kyle is a better rookie

  • What About
    What About 4 days ago

    Funny to see all these pussy ass black men wanting an outspoken black man raising sons to be shut up, how about telling these #MeToo bitches you work with to be silent on generalizing all men since black men especially get falsely accused & do serious time.

  • Oldschoolhiphop
    Oldschoolhiphop 4 days ago

    If Lonzo was a star that's what he would be. The league is gonna mold him into the hype his father is making.

  • Justin Nervis
    Justin Nervis 4 days ago

    Max finally CLEARLY gave it to Smith. Checkmate!

  • Daniel Bullock
    Daniel Bullock 4 days ago

    FUCK Max and his whole Jew family

  • MaxPro
    MaxPro 4 days ago +1

    Stop crying.
    The Lakers knew what they signed up for, and it's been exactly as advertised.

  • Richard C. Ranium
    Richard C. Ranium 4 days ago

    Irony...Lakers, negative press is still press

  • SuperBullies1
    SuperBullies1 4 days ago

    Trade the kid and rid yourself of that embarrassing​ nitwit.

  • LC Jones
    LC Jones 4 days ago

    If you guys in the media are sick of Lavar STOP TALKING about him. It's that simple. Lavar does not work for the Lakers so who cares what he says. A fan can be critical. Heck most fans are critical. Who pays attention to critical fans. And how you don't know that Lonzo didn't speak to his dad. I heard Lonzo state that his father is going to speak his mind. A son cannot control his father. Duh! And you want Magic to speak publicly so you can continue discussing this stale news story. Nope wouldn't even buy into that. If Magic has an issue then he should speak with Lavar privately and keep it private. As long as Lonzo was not speaking negatively to the media I wouldn't care. Lavar is going to be Lavar. Move on to another story.

  • Alec Otto
    Alec Otto 4 days ago

    Lavar and lonzo are the only interesting thing about the nba right now. Lets face it cavs and warriors are getting boring and people want to see young kobes and young iversons that simply dont exist. Or players with character like jordan. Not cry babies like james.

  • sweetdaddy coolaid
    sweetdaddy coolaid 5 days ago

    Is this America or Russia, maybe it will be just like Russia when Trump is done with his four years. Hopefully not. That Dumb Lavar can say what ever the hell he want's I don't give a flying F@E#$ what he says. He aint the coach and he surely aint the owner. Stephen A Smith is wrong period. All Luke has to do is improve this team. and make sure Alonzo get's better.

  • mallory outlaw
    mallory outlaw 5 days ago

    Lavar needs to sit down and grow up. stop trying to live your dreams through your children. You being a distraction. Lonzo gone get better. There is a growing curve. Jordan had it- Lebron had it. Just ignore Lavar.

  • chris napolion
    chris napolion 5 days ago

    See here what you do is escort lavar ball off thepremises

  • Treyten Johnson
    Treyten Johnson 5 days ago

    When did Reggie Miller become a Lakers spokesman wtf. Gtfo

  • newgeneration89
    newgeneration89 5 days ago

    Trade Lonzo bc Lavar made some comments? Lol. Stephen A is a clown too!

  • saintconnor
    saintconnor 5 days ago

    he doesnt deserve what reggie is talking about, but lonzo surely has a hand in this by not coming out in support of his coach and saying what his dad says isnt true.
    the more he doesnt, the more people will look at it like lonzo has been feeding his dad the info.

  • division100
    division100 5 days ago

    Didn't the Lakers have to tell Lavar to chill out with the media because if so i can see Magic telling him to chill or he'll have his son be benched.

  • norpan506
    norpan506 5 days ago

    Destroy? What is this, new episode of Dallas?

  • trajan hercules
    trajan hercules 5 days ago

    Its obvious Magic does not want Luke to be the coach. Magic did not hire Luke Walton and Luke is not a good coach anyway. These sports pundits always talking about Lavar Ball and not the lousy job that Luke Walton is doing. The pundits never look at the coaching of the Lakers but always talk about the players as if the players are coaching themselves. I think that LaVar Ball knows enough about basketball to see that the Laker coaching is weak. LaVar has 3 sons that are very talented at basketball. He has to know more about basketball coaching then Stephen A Smith who has no sons that are even close to playing any professional basketball. If im Magic Johnson im looking for a new coach for the Lakers(somebody like Mark Jackson) and i dont say nothing in response to Lavar Ball.

  • Red Raider
    Red Raider 5 days ago

    This is how you shut up lavar ball get him to say anything the smallest thing not agreeing with the l.G.B.T community that’s it they’ll bury him he’ll talk his self into his own grave.

  • Sherrod MacS
    Sherrod MacS 5 days ago

    Disagree...Lavar Ball is Hollywood. Good for business. Give it 2 years then we will see..

    • Sherrod MacS
      Sherrod MacS Hour ago

      Lavar Ball is an egomaniac business man who enjoys the attention while marketing his products.

    • Sherrod MacS
      Sherrod MacS Hour ago

      Well I am refer to them saying Magic Johnson should speak up,

    • B R
      B R 9 hours ago

      Sherrod MacS He isnt gonna go away anytime soon. I bet ya even after two years,people are still gonna talk about Lavar Ball.

  • Joseph Loza
    Joseph Loza 5 days ago

    A grown ass man living threw his 3 young kids. Let yr kids live

  • magic3181
    magic3181 5 days ago

    Max on point...

  • Jamykael Turner
    Jamykael Turner 5 days ago

    Max wins

  • Najee Malone
    Najee Malone 5 days ago

    Don’t know they that by constantly talking about Lavar Ball they giving him what he wants

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 5 days ago

    Magic made a Publicity Stunt drafting Lonzo and not saying anything about LaVar because he keeps the Lakers a "Hot Topic"
    I'm sure Magic took a page out of Jerry Jones Business Model :D Marketing Is Key

  • Charlie Football
    Charlie Football 5 days ago

    LaVar is no different to Trolls online. ESPN and the Media just give him a bigger platform. Many Many people are like him But they are behind a screen in their bedroom So nobody really cares about them Shame

    • B R
      B R 9 hours ago

      Charlie Football Lavar Ball is alot funnier and smarter your nobody trolls on the internet. As well as more entertaining.

  • Jose Nenganga
    Jose Nenganga 5 days ago

    This people are crazy...leave the kid and is father alone....lets focus on basketball...

  • Sports Freak
    Sports Freak 5 days ago +1

    Reggie Miller is the GOAT of the Pacers.

  • James Alcaraz
    James Alcaraz 6 days ago

    Yeah Magic speaking up would be good, but how about you guys (the media) stop entertaining this nut job. Oh, I forgot getting ratings is more important to you. If what the nut says doesn't really matter, then why give him the screen time? Oh yeah, he's controversial which gives you more views.

  • Epiph Da 1
    Epiph Da 1 6 days ago

    Max go back to boxing
    Luke Walton should of never been in the league as a player or coach PERIOD!

  • Look Dick
    Look Dick 6 days ago

    Tragic Johnson is too much of a coward to say anything!!! When did Tragic ever said or do anything courageous when he is officially positioned. He will run his trap only when he has no official duty on the matter, like when he was not part of the Lakers organization.

  • Đae D. Tèëch
    Đae D. Tèëch 6 days ago

    I honestly can't with first take? Lavar is in Lithuania supporting his kids and he still can't get his dick back from ESPN. They attacking Lonzo (whose been playing well lately) for no reason and tryna shove words in magics mouth. I'm think the reason he's been quiet cause he is smart enough to see the media is trying to feed off a black man trying to built his own empire with his family.

  • Farakaan Thompson
    Farakaan Thompson 6 days ago

    U eva relise dat max just literally just says the opposite of wat Steven a says...every single time.

  • timhoward5
    timhoward5 6 days ago

    The ending was priceless

  • Griffin Major
    Griffin Major 6 days ago

    I fucking hate lavar

  • LaFart Ball
    LaFart Ball 6 days ago

    Stephen A Smith, Reggie Miller,
    you "fall in line" #SMALLBALLERS

  • Noah Mertens
    Noah Mertens 6 days ago

    compete agricultural mean angel easy era confess.

  • Brendan Calloway
    Brendan Calloway 6 days ago

    Kellerman been on Lavar dick since day one, idk what the point in having a debate w him is

  • Javahntez Blount
    Javahntez Blount 6 days ago

    I’m with Max

  • Robin mowbray
    Robin mowbray 7 days ago

    If Lavar was white Stephen A. would be all over them salty white balls.

  • Chuks Obi
    Chuks Obi 7 days ago

    Stephen A's goatee looked so fabulous, I couldn't pay attention to any of this

  • brandon sanders
    brandon sanders 7 days ago

    should've never drafted him lol

  • Toronto416-905 EastSideScarbz

    Reggie Millers a fag allegedly who he might be a hof but he's gay

  • Angel Lopez Oficial
    Angel Lopez Oficial 7 days ago +1

    Reggie Is Not Welcome To Los Angeles....
    Steven A. Revoking He's Hood Pass..

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 7 days ago +1

      Angel Lopez Oficial Reggie holds more records at UCLA than anyone besides Kareem Abdul Jabbar I think LA is fine with him coming HOME whenever he wants

  • StaTiC MaJoR   20/20
    StaTiC MaJoR 20/20 7 days ago

    Stephen A is a CLOWN!

  • BornDead61
    BornDead61 7 days ago

    Max bringing the heat

  • J Circ
    J Circ 7 days ago +1

    Lavar is AIDS

  • Courseya Sure
    Courseya Sure 7 days ago

    Sensitive babies.

  • Saul Montalvo Ramirez

    I ain't gonna lie after what lavar said i think coach luke been doing better but its also the media faults for giving lavar all the attention

  • Josue 314
    Josue 314 7 days ago

    This show sucks

  • Skrt
    Skrt 7 days ago +1

    Lmao the media loved Lavar Ball and now y’all want to shut him up. You guys are the one who made him like that

    • B R
      B R 6 days ago

      Skrt Got that right. I can talk about him all day long.

    • Skrt
      Skrt 6 days ago

      B R Lavar is great! Lol

    • B R
      B R 6 days ago

      Skrt They can't really have it both ways. And he is the best thing that has happened to sports in a long time.

    • Skrt
      Skrt 7 days ago +1

      B R Exactly Lmao they were all praising him, saying he is a good father now they want him to shut up

    • B R
      B R 7 days ago +2

      Skrt They can't ever make up there minds lol.

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons 7 days ago

    Reggie Miller needs to stfu for LaVar comes put hands on him. LaVar singlehandedly made LA relevant again even as they losing, know how
    much money they making off of the free marketing? He’s just a loud mouth dad if you can’t take that you shouldn’t be an NBA Coach.

  • chris napolion
    chris napolion 7 days ago

    Adam silver needs to get involve with having lavar ball removed from the premises

  • Au H2O
    Au H2O 7 days ago

    You know, I'm not usually a fan of 'loud mouths,' but with all the broken homes and black men without fathers (and the results therein), the emasculation & discreditation of men in general, and the rise of feminism, Lavar Ball is exactly what's needed at this time in the public eye! I just really hope his sons succeed.

  • Ben Mercer
    Ben Mercer 7 days ago

    lol, someone at ESPN is saying Lavar should stop talking?? That's rich. ESPN pays Lavar to talk. ESPN will have a Lavar tab on their website soon, no doubt.

  • Lady J Smooth
    Lady J Smooth 7 days ago

    Well Said Reggie Miller.

    TAIIMONI 32 7 days ago

    Shit- maybe Lavar should coach the Lakers... 😂😂😂

    TAIIMONI 32 7 days ago

    Magic ain't gotta say shit publicly. He should have a private meeting with him if anything.

    • TAIIMONI 32
      TAIIMONI 32 7 days ago

      And Reggie Miller need to STFU.

  • Anen Ameni
    Anen Ameni 7 days ago

    Yeah trade him to Washington lol..

  • Dan Nzinga
    Dan Nzinga 7 days ago

    The father is just a fan. He can say what he wants.... The son should not be traded because of a fan.

  • Kenneth Corbett
    Kenneth Corbett 7 days ago

    if he isn't afraid of the president of the US he probably should be, he is going get about 50 audits this year

  • f r EH - d ee V
    f r EH - d ee V 7 days ago

    For all we know Lonzo is TELLING Lavar to say derogatory things to the media. It could be Lonzo's fault.

  • harlequin75
    harlequin75 7 days ago

    Magic Johnson has a 10-cent head. Great basketball player - one of the greatest I’ve seen. But give us a break - call it what it is. He made a terrible pick in the draft.

  • Johnny Money Green
    Johnny Money Green 7 days ago

    "Shut up and fall in line"? What is this Nazi Germany?

  • Rez
    Rez 7 days ago

    This is a very easy solution just ban Lavar from the Lakers building lol

  • Reverse-Viserys
    Reverse-Viserys 7 days ago

    I want to see the Lakers trade Lonzo because of LaVar. Would be hilarious. Probably would help the Lakers too.

  • Chris West
    Chris West 7 days ago

    Yeah right trade lonzo for who? Lol

  • Charles P
    Charles P 7 days ago

    You are one stupid microcephaly looking SOB. Wow what a loud mouth piece of stick you are

  • Fashionably L.A.T.E
    Fashionably L.A.T.E 7 days ago

    Reggie bro stfu

  • Haizeus_Goose
    Haizeus_Goose 7 days ago

    Lol they azz mad he took his kids overseas lol. They know mfs gonna start doing that. Lavar that dude he just "talking" and trade lonzo? Y'all more trash without him. So media really trying to make him look bad. Like off subject for instance...lil uzi vert said sign to a major lable never a dj or artist. We know that's not right. But people will try to tell you something they believe or basically send you off but it's not right. It's true lavar is not harming anyone lol overall senseless subject

  • Miles Hayford
    Miles Hayford 7 days ago +3

    Lavar Ball is like a car that cuts you off with a bumper sticker reading "stay in your lane"

    • B R
      B R 7 days ago +1

      Miles Hayford lol.

  • Justin Young
    Justin Young 7 days ago

    That is so stupid. No grown man can control another. Why are they so mad about it? You can't destroy this man because 1 he is doing what he wants. 2 he is way in another country. Tell someone to shut up. It's not like Walton is a good coach anyway.....

  • TheSpiderman7285
    TheSpiderman7285 8 days ago

    Shut you coon ass up. Stephen Smith ain't welcome on the black community.

  • kenneth griffin
    kenneth griffin 8 days ago

    do these guys even watch basketball because lonzo's been shooting 41% threes on 7 attempts a game from december 12th to january 12th ( an entire month )

  • byung Park
    byung Park 8 days ago

    It's the black white thing period...nigga Ball don't have respect for Walton...what if he was black coach???fucking hypocrite nigga...

    JIGSAWG4L 8 days ago

    Keep talking lavar who gives two fucks with Reggie Miller say lavar ball is dad a fan he can say what he wants if it was me I will talk to my dad

  • Got Game
    Got Game 8 days ago

    Lavar balls teeth are still yellow

    • B R
      B R 7 days ago

      Got Game Everybody knows that.