Stephen A. sides with Reggie Miller: Magic Johnson should speak up on LaVar Ball | First Take | ESPN


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  • Jennifer Boykin
    Jennifer Boykin Day ago

    Levar Ball will mess around and kill his son's NBA career, if he don't stop.

  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez Day ago

    shut up max

  • Kombucha Man
    Kombucha Man 2 days ago

    People need to realize that there’s a Masonic hierarchy that these particular Prince Hall initiates must abide by.

  • Kenneth Harrison
    Kenneth Harrison 2 days ago

    why does a black man have to chill out? he wouldn't have anything to say if they wasn't sticking a camera in his face

  • lighty805
    lighty805 3 days ago +1

    Why would anyone buy baller brand hahahha

  • Justin2534
    Justin2534 3 days ago

    What has LaVar said this past month? Or two months that had negative connotations? The media just loves eating this LaVar Ball stuff up, it's the only thing they talk about. "Breaking News: LaVar Ball breathed and drank water!" Steven A.: They need to trade his son ASAP!! Like wtf man, and I like LaVar Ball, he's the GOAT.

  • Uncle Osiris
    Uncle Osiris 3 days ago

    The LaVar/Bill Walton comparison was absolutely BRILLIANT

  • Gemini Fivetwentyseven

    All of a sudden they are mad at Lamar Ball hmmmm🤔 mighty funny last year they wasn't saying this but now that Lebron is there they want him to shut up. This is really all Lebron saying this but Magic is speaking for him. why won't Lebron tell him that ... he went to magic si he would not have to say that's all this is about. they don't want any distractions for the cry baby Lebron

  • Sloke1001 X6
    Sloke1001 X6 3 days ago

    Why does no-one else but me see Reggie Miller is horrible at this job and on TV period.

    GARY CHILDRESS 3 days ago

    Stephen and Reggie have a house Negro mentality Lavar Ball doesn't.

  • Ybarra's Mind
    Ybarra's Mind 4 days ago

    Who cares Lebron is here

  • Get Paper
    Get Paper 4 days ago

    YTF he has to shut up, so what..🤨🤨

  • StS9LBJ23
    StS9LBJ23 4 days ago

    If you (ESPN, Fox Sports) stopped bringing him on your shoes & stopped talking about him - he would go away

  • todd krager
    todd krager 5 days ago

    Max was 100% correct! Magic is the Man in LA.

  • donny russell
    donny russell 5 days ago

    he should shut up! he is acting like a clown

  • duckncover182
    duckncover182 5 days ago

    Simple, Magic saw a kid who passed better than he did and knew you can build a team around that. Rondo is a backup. Lebron is gonna be a role player if they wanna win. How many teams does he have to carry before people realize it’s a team game??? Lebron needs Lonzo and I hate lavar. But the dudes gonna be good

  • WatchNo Face
    WatchNo Face 5 days ago

    If theres a god please trade Lonzo Off the Lakers !

  • Scott Turner
    Scott Turner 5 days ago

    Plain and simple, Lonzo needs to tell his dad to shut up and let his sons live their own lives. How can he be a leader for the Lakers if he can't run his own life.

  • Collis Crews
    Collis Crews 5 days ago

    You all play a role in this, meaning the media.

  • Glenn Hall
    Glenn Hall 5 days ago

    Turn the camera off he can't talk

  • Lone Wolf NWJ
    Lone Wolf NWJ 6 days ago

    Y'all all weak. Y'all chirp about who should be hired and fired all the time. I'm sure millions of other people do state their opinion. The camera is just pushed in Lavar face all the time. Overall, man has a right to speak his mind

  • J D
    J D 6 days ago

    Stephen a fucked up his mustache on the left side?

    IAN RUSSELL 6 days ago

    Media Mad at Lavar speaking yet turns around every time asking him questions smh lol.

  • Camo Rambo
    Camo Rambo 6 days ago

    It ain’t that serious they ain’t got nothing to talk about

  • the realist
    the realist 6 days ago

    Look Lavar said it himself you cant shut me up i'm not a kid but a grown ass man i say what i want to say as a die hard laker fan just stop the drama before next seasson its like everybody in LA is a fucking hater just stop it Reggie and let people do what they want to do and focus on Basketball not people around it the people in the media need something to talk about but stop with this crap everyday is lakers this lakers that Lonzo this Lonzo that Lavar this Lavar that James this James that i'm sick of it yet i still dind see a Lebron James introduction whats that about? Stephenson Rondo and Mcgee did

  • Milf Hunter
    Milf Hunter 6 days ago +1

    Fuck Reggie Miller. This isn't AYSO Soccer where you discipline the kid for the parents antics. Lonzo is a grown ass man and this is the N B A. No wonder you never won a damn ring....

  • zephadar leon
    zephadar leon 6 days ago

    I wouldn't know anything about what this guy says if it wasn't for the media who complains

  • nick villanueva
    nick villanueva 7 days ago

    Think he made him quiet as a mouse when he signed rondo

  • Ricky Godette
    Ricky Godette 7 days ago

    Max lit his ass up on this one. Steve gotta take that L

  • Sports Junkie
    Sports Junkie 7 days ago

    Lavar ball should’ve been treated like an old horse and took out to the pasture and shot he is a complete idiot and doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us and his kids should be shot on sight for defending him

  • Cameron
    Cameron 7 days ago

    Max the definition of corny. Whenever someone calls someone a cornball, what theyre really trying to articulate is a max kellerman relative vibe. Dudes a pity boy sitting in the corner til it's his time to.speak then suddenly he knows what to say.

  • thehome man
    thehome man 7 days ago

    To be professional they should

  • Eric's channel Tp
    Eric's channel Tp 7 days ago

    Who tf are you ppl,? we live where freedom of speech is a law but yall worried bout a guy that just built a billion dollar company over 1 summer an you want him to watch what he say? Gtfoh stfu period

  • Goldenaxe Chuck
    Goldenaxe Chuck 7 days ago

    Lavar ball is an distraction and a irrantant, he acts like he's point guard of the Lakers instead of his son somebody tell Lavar to stfu the proud dad thing is getting old now.

  • novashreds
    novashreds 7 days ago

    Wtf lavar hasn't said anything in months( I doubt he will since liangelo didnt get drafted) media just trying to get a story out of it. Until he says some other dumb shit just dont mention him

  • lavaman233
    lavaman233 7 days ago

    All that money and LaVar still too tight to go find a good dentist 😂

  • Gregory Johnson
    Gregory Johnson 7 days ago

    Black men trained to fight against each other smh.....

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 7 days ago

    Lebron and Magic Johnson loves Lonzo and Lavar closed

  • hello
    hello 7 days ago

    Donovan Mitchell or Jason Taytum wouldve been way better

  • braheim rush
    braheim rush 7 days ago

    Nobody going pick his bum ass up

  • myron X
    myron X 7 days ago

    Lonzo ball is just like any other excited parent he just has the cameras on him he has no influence whatsoever I don't know why they are tripping about him there are hundreds and hundreds of loudmouth dad throw basketball Arenas around the country

  • Everything White
    Everything White 7 days ago

    This is nonsense, these guy been in the game too long not to understand any publicity is good publicity, Lavar Ball is filling up seats whether you love him or hate him. it's just like Floyd, not everyone is drawn to him because they like him, but they are drawn never the less. ESPN is petty for this.

  • YDshotYou Iamyd
    YDshotYou Iamyd 7 days ago

    All you media outlets are giving his words power don’t cover lavar he will have no effect on anything duh

    Mega BALLINOUT 8 days ago

    Max just be talkin and talkin😂😂

  • salty fisherman45
    salty fisherman45 8 days ago

    I get it: it's the age of reality television. Any other professional setting, they'd tell Lavar straight up: shut the fuck up. Get off the premises. And to Lonzo: get your dad in line or your fired.
    Anybody with any issue understanding that has never had a real job. Period.
    Dude did a good job pushing his kids. Now slide back and let them become professional adults.

  • Sawed off poppy chronicles

    What's sad about lavar is be was so trash that he's using his son's career to become relevant again

  • Phantasmic
    Phantasmic 8 days ago

    Ball should shut his fucking mouth, his kid(s) isnt and wont be anything special and is only hurting his career

  • Forrest Malcom
    Forrest Malcom 8 days ago

    Trade Lavar Ball to clear up more cap space .

  • zion Train
    zion Train 8 days ago

    Max is so way way better that sas, Stephen a is such a hater , go fix your dam forehead

  • zion Train
    zion Train 8 days ago

    Why y'all hating on lavar # haters

  • zion Train
    zion Train 8 days ago

    Reggie you nee to shut the fuk up.

  • Roel Ortiz
    Roel Ortiz 8 days ago

    Lavar ball the self proclaimed basketball genius. Damn!

  • Bernard Osbie
    Bernard Osbie 9 days ago

    Lavar is right tho smh bill Walton was worst than this by far but white rules

  • Miguel Vicente Castillo

    Magic doesn't need or have to say anything... silence is golden. Magic probably knows that sooner rather than later the Tripple B's will do something to hang themselves. At that point he (Magic) won't be the bad guy.

  • James Stringfellow
    James Stringfellow 9 days ago


  • Timothy Winburn
    Timothy Winburn 9 days ago

    In 20 yrs there will be a 30 for 30 about how Lavar ruined his kids careers

    CA COWBOYS-FAN 9 days ago


  • D Rye
    D Rye 9 days ago

    Lavar Ball is hurting his kids now, he needs to stay in his lane. Go home Lavar and be quite.

  • D Rye
    D Rye 9 days ago

    Lavar is definitely a big issue

  • Nathan Tafao
    Nathan Tafao 9 days ago

    Magic dont have to do shit! You shitheads need to NOT speak up about him!

  • Chris Napolion
    Chris Napolion 9 days ago +1

    You are not alone he got what he wanted lonzo some help in la why dont he just be quiet

  • The One
    The One 9 days ago

    Lavar ball should be the reason for Lakers to trade one of their players?!?! Are yall listening to yourselves?!?! Of what importance is Lavar Ball to the running of an organization? Reggie in all his feelings. I'd hate to see the team your touchy feely ass is the General Manager of. Shut your trap, Reggie!

  • Fev Ola
    Fev Ola 10 days ago

    LaVar y’all created him,now bad luck.
    Y’all interviewing him,keep putting him on shows so choke on it.
    Fact# his sons are Busts

  • Art Aguilera
    Art Aguilera 10 days ago

    nothing speaks louder, than silence ...

  • Charles Toliver
    Charles Toliver 10 days ago

    Max is an idiot

  • Phalon Owens
    Phalon Owens 10 days ago


  • ueno ocean
    ueno ocean 10 days ago

    Walton put in basketball work. We’re talking basketball. Walton is a legend. Be nice

  • ueno ocean
    ueno ocean 10 days ago

    Did you compare Bill Walton to Lavar Ball
    Stop it

  • ueno ocean
    ueno ocean 10 days ago

    Magic is being political

  • ueno ocean
    ueno ocean 10 days ago

    LA shit

  • Da Raiders
    Da Raiders 10 days ago

    Man up and co front your father ??? Lol okay they say that to the brotha would they state that to the white boi? This is ridiculous it’s a father backing up his som to the fullest . Keep it is lavar and fuck the Lakers hate them and the colors . Warriors baby and BBB

  • Conrey Everett
    Conrey Everett 10 days ago

    Magic didn't say nothin cause Lavar Ball & this whole Ball thing was keeping LA relevant... keeping the Lakers in the Mix... now that they got Bron... they don't need all that.. They need to get them Balls outta LA.. Lonzo aint that good anyway

  • philo betto
    philo betto 11 days ago

    I go with Steven a on this one

  • Iwon Again
    Iwon Again 11 days ago

    They need to trade his son to the Milwaukee Bucks they need some entertainment over there

  • Alberto Simpson
    Alberto Simpson 11 days ago

    Spell check, sorry, Lavar Ball is going to mess his son career up

  • Alberto Simpson
    Alberto Simpson 11 days ago

    Last Ball is going to mess his son career up

  • Shifu Sage
    Shifu Sage 11 days ago

    Why would Magic throw away free press???

  • Randall Murray
    Randall Murray 11 days ago

    They're taking Magic's silence for weakness, I wouldn't lol!!!

  • Shawn Ramos
    Shawn Ramos 12 days ago

    His son a bum

  • Chris Holt
    Chris Holt 12 days ago

    LaVar is a product of the media. Wow!

  • Gene Moretti
    Gene Moretti 12 days ago

    This guy lavar ball is a retard. He never says anything intelligent,he walks like a paraplegic and he cant play a lick of basketball. He 3 sons are not great as well so i dont even want to listen to this clowntown anymore.

  • Tawaun Williams
    Tawaun Williams 13 days ago

    Everybody need to get off Lavars nuts, that man is grown he can say what he wants, he doesn't play for the Lakers, the flunkies are always trying to send they house Negros out to the yard to silent them, Fuck out here with that slave shit....

  • Vivian Davis
    Vivian Davis 13 days ago

    good! time expired right when steven wantef to speak. now go take your blood pressure medicine with all that hollering you do!

  • Vivian Davis
    Vivian Davis 13 days ago

    why is everyone so afraid of lavar ball? he can say what he wants. freedom of speach. its a lot of whimps in the afraid of TALK!

  • Curtis Stover
    Curtis Stover 13 days ago

    The kid is bootydine he'll be out the league in two years!!!!

  • Kanye West Kardashian
    Kanye West Kardashian 15 days ago

    Yet these hoes had lavar on their program.. Lmfao

  • Penelope Meza
    Penelope Meza 15 days ago

    Had to LOOK it up...
    noun: gravitas
    dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner.
    "a post for which he has the expertise and the gravitas"
    dignity, seriousness, solemnity, gravity, sobriety; More

  • David Finney
    David Finney 15 days ago

    Damn shame when we as people of color make excuses for a clown like LaVar Ball

  • Edgar Llamas
    Edgar Llamas 17 days ago

    Lavar ball yellow teeth stupid idiot, BBB big Bozo the Clown mouth , stop running your mouth , talking out of your ass.

  • Scarface Reivax
    Scarface Reivax 17 days ago

    Le var ball

  • Da Chop Up
    Da Chop Up 18 days ago

    Bottom line I’d tell em straight up if you don’t shut your mouth and stop the antics you and ya son gonna be on the first thing smoking bruh

  • Serial lova/Cheerios
    Serial lova/Cheerios 18 days ago

    (45) but on a serious not E ~ on every deny deny deny.🗼...👆🥋✊

  • Jeff Combest
    Jeff Combest 18 days ago

    I noticed one of the lavar got his son in the interview his son don't say nothing

  • Edward Williams III
    Edward Williams III 20 days ago

    Clean house n start all over

  • Daniel Lucas
    Daniel Lucas 21 day ago

    I'm with Reggie on this

  • david townsend
    david townsend 27 days ago

    Stephen A be looking at max like dam i hope you get fired 😂

  • Kennedy Roland
    Kennedy Roland 28 days ago

    Thanks Max for actually trying to help this dumbass dude from fucking making a stupid ass fool out of yourself he's better fucking idiot all the thing is he talkin louder than everybody else make him write his biggest fucking it is on TV and I don't know how he is being having to do all these shows all the people are tired of him he just loud he just loud and ghetto as hell in that shit. We don't want to hear that shit no more we sick of Steven A take that fucker and put them on somewhere else yelling all the time he gets on my fucking nerves cuz he always yell at me that shit don't make people like you or make you right cuz you talk louder than everybody else I have so fucking sick of him and ESPN got to put them on basketball every time breaking new who the fuck is this loud my motherfucking anyway he's a no fucking body he got famous for yelling at Skip Bayless and y'all got real skip so it's about time to get his ass up out of there too done with Steven A

  • Kennedy Roland
    Kennedy Roland 28 days ago

    do you know your daddy you always talking about this man what do you need to say that do you know your damn daddy cuz you damn sure don't act like you know your

  • Kennedy Roland
    Kennedy Roland 28 days ago

    you don't know your daddy do you Steven A cuz you're saying like every fucking time lavani always on your show oh I like the guy I care really generally like him but every chance you get you throwing salt you wanted to face it ass motherfuckers I have seen in my life and I with somebody kick in your fucking forehead you fucking sorry piece of shit ass motherfucking dude

    MCMLXXX VII IX Month ago

    No reggie, magic needs to tell him to shut THE FUCK up!