The Wildest NBA Facts No One Has Ever Told You

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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  • JxmyHighroller
    JxmyHighroller  6 months ago +2036

    Boys, we made it. #50 on trending! 🔥🔥

    TROLL KING 12 hours ago


  • Phil Garrett
    Phil Garrett Day ago

    What Average Points Per Minute Played? You’d probably have to set minimum amount of minutes played though

  • Liam Farrell
    Liam Farrell Day ago

    ba ba ba Ba Ba Ba ba ba. Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba BUM BUM B-

  • Rickety Ram
    Rickety Ram 2 days ago

    Jxmy, I understand that LeBron is your favorite player, but perhaps you could do a follow up video with a graph that shows consecutive double-digit games with playoff games included, unlike the final chart in this video, which only accounts for regular season games and not playoffs or finals games, which are almost inarguably of much greater importance.
    LeBron is one of my favorite players, and you are my favorite NBA TVclipr, but I think that that final chart was a tad misleading, especially judging by the amount of comments here using that last stat as a metric for judging the MJ-LBJ debate.
    Thank you for reading! :]

  • Mark Aponte
    Mark Aponte 3 days ago

    Actually Ming Yao is the proper way to say his name and his induction to nda hall of fame is more of a sell out situation to china to bring the NBA popularity

  • Smoovii
    Smoovii 3 days ago

    What’s the 2nd beat called???

  • Muhammad Rafki
    Muhammad Rafki 5 days ago

    Lebron valid as a GOAT then, or what? 😀

  • Joey Games
    Joey Games 6 days ago +1

    Wilt slept with 20,000 women

  • Jonah AbuZahri
    Jonah AbuZahri 9 days ago


  • MrAVGNdude
    MrAVGNdude 9 days ago

    Lebron is overrated af. 3-6

  • Kytron
    Kytron 13 days ago

    Props to lebron but MJ was recovering so who knows what it would have came to

  • I/O
    I/O 13 days ago

    At 7:43 God enters the chat

  • Mr. Biggums
    Mr. Biggums 16 days ago


  • Dan
    Dan 17 days ago +2

    that lebron stat at the end isn’t counting playoff games. he had a 7 point game.

  • Tom MOORE
    Tom MOORE 17 days ago

    What's the background music?

  • Will To Win
    Will To Win 17 days ago

    6-0 is impressive when you lead the team.

  • CyberAMES
    CyberAMES 17 days ago

    To be fair, Yao Ming introduce Asians to the basketball world so he deserves it.

  • BoOgYmAn K
    BoOgYmAn K 18 days ago

    You left out wilt at the end. He had 420+ games in a row of 40+points or more.

  • Khalie Benjii
    Khalie Benjii 18 days ago

    13 3pt shots a game ......🤯🤯🤯

  • Vincent Simbol
    Vincent Simbol 19 days ago

    Whaaaat? I thought I'd see Wilt on that graph of players with consecutive double digit games, guess it wasn't recorded.

  • Marcos Martinez
    Marcos Martinez 19 days ago

    7:05 makes me think you lying about lebron James record

  • Cosimo Bondi
    Cosimo Bondi 19 days ago +1

    I almost got goosebumps for that LeBron final fact

    MAORI BRO 19 days ago

    Awsome happy i watched didnt know that about lebron at the end nice gg

  • DANIMALjjmn Hj
    DANIMALjjmn Hj 20 days ago

    I dont even watch basketball lol.

  • Stephen Sneed
    Stephen Sneed 22 days ago

    Dude that ending gave me chills

  • Jesse A.
    Jesse A. 22 days ago +2

    Draymond green more like Draymond Scream

  • Benick Mbaya
    Benick Mbaya 22 days ago

    Part 2???


    Keep up the good work.Your content is very unique!

  • T L
    T L 24 days ago

    JimmyXroller doesn't even gag when he sucks down lebron's clit!!!!

  • Hairline Productions
    Hairline Productions 25 days ago +6

    10:12 when I’m playing basketball during P.E.

  • artis ambus
    artis ambus 25 days ago

    Lecoach !

  • Transpecies Grolar Bear

    Wilt averaged 1.4 women per day over 5 decades. That’s a stat.

  • Traves Long
    Traves Long 26 days ago

    Andrew Bynum should not be on there he lost in 08 with Kobe

  • YTCxntrol
    YTCxntrol 26 days ago

    U should have the most sub on TVclip

  • Birdy Speakz
    Birdy Speakz 27 days ago

    On 3:31 iverson it’s too short to get rebounds Carmelo won’t get the assists because he doesn’t pass kyrie is too short to get buckets the others are fair game

  • ibrahim javed
    ibrahim javed Month ago

    0:10 Literally Nobody was standing up beforehand

  • James Miraña
    James Miraña Month ago

    13:04 * wait for it comes .... almost there (leGOAT)

  • Michael Fierro
    Michael Fierro Month ago

    Yooo that ending was fireeee

  • noche te ipsum
    noche te ipsum Month ago

    Congrats man!

  • GEMS
    GEMS Month ago

    During that last clip, I felt like a king was lurking in the waters

  • scoxtty
    scoxtty Month ago +2

    That’s damn near the best nba outro I’ve ever seen

  • Dekwandre Hamilton
    Dekwandre Hamilton Month ago

    More of these! Dope ass video

  • Shanbhog Dravida
    Shanbhog Dravida Month ago +1

    LeGoat baby...😎

  • Jonathan Padron
    Jonathan Padron Month ago

    Yo that bron flex made me shit. I’m here at work with the phone far away and when I ain’t hear lebrons name I was like “why ain’t he here” I stood up to peep.

  • Kalbong Unggoy
    Kalbong Unggoy Month ago

    2 triple double in 1 game?! I get that you divided it by 2. But still its a stupid statement.

  • Snipes
    Snipes Month ago +1

    Rip trap sax

  • Deng Hrbs
    Deng Hrbs Month ago

    Yao is overrated


    Your the man bro

  • Joel Villarreal
    Joel Villarreal Month ago

    Draymond the most winningest player of all time? Seems like the NBA knew this fact in 2016 finals.....

  • G Sauce
    G Sauce Month ago

    This was amazing thank you so much!!

  • Adam Farber
    Adam Farber Month ago

    Lebron is the goat

  • ItWasWritten 808
    ItWasWritten 808 Month ago

    This was a gooood video

  • RaurMan
    RaurMan Month ago

    Westbrook is a stat-padder and loses most of the time. Lebron has the most playoff points and the least to show for it. Yao is a first ballot HOF, as first ballot you get in 5 years after you retire (Not necessarily how long you played)'s standard. For Lebron's scoring streak, it's hard to not score at least 10 points a game when you are a top ten player/scoring machine and literally have the ball 95% of the time as point/forward, Neither Jordan or Kareem was like that they were true to their positions. They played off the ball most of the time, which seems more impressive to me.

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry Month ago

    Not everyone won 3 in a row , retired then won 3 in a row. Again

  • Kris Weng
    Kris Weng Month ago

    Nice video. From 🇵🇭

  • choclitwonder
    choclitwonder Month ago

    Oh naw I remember the year Chicago paid Jordan at 33 million. That was on GP. Up to that point Michael Jordan had been grossly oh, and I do mean grossly underpaid. So at the time it was like, the Bulls better pay this man for everything he has meant to that franchise

  • Gucci Raccoon
    Gucci Raccoon Month ago

    Bron is the fucking Goat still Active he’s gonna past Jordan

  • henry manahan
    henry manahan Month ago +3

    yeah everyone is numb to westbrook's numbers because he doesn't win..

    • RaurMan
      RaurMan Month ago

      He's numbers are meaningless unless he's a contender every year. He will be remembered as a massively talented stat-padder on underachieving teams. Harden, Durant, and George left that team, because they ultimately knew they wouldn't get anywhere with him.

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy Month ago

    No one has ever told us?
    Who are these whisperers of secret facts? What are they hiding? What’s their motherfucking motive?!