I found MY CAT in Minecraft! Fitz and Pokimane Part 4!

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Minecraft with Fitz and Pokimane part 4! Thankfully i ended up not hurting the rabbit and found a pet cat for myself that looked just like my cat Mimi! 😸 Until Fitz stole it.. 😞 We also traveled to a desert biome with villagers and built a new house!
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    Part 1: tvclip.biz/video/TQEoT7p-D4U/video.html
    Part 2: tvclip.biz/video/ixdgYFdjxCs/video.html
    Part 3: tvclip.biz/video/2IitDIhrbZc/video.html
    Part 5: tvclip.biz/video/vT8pcefuaOA/video.html
    #Minecraft #Pokimane #Fitz #FitzandPokimane
    I found MY CAT in Minecraft! Fitz and Pokimane Part 4!
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  • Pokimane
    Pokimane  Month ago +563

    Thank you all so much for watching! :) Be sure to get your Poki merch before it's too late! Only hoodies are left pokishop.com/

    • Mysu
      Mysu 20 days ago


    • The Beasts
      The Beasts 23 days ago

      The dolphins only play with your stuff like they trow it in the air

    • Apple Chan
      Apple Chan 25 days ago +1

      I just started watching you! Is your MC cat named Mimi? My pet Pomeranian is named Mimi too!

    • B R Ø K Ē Ñ里非
      B R Ø K Ē Ñ里非 25 days ago

      I luv u poki❤❤❤❤

    • derek jose
      derek jose 26 days ago

      pokimane pilz reaticon fornite batman skin

  • Clink Gamer
    Clink Gamer 2 hours ago

    Tihs is afastest 12m in my life thx😍

  • Bettina Tóth
    Bettina Tóth 4 hours ago


  • Moritz
    Moritz Day ago

    Nice ur using SAO Soundtrack🤣

  • The Symplystix
    The Symplystix Day ago

    I love the SAO music

  • My name is person
    My name is person 2 days ago

    Fitz: Your just jealous
    Poki:I'm not jealous you just keep taking the things I love

  • Dylan Newman
    Dylan Newman 2 days ago

    If u say olive is better looking then fitz’s cat and say your cat looks like fitz’s cat does that mean you want olive insted off your real life cat?????????????
    But then later said that u think your real life cat is the cutest
    MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geomation Games
    Geomation Games 2 days ago

    I obviously came here from fitz
    Wasn't a mistake.

  • Gregs 2k07
    Gregs 2k07 2 days ago

    i really want shaders mod

  • Ali El Gamal
    Ali El Gamal 2 days ago

    What is this shader pack

  • Ali El Gamal
    Ali El Gamal 2 days ago

    What is this graphics

  • Siddharth Vijay
    Siddharth Vijay 4 days ago

    Thumbs up for the Inu Yasha background music

  • Chew._. Toy
    Chew._. Toy 5 days ago

    He moved his bed next to hers😏😂

  • Jauzie
    Jauzie 5 days ago

    can anyone please tell me the song on 6:14

  • Mollie Reeve
    Mollie Reeve 5 days ago

    At 10:04 what is happening? With the wood log block?

  • SomeRandomChild
    SomeRandomChild 6 days ago

    the SAO music again

  • Over_ Lewis
    Over_ Lewis 6 days ago

    Olonzie means let’s go in french

  • Matt
    Matt 7 days ago


  • El Camas Channel
    El Camas Channel 8 days ago +2

    when practicas tu ingles viendo videos
    como estos }

  • Maico Garcia
    Maico Garcia 9 days ago

    Whats her texture pack or shader?

  • Twisted Wizard
    Twisted Wizard 11 days ago +2

    Fitz: _so calm he practically has reached Nirvana_

  • Doc. Atbash
    Doc. Atbash 12 days ago +2

    when poki goes allons-y
    Fitz: bon voyage?
    me, as an intellectual: yeaah doctor who reference

  • Unfy
    Unfy 13 days ago

    Editor is a sao fan

  • The Boss
    The Boss 14 days ago +1

    0:11 sao musik

  • RMgaming 75
    RMgaming 75 14 days ago

    Fitz was fishing for hoes

  • Jameson cole
    Jameson cole 15 days ago

    What is the texture pack used? Does anyone know by chance?

  • Leonardo Borda Orellana

    Really love the fact that the URL has sEX in it hehe nice

  • Cold_Recon
    Cold_Recon 16 days ago

    Who else watches poki for the content??

  • Phantom Foxy
    Phantom Foxy 16 days ago

    "Oh my gawd in auto toon"

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin 17 days ago

    that outro music makes me want to cry

  • Talha.
    Talha. 17 days ago +1

    My cat looks like mimi

  • Madi uwu
    Madi uwu 17 days ago +3

    9:20-9:30 I love how poki got spooked then ran to Fitz🥺🥺

  • Mathyuu
    Mathyuu 18 days ago +1

    Wait, I just realized what the mist was. In the savanna biome it doesn't rain, it'll only get darker (I'm sure you guys knew that, but I wanted to put it out there)

  • Jaycee
    Jaycee 18 days ago

    Really? A 4 minute “recap”

  • Mr BickPlays Games
    Mr BickPlays Games 19 days ago +4

    *"I'm not jealous you just keep taking the things that I love"* ~Pokimane

  • White Wolf 391
    White Wolf 391 19 days ago

    Haha you nop

  • Sipreez D
    Sipreez D 19 days ago

    Gifting my next ten subs 🎁

  • IPoop Sometimes
    IPoop Sometimes 19 days ago

    How does one join a friends server?plz help

  • Purple tooth
    Purple tooth 19 days ago

    Do u lik fitz

  • Mysu
    Mysu 20 days ago

    WhOA How IS ThAT Cat FAcE mAGiC!??!?!?!?/124/1//q3r/2q/t .3

  • HM Pang
    HM Pang 20 days ago +6

    *Dolphin comes to play with Fitz's items


    (Yes I'm aware Poki is fairly new to the game so I don't blame her)

  • Sheltdawg 1980
    Sheltdawg 1980 20 days ago

    I actually have a cat named Oliver 😂😂😂

  • Tuomas Koivisto
    Tuomas Koivisto 20 days ago

    4:01 close your eyes and let your imagination run

  • Gerardo Villasenor
    Gerardo Villasenor 20 days ago

    Tell Fitz he's a b🤬ch

  • SBA
    SBA 20 days ago

    loving the breath of the wild jams

  • Lifebiscuit
    Lifebiscuit 20 days ago

    I ship it so much!!!!! xD

  • D3AD.
    D3AD. 21 day ago +1

    He’s British and doesn’t know what’s allons-y

  • L D
    L D 21 day ago

    Sao song playing

  • Benjamin Trejo
    Benjamin Trejo 21 day ago

    Anyone else notice all the sound effects from Breath of the Wild??

  • ryleeann leo
    ryleeann leo 21 day ago

    someone please tell me why my boyfriend watches this stuff 💀

  • Unknown_RyZe ツ
    Unknown_RyZe ツ 21 day ago +1

    Make the cats have a baby

  • SlayerZ
    SlayerZ 21 day ago +11

    has anyone noticed the youtube code says "sEX"?

  • lautaro
    lautaro 21 day ago +1

    H A H A *P O O P Y*

  • trinidad lara
    trinidad lara 21 day ago

    what modpack she use for the HD textures

  • thememekid 69420
    thememekid 69420 21 day ago

    Let's take animal cruelty to another level bois

  • Cici Unicorn
    Cici Unicorn 21 day ago

    Hi I’m felicity and my friend Armando says I sound like you lol but I don’t think I do..well hi!

  • Jorge Quezada
    Jorge Quezada 21 day ago

    My name is juan I am 12 years I really want to show you my cravite map on fortnite my user name on fortnite is poscot I will make sure I will friend you on fortnite

  • 매Mai
    매Mai 22 days ago

    am i the only that thinks its kinda cute how they ran to each other concerned when the mist came at 9:25

  • jhostin elcrack
    jhostin elcrack 22 days ago +1

    In this moment meme or mimi is dead

  • jhostin elcrack
    jhostin elcrack 22 days ago

    Sorry for you cat F in the chat