The House with a Clock in Its Walls - Movie Review


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  • Warren Buitendag
    Warren Buitendag 2 days ago

    are you gonna review the haunting of hill house? really wanna hear your thoughts on it!

  • Martin Georgiev
    Martin Georgiev 3 days ago

    I feel like you're talking about a completely different movie. I saw it last night and my two cents are: what a mess! Amazing sets though :)

  • Annabella Patton
    Annabella Patton 5 days ago

    boring boring boring just an old boring video

    REED COLES 6 days ago

    I feel like this is one of the better book adaptations there was more Eli could bring upon from a small children's book and put on the big screen by the way the book's pretty good.

  • ashley hawkins
    ashley hawkins 6 days ago

    Can’t wait to see

  • zohanrock
    zohanrock 8 days ago

    4 kids came out of that theatre crying....i'm sold.

  • Xialite
    Xialite 9 days ago

    Found it ok, but the crying scenes were SO painful (as in the kids bad acting)

  • InvictuZ
    InvictuZ 9 days ago

    I feel sooo bad for all the 5 year old kids watching in my theatre. That saturn devil shit might as well have been from films like Sinister.

  • omnispork
    omnispork 9 days ago

    Loved the books as a child, started the movie ok until the acid kicked in...

  • Brian Sparrow
    Brian Sparrow 10 days ago

    I'm so glad to hear that the movie is good; the book was one of my favorites when I was growing up. John Bellairs was writing top notch horror stories for kids before Goosebumps & Are You Afraid of the Dark? even existed. I really hope that the success of this film means that we'll see more of his stories on the big screen; I've always wanted to watch the film version of The Curse of the Blue Figurine.

  • Erma Gerhd
    Erma Gerhd 10 days ago

    Was it just me or did anyone else notice the movie had very subtle foreshadowing? In the beginning of the film when the kid gets off the bus with his uncle, in the background there’s a sign mentioning the eclipse that later became a huge part of the ending. Then somewhere in the middle when the boy was walking down the hall with the flashlight looking at the pictures on the walls, there were images of demons tricking people as well as a rat and a lady

  • Videokidmaker
    Videokidmaker 10 days ago

    So most of your cons are it was a bit to child like

  • Crushenator500
    Crushenator500 10 days ago

    I just watched this and I can't believe how much I loved it. Best kid's movie in a long, long time. Some fun little easter eggs in it too (jack humming to a tenacious d tune, some other stuff I'm already forgetting)

    KYASIG 11 days ago

    i thought it was going to be bad

  • Anna 9538
    Anna 9538 11 days ago

    This is rated FREAKING PG? Not PG13? This is a KID’S MOVIE?

  • Steven C
    Steven C 11 days ago

    My buddy the poop jokes are ment for kids not for you. You got to remember this movie was not made only for adults but mostly for kids. Why is it the reviewers don't understand that? 😒

  • Carmen Dooms
    Carmen Dooms 11 days ago

    You gave Venom a C-, and yet you give this a B? I'm the exact opposite of your opinion, I'd give this movie a C- and Venom a B rating. House begins interesting enough but I got bored Midway into the movie and the ending was a snore. I loved the action in Venom and while some parts were choppy, overall I think Venom was a worth going to see film. I don't want to give away any spoilers so I won't explain what caught my attention most in the storyline of Venom but it's truth in plain sight. The House is encouraging others to get into the occult, and is basically saying that it's okay to be a little weird if you want to try dark magic spell's go for it and just do it! Not exactly the message I'd want my children to receive.

  • Jaeger Elite
    Jaeger Elite 11 days ago +1

    This movie was very bad

  • david pascual
    david pascual 11 days ago

    Review blazing saddles

  • Mark Sneddon
    Mark Sneddon 13 days ago

    I had NO fucking idea that Eli Roth was even involved in this! Good to see him do something different.

  • Myles Coyne
    Myles Coyne 13 days ago +2

    I saw it and thought it was safe bore of a flick. Kid actor sucked.

  • Matt Eldon
    Matt Eldon 13 days ago

    I think I'd like to see Eli Roth's take on poop jokes. One please :)

  • Nintendotank
    Nintendotank 13 days ago

    The worst movie I’ve ever seen.

  • Kai Chen
    Kai Chen 13 days ago

    Why did Chris say he came in with a stack of tissues? Edit: Oh yeah he was sick I remember.

  • Weston Everett Clements
    Weston Everett Clements 13 days ago +1

    Happy anniversary!!!!!

  • EliteMatt30 Ice
    EliteMatt30 Ice 14 days ago +1

    When I was little Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland 2010 scared me. It made me cry with the way Johnny Depp looked.

  • Bushwick Bill
    Bushwick Bill 14 days ago +1

    The main little boy is an atrocious actor

  • singertobe13
    singertobe13 14 days ago

    I'm sorry you were sick! Would really LOVE to hear a review of a simple favor tho!

  • Chern69
    Chern69 14 days ago

    awful movie, terrible at best

    • Kai Chen
      Kai Chen 13 days ago

      Chern69 damn. I liked it....

  • Andy Benji
    Andy Benji 15 days ago

    Listen to 0:37 without context.

  • Raggedy Monkey
    Raggedy Monkey 15 days ago

    the hound with a cock between his balls

  • courageous Christian
    courageous Christian 15 days ago +1

    Why so low rating

  • Elisa Mastromarino
    Elisa Mastromarino 15 days ago +1

    A Simple Favour. I loved it. Where's the review?

  • Achyuth Thouta
    Achyuth Thouta 15 days ago +1

    Christopher Nolan Vs James Cameron . Like = Nolan
    Comment= Titanic's director.

  • TheRead
    TheRead 15 days ago +1

    This film lacked focus. The story was poorly told. You just sit in the theater noting everything that happens in the film without wanting or rooting for any of the characters to go on this surreal journey. The comedy almost keeps you involved until the ending which is just weird, but not in an interesting way, just stupid and obscure. I left the film thinking their could have been an interesting film here, but it felt like the story process was rushed and didn’t connect any of the characters to the adventure. Because of this it failed to keep me entertained.

  • Ethan P
    Ethan P 16 days ago

    That Louis kid was annoying AS FUCK. uNClE JhOnaThAn was literally the only line that kid said.

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood 16 days ago

    Paranorman for the win.

  • Alex g
    Alex g 16 days ago +1

    I never got scare.

  • Achyuth Thouta
    Achyuth Thouta 16 days ago +1

    Clocks on wall, honestly.

  • Achyuth Thouta
    Achyuth Thouta 16 days ago +1

    Such a weird name for a movie.

  • Midnight Ninja
    Midnight Ninja 16 days ago

    House with the clock within it's walls? More like movie with homosexual undertones lol

  • Zaturn Nep
    Zaturn Nep 17 days ago

    The return of OZ, movie came to mind (^v^)

  • dustin villarreal
    dustin villarreal 17 days ago


  • issac flores
    issac flores 17 days ago

    I hated this movie. So much. This was a disappointing film and I hope it never gets a sequel.

  • Vortex Cut
    Vortex Cut 17 days ago

    were is the venom review, Chris?

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 18 days ago

    Well this is one disturbing kids film

    1M views 18 days ago

    just been to the cinema with my 9 year old. she lovd it .. wasnt bad actually

  • Victor M
    Victor M 18 days ago

    what a bull crap the movie is i wouldnot watch for a million.

  • Lanky
    Lanky 18 days ago

    Pls review 8 mile, fucking fantastic film

  • Kristine Ford
    Kristine Ford 19 days ago

    I know how you feel, Chris, I had to pick up a ton of tissues from last night!😎😎

  • Kristine Ford
    Kristine Ford 19 days ago

    Just the title of this movie, probably based on a book, makes me laugh!!

  • lajeandom
    lajeandom 19 days ago

    this movie was so fucking bad... 2/10 for me.

  • Ozzy James Dio Dickinson

    Eli Roth is all about poop jokes

    DEAD END DRIVE-IN 19 days ago

    "Mandy" review DAWG!

  • TheMoonchinKing
    TheMoonchinKing 19 days ago

    I don’t even remember any POOP jokes lol

  • Titansfan08
    Titansfan08 20 days ago

    Happy anniversary Chris!

  • Katetanic
    Katetanic 20 days ago

    Ever think of reviewing movies from shudder?

  • A Ramirez
    A Ramirez 21 day ago

    I really really want to watch this. I wanted to watch this with my three year old (in the theater) because she loves spooky stuff and never seems to get tired of it. But after that children leaving screaming and crying comment maybe I'll wait till it comes out on DVD to have her watch it.

  • Midas Seinfeld
    Midas Seinfeld 21 day ago

    lol, I actually had a "wait, what?" moment during the transformation scene. I was asking myself how he got away with it and kept his PG rating. There was only one family with kids in my theater and as soon as that scene happened they picked up and left.

  • kemuael
    kemuael 21 day ago

    Now Chris is a big strange adult. Lol

  • Jaymib
    Jaymib 21 day ago

    was a good movie kind of reminded me of hocus pocus and Addams Family, i think if this director and writes did a new Addams family be quite good. I really enjoy this m9vie, the ending let's it down alittle.

  • Ancestral Mage
    Ancestral Mage 21 day ago +1

    The movie contains black magic and occultic themes if you want to teach your kids it's ok to stray from god for power, take them to see this. Only a mature person can watch it and not be influenced.

  • Lachlan Jansen
    Lachlan Jansen 21 day ago

    Happy anniversary 🤗🤗

  • TheBrownTown007
    TheBrownTown007 21 day ago

    I honestly didn't like this movie, the horror elements for kids I thought were great but the story, the jokes and some characters made me give this movie a C.

  • Rhi Rhi
    Rhi Rhi 21 day ago


  • Michael Mayhem
    Michael Mayhem 21 day ago

    I really enjoy your reviews, Stuckmann. One of the best on TVclip. Always well thought out reviews, and I almost always agree with you. Generally spot on. I guess we have the same opinion on most subjects. Congratulations on a job well done.

  • Redding D. Shanks
    Redding D. Shanks 21 day ago

    The House with the Cock and the Balls

  • Cyrus Karloff
    Cyrus Karloff 21 day ago +3

    Saw this a few hours ago.... Loved and laughed at this movie. GREAT!

    • Cyrus Karloff
      Cyrus Karloff 21 day ago

      PS: I didn't notice any real POOP jokes. Litter (leaf) jokes.

  • Que-Tang Clan
    Que-Tang Clan 22 days ago

    Funny enough, my childrens favourite parts were the pooping parts

  • Misael Muñiz
    Misael Muñiz 22 days ago +1

    Weyland Corp shirt awesome.

  • Aaron Merkel
    Aaron Merkel 22 days ago

    It was mediocre. A little childish. Some interesting ideas, but seemed very very tame.

  • drumr72
    drumr72 22 days ago

    Warlocks are male witches. Not something to espouse to or admire....we have enough evil...lady Gaga in star is born ? She bathes in bathtubs full of blood and says things like "I swear to lucifer"....and you wonder why kids ran out of the theater? If you give star is born a positive review..your true colors will be shown..sadly.

  • Rems Left Foot
    Rems Left Foot 22 days ago

    Let me just say this . The Movie sucked. The acting bad except for the lady. 10min in i felt like leaving the theater but i gave it another 40min thinking it might get better nope it somehow manage to get worse. Also smelled like piss in the theatre dont know what that says about the movie but just wanted to put that out there.

  • Kevin jones
    Kevin jones 22 days ago

    Was once a fan of Jack Black but after that rude and ignorant statement he made about our President while being given a star on the walk of fame, made me realize he, too, is just another fat, over-paid, Hollywood idiot! When will these people in Hollywood realize that most of us could care less about your political beliefs?! Ironic that this dousche made such a stupid comment after starring in a movie that has a lot of references to pieces of shit! Black, just STFU and keep playing and pretending for a living!

  • Mathew Hartwell
    Mathew Hartwell 22 days ago

    I request these 2 reviews Godzilla 1998 and Animal Farm 1999

  • masood rahimi
    masood rahimi 22 days ago

    every eli roth movie i have ever seen has been super gross so this is really surprising

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 22 days ago

    i loved the trailers for this movie
    it is cool
    and in my opinion, based on the trailers, would i enjoy this film,
    i probably find the humor in this film funny

  • jor sep
    jor sep 22 days ago

    I was expecting him to tare this movie to pieces. I watched that movie and thought it was lazy written. It felt pieced together from scraps. Jack black wasnt playing a character. Hewas playing as jack black. And the kid was a horrible actor. The plot was lame and the ending climax was so stupid. It was such a disappointment and when rhe movie was over alot of people in the theater started saying "that movie was horrible."

  • Cassandra Amore
    Cassandra Amore 22 days ago

    The movie should not be Pg it should be 12 the movie was not for family it was very demonic and watching the devil and the beast and the pumpkin was evil the director was an ass hole and the fact who ever gave this a of rating I'm sure director and cinema or studio watched it first before sending them out to all the cinema all I saw was kids and parents leaving and so did I

  • Joel Anglin
    Joel Anglin 22 days ago +1

    I took my 3 year old she loved it and she didn't think it was scary at all but like i said did like it

  • Ari R.
    Ari R. 23 days ago +3

    Agree with Chris 90% of the time but I walked out of this film. Bad child acting and cringeworthy script. Maybe it got good at the end?

  • purplefreak3
    purplefreak3 23 days ago

    Bad kitty! Use the liter box!

  • purplefreak3
    purplefreak3 23 days ago

    4 kids ran out of the movie crying? How young were they? Took my best friend's kid that is 10 to the movie and they liked the movie.

  • Pedro Morais
    Pedro Morais 23 days ago +1

    I feel like I don’t know the characters in this movie by how much it lacked in story telling.

  • Pedro Morais
    Pedro Morais 23 days ago

    Deserves a C

  • Mother Terezzza
    Mother Terezzza 23 days ago


  • WizardPancakes
    WizardPancakes 23 days ago

    No white boy rick?

  • Michael Hallberg
    Michael Hallberg 23 days ago

    "Quickly! Come with us! To the turret! It's a special turret!" -This Movie 2018

  • Shakirah
    Shakirah 23 days ago

    Movie was trash, kid was a bad actor

  • Straight-up Movie critic Grubb

    You should see the porn version; A House With A Cock in its Walls. Beautiful n Vascular! Bravo!

  • Straight-up Movie critic Grubb

    Are u gonna review, "Mandy"?

  • Jesus Lacanilao
    Jesus Lacanilao 23 days ago

    Your shirts man

  • Thomas Paxton
    Thomas Paxton 23 days ago

    He didn't even mention that Eric Kripke, Supernatural creator wrote this movie. Wow. You've mentioned screenwriters before. The hell, Chris. Dropping the ball.

  • Eva Duvall
    Eva Duvall 23 days ago

    Hey I hate to be annoying but where’s the “a simple favor” review?

  • Keenan Tislow
    Keenan Tislow 23 days ago

    I gave it a 100%

  • Blaze The Movie Fan
    Blaze The Movie Fan 23 days ago

    I love this movie one of my favorites of the year for sure.

  • Jesse Orr
    Jesse Orr 24 days ago

    Dude, half this video was about you. How did you get a job critiquing movies. It's obvious that you had no training at this. Sorry I wasted my time.

  • Mariana Mora
    Mariana Mora 24 days ago

    I love how the villain was defeated by strait up just murdered with magic xD I was just great to see a pg film where the pg actually meant something.

  • Balls E. Bub
    Balls E. Bub 24 days ago

    More like the house with a cock and balls

  • LeMeBucallion
    LeMeBucallion 24 days ago

    My god that was a terrible movie, how on earth Chris liked that. Predictable, not funny, borring, the characters were caricatures of them selves. The screenplay felt that was like written from AI.
    The movie included was it looked like elements from "real" black magic and the imagery was taken directly from real world something that is lazy and too dark for kids movie.

    • Aaron Merkel
      Aaron Merkel 22 days ago

      i agree, very dumb movie. when you compare to movie like Harry Potter , this movie is a dud .z.zzzz