Richard Madden - 2019 Golden Globes Backstage Interview

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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  • Rasa Matuolyte
    Rasa Matuolyte Day ago

    Huge respect to Richard Madden, talented ! Love you , and best warmly regards!

  • Tash21
    Tash21 18 days ago

    He looks handsome.

  • Osnapitzdeema
    Osnapitzdeema Month ago

    He is brilliant and so down to earth. I didn’t think i could even be crushing on him even more.

  • DarthMorl
    DarthMorl Month ago

    Finally he gets the attention he deserves!

  • S Williams
    S Williams Month ago +1

    Told you, Told you….. I knew it was a great show from the first episode. Congrats!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Cartoon Face
    Cartoon Face Month ago

    i thought Roose Bolton had killed him

  • Jennifer Ellis
    Jennifer Ellis Month ago +3

    🐺 The King in the North
    & Prince Charming 👑

  • May04bwu
    May04bwu Month ago

    0:36 oh my god I almost fell off my chair. That was proper jump scare.

  • A
    A Month ago

    King in the North arises

  • A
    A Month ago +1

    Congratulations so well deserved bodyguard is amazing 👏

  • Haley Daggett
    Haley Daggett Month ago

    His accent is literally taking my breath away....

  • Yug Sa
    Yug Sa Month ago

    Could someone please set up Saoirse Ronan & Richard Madden on a date. Like yesterday.

  • Subtle Mischiefs
    Subtle Mischiefs Month ago

    He lost the North, but won a Golden Globe

  • Anee
    Anee Month ago

    The informer was snubbed honestly

  • Kristina w
    Kristina w Month ago +1

    He looks so old now

  • Forest lass
    Forest lass Month ago +1

    My king in the north😍😍😘 i will always love you^^

  • Marco Melendez
    Marco Melendez Month ago +1

    I’m so happy for him. It’s well deserved.

  • Lamia Lola
    Lamia Lola Month ago +4

    I was so happy, loved the show, he broke my heart in it, well deserved, also he’s so cute and nervous in here someone give him a hug!

  • sij 80
    sij 80 Month ago

    Next Bond

  • Greg Farello
    Greg Farello Month ago

    He is so cute

  • mimi mummy
    mimi mummy Month ago

    David budd!!!!

  • Yuly libros
    Yuly libros Month ago

    So happy for him! I love so much his acting and this show 😍

  • tulip19710226
    tulip19710226 Month ago +1

    The show was amazing and his performance was so so good. Congrats !! Please make a second season.

  • Ruby P
    Ruby P Month ago +2

    This makes me happy :) I feel like this is the first really good role he's gotten since GoT (haven't seen ALL his roles but i've seen 3 others and he was good but the scripts/stories themselves were just OK).

  • Derrick W.
    Derrick W. Month ago

    he is adorable

  • Lana MacDougall
    Lana MacDougall Month ago +1

    Love him biting his lip so adorable

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A Month ago

    And I bet rocketman gonna be next level but since its coming out not golden globe oscar season it not gonna get nominated

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A Month ago +1

    I saw this show before all the hype came out....just amazing.
    Throughout the show I was like he gonna get nominated...and he won!
    Dude well deserved

  • Josh DeRose
    Josh DeRose Month ago +2

    He needs to be the next Bond.

  • Leyzell Wu
    Leyzell Wu Month ago +6

    I can still hear him in my head saying ‘ma’am’ gazillion times

  • Mohamad Shehimi
    Mohamad Shehimi Month ago +1

    Robbb get the fuck from up there and head for winterfell!

  • Ina Ina
    Ina Ina Month ago +2

    Congratulations! Amazing performance.

  • Linda Carmignani
    Linda Carmignani Month ago +30

    Also, if he doesn't get the role of James Bond now, I'm going to be mad.

  • Linda Carmignani
    Linda Carmignani Month ago +1

    Well done Richaaaaard!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • WarriorOfTheCosmicRealm

    *King in the North!!!!*

  • kirch
    kirch Month ago +8

    Something about him reminds me of Michael fassbender

  • Tomislav Bozic
    Tomislav Bozic Month ago +4

    Pack always survives...Young Wolf :)

  • Kay D
    Kay D Month ago +1

    Well deserved!! 👏😍

  • Sebastian Cruz
    Sebastian Cruz Month ago +10

    Well done my lord! The king of the North prevailed..

  • deadoralive cowboy
    deadoralive cowboy Month ago +10

    Believe in yourself more because other people do :)) so relatable :D

  • ra.barbara
    ra.barbara Month ago +17

    he is the most handsome human being! also so well deserved! so happy for him!

  • NS23
    NS23 Month ago +3

    King in the north!

  • Princey Dhillon
    Princey Dhillon Month ago +5

    King in the north rises.......

  • Billy Barba
    Billy Barba Month ago +70

    Hopefully, the new James Bond. 🤞

    • Cockshield
      Cockshield Month ago

      +JACK36AFC If Nolan (admittedly a massive Bond fan) were to make a Bond trilogy, Hardy would be his man 100%

    • JACK36AFC
      JACK36AFC Month ago +3

      Billy Barba nah Tom hardy

  • Vivi Dellarena
    Vivi Dellarena Month ago +1

    Love him!

  • Bernard P.
    Bernard P. Month ago +2


  • Chiara Vallini
    Chiara Vallini Month ago +1

    So proud

  • Ken Bone
    Ken Bone Month ago +4

    Its King in the north not king of the north you kneeling cunts

  • S H
    S H Month ago +12

    He is so sexy.

  • Dana Martinez
    Dana Martinez Month ago +15

    I'm really really happy for him! Loved his performance in "Bodyguard" and was really hoping for him to be nominated for some award like GG or BAFTA or watever.... So, here is! He deserves it!

  • vp1132
    vp1132 Month ago +4

    love u david budd

  • CC CC
    CC CC Month ago +43

    It's a great show and he does an unbelievable job as an actor in this role.

  • YouTuby20
    YouTuby20 Month ago +1

  • Patricia Chang
    Patricia Chang Month ago +6

    He looks better in bodyguard.

    • White Walker
      White Walker Month ago +1

      Patricia Chang still looks pretty good tho

    • Dencod Raikkonen
      Dencod Raikkonen Month ago +3

      Patricia Chang of course dont they all. They look better in films/tv cause of the angles, makeup, lighting and they get fit for it.

  • Astrid Holly
    Astrid Holly Month ago +3


  • Carly Pekz
    Carly Pekz Month ago +29

    He so deserved this award coz he was sooo good in Bodyguard!

  • Nomis 99
    Nomis 99 Month ago +60

    1:05 omg his little ‘thanks’ is too adorable for words

    • M Simm
      M Simm Month ago +2

      I literally cried when he said that

    • kirch
      kirch Month ago +2

      Nomis 99 so goofy 🙃

    • viggolover1
      viggolover1 Month ago +9

      Nomis 99 he looks genuinely happy in such an innocent and humble way. Richard M is great in that series, but he’ll forever be Rob Stark to me 🐺❄️

  • HipHopotamus
    HipHopotamus Month ago +3

    The King in the North!

  • Franco sanchez
    Franco sanchez Month ago +1

    No he's remembered 4 the red wedding

  • Nkiruka Adelaide Ikeolumba

    "Ma'am"!!!! So deserving!!!!!!!!!!! Richard the whole world loves you!!!! Next up, an Emmy!

  • the three lives
    the three lives Month ago +9

    I’m so glad he won

  • Ange R
    Ange R Month ago +97

    Richard completely nailed this role. His portrayal was genuinely gut-wrenching, but also heroic & sexy af 🙌🏻🔥👌🏻

  • Florence Medici
    Florence Medici Month ago +17

    The King in the North! And now road to James Bond...

  • Mih
    Mih Month ago +4

    I'm so happy for him 💜💜💜

  • Jai Yadav
    Jai Yadav Month ago +41

    finally king of the north arise...............

  • Joyce Huang
    Joyce Huang Month ago +4


  • param pal
    param pal Month ago +27

    king in the north

  • evedust
    evedust Month ago +54

    Loved the Bodyguard and thought Richard was terrific. So happy for him.

  • Mariana Maciel
    Mariana Maciel Month ago


  • Constanza Muñoz
    Constanza Muñoz Month ago +26

    so well deserved!!

  • pristine govender
    pristine govender Month ago +107

    All hail the King in the North!

  • j michelle
    j michelle Month ago +190

    I’m so proud of my King Of North🐺😍😘🤤💯🙌🏽 so well deserved!! 🖤

  • Sebastian Joseph
    Sebastian Joseph Month ago +112

    Loved the hell outta Bodyguard! I am so glad he won! =)

  • Philogal H
    Philogal H Month ago +11


  • Poignant
    Poignant Month ago +7


  • diann heinze
    diann heinze Month ago +14

    Congratulations Richard