Cara Delevingne Shows Her Hot Sauce Balls While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
  • Supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne is the first brave soul to take on the brand-new Hot Ones hot-sauce lineup in this smoldering Season 4 premiere. The "Valerian" star battles through the likes of Dirty Dick's and Zombie Apocalypse while breaking down Burning Man survival tips, iconic celebrity eyebrows, and her FaceTime chats with Tyler the Creator. Welcome back to the madness, Hot Ones fans!
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Comments • 13 056

  • Dylan Scott
    Dylan Scott 9 hours ago

    She’s so fucking sexy.

  • Samantha Wilmeth
    Samantha Wilmeth 14 hours ago

    You ask the best questions

  • Callie VanLeuven
    Callie VanLeuven 17 hours ago

    Cara her love life with Ashley benson

  • chaoskill 26
    chaoskill 26 19 hours ago

    Use Dave insanity or any Dave's. I use many bottles

  • chaoskill 26
    chaoskill 26 19 hours ago

    Omg she is so sexy

  • Drakovox
    Drakovox 21 hour ago

    Please invite Emilia Clark

  • critterlover4278

    She is looking like Jeremy Wade from River Monsters on Animal Planet. LMAO!

  • Joseph Upshaw
    Joseph Upshaw Day ago

    This is as personable as I have ever seen her. She can be a tad disconnected in interviews...

  • Jack Olsen
    Jack Olsen Day ago

    He looks like a girl

  • Hornet Gaming
    Hornet Gaming Day ago

    Red dead redemption, good girl!

  • NivedLaxsea
    NivedLaxsea Day ago

    I love these interviews but my mouth always waters so bad

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Block

    Unfortunately I don’t love her hair like that

  • Chaz Matazz269
    Chaz Matazz269 Day ago

    Damn! I forget that Delevigne is English. I can't remember the last time i heard her natural accent. In fact, i'm not sure i ever have prior to this episode of Hot Ones.

  • Sigreth Gomez
    Sigreth Gomez Day ago +2

    Try to get Emilia Clarke on the show, please.

  • DigitalAwareness

    doesn't look like hers was that hot, think this was faked.

  • DigitalAwareness

    'she' is a tranny.

  • John Kangas
    John Kangas 2 days ago

    Way to hang in there Cara!! You must be fun as s$#t to hangout with!

  • Dohn Gilmore
    Dohn Gilmore 2 days ago

    Shes great can I get a clone of her gta,tats and animal, damn shes cool

  • Shannon Curry
    Shannon Curry 2 days ago

    stop shaving your head it's not pretty

  • J Law
    J Law 2 days ago

    Can we get Kate Mckinnon?

  • siddharth rajan
    siddharth rajan 2 days ago

    is she a looney toon character?

  • Jo Tapp
    Jo Tapp 3 days ago

    You need Jason Momoa on this!

  • yarmichon muinao
    yarmichon muinao 3 days ago

    All The chickens that were killed in this show, one small bite of it and were thrown and wasted

  • Ohm Shark
    Ohm Shark 3 days ago

    High key...I'd eat her ass out

  • becca lou
    becca lou 3 days ago

    from 14:50 on is the best part of the whole thing

  • Carolyn Reynolds
    Carolyn Reynolds 3 days ago

    Sean's face at 12:30. He was so scared for her.

  • Nomak The Cursed
    Nomak The Cursed 3 days ago

    Yeah I want to taste these hot sauce balls she has lmao that sounds disturbing now that I read it.

  • HardRockMiner
    HardRockMiner 3 days ago

    She looks like a young female Eddy Izzard. lol!!!

  • Cold-Hearted Boy
    Cold-Hearted Boy 3 days ago

    Valentina con alitas?? WTF

  • Carlos Castanheiro
    Carlos Castanheiro 3 days ago

    Love her.

  • Jonathan Vazquez
    Jonathan Vazquez 4 days ago

    I fell in love with her and that accent 🤤 love from 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  • subi subi
    subi subi 4 days ago +2

    In most of the episodes I have heard them say .'That's a really good question' to Sean.
    He does ask pretty good ones. Like new ones. Never repetitive.

  • lee leggat
    lee leggat 4 days ago +1

    she looks like she has a bulbis head with that horrible short hair

  • Ben Middleton
    Ben Middleton 4 days ago

    Nothing sexier to me than really hot girls who are into video games, especially my and a lot of people's favourite, any GTA. 😍

  • Eriss R.
    Eriss R. 4 days ago

    What movies does this little boy play in???

    • T OB
      T OB 4 days ago

      He plays Malfoy's little brother in the new Harry Potter movie they are working on

  • John Doh
    John Doh 5 days ago

    Looks like a gay boy.

  • Nick Mccartan
    Nick Mccartan 5 days ago

    What a boss.

  • Kylo Robb
    Kylo Robb 5 days ago

    She looks like a 10 year old boy in the thumbnail.

  • Kareulla Kim
    Kareulla Kim 5 days ago +1

    I really can't unlike her... ever.

  • Rachelle Animals
    Rachelle Animals 5 days ago

    She’s boring & full of herself 🙄🙄🙄

  • Kris
    Kris 5 days ago

    She hot but the short hair doesn't work on her.

  • matreyia
    matreyia 5 days ago

    Look...I'm not a monster or anything...but I'd like to know...are there any men (or women) watching this that have any urge to stick his/her you know what in her mouth after the 2 million unit hot sauce? Would you pay, or would you request money to do it? Just curious... and again... I'm not a monster or anything.

  • Zhivago
    Zhivago 5 days ago

    this blond dude fuckin ugly

  • tak tsang
    tak tsang 5 days ago


  • Barb DeSouza
    Barb DeSouza 6 days ago

    She looks like Malcolm McDowell had a sex change.

  • Black Bird
    Black Bird 6 days ago


  • sEs on
    sEs on 6 days ago

    I wanna see Cardi B on hot ones

  • veggiesaremurder
    veggiesaremurder 6 days ago

    I'm so attracted to Cara. Hmu!

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 6 days ago

    Anyone else saw her face shapeshift @ 11:11 ?🤔😂

  • Tatianna Maldonado
    Tatianna Maldonado 7 days ago

    Lol his facial expressions were the best

  • Mister Sandman
    Mister Sandman 7 days ago

    She has the best nipples. 👌

  • Hanane don't know
    Hanane don't know 8 days ago

    13:50 oh oh oh oh oh oh ......that guy.

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell 8 days ago

    Dike, pagan, lays with animals.

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 8 days ago

    I'm willing to bet Sean Evans doesn't have tastebuds and a stomach anymore due to all that insanely hot sauces he's been eating. I mean, he doesn't even flinch one bit when he bites into the hottest chickenwing! I bet all the food goes directly into his intestins and from there into a stoma-bag! He cheats!

  • Redhead Update
    Redhead Update 8 days ago

    She said "I'll get it" the sauce around his mouth I have to ask you Sean how did you not even at least pause when she said that one of the sexiest things she could have said in that moment lol Freudian slip

    KING•LEONIDAS 8 days ago

    I mean...I tried so hard not to objectify her in this video.. .but that was difficult...I always liked her and her personality...but...I think I'm in love with this woman

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat 9 days ago

    I need Donald Trump in here

  • Lord Lachy Feeney
    Lord Lachy Feeney 9 days ago

    How does one marry Cara Del...

  • eriqua case
    eriqua case 10 days ago

    she didnt even put on the last dab

  • R
    R 10 days ago

    What's with the dyke haircut is she a lesbo now!

  • justin c. Lukama
    justin c. Lukama 11 days ago

    What was she wearing besides that she was way better than Khalid.... I AM DJ WACKSPICE

  • Jessica Joanne
    Jessica Joanne 11 days ago +2

    she's so right...england has amazing indian food. I miss that so much now im in America

  • xox garcia
    xox garcia 11 days ago

    Me gustaria ver a Emilia Clarke en tu programa

  • esellanta
    esellanta 12 days ago

    The thumbnail always gets me 😂

  • hegotaspare
    hegotaspare 12 days ago

    She's from London and a gamer as well. Cool gal.

  • phill schneider
    phill schneider 12 days ago +3

    Esta chica seria perfecta para una pelicula de Tank Girl!!!!

  • Kolypsa Disruptive Technology

    Dirty Dicks in your mouth. Lol

  • SheWentToJareds
    SheWentToJareds 13 days ago

    12:35 This girl really just dabbed.

  • Slider drago
    Slider drago 13 days ago

    That little boy can handle the hot sauce

  • Amy B
    Amy B 13 days ago +1

    Good on her for getting through them. I would 100% only get through maybe 3. Big maybe

  • P S
    P S 14 days ago +1

    15:38 You made me laugh so hard. Love you Cara.

  • Mykl S
    Mykl S 14 days ago

    "Her"? Looks like a queer old man. What a tranny freak. Looking at this thing in the thumbnail makes me want to shoot into a rainbow flag wielding crowd!

  • dart arkana
    dart arkana 14 days ago

    Todays flame tomorrows pain

  • Apple Watch
    Apple Watch 15 days ago +4

    *you should have Charlize Theron and Cara Delevingne, etc. sit in a row, and call them "hot ones"*

  • Ayanna S Bryan
    Ayanna S Bryan 16 days ago +1

    I’ve never rooted for someone before, but I want this woman to succeed.

    • LilianO
      LilianO 12 days ago

      Ayanna S Bryan me too.🙏🏿🙏🏼🙏🏽

  • Anjali Thapa Magar
    Anjali Thapa Magar 16 days ago

    Hailey Bieber please

  • Chris Bonsee
    Chris Bonsee 16 days ago

    Upper thigh 😩

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising 16 days ago

    My son works at Nobu!!!!!!!!! Yes Nobu!!!!!!

  • CatusMagus
    CatusMagus 17 days ago +5

    Aaand I just fell in love with Cara Delevingne.

  • Rufus , just Rufus
    Rufus , just Rufus 17 days ago

    B...but I didn't want to feel bad for hating Suicide Squad...

  • Rob Weaver
    Rob Weaver 18 days ago

    She’s super cute

  • Dakota Amore
    Dakota Amore 18 days ago +1

    Cara, you are so Gorgeous and the way you pushed forward through all the wings is inspiring

  • ImPoliticalOK
    ImPoliticalOK 20 days ago

    Horrible little SJW CUNT

  • Crimson LDV
    Crimson LDV 21 day ago +1

    She is not attractive at all.

  • a S
    a S 21 day ago

    "I love dirty're really opening me up...."

  • ryan durant
    ryan durant 23 days ago

    Is there an ongoing current roadmap/list of guests that are upcoming or guests that people really want to see on the show?

  • Charles Pukeowski
    Charles Pukeowski 24 days ago

    That shit she had to take hurt her more than a bbc

  • Midgar W
    Midgar W 25 days ago +1

    I would love to see Conan O'Brien on this show

  • Zakir Abedin
    Zakir Abedin 25 days ago

    Her face out here kinda reminds me of Gerard of MCR,when he young and slim.

  • Amigo500
    Amigo500 26 days ago

    So how do you guy prepare the wings actually, any tips for hot souce newbies?

  • Becky Beighley
    Becky Beighley 26 days ago +1

    uhhhh yes of course the british do incredible Indian food it's called colonization y'all

  • Tish Arellano
    Tish Arellano 27 days ago

    Anyone else notice how much with this cut and dye she looks like Gerard Way?

  • Chrissy BK
    Chrissy BK 29 days ago +9

    Respect any model who eats a bunch of chicken wings

  • nogosnoqt
    nogosnoqt Month ago

    I like her. She's fun.

  • David Antonacci
    David Antonacci Month ago

    I want to be 35 years younger and more attractive... I love Cara.


    Sooooooo HOT! And not talking about the wings yall....Im a simple man...I see the name Cara D....and I click!

  • RawenWarCrow
    RawenWarCrow Month ago +14

    I love this girl, she's beautiful, she's brilliant, she's tough, and smart, and funny, and she gone through all ten of those hot ones... Damn, she's the hot one!

    • paradroidx
      paradroidx Day ago +1

      Yeah she's the mayor of hot sauce town

    • Taha Taimur
      Taha Taimur 4 days ago

      @untergehermuc she's into boys and girls

    • RawenWarCrow
      RawenWarCrow 9 days ago +1

      @untergehermuc Does it make her less hot? I don't think so ^_^

    • untergehermuc
      untergehermuc 9 days ago +3

      But she is not into boys ;)

  • Dale Subic
    Dale Subic Month ago

    I have no idea who any of these people are and, I really don't care. See you. FO.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith Month ago

    i luv her so much

  • sniperlif3
    sniperlif3 Month ago

    I miss her long hair