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  • Hayosh m.a
    Hayosh m.a 4 days ago

    I've liked dark chocolate since I can remember....

  • Shihab Mohammed
    Shihab Mohammed 3 months ago

    What. An. Intro.

  • Jake Castellanos
    Jake Castellanos 4 months ago

    She said when u start to like dark chocolate thats how u know ur getting old but i’ve like it since i was 8

  • Patrick man
    Patrick man 5 months ago

    Your not cooking anything apset the cone but that's it

  • Jazmin Esquivel
    Jazmin Esquivel 7 months ago

    Made my mouth water!

  • Jonathan Monaghan
    Jonathan Monaghan 7 months ago

    *”This smells like burnt tire with paprika on it”*

  • Hilda Castro
    Hilda Castro 7 months ago

    Bee pollen. I didn’t even know that was a thing

  • erinchohope
    erinchohope 7 months ago +1

    Ahhh ur soo beautiful

  • m.
    m. 8 months ago

    nooo why did she cut the mango like that

  • FollowKat Everywhere
    FollowKat Everywhere 8 months ago

    did anyone else notice the cute chocolate that’s left on her lip after the blueberry?

  • chasing Rabbits
    chasing Rabbits 8 months ago

    About dark chocolate what if your 11

  • Judith Torres
    Judith Torres 8 months ago

    make an ube roll

  • John Okamoto
    John Okamoto 8 months ago

    Dating app mantra? Lol

  • Sophie Mcdoogal
    Sophie Mcdoogal 8 months ago +1

    As a proud Canadian I can inform you that grade a means lighter and less concentrated then the grade b which is darker and more concentrated

  • Joseph Basnight
    Joseph Basnight 11 months ago

    I like dark chocolate and I'm only 11

  • Narciso Briones
    Narciso Briones Year ago

    You look like Rachael Ray

  • Jozzy Vazquez
    Jozzy Vazquez Year ago

    Your vocabulary has expanded Ms. Batoon. I need to hit the books and expand mine too.

  • Wp Winnee DIY vlogs

    I'm 9 and I love dark chocolate

  • KT Kingston
    KT Kingston Year ago

    Dear Megan, although I'm not Filipino, I love Filipino food ever since you introduced it to me, and I think I speak for a few people when I ask for more tutorials for making Filipino food. Thanks if you read this and I hope you have a great day.

  • Billy TheMonkey
    Billy TheMonkey Year ago

    Oh god i thought you said drug stick cone.. But no im just death XD drum stick cone :D

  • Minecraft 4 eve
    Minecraft 4 eve Year ago +1

    you know you could go bye a cone but hey be your self

  • damsam robbo
    damsam robbo Year ago

    With Megan's logic about dark chocolate I was old at age 12

  • xXNekoNinjaXx
    xXNekoNinjaXx Year ago

    When you're still a kid and like Dark chocolate...... O_o

  • no thanks
    no thanks Year ago

    im 12 and i love dark chocolate. maybe its because my mom is a health person

  • Jessica Hall
    Jessica Hall Year ago

    Dang of liking dark chocolate makes u old then I'm the oldest 14 year old ever. 😂😂😂

  • Subliminal Shadow

    Megan dance real good. I say you should form *a dance routine* with Anthony from Kinjaz and D-Trix. That is.. if you haven't done so already.

  • Kaleb Cordovi
    Kaleb Cordovi Year ago

    To Ms. Megan Batoon. Hey. Ms. Megan you keep making dating jks & such like as if you can't find anyone or something lol While I know your jking, still it seems you've been a lil down with "luck of love". Basically what I'm trying to say, idk who would not find you "attractive". While yes you are pretty, etc, etc. Your personality, so far shown on camera, is great! Your funny, kind, playful, & you give off such positive vibes all around. Who wouldn't want to be your Romeo (minus the morbid af suicide, eh) But seriously your awesome girl! If I didn't think you were, I wouldn't be here watching your vids, with me deciding if I should make that dish or not lol 😅😂. So go out there & find yourself the "perfect" man you deserve. As always, thank you for your content & bringing smiles to all out faces. We hope we give you the same with the comments, likes & subs. Namaste, Megan!🤗🕉

  • Ders JuanPablo
    Ders JuanPablo Year ago

    nice, the only cooking done was the cone... but she only ate the fruit inside of it

  • 도끼 도끼
    도끼 도끼 Year ago

    I like dark chocolate and I'm 13😂

  • Marinp1
    Marinp1 Year ago

    lol i trought paprika is word only in balkan

  • Pear Jam Gaming
    Pear Jam Gaming Year ago

    Yes I'm gluten intolerant

  • MkayAeriela ?
    MkayAeriela ? Year ago

    I watch your Snapchat stories everyday, you look so healthy I wanna eat like you, I wanna be like you and look like you😍🙌 I'm trying to eat like you haha

  • Natasha H
    Natasha H Year ago

    oooh wheres your top from

  • Jett Oliver
    Jett Oliver Year ago

    Thanks Megan I made this and it was great 👌

  • jenny kyle
    jenny kyle Year ago

    No offense but your like the clean version of lisbug aka lisa shcwartz.

  • Nafis Nuhan
    Nafis Nuhan Year ago

    join team edge already

  • Andrea
    Andrea Year ago

    @5:15 IS ME AF OMG HAHA

  • Katsumi San
    Katsumi San Year ago

    omg that look good

  • Sidrah Nadeem
    Sidrah Nadeem Year ago

    Can I Pls Have A Shout Out

  • Sidrah Nadeem
    Sidrah Nadeem Year ago

    Good Cone

  • lee bags
    lee bags Year ago

    Ohhhhh no....u ate the whole cone of fruit. Your so out of control!!!wow..come on now.

  • octane
    octane Year ago

    but a professional hottie...

  • Layla Mahan
    Layla Mahan Year ago

    People say that adults mostly only like dark chocolate, but guess what? I love dark chocolate and I'm 11 yrs old, I have liked it sense I was 3 (It's my favorite chocolate in the whole entire world) Lol I'm such a lame kid.

  • Anna Jane Guevarra

    Smitherins!!!!! 😂😂😂

  • Tony Legend
    Tony Legend Year ago

    Imagine she was unlucky, the blue berry and the strawberry and the mango was sour 🤣 and the chocolate are not sweet enough to cover up the sourness of the fruit 😂

  • John Chua
    John Chua Year ago

    i love you

  • Sezy Kills
    Sezy Kills Year ago +1

    The best into. ever.

  • Carlos Tapia
    Carlos Tapia Year ago

    I miss you

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago


  • Cinthia Ramirez
    Cinthia Ramirez Year ago

    Megan do you have a P.O. box??

  • Jeanette V
    Jeanette V Year ago

    smitherines 👌🏽

  • Junarose Rey
    Junarose Rey Year ago

    can you collab with Sean Lew

  • Jedie Justiniano
    Jedie Justiniano Year ago


  • Valeria Cardona
    Valeria Cardona Year ago +1

    I was just watching this thinking how is she so perfect

  • Mykon PT
    Mykon PT Year ago

    difference between grade A and grade B is that in grade B it hurts in A doesn´t

  • Dave
    Dave Year ago

    best cold open ever

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago


  • Funnykat1221
    Funnykat1221 Year ago


  • oOoitsLana
    oOoitsLana Year ago

    "Heavy drizzle, almost rain" LMAO

  • Tani Romero
    Tani Romero Year ago


  • Seouloday
    Seouloday Year ago

    megan, you should make a work out video like how you do on snapchat! i sent each individual video from your story to my myself and saved it XD but it would be a heck of a lot more convenient to watch a whole video on youtube where it won't disappear in 24 hours =P

  • G Her94
    G Her94 Year ago

    Megan is bae af!!!!

  • ron burgundy??
    ron burgundy?? Year ago

    this video has a great like to dislike ratio

  • KaMilllioN
    KaMilllioN Year ago

    did anyone else notice the chocolate on her lip and then instantly think of her TALK IS CHEAP video??? lol i love her

  • Rency Silvestre
    Rency Silvestre Year ago

    Why does she reminds me of Felicity Smoak? Haha

  • Zan_Bet
    Zan_Bet Year ago +2

    Hey do something with team edge again (just my suggestion). That's how I found and subscribed to you.

  • Yesitssjess
    Yesitssjess Year ago

    At the beginning I thought my computer was broken.

  • Shane B
    Shane B Year ago

    hi megan miss you heaps

  • athena quintal
    athena quintal Year ago

    when your only 18 but dark chocolate is your favorite 👀

  • TCM1211
    TCM1211 Year ago

    how does Megan always manage to look so gorgeous in every episode?!

  • Rui Huang
    Rui Huang Year ago

    very entertaining

  • Karina Teves
    Karina Teves Year ago

    Dude, you are awesome. I love you. :)

  • Pamela Douangsavanh
    Pamela Douangsavanh Year ago +1

    I actually gasped out loud at 1:05

  • Phillip Orton
    Phillip Orton Year ago

    I think you're super pretty ☺

  • Nio Mendoza
    Nio Mendoza Year ago

    Megan! What was the Bang! I can't have an unknown amount of bang 😱😱😱

  • Jennifer Maurangi

    hello megan batoon

  • KarMarth Quintela

    Dai Megan kadugay ang level sa imong kagwapahan kay ka increase. Makatomboy imong beauty besh. I love you. hehehe. kaway kaway sa mga gwapang bisaya diha.

  • Mari Lane
    Mari Lane Year ago +3

    I've liked dark chocolate since I was 5. I'm 13 now. Does that make me old?

  • FranAndres Rivera

    Why can't my future wife look like you 😍😍😍😍😍😂.

  • Pablo Antonio Santiago

    I'm trying too hard to think of a pun I can comment bc I feel that way I'll keep going Megan's spirit but I failed

  • Justin Masima
    Justin Masima Year ago

    from 5:32 I've wanted to lick that chocolate off megan's so stoopid

  • BballSpiderMonkey

    WTF Why are you so beautiful?

  • EclecticMinn
    EclecticMinn Year ago

    I love your videos megan! be it a vlog, cooking vid or workout routine. Keep on making em girl!

  • kinggyppo
    kinggyppo Year ago

    soooo hot!

  • Joshua Walters
    Joshua Walters Year ago

    I love how you're so self conscious and self doubting but then you end up making something pretty cool. :)

  • Tony Pitts
    Tony Pitts Year ago

    Best intro ever

  • KenyaJade
    KenyaJade Year ago

    I love the reaction you had while eating it.

  • Natalie Tran
    Natalie Tran Year ago

    you said no dairy and you added egg AN EGG

  • cay
    cay Year ago

    dark chocolate is actually healthy for you. when you eat healthy for a period of time your tastebuds actually change and develope so that you actually like the taste of healthy foods. so you arent old youre just healthy.

  • Shane Gillia
    Shane Gillia Year ago

    that's truth right there about the dark chocolate lol

  • Hira's Cookshack
    Hira's Cookshack Year ago

    Wow! This is amazing Megan! 👍

  • Hira's Cookshack
    Hira's Cookshack Year ago

    Wow! This is amazing Megan! 👍

  • Karina Perez
    Karina Perez Year ago

    Megan, why are you so cute?

  • maddie o
    maddie o Year ago

    I'm 14 and I LOVE dark chocolate

  • Fauna Friendly
    Fauna Friendly Year ago

    Hey btw if you don't have a gluten intolerance gluten is perfectly fine and gluten free alternatives don't make a food healthier 🎉✨

  • Pexzee
    Pexzee Year ago

    Never have I ever seen you silently stand still for two seconds before.

  • yo
    yo Year ago

    omg... those look sooo delicious

  • Ramon Reyes
    Ramon Reyes Year ago

    hmm, didn't know Paleolithic era humans had fruit filled waffle cones