SOMEBODY HELP MELO OUT!? LA Clippers vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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Comments • 112

  • Damien Hawkes
    Damien Hawkes 19 days ago

    Melo wide open in the corner and dame force it to cj for the turnover 🤦🏽‍♂️ they iced him this game

  • Detroit Zion
    Detroit Zion Month ago

    Melo scores 9 points*
    Osn: He needs help , he gets buckets
    Rookie scores 9 points*
    Osn: Yeah I think he’s gonna be a bust he’s not good kekekekeke😂

  • Ryan Paradies
    Ryan Paradies Month ago

    Where are your Bucks videos?

  • Noah Lattin
    Noah Lattin Month ago

    White side has good defense and rebounding and yes we have nurk

  • E.Drizzle Official
    E.Drizzle Official Month ago

    clippers are getting their own arena built.

  • Kevin Richards
    Kevin Richards Month ago

    The Clippers are building a new arena in Inglewood next to the Rams Stadium.

  • DIFF
    DIFF Month ago

    Is it me or they just ain’t passin to melo?

  • Keli Junior
    Keli Junior Month ago

    Top 3 teams in the West are LAL, LAC, and MAV.

  • Michael Beale
    Michael Beale Month ago

    2:09 bro you're tripping he played the Bucks

  • Titus Marks
    Titus Marks Month ago

    Top 3 teams in the west are 1. Clippers 2. Lakers 3. Mavericks

  • Elvado Curry
    Elvado Curry Month ago

    Yo watch lamar jackson mid season highlights

  • Sodibo 508
    Sodibo 508 Month ago

    they fact that lillard is ignoring melo on the court. shits sad bro. melo be wide open

  • Manoj Prasannakumar
    Manoj Prasannakumar Month ago +1

    mans looks like a straight up villain in a chair stroking his cat

  • Corrupt Ghostz
    Corrupt Ghostz Month ago

    Miss those OSN story times 😂😂 shits was funny BRING EM BAC CLARK

  • King Kanyon
    King Kanyon Month ago

    10:40 it's OK bruh

  • Dwayne LK
    Dwayne LK Month ago

    Melo needs more minutes like seriously though

  • Arnieas Robinson
    Arnieas Robinson Month ago

    That shirt dumb hard tho 🔥

  • Just Aces
    Just Aces Month ago

    1:56 Cj legit crosses PG and no one says nothing

  • Brandon Lewis
    Brandon Lewis Month ago

    I cring when OSN calls people kid 😂

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Month ago +1

    “He didn’t need to do a lot, so he didn’t do a lot” 🤣🤣

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Month ago

    I love Melo, but my Clips out here smackin people 😅😅🔥🔥💯💯😀😀😆😆

  • J H
    J H Month ago +1

    Patrick Patterson is like the clippers version of PJ tucker 🔥 3&D player that can heat up

  • J H
    J H Month ago +1

    @3:31 “harrell he making a lot of sweaty ass points, his sweat is underrated “

  • Mark Bradley Jr
    Mark Bradley Jr Month ago

    Go watch JD Davison

  • J H
    J H Month ago +2

    I like how OSN keeps it a stack about the clippers , he don’t cap like other lakers fans

  • Bdaash
    Bdaash Month ago

    The jersey color scheme (Clippers) is from when the team was called “Buffalo Braves” back in the day.

  • Primetime 210
    Primetime 210 Month ago

    Lou Williams can ball. Put some respect on his name!

  • mr magic
    mr magic Month ago

    Opside lakers need too leave and move the staples Center too a brand new building with high end products and food yeaaa

  • Enan Baskerville
    Enan Baskerville Month ago

    Osn Nurkic is still hurt and Hassan is a dog

  • DaKaylan Moore
    DaKaylan Moore Month ago

    How do you edit yourself to the corner of the trying to make a reaction video

  • Josh Thompson
    Josh Thompson Month ago +3

    Montrezl Harrell is the most underrated player in the NBA

  • jay pierre
    jay pierre Month ago

    Yea 3rd best team is fore sure the rockets because of therr defense

  • Leroy Candler
    Leroy Candler Month ago

    1:39 I think it's in the they've already talked about it and started building..

  • John Wisniewski
    John Wisniewski Month ago

    Harden can go for 100 but Rockets still lose. Kawai has a solid team so he plays like a "teammate". Rockets be Shaqtin.

  • The Kid Chris
    The Kid Chris Month ago +1


    K MILLZ Month ago +1

    Melo open so many times🤦🏿‍♂️

  • We are PhZD
    We are PhZD Month ago

    I feel like they were making an effort not to pass it to melo... cant confirm it only for highlights tho

    K MILLZ Month ago +1

    Melo fans wya??

  • James Watley
    James Watley Month ago

    Thanks for keeping me up on games that i miss🔥💯💯🤟🍺

  • Waver Juitsu
    Waver Juitsu Month ago +4

    Bruh either use Melo or don’t put him in the game. Horrible teammates, just dish to him 😪

    ALEX KING Month ago +4


  • Caleb Edwards
    Caleb Edwards Month ago

    Osn do you reply

  • The People's Mix
    The People's Mix Month ago

    Blazers are just two pieces away. One major and one minor (Could still be Ant Simons playing the way he played eariler in the season)

  • Sipr
    Sipr Month ago +1

    OSN is fried af😂😂

    • SaDOTV1
      SaDOTV1 Month ago

      Sipr nah highkeyyy lmaooo 😭

  • VILLwiththeSKILL
    VILLwiththeSKILL Month ago

    React to Miami and toronto your favorite player came back yesterday

  • ArabellaPoppy
    ArabellaPoppy Month ago +100

    “Harrell’s been making a lot of sweaty ass points. His sweat is underrated”. 😂

    • J H
      J H Month ago +2

      max johnson he say it cause he dark skin and sweaty lmao black Air Force shit

    • Kobe Is The Goat
      Kobe Is The Goat Month ago +1

      ArabellaPoppy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • lil snappy
      lil snappy Month ago +2

      max johnson on god 💀

    • Josh Thompson
      Josh Thompson Month ago +1

      Glad he's being recognized

    • max johnson
      max johnson Month ago +6

      any player that plays with energy i call em sweaty now lmao

  • The People's Mix
    The People's Mix Month ago

    6:25 He is doing his role. Whiteside has definetly given better effort this month, he had a bunch of mid- lower body injuries (knee, ankles, and hip) earlier and seems to be recovering nicely. He is an expiring 27 mill that WILL be traded come Dec.15th - Feb. 8th for a disgrunteld star (Blake Griffin/Kevin Love). Hassan Whiteside is essentially a stop gab until Jusuf Nurkic returns which will be sooner than most think. I believe he’ll be back at the end of Janurary.

  • AquaticAqufina
    AquaticAqufina Month ago

    Melo played against the Bucks

    What the fuuuck

  • Nurasyl Mushyelbai
    Nurasyl Mushyelbai Month ago +2

    There are TVcliprs who has really good basketball knowledge and there osn and flight lol

    • Donavan Sanders
      Donavan Sanders Month ago

      Nurasyl Mushyelbai osn a lil bit smarter. Key word “lil”

  • Sinbad
    Sinbad Month ago +57

    Melo only had 9 points, but he need help foh😂!

    • Damien Hawkes
      Damien Hawkes 19 days ago

      Ghost The Villyn no they are not 🤨🤨 the hell are you talking about

    • vickram singh
      vickram singh Month ago

      @Legend__ 21 dame got injured. they started winning when dame came back

    • Legend__ 21
      Legend__ 21 Month ago +1

      @Ghost The Villyn nah that's big cap bro

    • Hoodie Melo
      Hoodie Melo Month ago

      Ghost The Villyn just not true at all lmao melo has the highest +/- on the team and they’re 4-1 with him when lillard and whiteside were actually playing.

    • Ghost The Villyn
      Ghost The Villyn Month ago

      @Legend__ 21 they actually doing worst than when melo wasnt on the team 😴

  • Mcrky
    Mcrky Month ago +2

    Who else has been an HUGE fan of Clark before 2019

    🖤I’m gifting my next 22 subs🖤

  • QuancelG
    QuancelG Month ago +32

    “ why you jump to that” as Lou Will hit a even more difficult shot 😂😂

  • DissAstro
    DissAstro Month ago

    Melo have to score for them to win

  • Callinmepapi
    Callinmepapi Month ago +2


    • Keywan Bernard
      Keywan Bernard Month ago +1

      I would be surprised he doesn't think much of either team.

  • The People's Mix
    The People's Mix Month ago +2

    LOL WHAT?? He shot 2-9. It’s fine its just one game. Portland have a long homestand finally.

    • N.A.C ent
      N.A.C ent Month ago +1

      The People's Mix I think it’s crazy cuz Kawhi went 3-15 and only had 11 points but nobody seems to hold it against him a Melo isn’t considered a superstar unlike kawhi so if anybody should be getting it it’s him but anyway Melo didn’t do good in this game mainly cuz they wasn’t using him in the pick and roll to get a smaller player on him so he can have a good matchup I mean he got kawhi on him most of the game and although he can make those contested shots he was takings I’d rather him switch defenders so he can drive on the smaller guard I mean he just dropped 20 on 50% so...

  • Limbs
    Limbs Month ago +1

    how you just leave the mavs out of the top 3 when they have a better record than the rockets, and just beat them and the lakers on the road in back to back sundays. plus they got the best offense in the west.

  • CJ Junior
    CJ Junior Month ago +5

    Clarks Basketball IQ gets lower and lower by video

  • VinyGambini
    VinyGambini Month ago +12

    Melo gonna be the best improve player of the year

    • Designz R Us
      Designz R Us Month ago


    • The L Giver
      The L Giver Month ago +2

      Sinbad 1 game my guy calm down

    • The L Giver
      The L Giver Month ago +3

      Sinbad Didn’t he win already lmfaooo

    • Sinbad
      Sinbad Month ago +7

      VinyGambini he had 9 points😭 and what about pascal siakam?

  • Tamela Robinson
    Tamela Robinson Month ago

    2016 osn

  • Kadyn Lauer
    Kadyn Lauer Month ago +3

    Nurk still busted up. Whiteside nice for us👍🏼 for now