The Horrifying Unsolved Slaughter At Hinterkaifeck Farm

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  • Linaaa 1989
    Linaaa 1989 2 days ago

    Wth how do you lose 6 heads

  • Shannon Wiggins
    Shannon Wiggins 2 days ago

    It was obviously Frankenstein's monster.

  • JulietaPaulina Garcia

    Ryan: you wanna know some of the things that causes the other maid to quit?
    Brent: No
    Ryan: *immediately proceeds to name the things that caused the other maid to quit*

  • Zach Approved Support Channel

    Sho me da wey

  • Haley Briner
    Haley Briner 4 days ago

    Sounds like In Cold Blood on steroids to me

  • Clem Whiteley
    Clem Whiteley 5 days ago

    Why do these people laugh when talking about people dyeing.

  • Magic222
    Magic222 6 days ago

    “This guy felt the need to make a sandwich”

  • Paige Putt
    Paige Putt 7 days ago +2

    Welcome to the comment section, where we have hot chocolate and blankets ❤🍵🍵☕🍪🍪👗👕👖

  • Charlotte Burns
    Charlotte Burns 7 days ago

    Ryan's come so far with this series!

  • Hannah Hatch
    Hannah Hatch 8 days ago

    Clearly it wasn’t a ghost. Someone was living in the attic. Which would mean it probably wasn’t the neighbor.

  • Bryant Guidry
    Bryant Guidry 9 days ago

    The footprints and voices are curious. My theory is that either the neighbor or someone from the woods had been living up there in the attic. They took care of the family and didn't hesitate to stay.

  • The Timmy Theory
    The Timmy Theory 10 days ago

    MARCH 31ST. that's my birthday

  • i like bow tie alot
    i like bow tie alot 12 days ago


  • makeuplifestyle101
    makeuplifestyle101 13 days ago

    was the dog okay?

  • brooke e.e
    brooke e.e 14 days ago

    do you wanna know why she quit?
    *explains anyways*

  • Blastoise King
    Blastoise King 14 days ago

    Minecraft the brutal way!

  • TheGhostGamer 111
    TheGhostGamer 111 15 days ago

    I don’t like this

  • Emilia's mystics and crystals

    Guessing I’m the only one binge watching buzzfeed true crime to try and survive an insane pain flair

  • HeyitsDiaaa
    HeyitsDiaaa 17 days ago

    You know the drill

    But do you know the hammer

  • Blade Shot
    Blade Shot 17 days ago

    Jack the ripper

  • Andrea Melchor
    Andrea Melchor 17 days ago

    Do the Suicide Forest

  • Sarah McD
    Sarah McD 18 days ago

    you should do the cleveland torso murderer

  • Dhiraj Sengar
    Dhiraj Sengar 19 days ago

    This murder gives me the chills!

  • iExecute Alpha
    iExecute Alpha 20 days ago

    My friends name is Zachary Baumgardner

  • Brynn R
    Brynn R 20 days ago

    I watched this video awhile ago and last week I read a book about it

  • Milan Sullivan
    Milan Sullivan 20 days ago

    My moms dad is from Germany and he told me he lived in the neighborhood and they all claim it was the ghost of Augustus schwarz (a boy who was killed by his dad who killed his mother and then ended his life too) yeah that’s all the info I’ve got have fun

  • Philippine Ball
    Philippine Ball 20 days ago

    They Are Prussian Maybe Nazi Germany

  • theresa lanto
    theresa lanto 21 day ago

    Watched this at midnight. Guess who’s not sleeping? Even little noise creeps me now lolololol

  • Suena Veshi
    Suena Veshi 22 days ago

    The thing is... I started watching from season 2. When I went backwards to season1, it took me a while to realize that wasn’t Shane

  • Naturally Nat
    Naturally Nat 22 days ago

    I know this video is old, but they mention how the family heard voices and footsteps from the attic. Maybe somebody had snuck in one night and began living in the attic then noted the family were getting suspicious and so he/she took the steps to ensure they could remain at the house.

  • Mackenzie Wadsworth
    Mackenzie Wadsworth 23 days ago

    shane wasn’t ready for unsolved. he hadn’t reached his tentacle-arm “it’s me ya boy” hotdoga final state

  • Jenna Tandy
    Jenna Tandy 26 days ago

    It’s not the same without Shane.

  • Amelia's Channel
    Amelia's Channel 26 days ago

    I mean at least the dog was okay..

  • Amelia's Channel
    Amelia's Channel 26 days ago

    Damn, where did I put those blasted heads? Must’ve left them at home..
    *God DAMN it, Jeremy! AGAIN?*

  • Charlie Ann
    Charlie Ann 29 days ago

    Poor guy probably was fucking with the old maid because he was bored living up in someone’s house and trying to be slick.
    Anyway, I’m sure it was someone that exclusively disliked the family itself due to the fact that the child and the maid was spared being dragged off to the barn.

  • it’s actually allie

    Some people link the killing of the axeman of New Orleans to these killings. It’s just a theory of course but some believe he may have emigrated and continued to kill. This comes from the very similar crime facts (staying in the house after killings, using an axe, killing at night)

  • tasha k
    tasha k Month ago

    I did some digging about this case because there was something off and interesting about it. It turns out, the neighbor had served in WWI, and supposedly suffered from shell-shock, aka ptsd. I think he had been married before, but his previous wife had passed away. He and Victoria had plans to marry, but suddenly, she took out large amounts of money out from a bank account shortly before the murders occurred. Take what you want, but I believe that Andreas hated Lorenz, and Lorenz, in a fit of rage mixed with horrifying mental trauma from his service, killed the household, took the money and lived there before returning home like nothing had happened.

  • Gayyy
    Gayyy Month ago

    My theory is that there was someone who lived in the barn secretly. You know... There has been the things that somebody has lived in a house and go get food when the owner of the house is sleeping. I think that it's the only logical explanation...

  • Maria Sol
    Maria Sol Month ago

    so this was before shane was in this series

  • Lee Patterson
    Lee Patterson Month ago

    “It’s 1922. Things get lost.”

  • Youtube Forlife
    Youtube Forlife Month ago

    Can you pls do a video on Jack the Ripper

  • Hannah Garcia
    Hannah Garcia Month ago +1

    Okay how do they know the family’s supernaturally encounters if the family was a little too dead to share such encounters?

  • Dinda Yunanto
    Dinda Yunanto Month ago

    Huhuh hahuh (wheeze) hah..

  • Fardifa Alam
    Fardifa Alam Month ago

    This is how I believe what happened;
    A person who once lived in the woods found the house and decided to live in the house sneakily. They must've been living in the attic, explaining the footsteps and the voices the previous maid heard. After the father started to notice that his keys went missing and other details, they must've thought that they were very close to being discovered. Thus, they tried to find a tool to use as a murder weapon at the toolshed, and found a pick axe.
    They killed the four members who were at the barn, and then the baby and the maiden who were in another room.
    I still am not sure about why the bodies were stacked on each other and who was the killer...

  • A.K.A. Gay
    A.K.A. Gay Month ago

    I want Ryan to do this story with Shane and add a theory to it or something

  • MandyTriesToBeCreative Hamacher

    "You work for Buzzfeed and don't know pictures can doctored?" I'm DYING 😂

  • Vedant kale
    Vedant kale Month ago

    It is really strange that he didn't give even a bit of thought that the father actually had sex with his daughter! And they actually had a baby!

  • Laura Kriauzaite
    Laura Kriauzaite Month ago +2

    I just wanna know what happened to those heads man! 🤕😷

  • sebaekxingmi
    sebaekxingmi Month ago

    hey boys it's me, ya demon

  • Geoff Sindel
    Geoff Sindel Month ago

    Do the haute Haien deich

  • LeSpwoookySenpai
    LeSpwoookySenpai Month ago

    Didn’t they say in the last video that Bavaria, Germany is where the Illuminati was founded?

  • Kate White
    Kate White Month ago

    There is a theory that the axeman of New Orleans is the man who murdered this family. It lines up with: the murder weapon was an axe that was the family's, no possessions were taken, etc...

  • Katelyn Dovey
    Katelyn Dovey Month ago

    Alright well now I'm scared someone lives in my attic....

  • Caitlins Channel
    Caitlins Channel Month ago

    I think that they should make more true crime videos than supernatural videos. I like the true crime more because you learn from them. Maybe you should do a serial killer next

  • Ashlyn Galbasini
    Ashlyn Galbasini Month ago

    Eww who is this it’s not shane

  • nickle for a pickle tickle

    dude so i always knew that hinterkaifeck was in bavaria but now i found out that i live only fucking 70km from there

  • Jessica Prouty
    Jessica Prouty Month ago

    Some homeless guy who was living in their attic, and wanted the place for himself.

  • Ace Playz
    Ace Playz Month ago

    couldn't they just walk in the same foot steps back?

  • Caroline Vericker
    Caroline Vericker Month ago

    I mean... it was the other maid right? The one who quit six months before?? She breaks into the house, hides in the attic and acts like a creepy ghost? Motive unclear though

  • Billy Cru
    Billy Cru Month ago


  • Niky in a corner
    Niky in a corner Month ago

    Man.. I hate when murders include babies, it's so horrible.

  • jim box
    jim box Month ago

    Tastlessly delivered

  • Esmë
    Esmë Month ago

    Could you please do a jack the ripper episode?

  • Emiline Gretillat
    Emiline Gretillat Month ago


  • Davie Dukes
    Davie Dukes Month ago

    the x-Maid obvi

  • Ileana Perez
    Ileana Perez Month ago

    i like shane better XDD

  • Anne Cadavero
    Anne Cadavero Month ago

    Is it possible that the Axeman killed them? The timing with this case and The Axeman’s were almost too coincidental..... Just my opinion BTW..

  • TsBoPeggasis
    TsBoPeggasis Month ago

    It was Adolf Hitler

  • Big R
    Big R Month ago

    Its obviously the neighbor. He killed everybody including the young boy, but he cared enough to feed the dog and the cattle. The neighbor was paying child support....that's why he killed the kids but fed the dog. He was fucking the neighbor girl off and on...that's why the footsteps went to the house but didn't leave....he went out a different door after banging the girl. He was the one making all the noise and leaving newspapers because weirdgrandpa didnt know he was there banging his daughter-girlfriend. There is more evidence he did it too...the search party saw that the dog hated him and him alone.

  • Chelsea Spivey
    Chelsea Spivey Month ago

    Okay honestly can we redo all the episodes without Shane with Shane because I want to hear the story, but I can't I tried and I can't. I will send all the wallets I collect

  • Happy Cheese ball
    Happy Cheese ball Month ago

    At 4:18 you can see the same boy that was in the family picture to the right of the left barn

  • Sumaiya Aleem
    Sumaiya Aleem Month ago


  • Kitten Twist
    Kitten Twist Month ago

    Government, man

  • Breeanarchy
    Breeanarchy Month ago

    This case has always given me the creeps! I made a video talking about it more in depth on my channel if anyone was interested, the details are horrific.

  • DerElchgnom
    DerElchgnom Month ago

    Incest might be the motive, because on some sort of prayer card of that time they found notes that the father did "Blutschande" (Incest) and should be erased for this.

  • Ana Moore
    Ana Moore 2 months ago

    i just think some random was living in the attic and wanted the house for himself but when they were discovered dead he bolted

  • Lexi Grimbrooke
    Lexi Grimbrooke 2 months ago

    "That's 6 heads! That's so many heads!" Lol.

  • Lu
    Lu 2 months ago

    sounds to me like someone was living in their attic and decided to kill them to take the house for themself

  • Lex 124
    Lex 124 2 months ago

    I see Brent I leave. 👎🏼

  • Void Nxygma
    Void Nxygma 2 months ago

    Wait so Victoria fucked her dad?

  • Becky Nicole
    Becky Nicole 2 months ago

    Wow remember when they were 4 minuets long... sad times

  • BHuynh
    BHuynh 2 months ago

    Horny Boys

  • sammi co
    sammi co 2 months ago

    I'll have to try and find it but if I remember someone did make a story to this like a creepy pasta type. I know I've heard it somewhere

  • Jennifer Kleczka
    Jennifer Kleczka 2 months ago

    Next unsolved mystery...
    How many licks does I take to get to the tootsie roll center?

  • NobleWarrior 04
    NobleWarrior 04 2 months ago


  • Knife Son
    Knife Son 2 months ago

    Okay so I know this episode is old but it was never proven that Andreas was the father, that was just a theory.

  • Darren Fry
    Darren Fry 2 months ago

    What is it with us,why do we love this stuff?more gory more views, Humans crazy humans?

  • Dani Gorddard
    Dani Gorddard 2 months ago

    the Clutter family

  • U don't know chong jojun balsa!?

    Demons be like
    *Where my boi Shane at?*

    • Strong Power Thankyou
      Strong Power Thankyou Month ago +1

      U don't know chong jojun balsa!? I didn't expect a person with smily jhope dp on this creepy video..But what can i say..I literally find armys everywhere now a days

  • TuongVy Luong
    TuongVy Luong 2 months ago

    I feel as though the person who killed them had been living in the house or barn for at least over a month, explaining the footsteps,lost keys, and tool shed being scratched up,and footprints. Also how the heck do you lose 6 heads?!? Maybe stolen,used as a cover up, I don't know.

  • julia
    julia 2 months ago

    im currently reading a book about this and its so fucked up

  • Sushi Yaki
    Sushi Yaki 2 months ago

    Uh? Is Shane here?

  • Benjamin Valentine
    Benjamin Valentine 2 months ago

    Unidentified intruders solved.

  • Margie F
    Margie F 2 months ago

    What's so Fucking funny about people being brutally murdered!!

  • Kiara Baker
    Kiara Baker 2 months ago

    Can you guess do a video on Amanda Bynes being mind controlled

  • NormHub
    NormHub 2 months ago +1

    Me think that the maid and whoever was living in the attic planned everything out

  • Bobo chii
    Bobo chii 2 months ago

    seriously! i keep watching Buzzfeed unsolved all night long and i cant stop watching it! i really want to know about the mysterious that behind the crime.

  • theboyatsevelev
    theboyatsevelev 2 months ago


  • Al Pacino FanForever
    Al Pacino FanForever 2 months ago

    I am so curious to know who did it
    But considering it's been nearly 100 years that's never gonna happen
    How crazy would it be if it's some crazy guy who was living in the attic and killed them all because he was discovered
    What a sicko
    Killing two kids as well and staying in the house after they murders

  • Tsz Ting Huang
    Tsz Ting Huang 2 months ago

    Maybe it was a wild hobo man who went loco and killed the family just to have a house of their own.