Why Frogs Sometimes Fall From the Sky

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
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    It doesn't seem possible, but animal rain is definitely real, and there is an actual scientific explanation for it... probably.
    Hosted by: Hank Green
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Comments • 955

  • SciShow
    SciShow  9 months ago +62

    The first 77 viewers to sign up at brilliant.org/scishow will get 20% off their annual premium subscription AND support SciShow. Test your knowledge with Hank at brilliant.org/SciShowAtmospheric/

    • iquan daley
      iquan daley 6 months ago

      If animal rain happened where I live I would find a church imediately

    • Ron González
      Ron González 9 months ago

      Video is too long!

    • Yoldania Mercado vasquez
      Yoldania Mercado vasquez 9 months ago

      vio depormo

    • mausalus09
      mausalus09 9 months ago

      So when was the last water spout in Northeast Africa near the Nile river? An entire Dominant Western Religion branched from this Hebrew/Jewish texts.

    • Amitoj Bhullar
      Amitoj Bhullar 9 months ago

      SciShow i live in Punjab, India and have experienced falling frogs many a times in childhood
      My parents used to tell me that when clouds are formed they are also usually taken with them but till today don't know the proper answer and no one have the answer according to me

  • Andrea Bertazzoli
    Andrea Bertazzoli 14 days ago

    Here after watching Magnolia 😂

  • Andre Corbeil
    Andre Corbeil Month ago

    All I kept thinking over and over while watching this video was soy boy alert! Danger danger

  • Shea Sincláir
    Shea Sincláir Month ago

    Biblical Plagues - Read Exodus Chapter 8!

  • Cat Loving Trio
    Cat Loving Trio 2 months ago +1

    How are the frogs getting in the clouds???

  • Logic Λόγος
    Logic Λόγος 2 months ago

    "Why does it rain frogs? water spouts? tornados? other?"
    ....4 minutes and 25 seconds later:
    "noone can really say"
    "thanks a lot. I'll ask Charles Forte. Btw, I already use Brilliant.org"

  • God is Kind 123
    God is Kind 123 2 months ago

    Imagine frogs falling from the sky where have i heard that before ?

  • Kenneth Hall
    Kenneth Hall 2 months ago

    This is MY frog story:

  • Mr NoItAll
    Mr NoItAll 3 months ago

    This was first recorded in that old ancient book with all the history. Ehh oh well.. Let's listen to master science. They know what the afterlife is like.

  • MegaStalker
    MegaStalker 4 months ago

    Damn it fortnite stop sending stuff!

  • ihartevil
    ihartevil 4 months ago

    well i heard its raining cats and dogs has to do with dog being god spelt backwards
    making it so god is a dog and that dog put cats and dogs on this planet by having it rain cats and dogs
    john fugelsang explain that to us back when popilol was a thing and since i was the inspiration to the joke he doesnt care if i use it when i want to
    thx for this ha bisky vid and when it rains toads you know something isnt right and that a witch turned the cats and dogs into toads

  • SWIM Smith
    SWIM Smith 5 months ago

    there animals that can flatten out....or that seems to be a connection spiders snakes frogs and tend to widen out while falling and there wide fish bodied fish...maybe up is down so they brace for landing in the water spout so up they go because they alter there terminal velocity...and shape matters

  • holymanlogin
    holymanlogin 6 months ago

    It's raining men, hallelujah!

  • Gossamer Lights
    Gossamer Lights 6 months ago

    Magic, it's definitely magic.

  • roger Therik
    roger Therik 6 months ago

    Australia just HAD to make itself weirder

    aussie's are the worst

  • A Tr
    A Tr 6 months ago

    Wow... Thats some biblical plague sh*t

  • Bob Harvey
    Bob Harvey 6 months ago

    It rained frogs on me in 1996 in Racine county Wi. Driving on a desolate road around 9pm while raining so hard I could barely see. Then, it rained frogs. Dented up my already crappy Ford Taurus. It was one of the most sureal things I've ever been through. No one believes me. Frogs were everywhere.

  • Felipe Carvalho
    Felipe Carvalho 6 months ago


  • Elliot Grey
    Elliot Grey 6 months ago


  • prograde
    prograde 6 months ago

    plAgUE Of frOgs!!!

  • Marc Bonfiglio
    Marc Bonfiglio 7 months ago

    I witnessed toads raining in the mid 90's along the southern coast of New Jersey.

  • Zane Plutano
    Zane Plutano 7 months ago

    Thank you! I hope I’m not to late for that second chance.. ;)

  • CrythornMadness
    CrythornMadness 7 months ago +1

    well frogs would be from ponds or marshes, and fish would need to be small, so baitfish types which shoal and stick close to the surface. both explain why only certain animals rain down, you wont find a shark falling with baitfish due to weight, and you wont find frogs (fresh water) with said baitfish (sea water)
    If a tornado hits water during sardine season, its gonna pick up alot of sardines, as they shoal at coatslines at a certain point to spawn. why is a simple explanation beyond some scientists?

  • Voldycat
    Voldycat 8 months ago

    When i was in year 4 and learning about the water cycle I remember putting my hand up and telling the class about this and the teacher didn’t believe me and when I insisted she sent me outside BUT TAKE THAT MISS SCOFIELD I WAS RIGHT

  • shadfurman
    shadfurman 8 months ago

    I think the densely clustered theory is most probably.
    How often is there a school of fish near the surface of the ocean at the moment a water spout passes?
    One or two fish are probably picked up all the time, the likelihood of anyone being around and noticing one or two fish dropping out of the sky is pretty low, and if one did, they'd probably just thing they were seeing things, or that a bird dropped it.
    Idk about frog habits, if there are ever times when they accumulate on mass. I've seen tiny frogs so thick you couldn't walk without stepping on them for probably quarter mile. Crunch, crunch, crunch. So at least some species of frogs do.

  • Deconverted Man
    Deconverted Man 8 months ago

    it once rained frogs in walnut creek, ca.

  • Darkthz ?
    Darkthz ? 8 months ago

    Fish rain in Honduras C:

  • Ezekiel Martin
    Ezekiel Martin 8 months ago +1

    Why do frogs
    Fall down from the sky
    Every time
    You walk by?
    Just like me
    They long to be
    Sucked out of lakes!

  • Shannon Peacock
    Shannon Peacock 8 months ago

    Having a scientific explanation doesn't disqualify the notion of, for example, omens. Those who believe in such do not see them as mutually exclusive. In that regard the "end times" assessment would be incorrect.

  • Mr. V
    Mr. V 8 months ago

    anyone else find this less than satisfying? The video title suggests we'll know why by the end. But no one knows? none of our explanations fully fit the observed phenomena? Video title shouldve been "magic confirmed"

  • Leighton Julye
    Leighton Julye 8 months ago

    caught in gravity waves

  • Ken O
    Ken O 8 months ago

    I hope no geneticist will say "Challenge accepted" and go on to succeed in making a flying frog with wings.

  • Cristopher Valencia
    Cristopher Valencia 8 months ago

    haha that no. I could hear the fear lol.

  • Joe LaRiccia
    Joe LaRiccia 8 months ago

    I live in Ohio and it's happened here a few times in my life with small fish

  • -Double Negative-
    -Double Negative- 8 months ago

    Hydric acid is falling from the sky!

  • Dee B
    Dee B 8 months ago

    Cockroach rain would be epic

  • Ajax Dan Bro
    Ajax Dan Bro 9 months ago

    it's raining cat's and frog's

  • Emma Grader
    Emma Grader 9 months ago

    likin his suit tho

  • Maracachucho
    Maracachucho 9 months ago

    I'm behind the same-size theory since shape influences aerodynamics a lot and that could explain why it's just one type of animal.

  • Anon
    Anon 9 months ago

    Hey Hank could you narrate SciShow Space instead of that annoying girl with the arms flailing around everywhere when shes talking? Her voice and fluctuations are my nails on chalkboard, you'd be much better for the job!

  • Bismuth Crystal
    Bismuth Crystal 9 months ago

    You saying "Dorothy made it all the way to Oz" is so absurdly unscientific. You don't specify how far away Oz is, so it's not informative. Come on, man. Really.

  • Louis Marez
    Louis Marez 9 months ago

    I am truly amazed at the uneducated moronic people posting things like raining bears.this phenomenon has been happening all through history it’s just in the past 100 years it is happening more and more frequently.all sorts of creatures such as snakes,turtles,frogs,fish but since the entire U.S. media is censored it will not be reported on.make no mistake this is a sign of the end of times.think about it why only a certain species.for example a specific species of whatever fish can’t be caused by a tornado they cannot separate the various wildlife and just dump a certain species of snakes 200 to 400 hundreds of miles inland ! !

  • Inannawhimsey
    Inannawhimsey 9 months ago

    Yes those mysterious segregating whirlwinds...do they work for scale? Another fun vid, folks.

  • Lon Johnson
    Lon Johnson 9 months ago


  • Beckoning Chasm
    Beckoning Chasm 9 months ago

    Charles Fort covered this. "We are property."

  • I am da big head Master

    That happens

  • Round Pi
    Round Pi 9 months ago

    "Living Hail" You had to make that pun, didja?

  • Nickel
    Nickel 9 months ago

    All hail the glow cloud.

  • Acid Shot
    Acid Shot 9 months ago

    LoL wutt? I never tought of that :/ and the worst thing i'm from Serbia... i jel ima nekog naseg ovde?

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    BiggiePaul 16 9 months ago

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  • Jonatan Barragan
    Jonatan Barragan 9 months ago

    How about the rain makes a nearby pond to overflow, and after the rain people see frogs or fish, hence no evidence

  • Matt Kraft
    Matt Kraft 9 months ago

    Glitch in the matrix

  • Juliano A.J.
    Juliano A.J. 9 months ago

    Where I live the term for heavy rain is "rain of knives (pocket knives)"

  • mrs0019
    mrs0019 9 months ago

    So the legitimacy of sharknado has been confirmed. Thanks science.

  • A.S.M.R Styles
    A.S.M.R Styles 9 months ago

    Lol im from serbia and was born 2005 xD

  • Timur Ibatov
    Timur Ibatov 9 months ago

    I experienced frog rain in my small town in Central Asia. Although I only saw an aftermath, my aunt told me that it was normal in that area. Frogs were very small and all over the place, it was hard to walk without stepping on one or two.

  • Research Institute 2
    Research Institute 2 9 months ago

    Remember, explanations are ALWAYS proofs. The most logical explanation for all of these events is my fairy fuckin godmother. My fairy fuckin godmother waved her magic fuckin wand and poof ... frogs ... fish ... idiots ... horses ... fall from the sky. Anything is fuckin photoshopped.

  • Ivica Milaric
    Ivica Milaric 9 months ago +3

    Because God is still waiting for his shipment from Lockheed Martin to arrive. When it does, frogs will be replaced with Hellfire-2.

  • bearsemen
    bearsemen 9 months ago

    Fishy weather reports

  • SB Kids tv
    SB Kids tv 9 months ago

    *What do you think of Pepe the frog being declared a hate symbol?*

  • TWF Solutions
    TWF Solutions 9 months ago

    I was always under the impression that it was tiny fertilised fish/frog eggs being evaporated up into the sky during intense heatwaves, trapped in the water vapours. Then the atmospheric pressure and moisture holds them for a while in clouds, while winds transport them hundreds of miles until their mass becomes too much and gravity (along with regular cloudburst and rainfall) see them drop back to the ground?

  • Quest Jones
    Quest Jones 9 months ago

    Sooooo... there’s pretty much no answer then?

  • Hugh Caires
    Hugh Caires 9 months ago

    Cause frogs can fly, just like pigs. lol

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith 9 months ago

    You guys have it all wrong the sky is actually the bottom of a lake (that's why it's blue). When something crashes through the glass that holds the water in such as a "meteor" then it cracks and rains sometimes letting out fish and frogs.

  • I am not Gay so stop asking me

    philippines rains ice some times

  • Queen Gabrielle Lavi Jahnsun

    Hank is the best

  • Eduardo Vasconcelos
    Eduardo Vasconcelos 9 months ago

    Yes, Sharknado is real.

  • JoJora
    JoJora 9 months ago

    Is that a jojo reference?

  • Coldwelth Simms
    Coldwelth Simms 9 months ago

    How is this guy and his brother on every other educational channel??

  • Coldwelth Simms
    Coldwelth Simms 9 months ago

    How is this guy and his brother on every other science channel??

  • Elijah Knott
    Elijah Knott 9 months ago


  • Duane Vasquez
    Duane Vasquez 9 months ago

    The Weathergirls said it was raining men. Hallelujah. Amen. Can’t make this up

  • Grizzly Wint3r
    Grizzly Wint3r 9 months ago

    They are just respawning. What's the big deal.

  • erin
    erin 9 months ago

    so can I get a tuatara pin or is that a hank green special?

  • Splexsychiick
    Splexsychiick 9 months ago

    blue shirt with red socks.....I'm triggered.

  • hello
    hello 9 months ago +1

    wow he’s talking slow

  • aluf mangoes
    aluf mangoes 9 months ago

    signs of apocalypse and armageddon

  • Lynn Welch
    Lynn Welch 9 months ago

    There was a large pond in Texas (note "was"...) that was emptied by a tornado, afterwards it rained frogs. It was only about 4 ft deep to start with, but all the water was gone...

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  • Ace
    Ace 9 months ago

    This is quite fishy.

  • Salt!and Pepper
    Salt!and Pepper 9 months ago

    K i d: hey mom why do frogs sometimes fall from the sky?
    M o m:
    M o m:
    M o m:
    M o m: I'm sorry what

  • PauseRepeat
    PauseRepeat 9 months ago

    Please go listen to my song for just a second. Thank youuu :)))))))
    Leave a like or repost if your up for it.

  • Alonzo Flowers
    Alonzo Flowers 9 months ago

    Wow. Never have I seen a sci show video where he was so unsure. And the probability that STORMS made frogs fall out of the sky for days at a time makes no sense. Animals weren't sucked out of the sea by a waterspout and thrown miles past shore. Most waterspouts are mere rotating columns of air that are too weak to suck up water, let alone spray it over long distances. Waterspouts do are only proven to spray water up to a height of a few meters, which is nowhere close to what is speculated.

  • Jojokenn
    Jojokenn 9 months ago

    Wait, *is this a jojo reference?!*

  • Danny SJ
    Danny SJ 9 months ago

    Cuz Tsuyu is having my babies in heaven

  • Sidechaining is Important.

    is this a prank

  • Just Some Random Person
    Just Some Random Person 9 months ago +1

    The weather today will be showers of frogs...

  • Troy Anderson
    Troy Anderson 9 months ago

    All liers shall have their part in the lake of Fire.
    1 Corinthians 6:9-11
    9. Or do you not know that the UNrighteous will "NOT" inherit the kingdom of God ?
    Do not be deceived:
    neither the sexually immoral,
    nor fornicators,
    nor idolaters,
    nor adulterers,
    nor homosexuals,
    nor thieves,
    nor sodomites,
    nor covetious,
    nor drunkards,
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    nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.
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    All must REPENT from Sin to enter thy kingdom.
    Jesus Christ is the "Only" way to the Father in Heaven.

  • Mike Strong
    Mike Strong 9 months ago

    Answer is basically
    "I don't know but i can guess"

  • Warudomatch
    Warudomatch 9 months ago +1

    Was that a motherf*cking Jojo’s reference!

  • Giovanni Gonzalez
    Giovanni Gonzalez 9 months ago

    SciShow: science can't explain it right now, but don't worry, it's not a sign from a higher divinity or alien creators warning the human race of some major catastrophe. So relax, take of your giant tin foil hats off and stop making all this crazy conspiracy theories. Now sit there and enjoy watching me take this very relaxing mundane quiz.
    I don't if anyone here will get this reference, but when ever I here this type of news I think of One Piece and the floating island arch.

  • campeador94
    campeador94 9 months ago

    It's possible fish and frog eggs get sucked up to the sky in water spouts and by the time they float over land they hatch and fall down.

  • MattyBoy JoJo
    MattyBoy JoJo 9 months ago

    It’s because of Weather Report, duh.

  • UnTamed Mustang
    UnTamed Mustang 9 months ago

    Now if money would fall from the sky..

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres 9 months ago

    The editing trims so much it actually cut off the s and sounded like thai show at the start.

    IAMISRAEL 9 months ago

    Soooooo....the "water spouts" ONLY picked up frogs far out in the ocean? Dude, these scientist a idiots. They will say Anything to seem as if they are able to explain Everything. Smdh

  • Wassup Channel
    Wassup Channel 9 months ago

    After this you will watch my channel right ? 😊😊😊😀😀

  • rickroll11112
    rickroll11112 9 months ago +1

    Explain that atheist!!111

  • The Man
    The Man 9 months ago +1

    It’s god punishing frog and toad for opening the cookie jar