How to cook a GOKU FEAST


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  • Sedrick Bigirimana
    Sedrick Bigirimana 15 minutes ago

    Am I the only person hearing him use a stereotypical Chinese accent. It’s kinda funny

  • Max Ortiz
    Max Ortiz 15 minutes ago

    beautiful clean hand

  • Jack VanDyke
    Jack VanDyke 17 minutes ago

    these are by far my fav cooking videos to watch

  • vivek koirala
    vivek koirala 45 minutes ago

    Please try some nepali dishes ,

  • Delicious Cheese That Smells like Cheese

    10:00 | Magical cat in the background :DD

  • Kelly Washington
    Kelly Washington Hour ago

    Can u be my best friend lol

  • Nic Gamer
    Nic Gamer 2 hours ago

    🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 y u make me so de hongry mannnnnnnn

  • Justin Russell
    Justin Russell 3 hours ago

    You're killing me man! I want some

  • kuv xwb
    kuv xwb 3 hours ago

    10:45 *Tries to slurp an egg

  • walnut
    walnut 3 hours ago

    I never even watched dragon ball I just came for the ramen

  • kuv xwb
    kuv xwb 3 hours ago

    Now take your beautiful clean hand and use it

  • Scarlet Bates
    Scarlet Bates 3 hours ago

    Why do I die everytime he says beautiful clean hands

  • Cloudii
    Cloudii 4 hours ago

    Should do a Luffy feast from one piece


    Wow im suprosed this guy... He is a a god eating all of this alone?!

  • Adash HaHa
    Adash HaHa 4 hours ago

    Stop saying “pumped for this” before every bite

  • Vanna Vong
    Vanna Vong 4 hours ago

    😳 goku feast😳😋😋😋

  • A Imperial Guard
    A Imperial Guard 4 hours ago

    I like this guy...

  • ImThaKid
    ImThaKid 4 hours ago

    You need me to come help you eat these meals you whip up breh.

    JAEVEN VASQUEZ 4 hours ago

    Had me shook at 13:40

  • Thando Mreqe
    Thando Mreqe 5 hours ago

    I watch your videos because you’re so cute

  • iain harbron
    iain harbron 5 hours ago

    You have to be the most annoying eater on you tube m m m

  • Jaiden Campbell
    Jaiden Campbell 5 hours ago

    (When he begins eating) "This man is eating like goku"
    (When he pulls out a napkin) :/

  • Rhianaerawynn Zuki
    Rhianaerawynn Zuki 6 hours ago

    Beautiful clean hands are an essential part of this process.

  • Roneisha Clark
    Roneisha Clark 6 hours ago

    Are yu single?

  • Rickytdm
    Rickytdm 6 hours ago

    something about your chewing is making me cringe so badly

  • bmorefunnyman
    bmorefunnyman 6 hours ago

    Beautiful...😢... Just Beautiful

  • Super Mario Gaming
    Super Mario Gaming 6 hours ago +1

    U know how to cook

  • Cameron Dotson
    Cameron Dotson 7 hours ago

    fuck I'm hungry

  • Zeldris the Piety
    Zeldris the Piety 8 hours ago +1

    The sound when he ate his ramen, made me scream in my head. I was just so angry, and I don’t know why?

  • lord beerus
    lord beerus 9 hours ago

    Mmmm this looks good...MAKE ME SOME

  • Tim Lacer
    Tim Lacer 9 hours ago

    Why does this seem surprisingly healthy?

  • Gabbielazermazer Kerr
    Gabbielazermazer Kerr 9 hours ago

    Such a good mood tho.

  • izzy se
    izzy se 11 hours ago

    U gotta smoke to be eating like this and posting it 👏🏽👏🏽🤣

  • 3500 glockk
    3500 glockk 11 hours ago

    Dis nigga throat vicious

  • ryno nunya
    ryno nunya 11 hours ago

    The smacking....

  • Iamlegend 12
    Iamlegend 12 12 hours ago

    4:10 *two tablespoons of soya sauce* yeah kinda....!!

  • Maelov Mayo
    Maelov Mayo 12 hours ago

    U call kani sticks *Fake crabs?*

  • Luke Kubisch
    Luke Kubisch 12 hours ago

    You may make food like goku, but christ you don't need to eat it like him.

  • Tom freakin Brady
    Tom freakin Brady 13 hours ago

    How do u eat all that I can only eat 3 drum sticks and I wanna burst

  • logan nevenhoven
    logan nevenhoven 13 hours ago

    He makes it look better than it already does the way he eats it lol

  • Geeky hawk
    Geeky hawk 14 hours ago

    Poor ChiChi. 😥

  • insects galore
    insects galore 14 hours ago


  • SM
    SM 14 hours ago

    Why is he eating like that 🤢🤢🤢

  • Winneru 04
    Winneru 04 14 hours ago +1

    Damn can you please give some for me. I'm hungry....

  • Unitato
    Unitato 15 hours ago

    Will you marry me

  • JayTheBoss98
    JayTheBoss98 16 hours ago

    10:46 this boi just inhaled that egg. Damn I have to take like three bites just to finish the egg. Tbh that’s actually really impressive.

  • sickle978
    sickle978 17 hours ago

    4:08 and 7:02
    You know you cook like an Asian when you SAY "one tablespoon" but then pour in like half the bag XD

  • Jay T
    Jay T 18 hours ago

    10:19 that “MMMMMM” is a mood😂

  • Jacob Nahu
    Jacob Nahu 18 hours ago

    Looks like he hasn't eatin for days

  • Samuel Paye
    Samuel Paye 19 hours ago

    People all around the world need food and here you are wasting it for views and subscribers

  • green ben
    green ben 20 hours ago

    That egg is not cooked

  • 大谷
    大谷 20 hours ago


  • Karr Vlogs
    Karr Vlogs 21 hour ago

    This guy dont know how to eat chicken properly

  • Xtension Cord
    Xtension Cord 21 hour ago

    Its 3 am why am i here i cant even afford to nake this...

  • Imari Singh
    Imari Singh 22 hours ago

    I need a man that can cook like you

  • zsaver
    zsaver 22 hours ago

    Youve probably raised your power level eating all of that

  • Elizabeth Rivas
    Elizabeth Rivas 22 hours ago

    I also want to ask, how long all of this took to cook? like wow

  • Elizabeth Rivas
    Elizabeth Rivas 23 hours ago

    I dont know why but when he eats it's not even repulsive, I guess because I expected it because he was a goku fan ☺😍🤣

  • Yehonatan Levy
    Yehonatan Levy 23 hours ago

    He reminds me the titans from attack on titans cuz they’re small, fat and they just eat. This dude is as fat as fuck

  • Khoa Tran
    Khoa Tran 23 hours ago


  • Ginnetix
    Ginnetix 23 hours ago

    Idk why I watched the entire thing, but it was quite entertaining. Looks delicious!

  • Jessy Tremblay
    Jessy Tremblay 23 hours ago

    why the fuck am i watching this at 1am while i had one meal today

  • CamoGaming YT
    CamoGaming YT Day ago +2

    Goku's Wife +respect

  • Wyatt Wall
    Wyatt Wall Day ago

    Goku feast? This is my feast

  • Jay TheHulk Moeller

    If you don't know who Goku is you should rethink the path you've chosen in life.

  • bigboy yung
    bigboy yung Day ago

    This video pissed me of to much slirping and sucking dude don't know how to eat properly

  • Saimoni Koroitamudu

    I would eat the soup and some sushi then be full

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark Day ago

    Love his food and they way he cooks but ik everyone can relate that the way he eats is annoying asf

  • Scotty miller
    Scotty miller Day ago

    That looks delicious. Holidays must be heaven at your house

  • Diego Pacheco
    Diego Pacheco Day ago

    at the end is more like try not to get hungry

  • Aryehyahu Yasharahla

    SMH all that unclean ass meat ...lovely presentation though #Repent

  • Jonathan Delatorre

    If only were able to eat like this, eating like that would be awesome,

  • Thomas Taylor
    Thomas Taylor Day ago


  • incatata
    incatata Day ago

    I'm hungry dammmmmmmit, it looooks so goooooooooooooood

  • Rauly The Kage's
    Rauly The Kage's Day ago +1

    **Don't watch when hungry*

  • roblox master
    roblox master Day ago

    i can eat all that i'd just feel like shit after :/

  • 210dboi
    210dboi Day ago

    Was not expecting dude to know how to cook lol. I was just wondering what a goku feast was and it turned into a full week of recipes.

  • poe maing
    poe maing Day ago

    6:48 table spoon of Brown Surger that looks more than a table spoon XD I love your videos 😄

  • Matthew Rhodes
    Matthew Rhodes Day ago

    I must find a Ramen place..... SUBSCRIBED!!!

  • mad world
    mad world Day ago

    You need Matt stonie to finish this

  • Jonah Furukawa1
    Jonah Furukawa1 Day ago +1

    My guy eating like goku too

  • Randy Le/ \Teddy and Teddy Family

    Can u make McDonald French fries?

  • montana9 029
    montana9 029 Day ago

    I don't think any human can finish that lol

  • Sshabtai11
    Sshabtai11 Day ago

    You mean goku snack right?

  • SuperStar GAMING

    I dont blame you it looks really good

  • Aubrey London
    Aubrey London Day ago

    What's the rush may dude!!?

  • jacob coleman
    jacob coleman Day ago

    do you like spicy tuna roll

  • Agali R.
    Agali R. Day ago

    I got full watching him eat

  • Eduardo Alencar
    Eduardo Alencar Day ago +1

    this video starts realy well, than it gets disgusting

  • Eduardo Alencar
    Eduardo Alencar Day ago

    this video starts realy well, than it gets disgusting

  • TiedCorgi Gaming

    How it feels when your mom brings home chipotle 11:10

  • Toby's Channle :D


  • CrazyGriefer Boy

    warning do not watch when hungry

  • Carolina Paradise

    Awesome video bro i gotta try honor of....zamasu voice ( SOooonnn!!!...GOoookkuuuuhhhh!!!!) Lol

  • izavion hooker
    izavion hooker Day ago

    Goku stuff the whole thing in his mouth the chew two time the swallow it.

  • Phil Collins
    Phil Collins Day ago

    One of the most meticulously professional pieces of cinematography I have had the pleasure of viewing. Well done, old chap.

  • Ruben Enriquez
    Ruben Enriquez Day ago

    Dude eats like a fucking animal

  • Ahmed Cherif
    Ahmed Cherif Day ago

    He is rapping the chicken

  • kevin talmich
    kevin talmich Day ago

    With all that salt how has goku not died of a heart attack

  • Spark Sans
    Spark Sans Day ago

    Why must you torture us ;-; i mean seriously you keep saying how good it is...Its torturing us all....😭