How to cook a GOKU FEAST


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  • Nyesha W
    Nyesha W 22 minutes ago

    Man this is making me so hungry and it’s like 4 am lol

  • monkey_ fu
    monkey_ fu 2 hours ago

    Goku is proud

  • justin holt
    justin holt 3 hours ago

    "Watch closely " Huh! Huh!

  • Wyatt Thao
    Wyatt Thao 3 hours ago

    Wow you can open a resteraunt

  • Kay Senpai
    Kay Senpai 4 hours ago

    Damn it you made me hungry lol

  • Ethan Hodgins
    Ethan Hodgins 5 hours ago

    This guy sucks dick

  • Ace Anime
    Ace Anime 5 hours ago

    Just don’t make Video while eating plz fucking bastard you eat like a pig even pig eats better

  • futuresbestgamer boss
    futuresbestgamer boss 7 hours ago


  • CaNcEr BoI
    CaNcEr BoI 7 hours ago

    DAMN u eat loud

  • Chuck Dog
    Chuck Dog 7 hours ago

    Great, Now im hungry..

  • mack davis
    mack davis 8 hours ago


  • The Legend27
    The Legend27 8 hours ago

    I want you to be my personal chef

  • Anthony Muniz
    Anthony Muniz 8 hours ago

    Nice. I'm pumped for this

  • Kiwi K
    Kiwi K 8 hours ago

    His dumb ass can't eat the ramen property, his fat ass suck on the ramen, and on every other food

  • Péter Balogh
    Péter Balogh 12 hours ago

    Is it really important to add the sugar for the food? I'm avoiding refined sugar, and only seeing you adding so much sugar for the soup and the meat, made me nauseate figuratively..

  • andrew Smith
    andrew Smith 13 hours ago

    like that last part of the vid

  • Rasi Ravi
    Rasi Ravi 14 hours ago

    Hi..try south Indian foods...chettinadu foods..u really like it..must try

  • Stalk z
    Stalk z 14 hours ago

    *bAked BakInG SoDA BaKiNg HeRE*

  • Cris Che
    Cris Che 16 hours ago

    Fuck asmr, I’m coming here next time

  • your average weeaboo
    your average weeaboo 16 hours ago

    My three competitive eaters would be Goku Vegeta and Gohan

  • Ezequiel Rivera
    Ezequiel Rivera 18 hours ago

    Can you make that for me...

  • Jeffory Bui
    Jeffory Bui 20 hours ago

    He should have invited goku and Vegeta lo l.

  • Novel Smith
    Novel Smith 20 hours ago

    Your just like me energetic

  • Reanimated Rogue
    Reanimated Rogue 20 hours ago

    Do you have any manners at all when your eating?

  • Diego Rojas
    Diego Rojas 20 hours ago

    He was slurping on his food

  • Zyko Zyko
    Zyko Zyko 21 hour ago

    do you have a restaurant ?

  • yamcha died?
    yamcha died? 21 hour ago

    I ...I feel bad for chi chi

  • Lenscore studio
    Lenscore studio 22 hours ago

    Don't Make your face CLOSE EWWW

  • Steven Gjino
    Steven Gjino 22 hours ago

    That looks so good

  • oudom999 tran21
    oudom999 tran21 22 hours ago

    Ramen,sushi=Japanese goku=Chinese sooo Chinese +Japanese =no sense

  • Blake 15
    Blake 15 23 hours ago


  • jenn li
    jenn li Day ago

    you devour a thigh with only 2 bites!? 😱
    you made cooking look easy. I wish I have you in my family. I’d just come over because I know you will always have food 🤣 I love pao! 🍗🍲🥟

  • Brianna Philitas
    Brianna Philitas Day ago +1

    World's loudest slurper

  • Joshua Rocha
    Joshua Rocha Day ago

    are bowel the same thing as dumplings

  • Fabio Chaname
    Fabio Chaname Day ago

    I have a friend that can’t stand watching people eat food, she’d be having a panic attack if she saw this...

  • Jannessa Colon
    Jannessa Colon Day ago

    I’ve never seen anyone slurping up rice

  • devolutionone *
    devolutionone * Day ago

    I'll clean your place, just pay me with food please. Seriously. I'm in Toronto.

  • Alazca Flowers
    Alazca Flowers Day ago

    Did you make a naruto feast if you didn't please do it

  • Patinho Morto
    Patinho Morto Day ago

    Slc esse japonês come que nem bahiano

  • DoubleGlocks
    DoubleGlocks Day ago

    Make this feast for Matt Stonie!!!!

  • Sαumí Pαwαr
    Sαumí Pαwαr Day ago

    The food he cooks is double the amount of the ingredients 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sαumí Pαwαr
    Sαumí Pαwαr Day ago

    I have a freaky question here!.....Does he ever get fat?....He eats like a monster 😈

  • Sara Mustapha
    Sara Mustapha Day ago

    I’ve never been so hungry in my life

  • Felipe Juan fitness

    Thats a little food for my tast

  • Brandon Brandon Chiam

    YAS please collab with matt stonie and cook him this so it could be his new challenge/video

  • Carl Godwin Caperida

    I would like you to cook philipino food bacause philipino food is so yummy

  • my name is slim shady

    Beerus and whis are coming

  • Omar Alexander Trinidad

    My man got leftovers for days

  • ClownGang
    ClownGang Day ago

    Looks like you need Matt Stonie

  • im snazzy
    im snazzy Day ago


  • † Luis †
    † Luis † Day ago

    Me myself and i

  • Hallo Hallo
    Hallo Hallo Day ago

    Who else got scared when he started eating the ramen like a vacuum cleaner😂

  • True Moo
    True Moo Day ago +2

    Super saiyan blue feast😂

  • Jose Mena
    Jose Mena Day ago

    Hey can you make sloppy joes empanadas and Chile nacho and cheese and beef bean burrito and and fried chicken and coconut rice can you please make it I want to see a video

  • kyle Jones
    kyle Jones Day ago

    Goku would eat that and still ask for seconds haha

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson Day ago

    Lol that dog in 9:55 (edit) its in the top left by his shoulder

  • abel cano
    abel cano Day ago

    I’m on a 3 day juice diet (middle of the first day) and this is what I search up... I’m hungry😭

  • cooking with webby
    cooking with webby 2 days ago

    Love your channel. The food u make looks so frigging tasty. I hope one day my channel is as good as yours

  • I like Burger
    I like Burger 2 days ago

    You call that broth? HAH!

  • Jordan's Wright
    Jordan's Wright 2 days ago

    lol lovinbur channel

  • João Gabriel Carvalho Benevides

    Como vim parar aq?kkkkk

  • João Gabriel Carvalho Benevides


  • Khoo Yuhao
    Khoo Yuhao 2 days ago

    At first i tot u were trolling and raping ur kitchen then when u started making cool shyt i actually believed u knew wat u were doing.

  • Joyce
    Joyce 2 days ago

    Wow he ate those noodles so aggressively looool tf

  • Akis Theodosiou
    Akis Theodosiou 2 days ago +1

    Anyone else annoyed with the way that he eats noodles BTW I'm not a hater I love your vids

  • Gabriel Avila
    Gabriel Avila 2 days ago

    Love this channel Nd shoutout to my boy Matt stonie

  • Sean Gabriel Divinagracia

    Hpw about jiren

  • -Imperial Romanov
    -Imperial Romanov 2 days ago

    Do a Burmese feast

  • damien Montoya
    damien Montoya 2 days ago

    I hope you eat all that food and not let it go to waste

  • TheHunterX Hunter
    TheHunterX Hunter 2 days ago

    and when he

  • TheHunterX Hunter
    TheHunterX Hunter 2 days ago

    btw thats not goku feast....its a monster feast lul

  • TheHunterX Hunter
    TheHunterX Hunter 2 days ago

    what the?....a cat?...thats a dog bruh.....and look at those lips...its more huge thna hes face even hes eyes...when he eat while hes chewing that food hes just like dancing...and btw...are you a gay?

  • Michael Graham
    Michael Graham 2 days ago

    Pro tip: set the speed to .75 and he sounds like a normal person instead of one hyped up on 6 cups of coffee

  • hahahafunniness
    hahahafunniness 2 days ago

    cant get past the nasty constant slurping. pig.

    XJOELXRD 2 days ago

    Where is the rice?

  • Kyle Editzz
    Kyle Editzz 2 days ago

    It made me hungry 😣🍕🍕🍗🍔😋

  • Jesus Gutierrez
    Jesus Gutierrez 2 days ago

    This dude eats funny and wierd

  • Violet Hill
    Violet Hill 2 days ago

    Bruh.. i bet his house smell good asf

  • Drew the Jew
    Drew the Jew 2 days ago

    Do you eat that dog?

  • Aculis YT
    Aculis YT 2 days ago


  • Charley LoveSosa
    Charley LoveSosa 2 days ago

    Mine is Matt stonier and Matt stonie and Matt stonie

  • Calvin Naywin
    Calvin Naywin 2 days ago

    Damn, I feel bad for Chi Chi cause she has to cook for Goku, Gohan and Goten

  • A white person Named bob

    I like be a lot better if u didn’t eat like a fucking horse

  • YvngRetro TheGreat
    YvngRetro TheGreat 2 days ago

    The real question is can you eat like Goku...

  • GenSul
    GenSul 2 days ago

    Matt. Pete. Randy Santel

  • keep it hillbilly hillbilly

    Do a hulk feast

  • Ro-Master Lucas
    Ro-Master Lucas 2 days ago

    Please make a giveaway for the leftovers 😍😍😍

  • Tanner Ross
    Tanner Ross 2 days ago

    It's funny how he fucking eats😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Lmfao

  • Spencer Thornburgh
    Spencer Thornburgh 3 days ago

    California ro

  • Spencer Thornburgh
    Spencer Thornburgh 3 days ago

    All his mmmmms are the same?

  • Spencer Thornburgh
    Spencer Thornburgh 3 days ago

    I’ve never seen someone breath food🤣

  • Wolfie Blazer
    Wolfie Blazer 3 days ago


  • Greever 87
    Greever 87 3 days ago

    Stupid son of a bitch u smack like a pig in every Video

  • cykacica RBLX
    cykacica RBLX 3 days ago

    you made it you probably ate it im still wondering why you look like a normal skilled chef? i mean not fat

  • apple gaming
    apple gaming 3 days ago

    I challenge you to make Malaysia tradisional food which is 'nasi lemak'

  • Alfonso Cruzso Bong
    Alfonso Cruzso Bong 3 days ago

    rip lens

  • Melanie Gallegos
    Melanie Gallegos 3 days ago

    Such a happy boi

    COLOT. SLIME 3 days ago

    Làm video này ở kênh kia đi anh

  • Kal Wardien
    Kal Wardien 3 days ago +1

    If u don't know who goku is plz lock yourself in some unknown place

  • Johvanny Ramirez
    Johvanny Ramirez 3 days ago

    Eat with someone else please