He HAD his PHONE NUMBER in his Fortnite name... (I called him)

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • He HAD his PHONE NUMBER in his Fortnite name... (I called him)
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  • Pinky
    Pinky  9 months ago +535

    idek what this video is tbh, gimme ideas 😂 (oh yeah yeah)

  • Riley Scotty
    Riley Scotty Month ago

    Subscribe to me or 15 years of bad luck

  • Zakaria Elashry
    Zakaria Elashry 2 months ago

    This video is just pinky flexing his builds and edits

  • AEK21 AEK21
    AEK21 AEK21 2 months ago

    I actually want to see top gear every day but unfortunately it doest show it on tv :(

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 2 months ago

    pinky toxic

  • Fresh 420
    Fresh 420 2 months ago

    8:09 😂😂 most random thing I’ve watched

  • Jacobb Bush
    Jacobb Bush 2 months ago

    Who else just looked at the number and called

  • Kiamas 1
    Kiamas 1 3 months ago

    Top gear has gone shite

  • Marios 13
    Marios 13 3 months ago


  • Dxrk_lost
    Dxrk_lost 3 months ago

    Your trash 1v1 me

  • Destiny Clapz
    Destiny Clapz 3 months ago

    I remember you since 20 K subscribers

  • teo II
    teo II 3 months ago

    This number is from Romania=))

  • RobloxManorPlayz
    RobloxManorPlayz 3 months ago

    It looks like your on stretched resolution

  • Zebbygames
    Zebbygames 3 months ago

    Mumu wanna be in my video nods head oh yeah yeah

  • Little_Timmy
    Little_Timmy 3 months ago

    The kid wears that skin but has no idea who the Stig is

  • Alex Chirac
    Alex Chirac 3 months ago

    07 its romanian

  • YT taco Btw
    YT taco Btw 4 months ago

    Use code stinkypinky

  • LM Bro
    LM Bro 4 months ago

    Hes from liverpool

  • Vercinger Fan
    Vercinger Fan 4 months ago

    You fucking Nice to edit

  • Alloy
    Alloy 4 months ago

    Stretched btw

  • Ollie Hippo
    Ollie Hippo 4 months ago

    I love Top Gear!!

  • David Clohessy
    David Clohessy 4 months ago +1

    every fucking soccer skin these days have 69 on the back theres only like 1 3 y/o who doesn't know what it means that doesnt have it

    CARS MAC 4 months ago

    3 of them

  • Recon sweat
    Recon sweat 4 months ago

    Toxic bro...

  • mini jawtay
    mini jawtay 4 months ago

    I know top gear

  • Edvin Fock
    Edvin Fock 4 months ago

    Every tel nr with start with 07 or 46 are swedich

  • yq wang
    yq wang 4 months ago

    I’m a switch player and I could build really good add me omgpsyvhoq

  • Arthur Stoakes
    Arthur Stoakes 4 months ago

    5:50 yeah i do

  • Ex CentreL
    Ex CentreL 4 months ago

    Top gear😂😆

  • game over
    game over 4 months ago

    That's a Jordanian number mate

  • Vicky Bottomley
    Vicky Bottomley 4 months ago

    Yo what's the song that plays at 6.16

  • i donno
    i donno 4 months ago

    I wish I was as good as you I need wins lol

  • IkonLeder 99
    IkonLeder 99 4 months ago

    Yay u reached 1 mill sunz

  • Haydan Jack
    Haydan Jack 4 months ago

    Can u do a face reveal

  • GazzaGaming93 GazzaGaming 93

    That dude on 4:30 was so chilled aha

  • Dreamworks Dragons
    Dreamworks Dragons 4 months ago

    Can someone say what is the song at 6:16

  • Patrik Dobranszky
    Patrik Dobranszky 4 months ago

    That guys is from Romania bcs his phone number starts with 07

  • DarkGuyZZ
    DarkGuyZZ 4 months ago

    Soccer skin number 69

  • Texas Vallely
    Texas Vallely 5 months ago


  • The Gamer 2.0
    The Gamer 2.0 5 months ago

    Come on 1k left to 1000000 subs

  • It’s just C
    It’s just C 5 months ago

    Hi! I saw someone someone say in the comments that you should do a challenge where you drop the gun you kill someone with every time you get a kill! Sounds like a amazing idea! All credit goes to the person who made this original comment

  • Ayre Snapplez
    Ayre Snapplez 5 months ago

    This kid doesn't know what top gear is?! Wow look at what some people have become 😂

  • Tailo Z
    Tailo Z 5 months ago +1

    Look at 8:32 he “went” in the stairs Yeah right

  • The Game Flipper
    The Game Flipper 5 months ago

    I like your vids but I feel like I could beat you

  • Roster Foster
    Roster Foster 5 months ago

    5:55 u just randomly say that

  • Christopher Hernandez
    Christopher Hernandez 5 months ago


  • Midnight Star
    Midnight Star 5 months ago

    7:38 i like this part

  • Owen Barnes
    Owen Barnes 5 months ago

    Ur si toxic

  • Pomeranian Man
    Pomeranian Man 5 months ago

    10:51 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Merlyn - Fortnite
    Merlyn - Fortnite 5 months ago

    Myth BTW

  • ????
    ???? 6 months ago

    He's Romanian

  • Skull
    Skull 6 months ago

    Why did you laugh when he said he got bullied today that’s mean

  • OXG_ RelayX
    OXG_ RelayX 6 months ago

    Your a super toxic even if your joking come on man....

  • Oliver Nolan
    Oliver Nolan 6 months ago

    oooh ur hard

  • 24 Arrian
    24 Arrian 6 months ago

    Lmao this still makes me cry of laughter

  • Evan Forbes
    Evan Forbes 7 months ago +2

    Hippity Hoppity your toes are now my property

  • OrangeGaming10
    OrangeGaming10 7 months ago

    pinky m8 you are sick at fortnite keep fulfilling your dreams

  • ALCHEMY_ 2019
    ALCHEMY_ 2019 7 months ago

    The soccer skin number is 69

  • Liv’s Supergaming
    Liv’s Supergaming 7 months ago

    Why is everyone using 69 and I do know what it means XD