It's Time To Be Honest

  • Published on Jul 27, 2017
  • It was time to be honest.
    Let's talk -
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Rosalinda Diaz
    Rosalinda Diaz Hour ago +1

    I can't even tell them apart!!!
    They both look like Grayson!!
    Ok now I'm good I can tell them apart😂wtf is wrong with me!?

    I love you guys seriously you guys are so amazing and I'm very great full that I always have something or someone to be happy about🙂
    But seriously calm down relax you guys can always make videos another day if you don't want to do something don't do it do something if your happy about it!

  • Jasmine Shayo
    Jasmine Shayo 2 hours ago

    Making videos=nothing. Your happiness=means everything to me

  • James L.
    James L. 16 hours ago


  • Ellen Dean
    Ellen Dean 17 hours ago

    Literally, all the Dolan twin fans are really disrespectful on Twitter the write #SeanDolanMeetUpParty and #SeanDolansFuneral🎉🎊 like their dad just died, and you're making their funeral as a meet and great party. I know everyone loves them but they need space you making the funeral as a party is downright dumb. E and Gray love you guys and you love them but you need more respect wasting money on clothes for the "party” and asking for photos is just rude. I really hope you got taken down by security

  • Rose Rothstein
    Rose Rothstein 18 hours ago

    I love you guys follow your heart if you need to take a break from every thing go somewhere where you feel comfortable to talk about it

  • Avah Williams
    Avah Williams 19 hours ago

    It will be ok guys💙

  • Alexcis M
    Alexcis M 19 hours ago

    You guys are my best friends and we haven’t even met I just wish I can really be there for you guys . And ily and I know this comment is like years later but don’t EVER let yourself feel you have to make videos don’t think your fans will be mad cause if they are then they aren’t really your fans. In my opinion fans wouldn’t care and would just want you in the best position you can be in . Be happy and your regular self . And to take your time and still be there for you

  • Victoria A
    Victoria A 21 hour ago

    I can relate I have horrible anxiety that I had to be hospitalized and I got so stressed out I ripped my own skin off causing a hole in my skin luckily it didn't get infected and I had to get an endoscopy😌stay happy no matter what happens there is always hope the person reading this you are amazing and beutiful 😀

  • Dallas Hernandez
    Dallas Hernandez 21 hour ago

    Y’all do so much for us so if u need a break go ahead we will understand and we all love u so much bc y’all help so many people ❤️❤️❤️🥰

      GRAY FUCKING SON 21 hour ago

      Lmao this was 3 year ago but yeah, if they need a break they need it

  • Stacy Hernandez
    Stacy Hernandez 22 hours ago +2

    Soo gray looks like he was crying before this
    Breaks my heart

  • Billie Eilish/Kalina Trifunov Trifunov


  • Rylee Silvio
    Rylee Silvio Day ago

    You've never let me down guys i love you so much we are all human we all need breaks when times are stressful

  • Jen Mills
    Jen Mills Day ago

    Young men, this was no easy video to make, no easy set of things to admit publicly. I have alot of issues too, and me getting my innermost feelings out there like you just did is near impossible for me. Thank you so much for your collective honesty, and I have mad respect for you both for admitting how bad it has gotten. You take breaks and get your heads straight whenever you need to. I, of all people, get EXACTLY where you are coming from.

  • Sawyer Averys
    Sawyer Averys Day ago

    I haven't watched a *Dollan Twins* video in so long and this is the first video I'm watching of their's in a long time

  • Evie James
    Evie James 2 days ago

    Anybody here in 2019

  • Badnose Iglasseship
    Badnose Iglasseship 2 days ago

    When you are happy that makes me so happy!

  • Badnose Iglasseship
    Badnose Iglasseship 2 days ago

    I feel bad for the Dolan twins I’m watching this after herring there dad died and I feel really bad. I hope they feel better

  • Maddie & Rachelle
    Maddie & Rachelle 2 days ago

    I cried during this because this is me😩

  • Corinne Thomas
    Corinne Thomas 2 days ago

    Dear Ethan and Grayson, you have never let us down because you weren’t posting... your happiness really does matter to us. I keep on rewatching this video and blaming myself because I couldn’t do anything to help y’all... I’ve never met you guys personally, but if I did I would’ve helped you... 2019 wasent the best so far but you have gotten through your tough times and you can definitely get through this one also! Sincerely Your Alaska Fans 2019 💜

  • Samantha Pelchat
    Samantha Pelchat 2 days ago

    Wait im confused with wats their saying im a little slow😂😂

  • Danielle Sock
    Danielle Sock 3 days ago

    and THIS is why i love them so much stay strong boys:)

  • Eva Gerba
    Eva Gerba 3 days ago

    Aww u guys are so sweet u guys should have a break u deserve one 💜

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 3 days ago


  • Mya Mercer
    Mya Mercer 3 days ago

    Like u guys are the ones that make me laugh but you need a break we love you and you’ve not let me down

  • Brooke Fisher
    Brooke Fisher 4 days ago

    If you ever feel like you need a break take it. We would rather you be happy than have a video. This video made me feel less alone. Thank you I love you too so much. Thanks for making us happy, and hope you feel better soo

  • Laura Villanueva
    Laura Villanueva 4 days ago +1

    I need a Tish so bad

  • Sarah AlDossary
    Sarah AlDossary 4 days ago

    You deserve happiness ❤️

  • Addi Lam
    Addi Lam 4 days ago

    Your happiness is the only thing that matters to all of us.

  • Natasha Hejhej
    Natasha Hejhej 4 days ago

    I feel so bad they are so sad they pretend like everything is ok when it’s not it’s ok to not to be ok just accept it I know its hard but when you just accept it you will be happier after❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • angel raygosa
    angel raygosa 4 days ago +1

    Like if you are a huge fan and always support them. It's ok your happiness means more than a video, you guys have a kind heart and you know it stay strong. If you have real fans that care about you then they won't put all this pressure on you like that like ethan i love you so much you are such a kind guy and you are so sweet and you control your life and if they get disappointed because you guys didn't post a video for THEM to laugh then they aren't real fans
    Real fans understand what you are going through
    Grayson you are so sweet and i love you so much and you are super strong and you know it you stay strong and tell ethan everyday that you love him and how much you care about him because you have siblings and fans that care about you
    Don't care what other people think care about you and your brother you need to spread happiness that you know if real that makes you happy and not other people (like) you guys know how awesome and how sweet and kind you are.
    Ethan Grayson stay strong we love you and if you need a break than take one get used to making yourselves happy and not other people that just watch your videos to laugh and don't care about you.
    You guys are strong
    We love you so much and stay strong

  • Abigayle Barlow
    Abigayle Barlow 4 days ago

  • Liliana Kemaldean
    Liliana Kemaldean 4 days ago

    All the times they have made me cry...

    Of laughter
    Of laughter
    Of laughter

    Tears of joy

    And love ❤️

  • Luna H.
    Luna H. 4 days ago

    I love you guys, always take as much time to heal in and outside!❤️

  • Hana Hassan
    Hana Hassan 5 days ago

    for you to upload a video to make someone happy is amazing I will be honest ok I am going thru a lot but I never tell anyone because I don't want people to feel bad for me it was my fault I tried committing suicide and there is something I always say but never do "I kept giving other people chances to hurt me but I never gave myself a chance" I am now watching this video in 2019 and I watch it when what I am going thru gets out of hand and I truly love this video after my fake friends this world is just so cruel and whenever I tell myself suicide is not the answer maybe it was

  • Felicity Bailey
    Felicity Bailey 5 days ago

    Who would judge such beautiful souls, we will never be mad at you

  • Faith Spencer
    Faith Spencer 5 days ago

    4:34. actually same tho. i tell myself i'm happy when i'm really not. i tell my friends i am happy

  • marissavasquez 341
    marissavasquez 341 5 days ago

    this video makes me feel not so alone.

  • Audrey Newton
    Audrey Newton 5 days ago

    We love all of you guys a lot but we are not going to be happy if you are not so you guys take time of and we would understand everything.

  • Ebony Warran
    Ebony Warran 5 days ago

    How the hell does someone have the gut to dislike this video! In fact how does someone have the confidence to dislike any of the Dolan Twins videos!! Any of there videos arent dislikable! Someone people need to get a grip and get a life and understand how much love and pain and concentrations it takes to get this far to entertain us! So if you dislike the Dolan twins don’t bother watching there videos! Disliking these videos hurts these to wonderful people! And really annoys me! So just don’t press on the video and dislike it, it’s not fair!💫😩

  • Aryonna Anthony
    Aryonna Anthony 5 days ago

    im crying after watching this vid bc i fake my happiness too

  • Abby Goldstein
    Abby Goldstein 5 days ago

    Just think about how they feel after Sean died :( awn poor babies

  • cutie 82
    cutie 82 6 days ago

    😏 you both are so cute

  • Kaleigh Sherwood
    Kaleigh Sherwood 6 days ago

    I might sound cheesy but this video was really deep. I think it's cool that y'all opened up like this. I may have teared up a little bit.

  • allie
    allie 7 days ago

    they could never, ever let us down❤️

  • Harp Dog
    Harp Dog 7 days ago

    take a break. We all support you. We love you guys even if you stop and take a break, so take a break and loos the stress.

  • helena flores
    helena flores 7 days ago

    I actually thought the title said its time to be hottest and i was like they do look hot in the thumbnail

  • Abbie Elizabeth
    Abbie Elizabeth 8 days ago

    For some reason I broke down while watching this

  • Just Emma
    Just Emma 8 days ago

    Is it bad that I'm literally going through the exact same freaking thing and now bawling because I feel guilty....

  • sofs cav
    sofs cav 8 days ago

    thank you.

  • ana maria alonso
    ana maria alonso 8 days ago

    take brake we love u

  • Kayna Perez
    Kayna Perez 9 days ago

    I don't judge you guys I have temper problems and I have Anxiety so guys just take a break if you need to we will still be supporting you guys.

  • Megan Wombell
    Megan Wombell 9 days ago +2

    please never feel like you need to put us before yourself we completely understand please please please take a break if you need one we love you guys and will always be here for you xoxo 😘😍❤❤

    • sofs cav
      sofs cav 8 days ago +1

      i just saw this and it breaks my heart

  • Savannah Bisset
    Savannah Bisset 9 days ago

    👍👍👍good job👍👍👍

  • Alyssa Berger
    Alyssa Berger 9 days ago

    I’m not happy because I can never meet you guys yet become friends with you guys like it’s actually made me depressed and want to do things to myself.

  • Alyssa Berger
    Alyssa Berger 9 days ago

    Hearing this brakes my heart and now I feel depressed😞

  • Abby Puklich
    Abby Puklich 10 days ago +1

    when i first watched this i felt terrible for the twins but now that their father died makes me realize they are human like all of us

  • lil' curious
    lil' curious 10 days ago +2

    This video was published about 2 years ago & yet I feel like this is the most underrated video on the youtube .You guys can not even imagine what a positive impact you have made in our lives(or at least mine). You two brought me up when i was over everything. Literally everything. You two made me laugh when no one else & nothing else could. I honestly owe you my mental health & life .it seems exaggerated, but it's the truth.I know u two bravely passed this stage of your life but sadness & grief never truly leave us. I just want you two to know that we are here & we will always love you through anything. We never want you guys to feel overwhelmed about filming for us. Never feel that you are not enough or doing enough for us, cause you two are already well above what most of us deserve. In this world of dishonestly & fake *happy social media life*, you guys chose to talk, & this is well beyond description. This was brave & if anyone ever asks me why I'm a fan, this video is one of the things i will show them. Grayson said that when other people are out there suffering more, you should do better, work harder, but I don't really agree;the philosophy behind that sentence is beautiful, but everyone is fighting the battle of their own, & they are different for each person.
    Film whenever you feel like it. We truly care about you health. & your happiness makes us happier. Make peace with your soul & mind✌🏼

  • Billy Brooks
    Billy Brooks 10 days ago +1

    take a brake ethan and grason

  • The gacha boy 788
    The gacha boy 788 10 days ago



  • Ava_23_
    Ava_23_ 10 days ago +1

    Don’t ever say you let us down because you never do

  • Naty Trejo
    Naty Trejo 11 days ago

    Whoever dislikes this video…your moms a hoe.

  • Anisa Saddique
    Anisa Saddique 11 days ago

    You’ve never let me down your the most beautiful people I know and I love you soo much ❤️💞

  • Anisa Saddique
    Anisa Saddique 11 days ago +2

    Take a break guys we’ll always be here when you come back your happiness matters more than a stupid video your life matters more if you’re stressed 😘😍😭💞

  • lily bugs palmieri
    lily bugs palmieri 11 days ago

    They haven't posted in 2 months after their dad died!,,😭😭😭I feel so bad bringing this up

  • sings family
    sings family 12 days ago +1

    I *hope* *that* *the* *twins* *are* *ok* *now* *they* *are* *amazing* *people* *they* *litterally* *are* *some* *of* *the* *best* *people* I *know* 💜👌 *also* *why* *did* *this* *give* *me* *twaimz* *vibes?*

  • Bella Beauty
    Bella Beauty 12 days ago

    E and Gray we love you so frigen much i’m so sorry that you have to go through this, I know how you feel and I’m proud of you both . My depression has always got the better of me and I have done the same thing to my Older brother before.. I was going through rough times and was having a lot of...let’s say not very nice thoughts he caught me doing something and tried to help, I lashed out and Cut him instead by accident and That scar Always reminds me that if I had told someone It wouldn’t of happened so thank you for reminding me that i’m not alone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

  • Itzel Penaloza
    Itzel Penaloza 12 days ago +1

    Is anyone else crying? Or is it just me?

  • AvaOlogy
    AvaOlogy 12 days ago

    During this video I just kept singing the song Grayson “sang” one time, it went like this, Baby don’t be dishonest I can understand

  • Angi H
    Angi H 12 days ago

    u both brock your hand?????

  • Felicity Van Spyk
    Felicity Van Spyk 12 days ago +1

    We don't care if u need to take a break as long as ur OK

  • Jade Cameron
    Jade Cameron 13 days ago


  • jesslyn jenson
    jesslyn jenson 13 days ago +2

    This is supposed to be the try not to cry challenge

  • Alia Moukhaiber
    Alia Moukhaiber 13 days ago

    Your mental health matters and you’ll never let us down

  • jessica peiris
    jessica peiris 13 days ago

    im the same.. it really sucks

  • Lily Book
    Lily Book 13 days ago +1

    I’ve always had trouble dealing with my emotions and anger and sadness were hard for me to deal with. I would always have trouble dealing with them and have tantrums and about 2 years ago I tried to kill myself. This video made me feel better and I know what there is a way for me to get better. thank you guys for helping me through a tough time in life ....

  • Calvin Belmonte-Ryu
    Calvin Belmonte-Ryu 13 days ago

    Im glad ur dad died its ur fault u ugly whores

  • Deann McLeod
    Deann McLeod 13 days ago +2

    This video made me cry 😭

  • s young
    s young 13 days ago

    guys literally u give me air. take as long as u fricken want. i’m saying this after your father passed, so this is what i’m talking about. u have NEVER let us down, and you never will. you will always make your dad proud.

  • Debarchana Ghosal
    Debarchana Ghosal 14 days ago

    I'm not crying😢😢😢😭😭😭

  • Natalie V
    Natalie V 14 days ago

    I love you guys

  • Beebo’s Kinky Boots
    Beebo’s Kinky Boots 14 days ago

    i’ve never related so much to a video...

  • Amie Drury
    Amie Drury 14 days ago +1

    Wow. This very inspirational towards the fact that you should never bottle up what your feeling. You'll always have people by your side. Talk. Open up. Your not alone. I know I'm commenting this over a year later or so but still. Please please please. If you are ever feeling low, talk to someone. Tell them how your feeling because other wise things will happen that you regret. There is always someone in the same position as you. There are websites and phone numbers you can try. So if you ever feel low please open up and like Ethan said, be honest with yourself and talk to people.

  • raytotheray25
    raytotheray25 14 days ago +2

    Wow, so many people accidently pressed the dislike button.

  • Ashley Alston
    Ashley Alston 14 days ago

    I just want to tell you guys you are the best and we all love you and that it’s alright you need to take a break for sometime and always keep your head high and I hope you make it threw all of this drama 🙃

  • Meilani Perez
    Meilani Perez 15 days ago +1

    For real take a break you really deserve it you guys are always hard at work I hope you guys get better and do what you got to do

  • Risia H-Hussein
    Risia H-Hussein 15 days ago

    I miss you guys so much

  • Sophia Prine
    Sophia Prine 16 days ago

    “It’s not selfish to work on yourself.” I like that saying

  • Charlei Harwood
    Charlei Harwood 16 days ago +5

    There will never be a day when you let us down you guys are truly amazing and honest, genuine, and down to earth people and I really wish there was more people like you guys in the world. Yes a lot of things are going on in your guys life but we are always here for you just like you guys have always been for us. And us as fans understand what your going through and we’re humans just like you guys and you want a break then take one, and I speak and everyone’s behalf, we would rather have quality content then fake or forced content. We love Grayson Dolan for who he is. We love Ethan Dolan for who he is. We love the Dolan Twins for who they are. We also love you guys no matter you do, between breaks and while your on TVclip every Tuesday, you guys mean a lot to us and support everything that you do. Sorry for such a long comment but I truly love you guys and I wouldn’t of done this for any random people. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maya Love
    Maya Love 16 days ago

    I luv u all

  • Gacha_BunBun X
    Gacha_BunBun X 16 days ago

    Heart felt

  • Kim Kaiser
    Kim Kaiser 16 days ago +2

    Low key cried

  • Mankhraw Khyriem
    Mankhraw Khyriem 16 days ago

    You guys are the best!!!!!

  • Mankhraw Khyriem
    Mankhraw Khyriem 16 days ago

    You never I mean you NEVER let us down you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sarah 44
    Sarah 44 17 days ago +1

    This video was so emotional they never let us down they need to never feel that way. If you guys ever read my comment, just know that we all love you so much and you never let us down. You guys know that we understand if you ever need to take a break. 🖤♥️💔

  • Basil Otsub
    Basil Otsub 17 days ago

    His hand got racked

  • Dj Alex gacha tuber
    Dj Alex gacha tuber 17 days ago

    Its ok we know you guys are hurting we will always love you guys

  • Salma Ali
    Salma Ali 17 days ago

    Who ever disliked this video I will hunt your dumbass down just you wait and see 🤬

  • Klara Greathouse
    Klara Greathouse 17 days ago

    Awww I’m really sorry guys I love u and u might look look over my word and ignore what I say but i really am sorry you guys haven’t been the happiest I love u hope u feel better.

  • Maren Sksksk
    Maren Sksksk 17 days ago

    I was literally about to cry I have the same things so I feel you. I love you guys. ❤️💞😘

  • Alexandra Hilelly
    Alexandra Hilelly 17 days ago

    I know about spending the night at the hospital... but YOU were the ones that cheered me up so THANK YOU