What is NOT Random?

  • Published on Jul 16, 2014
  • Is the future of the universe already determined?
    Vsauce tackles "What is Random?": tvclip.biz/video/9rIy0xY99a0/video.html
    Special Thanks to: Prof Stephen Bartlett, Prof Phil Moriarty, Prof Andrea Morello, Prof Tim Bedding, Prof Michio Kaku, A/Prof Alex Argyros, Henry Reich, Vanessa Hill, Dianna Cowern, George Ruiz and Mystery Cat. Views expressed in this video are not necessarily those of the amazing experts listed above but their advice was invaluable in making this video.
    Quantum simulation by PhET:
    Music by
    Jake Chudnow: soundcloud.com/jakechudnow
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    DNA animations by www.wehi.tv
    Space animations by NASA
    Topic inspired by The Information - a history, a theory, a flood by James Gleick
    Filmed on location at the University of Sydney, Washington DC and LA

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  • the1hylander
    the1hylander 16 hours ago

    Think I just had a brain orgasm.... a brainasm

  • M A
    M A Day ago +1

    So what I understood is that... lack of information equals patterns.

    I am formed by very high amount of patterns.

  • Skelassassin
    Skelassassin Day ago

    I was really hoping 4:02 was a secret message or something.....nope. Õ!ØÁÝÆÓ&Uö'þ¹É

  • The Amazing Universe

    Dualism bro.. comment if u don't believe in determinism cuz u are a dualist😂😎

  • ILikeGamesToo - King of Discord

    suns are the biggest suns we can see

  • Anissa Wyles
    Anissa Wyles 2 days ago


  • WaterBoyz1140
    WaterBoyz1140 4 days ago

    4:26 I was searching for a video that is the hardest to load... and I didin't even think it would be in an educational video....

  • Biglover29
    Biglover29 4 days ago

    God: Uh oh, they're figuring things out.

  • John Donovan
    John Donovan 4 days ago

    You all might want to check out Dennett's "Free will worth having" ideas

  • John Donovan
    John Donovan 4 days ago

    Well done

  • Roberto Sisca
    Roberto Sisca 4 days ago

    This video has just blown my mind

  • Jayraj Shirali
    Jayraj Shirali 4 days ago +2

    Stuck in a loop between this and Vsauce's video now

  • Physics Lovers
    Physics Lovers 5 days ago

    Entropy and information are not same not even propositional.....you have got it all wrong

  • Chaos Tade
    Chaos Tade 5 days ago

    the last couple of seconds gave me hope. lol

  • Vishnu Madhavan
    Vishnu Madhavan 5 days ago +2

    Why it is recommended after the butterfly effect video

  • Brian Abraham
    Brian Abraham 5 days ago

    But do you have free will, if you add a random element to a deterministic universe? Or is your will just more random then? 🤔

  • Hey You
    Hey You 5 days ago


  • Nate Benz
    Nate Benz 6 days ago +4

    3:21 "and randomness is disorder, what we also call-"

  • Nagy Andras
    Nagy Andras 7 days ago

    if we take a random sequence of 0s and 1s, we can not compress it. but , what happens if we flip every other bit ? can we compress that ? will it be smaller than the original random sequence ?

  • DarkVitamins
    DarkVitamins 8 days ago

    So the internet is made of electrons and photons guided by cables?
    Is my assumption incorrect or did I mildly blow my own mind?

  • Andrew Shay
    Andrew Shay 9 days ago

    Oh no, Michael is gonna hit him with EGGS

  • Jack Jeffrey
    Jack Jeffrey 9 days ago

    Heads up for the first 9:59 min video ever on TVclip

  • ChoSai Subhakar Gudiwada


  • Dane Stotzer
    Dane Stotzer 10 days ago

    Shouldn't you start with a definition of Random, or NOT Random?

  • Jacob Kon
    Jacob Kon 10 days ago

    Information = entropy
    Is sophistry.
    A random sequencing of data will contain the most novel information.
    Random meaning not predictable or reducible. The more random the data the more dense the information. The more ordered the method of expressing the information the less information conveyed.
    The “entropy” of the data will determine how much information there is, it is not the information.
    The logic used in the video would be similar to
    5 cars - 4 cars = 1 car
    So 1 =car

  • Mokhtar Mousa
    Mokhtar Mousa 11 days ago

    the best Veritasium video.

  • シinfinity
    シinfinity 11 days ago

    Still a better crossover than Endgame

  • Douggie F
    Douggie F 12 days ago

    Bromance is not random.

  • MrWtfiretruck
    MrWtfiretruck 12 days ago

    That thumb nail #nohomo

  • uzielperez2002
    uzielperez2002 12 days ago

    What if we're just too dumb to figure it out? What if, in a world where the average IQ was that of Einstein, we'd figure it out and we live in a deterministic universe? One where a living being with the intelligence envisioned by Pierre-Simon Laplace, 0:33 would be able to compress the entire universe from it's birth to it's death into an equation? oof.

  • Leonard Winchester
    Leonard Winchester 13 days ago

    I always found TACG in DNA is pretty funny.
    So basically we are all made out of Anime, Comics, Games and T...
    What is T stands for? TV shows?

  • ►What r U Waiting◄ ☺◘♪☼

    I don't believe that consciousness is deterministic. In contrary everything indicates that it isn't maybe you can know the decisions few seconds ago but that is it.

  • The Amazing Channel
    The Amazing Channel 14 days ago

    what do the last three letters at 2:06 mean???? plzz help me

  • Royalist
    Royalist 14 days ago

    i'm pretty sure micheal's presence has the same effect as taking psychedelics

  • Rick O'Shea
    Rick O'Shea 14 days ago

    Your idea of randomness is based only on data compression algorithms. If order presents a lack of information, and randomness equals information, how come the blue-prints for a car (or the space shuttle) take up so much room? How come randomness and variation are avoided at all costs on the factory floor?
    Entropy and noise suggest information, but it is useless information. Nature is full of patterns. It takes intelligence and energy to arrange things in working order. This is where life comes in. Intelligence is the ability to identify pertinent information and apply it to create something useful. That is what determines the value of information; not the quantity.
    We have to work at being useful; it does not happen by random accident. Even natural mutations (random) are more often harmful than useful.

  • Grant Goldberg
    Grant Goldberg 14 days ago +1

    Don't watch until you've had your morning coffee.

  • Adrian King
    Adrian King 14 days ago

    A conscientious decision is not random. There. Saved you 2 ads and a 10 minute video. And on a side note, after a "Q" comes an "R" not a "U".... that's just basic science, and 'Sesame Street'! Also, the English cannot be compressed. Many are overweight and do not like strangers squeezing them (trust me).

  • TomtheMagician21
    TomtheMagician21 14 days ago


  • Mufumbi John Mulenga
    Mufumbi John Mulenga 15 days ago

    A random comment.

  • Ashu Misra
    Ashu Misra 16 days ago

    Universe is totally random, we only study it to win over others...its useless..

  • Steve Barton
    Steve Barton 17 days ago +1

    Derek-speaks normal-Michael-speaks like hes talking to a class of 5yr.olds

  • Monica Kills
    Monica Kills 17 days ago

    randomness is not free will

  • Henry Sutanti
    Henry Sutanti 17 days ago

    that thumbnail feels really gay

  • Kenny Braverman
    Kenny Braverman 18 days ago

    In a random string of 0's and 1's there are still patterns. example 00000100001000001010101 I see that some of the 0's repeat and for that length of 0's they are ordered. 5 0's could be written as a single set such that any time I come across 5 0's I write u and get U1u1u1010101. this looks compressed to me yet it is random.

  • Captain Peter R. Miller

    " ... our free will could come from quantum events in our brains." Derek, you knocked me over with that sign-off line. This is an excellent and information show. Your success is exponential. A great shout-out to Michael Stevens as well. His contribution is vital in this conversation. You blokes are making science so watchable, accessible and so understandable. Keep calm and keep producing. DRW. Australia.

  • slapsus
    slapsus 18 days ago

    As an analogy, let's say we create or/and play a video-game. The dev-code of the video game, is the deterministic aspect of the game, as designed by us. The chaotic element, is how we then play with and change it, as players and developers. In that sense, no matter if we know all that is within the "verse" of the video game in its current state, if we feel like makin' something new, there's gonna be something new. So, if an "universal intelligence" knew everything within any particular version of the game, but not beyond it, it's "omniscience" would be limited to the game-world, and would be oblivious of both other iterations of the game, and us as the creators and players of the game.
    Likewise with "reality" and spirit. I/We, as spirit and consciousness, create "realities" in which we then roleplay as the characters of our choosing. However, sometimes we choose that, on an in-character level, we might not always be aware of this, hence the illusion of identifying with the experience.
    Chaos is not a result of "not knowing" something. That's just nescience. Chaos is also not "entropy". Entropy is an illusion, born when people don't know where "stuff goes" after they "decay", dissolve or vaporize.
    Chaos is the random aspect of infinite potential. Order is the structured aspect of infinite potential. Order without chaos is rigid and restrictive. Chaos without order is aimless and random. To have harmony, one needs to acknowledge and express both aspects. When combining the curiosity, playfulness, vastness of chaos, with the decisiveness, analysis and structure of order, then we create beautiful stuff.
    In a sense, chaos and order are not mutually exclusive or contradictory, but rather go very well hand in hand. Both have negative and positive aspects to them, and the point is to discern the good from the bad, and decide what we want to experience. Everything is spirit and expressions of ourselves as s[orot, infinite and unlimited consciousness, potential, being and veyond... among other things...

  • Kim Hanson
    Kim Hanson 18 days ago

    2:10 I could not make sense of that. Looks like someone had a stroke.

  • Kurt Anderson
    Kurt Anderson 18 days ago

    Lol, at the end where Michael realizes that the audience was invited to not watch the corresponding video, you can see the frustration he's masking. Michael's love of random knowledge is only trumped by his need for views.

  • Mr. Said
    Mr. Said 19 days ago

    Everything acts in perfect dissorder, so none of previous behaviors of things in our universe don’t match up with each other and eclipse will happen when there is no other way than match up and when it matches up it will shift back and go paralel with previous timeline and when there is no other way than repeat a timeline universe collapses, but there is also option of time travelling, because changing already existing codes will extend universes life

  • Irakli Karkarashvili
    Irakli Karkarashvili 20 days ago

    Mind is immaterial therefore unpredictable.

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 20 days ago

    your logo is a particle

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 22 days ago

    an erased harddrive is not empty. Its index is only reset. Erasing is writing.

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 22 days ago

    And you can not predict humans because they make errors.

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 22 days ago

    Information is data which is usefull

  • Kyle Bowles
    Kyle Bowles 23 days ago

    One of the best, if not the best video on youtube. Came back just to "like" it

  • Δημήτρης Κανιάρης

    If electrons move randomly then how they affect other electrons which also move randomly ?

  • Matteo Cecconi
    Matteo Cecconi 28 days ago

    Omg I'm studying these things in TPSIT (about information)

  • CB Rancier
    CB Rancier Month ago

    I have just seen this clip from 2014. Unfortunately, you have a Fundamental Misunderstanding of ENTROPY. Everything in the Universe wants to get to a - - Common State(All Hot goes to Cold) - - and therefor High Entropy is the Lowest Possible State of Matter Energy or Information in the Universe where ALL THINGS ARE EQUAL & Therefor ALL KNOWLEDGE would be known because ALL Things are at a - - Common State - -, & in HIGHEST ENTROPY and not More Knowledge being created(I Like Aristotle, He was a Great Social Philosopher but was a Poor Scientist being a Product of His Time). Here you showed that You DO NOT Have a Grasp of The Actual Universe, though I find Your Other considerations interesting at the Level of The Material World, THIS is Beyond Your Ability...

  • Juan Lopez Villegas

    This is the best video in you tube, proving that humanity has free will from fundamental physics concepts such as the second law of thermodynamics and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, simply beautiful.

  • onur kılıç
    onur kılıç Month ago

    Actually free will is not randomness. Imagime a man on a fork in a road. If the way he takes is randomly determined this does not mean he has a free will. Also, if there is no randomness in universe, and determinism is true. Then, again that same man does not possess free will. So, apart from how universe actually work, none of us have free will.