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  • Pinky
    Pinky 8 months ago +1476

    Reply if you play on the Nintendo Switch!

  • The Red Feather
    The Red Feather Month ago

    Idk why he is lagging so much? It runs pretty smooth for me

  • Nahiem Moore Onyekwere
    Nahiem Moore Onyekwere 2 months ago


  • Yahya Haroon
    Yahya Haroon 2 months ago


  • BrickTDP
    BrickTDP 3 months ago +1

    This is what frustrates me. Many switch players uses controllers like these. The reason why people are pretty bad at the game is because they are on MOBILE. Yes, switch players compete against mobile players which I find very unfair.

  • 幼稚園を中退した男

    I play on switch and everybody is a pro

  • little Cris
    little Cris 3 months ago

    Can do it agian

  • Spongyjay4504
    Spongyjay4504 4 months ago

    The graphics actually looks really good *i play mobile

  • -10,000 Subscribers With Absolutely No Content

    4:02 why didn't you pick up the blue AR?

  • Chrissy Brown
    Chrissy Brown 4 months ago

    I play the switch

  • shye.mp3
    shye.mp3 4 months ago


  • FuryFireXYZ
    FuryFireXYZ 4 months ago

    Welcome to the switch servers where there are bots and bots and bots

  • The illVids
    The illVids 4 months ago

    What is the controller

  • Master_DOGGGO 23
    Master_DOGGGO 23 4 months ago

    You can use a PS4 one for switch whith a hack

  • Steve Hobbs
    Steve Hobbs 4 months ago

    bot bot u r a bot

  • Jason Rizzi
    Jason Rizzi 4 months ago


  • ItzPixelz
    ItzPixelz 6 months ago

    You are actually garbage

  • Oh Yeah yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah yeah 6 months ago


  • Adam Westwood
    Adam Westwood 6 months ago

    Fucking 2 mins just fucking get into the fucking video

  • Poobwar
    Poobwar 6 months ago

    The Switch Players aren’t as bad as they seem, mainly because they put us with Mobile players too, so it’s kind of unfair. They do it because of handheld Switch players

    • Poobwar
      Poobwar 6 months ago

      Also with the bans, that would be early Android. Easy to cheat on that. Don’t take that as I’ve done it before tho, I’d never use Android

  • Spa Spa78
    Spa Spa78 6 months ago


  • Timeless O
    Timeless O 6 months ago

    My brother plays on the switch his highest game kill is 14 kills he mad good

  • Edriel Tapia
    Edriel Tapia 6 months ago

    Switch kids are poo

  • Brance Simpson
    Brance Simpson 6 months ago

    most of those people are mobile people with auto shoot

  • Brance Simpson
    Brance Simpson 6 months ago


  • Fortnite For Fun lee
    Fortnite For Fun lee 6 months ago

    Who watched after he play mobile

  • Isaak Medina
    Isaak Medina 6 months ago

    I subbed and liked witbout you telling me to

  • Ryan mex
    Ryan mex 6 months ago

    Bot aim assist spammer get better aim

  • Stream Studios
    Stream Studios 6 months ago

    I played on switch no joke first game on I got a vic royol

    • ho_oves
      ho_oves 6 months ago

      Wowo a vic royol

  • You Suck
    You Suck 6 months ago


  • joker
    joker 6 months ago


  • Papi Tutorials
    Papi Tutorials 6 months ago


  • Jdhhvn Gfnjggn
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  • John Brenes
    John Brenes 6 months ago


  • Alex O Gorman
    Alex O Gorman 6 months ago +1

    U know there is a real modded controller that is the exacts same as a Xbox one made by Nintendo

  • Linus Ohlden
    Linus Ohlden 6 months ago


  • Nyr0n Tom
    Nyr0n Tom 6 months ago


  • Arda Tuncer
    Arda Tuncer 6 months ago


  • fletcher and Kailub
    fletcher and Kailub 6 months ago


  • i play fortnite
    i play fortnite 6 months ago

    You play against mobile easy

  • i play fortnite
    i play fortnite 6 months ago

    Nintendo switch sometimes runs really fast

  • SwitchIsaacFN
    SwitchIsaacFN 6 months ago

    i play on switch and i have decent amount of wins
    i play with the switch pro controller btw

  • Nicolás Agulleiro
    Nicolás Agulleiro 6 months ago

    Your "accuracy” is composed by aim assist, aim assist and aim assist. Oh, and aim assist too.
    And even with that you’re worse than my cat

  • Scooty
    Scooty 6 months ago

    You’re mean dude

  • UnMasked
    UnMasked 6 months ago

    hello welcome to my channel named pinky aka morgz

  • ALFA- porcupine
    ALFA- porcupine 6 months ago

    U should get a usb keyboard and mouse and do it

  • Owen Lin
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  • Mairead Totten
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  • Alfie Gray
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  • Abdullah Khaled
    Abdullah Khaled 6 months ago

    Put your epic games name in the reply section

  • Abdullah Khaled
    Abdullah Khaled 6 months ago +1

    Iam ready to 1v1 anyone who replied on my comment. I will 5v1 only and I will see you at my island you bots😎😎😂😂😛😛

    • Da Ks
      Da Ks 6 months ago

      Abdullah Khaled I don’t play on phone

    • Abdullah Khaled
      Abdullah Khaled 6 months ago

      @Da Ks alright but you must be a telephone players cuz the people iam going against are telephone players that were in my previous comment. If your on console, well then iam fighting for console players to prove it.

    • Da Ks
      Da Ks 6 months ago +1


    • Abdullah Khaled
      Abdullah Khaled 6 months ago

      @Da Ks ok just kidding type your own name

  • David
    David 6 months ago +1


  • Ninja
    Ninja 6 months ago


  • Alex _YT
    Alex _YT 6 months ago


  • Heath Moore
    Heath Moore 6 months ago

    Thought the adapter was a Juul

  • Fatman Videos
    Fatman Videos 6 months ago

    James Charles tickles your butthole

    No escape

  • Frank Tamayo
    Frank Tamayo 6 months ago

    What server is that

  • Frank Tamayo
    Frank Tamayo 6 months ago

    I play on switch and I got every battle pad exempt season 3,2 and1 and I built like a god

    • M E
      M E 6 months ago

      Frank Tamayo 1v1?

  • Chrisman409
    Chrisman409 6 months ago

    You also go against mobile players as well

  • Jacko Playz
    Jacko Playz 6 months ago

    Pinky’s aim on controller is trash