Neil Diamond “Hands.. washing hands”

  • Neil Diamond sings “Sweet Caroline” with updated lyric for safety during Covid-19 pandemic. Stay safe out there!

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  • Christopher Elworthy
    Christopher Elworthy 36 minutes ago

    Thank you very much Neil, great to hear you in these troubled times. So sorry you aren't touring anymore, it would have been fantastic to see you here in Godzone (New Zealand) keep well

  • Gina Thomas
    Gina Thomas 41 minute ago

    His dog is soooooo gorgeous!

  • Huxxy
    Huxxy Hour ago

    Very high standard of execution. He’s still got it

  • Weemus Studio 2020

    Love you, Neil. Thanks. Stay safe. We'd like to know your beautiful dog's name.

  • Richie Levoi
    Richie Levoi Hour ago

    Great video! Here is a song I wrote in dedication to everyone. We will beat this virus! Stay strong! "The day we beat our biggest threat" by Richie Levoi.

  • Claudia Scott
    Claudia Scott 2 hours ago

    Hello Neil. Let's keep singing. Thinking and prayed for you. Miss you.

  • Zal Moxis
    Zal Moxis 2 hours ago


  • carolyn thompson
    carolyn thompson 2 hours ago +1

    Thank you, Neil. "Sweet Caroline" was my Mother's favorite Neil Diamond song. Her name was Carolyn and she passed away in May 1983.

  • MrLouisfine
    MrLouisfine 2 hours ago

    Your voice is still full of soul. I love it! Thank you very much Neil! You are the greatest songwriter of the late Tin Pan Alley.

  • SJ Sherbs
    SJ Sherbs 2 hours ago

    Beautiful! Neil you STILL GOT IT! We love you too and thank you.

  • wcresponder
    wcresponder 3 hours ago +1

    Aaaahhh Neil........
    Funny story back in the eighties every Saturday morning my mother would play your records for the whole morning while she did house work.
    It was sort of like hearing reveille, don't get me wrong love your tunes(not as much as dear old mom) but sheesh.
    On rare occasion it was Nana Mouskouri or ABBA.

    thanks for the memories.

  • Kerri Owen
    Kerri Owen 3 hours ago

    My parents adore you heard you growing up love you too mate

  • Yolly B
    Yolly B 3 hours ago


  • James GERRAND
    James GERRAND 4 hours ago

    He's still got it. What a gem he is

  • Larry Roberts
    Larry Roberts 4 hours ago

    Thanks for giving this song...

  • MC KWAn
    MC KWAn 4 hours ago

    Thanks mom and dad for showing me this wonderful man.🥰

  • Jen Decker
    Jen Decker 4 hours ago


  • jj d
    jj d 5 hours ago

    What a sweet concert with a fun twist! . Your house looks so cozy with the fire crackling (rose) and your puppy is adorable. Keep the faith and thanks Mr. Diamond. Laughter IS. the best medicine. We love you, too.

  • cecilia atkinson
    cecilia atkinson 5 hours ago

    Thank you, we love you too.

  • Annabelle Betancourt
    Annabelle Betancourt 5 hours ago

    Still got it. Love the voice.

  • Deb P
    Deb P 5 hours ago

    Love you Mr. Diamond take care. .

  • Lolyta Tentua
    Lolyta Tentua 5 hours ago

    Handsome Man stay healthy to you 👍❤🙏

  • paola vega
    paola vega 5 hours ago

    I love you man

  • Boomer Ann
    Boomer Ann 5 hours ago

    Neil - Here's another by the teachers at Junction City High School, Oregon - they're singing your song!!

  • John Smallberries
    John Smallberries 5 hours ago

    I've loved Neil since I was a little kid.....he has a Golden Retriever like me so I love him even more!

  • melbytvenge
    melbytvenge 5 hours ago


  • HappyComfort
    HappyComfort 5 hours ago

    Thank you! 💕

  • Carolyn Giles
    Carolyn Giles 5 hours ago

    Love the song, always have, LOL. Never thought I would have heard it sung this way, good one. Hope you and yours are well and staying safe. Glad to see you are doing OK. Thumbs up and Subscribed. Take care.

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy 6 hours ago

    Why does he feel the need to tell me to wash my hands? These celebrities think very highly of themselves.

  • Merry
    Merry 6 hours ago

    I looove 💕 you, Neil Diamond♦️!

  • Gloria Cortez
    Gloria Cortez 6 hours ago

    Just love Neil Diamond 🌹 I have his First Album ... 💖

  • Elisabeth Ann Wexler
    Elisabeth Ann Wexler 6 hours ago

    Is this really Neil Diamond..I think a reality television world with fake actors, it's hard to believe things are real...a fun parody.

  • The Greatest of these is Love

    Is this thee Neil Diamond????

  • Nina Miep
    Nina Miep 6 hours ago

    I was so happy to see Neil Diamond 20 years ago in Munich in concert. Stay well !

  • ryler05
    ryler05 6 hours ago +1

    Fuck off Niel we're not 5 years old. We know our country is being looted. Now is the time to choose sides

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 6 hours ago

    God bless you Neil... This made my day... We love you... And you did all this with your head-stock in flames... Pure Rock-n-Roll...

  • David LaRiccia
    David LaRiccia 7 hours ago

    It's Neil's world, we just live in it.

  • 1wldnczyguy
    1wldnczyguy 7 hours ago

    To the miserable, soulless bastards who gave this video a thumbs down, I just hope you get everything that’s coming to you, AND SOON!

  • 1wldnczyguy
    1wldnczyguy 7 hours ago

    I heard he’s had some health problems. Too bad. And, too bad we all get old! :-) Well, that is, the ones of us who are lucky to live that long!

  • Charlie Mare
    Charlie Mare 8 hours ago

    Admit it, at the proper time you also sang "Bom, Bom, Bom"!

  • Joseph Calabrese
    Joseph Calabrese 8 hours ago

    Obama is medling in the 2020 election's.

  • wudangmtn
    wudangmtn 8 hours ago

    Thanks Neil, that brings back memories.

  • Lucia Avecedo
    Lucia Avecedo 8 hours ago

    Eres el mejor, que pena que nunca viniste a Chile, se te quiere GRANDE NEIL ♥️🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • Political Outsider
    Political Outsider 8 hours ago

    Now, if only Tom Jones would do the same and sing...
    "It's not a unicorn it's an elephant"
    ...from his living room by the fireplace !!!

  • Lisamarie
    Lisamarie 8 hours ago

    Sweet sweet denial, truth is best denied when called from HOLLYWOOD.

  • Colin
    Colin 8 hours ago

    Neil Diamond the legend of the music world .... I love his songs

  • Sharalyn Meade
    Sharalyn Meade 9 hours ago

    Love this Neil Diamond!! We love you too 💕🙏✝️

  • WHUFC71
    WHUFC71 9 hours ago

    Brilliant!! Lmao!!

  • Rae Tomasky
    Rae Tomasky 9 hours ago

    Thank you. I'm so tired of watching the news!

  • Joe O
    Joe O 9 hours ago

    I needed that. Thanks

  • K H
    K H 9 hours ago

    Still got it your a Diamond Geezer Neil 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Miss Katt
    Miss Katt 9 hours ago

    My mother loved you & your music. We played your music when she was very sick. She passed away in july 2013 & your music gives me comfort, remembering her. She always wanted to meet you one day! She was 77 yrs young & i miss her everyday.

  • Randyl J
    Randyl J 9 hours ago

    Awesome! 70 Years Young ~ I Remember those times! Great rendition!

  • Tommy Profit'Monsoon
    Tommy Profit'Monsoon 9 hours ago

    FuQ a j0OEee jou Jou!!!

  • HTT Win
    HTT Win 9 hours ago


  • HTT Win
    HTT Win 9 hours ago

    Such a golden, warm voice. Have always loved it. Perfect pitch is a gift. I wish could sing. Love it, Neil Diamond. God Bless.

  • Stephanie Robertson Brown

    Neil Diamond doing a parody of his own song. I believe this officially gives him “internet troll badass” status!

  • greenbeagle13
    greenbeagle13 9 hours ago

    Love the pup.... Neil Diamond is still the best - part of my generation... Love this man.... consummate performer.... BEST concert I have ever attended.... 🧡💛💚

  • Bill Drennon
    Bill Drennon 9 hours ago

    Thank you so much! God Bless!

  • Melissa jones
    Melissa jones 9 hours ago

    Still has a beautiful voice.

  • zibbyzubb
    zibbyzubb 9 hours ago

    God bless you Neil. It is so great to see you. Stay safe.

  • President Nixon
    President Nixon 9 hours ago

    Neil Diamond ~ Beautiful 🎼👌 💯

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S 9 hours ago

    Loved it, we need more uplifting things like this now more than ever

  • Trish Schuster
    Trish Schuster 9 hours ago

    Thank You! 😊

  • D L
    D L 10 hours ago

    😢. Dang it. I didn’t miss my childhood until now.

  • Greg Light
    Greg Light 10 hours ago

    Oh shit !!!! didn't that used to be neil diamond ??? wash the fuck outta your hands , niggas !! or else you'll end up decomposing like this muthafucka ! AWWW SHIT !!!

  • Greg Light
    Greg Light 10 hours ago

    Who's the corpse ???

  • Lilly Picadilly
    Lilly Picadilly 10 hours ago

    Thanks Neil!

  • New Dimension
    New Dimension 10 hours ago

    SWEEEET CORONA... Good times never seemed so good, I'm feeling good....

  • Tina Silkov
    Tina Silkov 10 hours ago

    His voice is still Awesome ❤

  • Lea
    Lea 10 hours ago

    Thank you, Neil.

  • annette fournier
    annette fournier 11 hours ago

    Omg. That was so cute. 😁💜

  • persibal40
    persibal40 11 hours ago

    Que grande !!!

  • Mary Murchie
    Mary Murchie 11 hours ago

    Love it Neil!!! You will and always have been the best!!!

  • Bill Nole
    Bill Nole 11 hours ago

    Thanks Neil

  • Kim B
    Kim B 11 hours ago

    Awesome 👍

  • Imani M
    Imani M 11 hours ago

    His voice still sounds great! Actually he sounds almost the same 😮 this is hilarious 🤣🎶💘

  • Nerdcrafter Coley
    Nerdcrafter Coley 11 hours ago +1

    Love you Neil

  • clever clogs
    clever clogs 11 hours ago +2

    What a honeybunch - stay safe everyone! 😁

  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 11 hours ago +1

    Your dog is everything. What a sweety. Your voice is golden. Thanks for sharing. All the best.