Half in the Bag Episode 163: Under the Silver Lake

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Mike and Jay talk about Under the Silver Lake, which isn't Detective Pikachu.
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  • Michelle O
    Michelle O 41 minute ago

    Ouch! That knee in the nuts at the end in the women's room! Does anyone know if actors wear cups or jockstraps for those scenes???

  • Todd Denzil-Williams
    Todd Denzil-Williams 11 hours ago

    Just watched this in a tiny cinema, and I thought it was fucking amazing

  • Andrea Pareti
    Andrea Pareti 16 hours ago

    Huh.. I definitely thought it was weird for the sake of it, or at least parts of it felt like that, to me. I personally think it's much harder to make a coherent plot with all these underlying messages, rather than making an incoherent abstract movie with them.

  • pjtiger10
    pjtiger10 20 hours ago

    The Andrew Garfield character literally sees women as bitches...

  • Come on, Mabase
    Come on, Mabase 23 hours ago

    The pre-spoiler segment of this episode sold me on the movie. Finally got around to watching it last night and really loved it, so I thought I'd come back and see what else you all had to say about it. I'm a little surprised there was no mention of the owl lady. Thanks for another great recommendation.

  • pls forgibe me senpai

    Pretty shit film, felt like i was watching it for years but for some reason I couldnt look away

  • Austin Holden
    Austin Holden Day ago +2

    I love how there is a sort of extra level of meta with how this movies release was botched almost as if it was sabotaged because it exposes hollywood lol

  • ManEaterFromReading

    I think I love you guys more because you're not professional critics. As a professional you have to watch tons of films as your job, and you often dull your perspective, to fit a narrow view just to get on with your 9-5. When you don't have to do that, you can actually devote time and effort into thinking about the movie you're watching and how it fits into the world etc. etc. Most mainstream critics hated UTSL, so it is refreshing to see people at least try to understand it. Right on.

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 2 days ago +1

    "I like the Twin Peaks reboot" cool mike but it wasn't a-
    "Even though I didn't watch Twin Peaks" is mike a crazy person?

  • Handsome Orc
    Handsome Orc 4 days ago

    In Elizabethan times actors were considered no better than vagrants and prostitutes, to be fair. That actors and actresses receive praise and reverence like priesthoods of old is a VERY modern thing.

  • TheEnigma28
    TheEnigma28 4 days ago

    Mike you fucking dumbass, the way you feel about a movie isn’t important, the logical consistency of the plot is all that matters in a film!!! I will be making a 3 and a half hour long video nitpicking all of the plot holes in this film to prove you wrong, pathetic fanboy.

  • fruitypeebils
    fruitypeebils 5 days ago

    i will always see jimmi simpson as mcpoyle. and that kind of makes me sad because hes a great actor but my brain just cant get past that

  • Jair Reyna
    Jair Reyna 6 days ago

    Out here in butt Chicago we got a theater release

  • samhain2099
    samhain2099 7 days ago

    So Jay is the hipster one

  • Brendle
    Brendle 7 days ago

    Watched it because of this review, it was great. He even gets his hand stuck on an issue of Amazing Spider-man, and of course Spider-man has that sticky hand problem too, haha.

  • Ian Smart
    Ian Smart 8 days ago

    HEY! talk about HER SMELL!

  • Wow that dudes on the internet

    Ok I really like this movie but am I the only person that’s noticed how much this has in common with Inherent Vice.

  • betsy eats bees
    betsy eats bees 9 days ago


    D0NTST4RT 10 days ago

    32:22 Whoa! That clip of Andrew Garfield in a red bathroom wearing a red shirt came on right when I was picking gunk out of my bong using a red paperclip! Symbolism?

  • Paul Hunter
    Paul Hunter 10 days ago

    Thanks for the recommendation! I had to buy a German DVD online because it isn't released in the UK. Good stuff. Reminded me strongly of the work of Daniel Clowes, especially 'Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron'

  • Ken Nieminski
    Ken Nieminski 11 days ago

    This is currently playing at the Music Box Theater down on southport in Chicago.

  • DarthSironos
    DarthSironos 12 days ago

    So he morale is that men are horrible misogynistic monsters and women are victims of the patriarchy? Wow, what a unique point of view never seen in modern times media (sarcasm). Added to the list of movies to avoid.

  • jaxon alexander
    jaxon alexander 12 days ago

    Sam is the Dog Killer

  • Adam Corraliza
    Adam Corraliza 12 days ago

    I haven't seen the movie. I will rent and watch it and then come back to this review. I am renting this movie because I trust Jay and Mike so much. I loved The Clovehitch Killer.

  • Anish Chari
    Anish Chari 12 days ago

    Here are my thoughts, spoilers ahead:

    This is not a movie you are just going to sit down and watch casually. You won't want to this watch with a group of friends. It's the kind of movie you get assigned as part of some English assignment. It's not just because it's highly gratuitous; with large amounts of pornographic scenes, gratuitous violence, and even a close up of someone's 2-coiler. It's one of those David Lynch style films. This is loaded with bizarre events, impossible creatures and fantastical elements. What's metaphor, what's a dream, what's real, are all questions you are going to be wondering, and will likely never get answered.
    It's a weird mix of murder mystery, supernaturalism and film noir. Think Donnie Darko meets Pans Labyrinth meets Chinatown. There are so many simultaneous plot threads and randomly introduced characters it's hard to grab on to anything tangible in this schizophrenic tale. In this 2.5 hour stemwinder the major plot point includes a dog serial-killer, a killer half-lady-half-owl, dead billionaire with 3 dead hookers, secret codes hidden in records, and a huge bunker built underneath Hollywood. Tantalizing stuff, if only any of it reached a satisfying conclusion. I don't need everything explained, but some sort of closure on anything would have really helped this, and if nothing else a shorter run time.

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo 13 days ago

    It's almost like a thought puzzle. Stretching and bending your imagination to point to a specific message and point something out about our society. Logically would it ever happen. Is it still important yep.

  • Justin Maines
    Justin Maines 13 days ago

    Just watched this and can’t even describe how much I loved it.

  • UnderTheBed
    UnderTheBed 13 days ago

    there is going to be a blu ray release.

  • Pearz
    Pearz 14 days ago

    Jay really crushed me teasing Detective Pikachu like that.

  • thcollegestudent
    thcollegestudent 14 days ago

    To my surprise, Sherlock Pika-chorp was actually half way decent.

  • kevin nelson
    kevin nelson 15 days ago +1

    You guys never mentioned the owl lady; murdering people that find out or get close...?

  • jdgx95
    jdgx95 15 days ago

    man i was waiting for this movie since the first trailer dropped il never forgive hem for dalaying it this much then dumping it to VOD i would have been in the theater opening day >.>

  • Virakotxa
    Virakotxa 17 days ago

    Sounds like "The Neon Demon" + Phillip K. Dick... I'm sold!.

  • Mr Crow
    Mr Crow 17 days ago

    As a Greater Cincy area viewer, I'm usually glad to see Skyline Chili get a shout-out. But the image at 7:30 is not the one I would've chosen.

  • DogSpur
    DogSpur 17 days ago +1

    Why are they called Lightning Fast VCR Repair when they still haven't fixed the VCR after all these years?

  • Supernova Kasprzak
    Supernova Kasprzak 17 days ago

    I don't think movies like this "try to be weird". I think it's purposely inaccessible -- it's meant to be watched with friends, and then you discuss it and figure out what it meant and what happened (like "Pi" or "Primer" or "Enemy" or "Mullholland Drive", et cetera). You guys love Eraserhead, right? Just think of it like that.

  • Hector chavez
    Hector chavez 17 days ago

    If you could talk of Climax.

  • Antonio
    Antonio 18 days ago

    I saw it on the cinema in Spain

  • Dapstart
    Dapstart 19 days ago

    Under lake michigan

  • onyxmissile
    onyxmissile 19 days ago

    They won't talk about the Pikachu movie but they cream their pants with the Garfield movie?? Fuckin' hacks!! The sequel is better anyways...

  • castro sherwood
    castro sherwood 19 days ago

    This is why I love you guys.

  • BeefMissileband
    BeefMissileband 20 days ago

    Please tell me you guys aren’t stopping soon? Definitely been less enthusiastic and frequent right

  • Kadual
    Kadual 21 day ago

    Under The Silver Lake is probably the best film I've ever seen. I might have a more favorite film, but UTSL is probably the best. It felt like a Haruki Murakami novel combined with a David Lynch film. I was hooked for the entire duration, the pacing is great, there are creepy moments combined with hilarious scenes, and it had a very satisfying conclusion. And I noticed a heavy Gnostic theme - not sure if that was intentional or just a coincidence. I can't recommend Under The Silver Lake enough.

  • Bailey Wattron
    Bailey Wattron 21 day ago

    The barking lady really creeps me out. It raised the hair on the back of my neck. The Conjuring did nothing to me.

  • Ryrin
    Ryrin 22 days ago +1

    >white dude
    >any name ending in stein

    Nice try

  • William Spain
    William Spain 22 days ago

    Yo they should do a half in the bag on Aladdin. Also a Re View of the animated version.

  • bryan augustus
    bryan augustus 22 days ago

    I just saw this movie, really good. Reminds me of the movie Blow Up

  • antichicken
    antichicken 23 days ago +16

    "what kind of dog do you have?" "My dog died recently"

  • bluemonkey223
    bluemonkey223 24 days ago

    This movie sounds interesting but also long and not worth watching.

  • heliopyre
    heliopyre 25 days ago

    they should upload more reviews. the first one was rough but it had potential.

    DOMENISHI 25 days ago

    Next to the Frozen Shrimp.

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith 25 days ago

    This "directors" previous movie, It Follows" was so bad I won't watch this even for free. So far every movie produced by A24 have been absolute garbage.

  • Feddzzz
    Feddzzz 25 days ago

    Aspect ratio was fine when I watched it on Amazon Prime.

  • 420protoman
    420protoman 26 days ago

    this is the single most important movie of our era. many scenes and the entire plot has a double meaning... plus USC Science professor Kevin Knight is credited at the end in the Crew Section as Cryptographer... they hid stuff in the film... look up who he is, the 3 dolls the girl has have markings on them, it's the Zodiac Code, same code that Kevin broke using computer programs. Would you like to know more?

  • David Roman
    David Roman 26 days ago +1

    Detective Pikachu was actually a pretty great little film. But this movie seems interesting too

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 26 days ago

    7:28 Rich Evans doesn't like horror movies

  • Alex
    Alex 26 days ago

    Mike has elf ears and I cannot unsee it

  • Sam Hankins
    Sam Hankins 26 days ago

    It's a bit tiresome to hear Jay bitch about the dearth of interesting films when A24, all by itself, gives him a slate of great, innovative movies every year. They don't always knock it out of the park, but they always, always give you something to think about.

  • Nigel Skaife
    Nigel Skaife 26 days ago

    So is this like Neon Demon(2016) 2.0? Cause it seems kinda the same in the end, but just take a different path to get there.

  • Maggie C
    Maggie C 26 days ago

    So what’s your Starbucks favorite drink Jay ?

  • Dustin Anglin
    Dustin Anglin 26 days ago

    Reminded a lot of The Neon Demon. Both films are super stylized takedowns of a particular subject, but also kind of trashy exploitations of that same subject. Refn has kind of gotten full of himself, and I hope Mitchell doesn't go down that path, because I mostly dig what he's doing.

  • Harold Balzak
    Harold Balzak 27 days ago +4

    Any lore on jay's pocket stain? I'm kinda lost.

  • NorthTwo
    NorthTwo 27 days ago

    Twin Peaks re;view when 😭😭

  • michelleobama666
    michelleobama666 28 days ago +1

    i genuinely want to see a detective pikachu movie review

  • AkulaSpawn
    AkulaSpawn 28 days ago

    After watching this movie, which I enjoyed, it struck me that we were watching life through the eyes of somebody with schizophrenia, or something like that. It makes sense in a way because he is down on his luck,out of money, worried mother etc. I figured he ran out of meds and he slowly starts seeing the world around him in a strange new way. I have several friends who have different levels of mental disorder, and many times when the meds go wrong or are not taken, they act just like this guy or worse. My take on this movie.

  • Plump Potato Rump
    Plump Potato Rump 28 days ago +27

    i havent finished the review yet and I just finished the movie.

    • ReservoirFrog
      ReservoirFrog 6 days ago

      Plump Potato Rump Metaphor for suicide?

  • Lisa Stormo
    Lisa Stormo 28 days ago +2

    ( I realize that this isnt a comment for RLM, but for the other people watching this. )
    Just wanna say I actually really liked Detective Pikachu, found it funny and great. I definitely disagree that detective pikachu would be called a terrible movie... Its a movie for kids and fans though. Ryan Reynolds does a great job. Also think its a good movie for parents to bring their kids to. Yes its a bit of an obvious story but it has parentmoments too.

  • Harry McDonough
    Harry McDonough 28 days ago +4

    Please review The Return I'm BEGGING you guys

  • Sugar Gay
    Sugar Gay 28 days ago

    I’m really interested in what you guys have to say about the Netflix original The Perfection!

  • Rbeavs
    Rbeavs 28 days ago

    Favorite scene of all time. When he beats the shit out the kids who keyed his car.

  • Art Pimp
    Art Pimp 29 days ago

    Pyramids were not tombs! ...moviee looks good though!

  • XalphYT
    XalphYT 29 days ago

    Oh crap, for once Jay and silent Bob are actually reviewing a movie that I want to watch. I'm eight minutes in and going to bail. See you all after the viewing!

  • YesitisSeth
    YesitisSeth 29 days ago +1


  • Habbening Net News
    Habbening Net News 29 days ago +3

    @15:40 Yeah, Mike. Old (((white))) dudes like Harvey Weinstein

  • Coolmanbob7
    Coolmanbob7 Month ago +3

    The picture of the fat Wal-Mart guy has Skyline Chili!
    WHO DEY!

  • Fizzee Water
    Fizzee Water Month ago

    I love "It Follows" so I was excited for this. Until I saw the trailer. It looked like some awful, incredibly pretentious passion project dumpster fire Sophmore film the likes of which we got from Rian Johnson (The Brothers Bloom), Richard Kelly (Southland Tales), and Ana Lily Amirpour (The Bad Batch). I then saw that Jay liked it, so I decided to give it a chance. I made it about an hour until I couldn't stand it anymore. It was everything I feared it would be....but worse. I fucking hated everything about it. I decided to tough out the last half hour, but then I realized I still had an hour and twenty minutes left. 140 minutes? Are you fucking kidding me? I just turned it off right there. Nobody should have to sit through 140 minutes of a dude blowing smoke up his own ass like this.

    PS: "It Comes At Night" is a great film.

  • Lee Yates
    Lee Yates Month ago

    Question for anyone: Is there a way to fix the aspect ratio on Amazon or do I have to get it some place else?

  • Tech Mech
    Tech Mech Month ago

    i was so lucky to see this in theaters

  • 1MinuteFlipDoc
    1MinuteFlipDoc Month ago

    ok..i watched it. good movie. similar "lost detective" movies that don't really understand what's going on (all set in california) ... I did get the genre.
    The Big Lebowski
    Inherent Vice

  • Tyler Dunnan
    Tyler Dunnan Month ago

    I hope it becomes a cult classic in the future

  • Hunter Clifton
    Hunter Clifton Month ago

    Under the whaaaaat?!?! What movie is this?!?!?!?!?!?! I miss my wife

  • gallowscallibratoify

    American Blu-Ray is coming out June 18th!

  • Axel McDoo
    Axel McDoo Month ago

    Muholland Drive did the same thing and that was popular.

  • Victor Cotrim
    Victor Cotrim Month ago

    Please, do a "Hagazussa" Review

  • GFM
    GFM Month ago

    Not related to the video itself, but how hasn't RLM broken one-million subscribers yet?

  • Jeremy Dirr
    Jeremy Dirr Month ago

    RLM and Game of Thrones both have Starbucks advertisements on-screen. So, which is run by greater hack frauds?

  • Jeremy Dirr
    Jeremy Dirr Month ago +18

    Under the Silver Lake as an acronym (UTSL) is an anagram for SLUT.

  • SpongeBobaFett
    SpongeBobaFett Month ago

    Mine was encoded alright. Looked good to me

  • Marijn Stollenga
    Marijn Stollenga Month ago

    'I shouldn't have drank that bottle of whiskey' lol

  • Martian Buddy
    Martian Buddy Month ago

    jay is a sex pervert?

  • pacifist120
    pacifist120 Month ago +1

    They didn't mention the owl lady. I was hoping they would have a take or some explanation of the owl lady. I don't get the point of the owl lady. What is the symbolism? What is the code? What is the hidden message?? What the fuck is up with the owl lady????

  • GrandmistressD
    GrandmistressD Month ago

    So I'm not sure; do you guys recommend Detective Pikachu or not?

  • October Mohr
    October Mohr Month ago +1

    Detective Pikachu is really good but you two would definitely hate it.

  • Quinn Mach
    Quinn Mach Month ago

    Did they ever review or see into the spiderverse?

  • darktennisball
    darktennisball Month ago

    Under the Detective Pikachu

  • nd4spd
    nd4spd Month ago

    Well I have a bluray rip so it was released on BR somewhere...

  • Crustycumsock
    Crustycumsock Month ago +1

    Harvey Weinstein is not white. Almost none of the big Hollywood execs are

  • Aurore Blanchard
    Aurore Blanchard Month ago

    To me, the fact that the powerful conspirators cabal resort to silly shit like hiring a universal composer to write messages to themselves in songs isn't a plot hole at all. You guys focused too much on the supposed message, but it perfectly works in universe. Bear with me.

    The guys at the top in UTSL are not the elites of our world. The guys at the bottom are not the common people of our world either. This is a world where commoners are profoundly shallow and apathetic, and the illuminati unironically believe, with complete fervor, that burying themselves until their inevitable death will make them gods because the pharaos did it (which they very much didn't, pharaos were gods from birth, and after death they were buried with their entourage because they believed the soul must brave challenges after death to not land in hell). Pretty girls barely even come to hollywood to make it as actresses, most seem perfectly content to party and fuck, even after landing roles. Girls are offered to be involved in ritualistic suicides and they're totally cool about it. One girl sees Andrew Garfield come to a party and immediately fawn "I like your shirt~" in a sultry voice even though he's wearing a plain white one and clearly has no sugar daddy money to offer. Did you think "holy shit that's an actual person" here? No. This world is little more than a puppet show.

    Sure, if you absolutely have to view that hot mess from our world's perspective, then this is fucked up exploitation. In the movie's universe, it's more like a pointless orgy for everyone involved, rich or poor. The illuminati communicate via cereal boxes because they are irrational and will pursue everything to feel superior to the rabble, including turning all of culture into their deranged instagram. Sevence and the guy in the hut at the end are not smart men. They'll clearly die in atrocious circumstances in months, after living a very silly life of decoding shit, but as long as they can laugh at Andrew Garfield and say HE is the one who lives for nothing, they can ignore that.

  • Keith Sweet
    Keith Sweet Month ago

    What about the Scientology connection's
    And another thing at the start of the flick
    A squirrel has a fit in a tree and falls down to the ground dead,,lol
    How many Scientology perps does it take to make a film
    Anyway I wish I was in the sea org,

  • MrMaximum91
    MrMaximum91 Month ago

    Saw silver lake great film!