Things That You Will See for the First Time in Your Life

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
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    Surely, each of our viewers uses the Internet every day. And every day, you consume a huge amount of information and it is simply impossible to remember it all. Well, especially for you we have found something really interesting. You will definitely remember this and will tell your friends about it later.

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  • Justiss Johnson
    Justiss Johnson 3 days ago

    Was I mean sorry I just keep hearing nuclerbom on the news if a mad person is reading this we are all dead

  • Justiss Johnson
    Justiss Johnson 3 days ago

    This man voice make me scared even if he just say nukerler or bom or gun or 3325719 not a coad.

  • unikitty9 the best
    unikitty9 the best 17 days ago

    Feel free to expirience quicksand is corn staurth mud!
    Well just stay.

  • Kitty Gal
    Kitty Gal 18 days ago

    I have seen a white volcano with snow and blue volcano and I kept on coughing

    BLUE MARAUDER 19 days ago +1

    i remember all the information i have found and researched over the past 20 years plus i remember my life events up to 4 years old and i can remember every scene and quote from every movie i have ever seen (over 4000) movies and over 100 shows. i have an extraordinary memory so yeah, speak for yourselves. photographic, moving and still, audio, and smell and combination.

  • Jonathan Holder
    Jonathan Holder 22 days ago

    Blu fire............Azula must be training

  • GrowMap
    GrowMap 27 days ago

    False. You most definitely CAN die in quicksand in a river in the U.S. More than one entire horse has disappeared into it. If you're lucky, you hit bottom before your head goes under and someone can pull you out.
    Here, it is caused when a riverbed that is mostly dry due to dams holding up the water then ends up wetter as water is released. The sand gets saturated with water. The heavier you are, the deeper you end up.
    When I got caught in it, my horse being heavier immediately sank quite deep. When I stepped off to try to get him out, I was only thigh deep. Fortunately, we were both very fit and after I removed the saddle he was able to lunge repeatedly until he got out.
    Other horses -- at least two that I know of upriver about 25 miles -- stepped off the trail and ended up in over their backs. They disappeared completely before help could arrive to pull them out. Others that had that happen were able to be pulled out with a truck.

  • GD Landon
    GD Landon 29 days ago +1

    I’ve seen blue fire

  • the unknown 36
    the unknown 36 Month ago +3

    So basically we have real life fortnite gliders imagine fortnite battle royel irl how much is it

  • Professor McGonagall

    However they can only use the cormarent 7 times as this is the number it can count to. It dives and after it has dived more than 7 times it realises this and stops.

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen Month ago

    who needs oobleck when you have quick sand

  • Tim
    Tim Month ago

    i have seen evryone off these xd

  • Roblox Universe
    Roblox Universe Month ago

    #Mind Warehouse: Human Alarm
    Literally Nobody:
    Me: *calls 911*

  • pubg player nr1
    pubg player nr1 Month ago

    OMG im from Latvia

  • cheychey williams
    cheychey williams Month ago

    I would totally go play the real packman😁😁😁😁 I love pacman

  • cheychey williams
    cheychey williams Month ago

    Cool clay sand

  • Jannie Irby
    Jannie Irby Month ago

    Very interesting video.

  • Kennedy Crew
    Kennedy Crew Month ago +2

    Mind house: and u can tell you're friends about it too
    Me: but.... but I have no friends

    DHiLLONTM Month ago +1

    Bear grills tells a story about a boy who got stuck in a quick sand and gets eaten by ants 🐜and died a horrible death.....

  • Daesarul Plays
    Daesarul Plays Month ago +3

    Me: Hears about cardboard thingy.
    Me: Is this gonna happen in area 51 too?
    Alien: Makes cardboard Ikea Tower

  • Tristan Oates
    Tristan Oates Month ago

    That is one hot fucken volcano

  • Fanny Is life
    Fanny Is life Month ago

    2:29 my mom said that if flame turns blue it's very hot🙂

  • Fire Mage
    Fire Mage 2 months ago

    The metric system sucks man go back to the system just about everybody knows

  • Stay Single
    Stay Single 2 months ago

    Real pacman is manny pacquiao..

  • InsaneGaming
    InsaneGaming 2 months ago

    These videos always have the same ad on at the end

  • Bioluminescence
    Bioluminescence 2 months ago

    yo wait a min i know that scene from a movie i watched back then but idk what movie it is, can somebody plllzzz tell me what that scene was from?

    0:25 - 0:34

  • Patrick Michael Sohacki

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  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 2 months ago +1

    Son: Dadei i cAn see Blue Flame

    Dad:That's *Water*


  • Jeffrey Ngo
    Jeffrey Ngo 2 months ago


  • Tick Tock
    Tick Tock 3 months ago

    you left out the main part of the bird, that get the fish in china, the bird has a rubber band around its neck to stop it from swallowing the fish, any fish. i should know i have seen it as i live in china for over 14 years, and the video was edited to stop people from seeing the rubber band.

  • Stomp's Playlist
    Stomp's Playlist 3 months ago +1

    #Latvia 🇱🇻❤️

  • TheMan JH
    TheMan JH 3 months ago

    Lame video. What was there to see about fake blood?????

  • wolf magic
    wolf magic 3 months ago


  • Solar Tempest
    Solar Tempest 3 months ago

    Got stuck in quick sand and I felt like a new man.

  • Naelhere
    Naelhere 3 months ago

    This video is ass

  • Francisco Fernandes
    Francisco Fernandes 3 months ago

    Mind Warehouse has really been making amazing videos this year. Certainly someone has been working very hard to get the content. Thanks

  • Stacey
    Stacey 3 months ago

    Underwater mailbox? dumb idea if you ask me lol

  • Toshy McTosharoo
    Toshy McTosharoo 3 months ago

    This better be worth it
    Already, no it’s not. You can’t sink in quick sand past your head. Since quick sand is primarily water, you will remain buoyant in it. You cannot sink past your buoyancy level.
    And still nope. Done. This is garbage b

  • Ryan Calogero
    Ryan Calogero 3 months ago

    As the video went on the more I wished I could thumbs down more than once.

  • ItzLE
    ItzLE 3 months ago


  • KDaKing
    KDaKing 3 months ago

    wow i've never seen fake blood, drones and quicksand before...

  • Bo Park
    Bo Park 3 months ago

    Something I have never seen before...a superbowl commercial!?!

  • OperationMegalodon
    OperationMegalodon 3 months ago

    Best *Top 10* personality on this site

  • Daniel van Andel
    Daniel van Andel 3 months ago

    And why do you think I have never seen these things before?

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly 3 months ago

    Wow Kawah Ijen

  • MurderMan OTP
    MurderMan OTP 3 months ago

    I have Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book on vhs and that scene always scared me

  • Mamad Dodol
    Mamad Dodol 3 months ago

    They: Save the Earth, Less waste.
    Me:Woooooaaaahhhhhhhh👹👹👹 This Is Box Waaaaaarrrrrr🌋🌋🌋🌋

  • Smacked Kat
    Smacked Kat 3 months ago

    You need to stop talking

  • Dr Meatball 25
    Dr Meatball 25 3 months ago +1

    That's 12:18 minutes of my life that I'll never get back

  • kbj1
    kbj1 3 months ago

    the Simpson's did box wars...

  • 100 subs please
    100 subs please 3 months ago +3

    Things that I've seen twice due to click baid

  • Memoroony
    Memoroony 3 months ago

    Things that you will see for the first time in your life..


  • Harley Nash
    Harley Nash 3 months ago


    Dean WATERSON 3 months ago +2

    Omg there’s a thing called quicksand I have tot tell my friends about this

  • Aleksander Šadl
    Aleksander Šadl 3 months ago

    Hello everybody today I made millions because of you . Literally this Chanel

  • Philosophical Thinker
    Philosophical Thinker 3 months ago

    Video: If you like technology, go check out tech zone. You interested?
    Me: No.
    Video: Great.

  • Charlie Mccullough
    Charlie Mccullough 3 months ago +1

    I already knew all of the stuff you said

  • Charlie Mccullough
    Charlie Mccullough 3 months ago

    I already knew all of the stuff you said

  • SwaGBruH
    SwaGBruH 3 months ago

    2:30 dabi is that u?

  • Missy Hampton
    Missy Hampton 3 months ago +1

    I’ve been in quick sand lier