Theresa May's political career in three minutes - BBC News

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • Brexit came to define her time as Prime Minister, but Theresa May had a long and varied political career.

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  • Hayden Philbert
    Hayden Philbert Day ago

    Why can't our president just leave like she did?

  • Hayden Philbert
    Hayden Philbert Day ago

    She had to go😬😁

  • Hayden Philbert
    Hayden Philbert Day ago

    She was like the worse thing since the blitz

  • Mikes Karaoke
    Mikes Karaoke 9 days ago

    It was only 3 minutes. 2 minutes were spent dancing like a Abba queen. And the last minute was scratching her ass as she used her bog rolls

  • Sconnie Panda
    Sconnie Panda 12 days ago

    liar...liar...liar...treasonous may was the fahkkin worst ever PM we have ever had. No mean feat is that...when you consider some of the other recent grim candidates...thatcher, bliar, broon and cameron....rothschild zionists every one of them.

  • Tdoggy
    Tdoggy 17 days ago


  • Safa Safa
    Safa Safa 27 days ago

    Your lousy pussy T May, will become the biggest wheat mill in the world even if security around the world gets the noble prize foe stupidity

  • Izam YT
    Izam YT Month ago

    *S T R O N G*

  • Sirian Seed
    Sirian Seed Month ago

    So after much of Tax payers money being wasted on a local election and a EU election plus a state visit from US plus DWP taking payments from terminally ill people to their mobility scooter car taken away plus the DWP chasing people for back payments dating back from years of over payments, half the time by their own misjudgement. They then decide people can't ask for backdated money they are owed ? Then I see poor little Amber Rudd as it's been mentioned that Parliment should be shut down as propagation all hell breaks loose. We are not Stuart kings she says ? Plus to simply force through a no deal Brixit against the will of parliament is outrageous. Chris Bryant. Oh no there's more. Mr Wishart asked for confirmation that there would be no intention of suspending democracy in this country to facilitate that no deal Brixit..... Now why we the people who voted LEAVE can be ignored by said Parliment but yet MP's can wrongly go against the people's vote and steal every person's given right of free will and free speech and still believe they are right. I beg to differ ? Our vote has been ignored... By Parliment.... We the people say shame on you and you PARLIMENT should be done for TREASON TO the people and our country. We don't need to wait till the 31st Oct 2019... We are already out of the EU... It's your treason that keeps us in.... We could be out tomorrow with no deal.... Line your own pockets me lovelies. Treason

  • Esala Lomani
    Esala Lomani Month ago

    She was lucky that BBC made the video at least 3 minutes, majority of the stuff in this video could be summed up in 30 Seconds

    SUBERDEE Month ago

    Tbh she did do her best

  • Gabe Mempin
    Gabe Mempin Month ago

    Young Theresa May looks like Ellen

  • Ellie Seddigh
    Ellie Seddigh Month ago

    I name it in one sec ," loser "

  • SymphonyBrahms
    SymphonyBrahms Month ago

    In three seconds. Goodbye. And good to see the old trout go.

  • Frankie Chong
    Frankie Chong Month ago

    Let’s not forget she initiated very racist policies when she was Home office secretary.

  • Obey Justice Chiguta

    That’s how long it took hehehe

  • Thomas Smithurst
    Thomas Smithurst Month ago

    Good riddance Theresa May

  • Bilal Khalid
    Bilal Khalid Month ago +4

    That snap election f*cked up everything



  • ท้าว.จันทะสอน. หานชะนะ.

    ทุกสิงกานยังและกานช่างสาบ้านเมี่องต้องรู้นำกันความคิดและลายทุกมีความรู้สีกและความที่ต์วเอส้างเรากานรู้คนทังโลกจัก้ว้าว่าแนวใด .

  • Roskin Greenhope
    Roskin Greenhope Month ago

    Red white and blue baby. Red white and blue -EXCEPT WE ARE EUROPEAN PEOPLE

  • copsondonuts
    copsondonuts Month ago

    The english are funny. When common people were asked who should replace her they kept naming different 'avengers' (iron man, cap etc) lolol

  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams Month ago +1

    Hard-working and wanting the best for your country but allowing the crud of society in to be on a benefit. That was her downfall!

  • Owen Chua
    Owen Chua Month ago


  • Steveness stiffler
    Steveness stiffler Month ago

    How could one woman waste so much time trying to not do something absolute disgrace.Lets hope her retirement is really miserable


    Lies ' bull💩 '
    Lies ' bull💩 ' Lies that sums her up in 3 seconds

  • vedagiri subramanian

    Conservative should have been bribed by Indian Businessmen for Brexit. Their closeness with Hindu Temples and nearly 70k Indians immigrated past 2016 against 38k Europeans Immigration clearly says so.
    Also, why Conservative party is reluctant to pass Anti Casteist bill which will affect Uppercaste Hindus who form 1-2% of Total British Population

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper Month ago

    Mayhem’s hubris is breathtaking.

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper Month ago

    One crisis, scandal and blunder after another.

  • Néstor Abreu Jiménez

    Theresa May simplified: up and coming then down and falling

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish Month ago


  • Pinutile X
    Pinutile X Month ago

    Will she still be a MP after her resignation?

  • MATH Genius
    MATH Genius Month ago

    2:38 *an historic*
    I didn't know historic was pronounced as istoric instead of his-toric. 😏

  • Sean S
    Sean S Month ago

    And the Oscar goes to...
    Not mother theresa may.

  • James Longstaff
    James Longstaff Month ago

    She was ultimately unsuccessful, but I have mad respect for her. She was willing to take risks and she persisted. I admire her tenacity

  • nedh
    nedh Month ago

    Mays deals werent bad.

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee Month ago

    Do not need 3 minutes. Just one word - HOPELESS

  • that_pac12
    that_pac12 Month ago

    honestly it's just been hilarious to watch since 2016, both America and the UK

  • Public Public
    Public Public Month ago

    Theresa May's political career in less than three seconds.... she was Cameron's fallguy.

  • Abdallah Jamhour
    Abdallah Jamhour Month ago

  • Tengiz Cengiz
    Tengiz Cengiz Month ago

    Cameron the coward and Theresa the failure.

  • Pickle Onions
    Pickle Onions Month ago

    Oh hold her resignation has a political declaration attached to it, which of course won't be binding

  • Pickle Onions
    Pickle Onions Month ago

    Why did they need 3 minutes to talk about her career total waste of 2 and 1/2 minutes

  • Harris Anne
    Harris Anne Month ago

    May's legacy = Train Wreck in slow motion! Thatcher you ain't!

  • Harris Anne
    Harris Anne Month ago

    Let's see. President Trump won. Marine Le Pen won. Morrison won. Modi won. Farage won. Jason Kenny won. Salvini won. Orban won. Mitsotakis won. Kurz won..... Even with the Fake News shills and rigged polls pushing the socialist agenda. The conservative masses have spoken. We the good people say NO to the evil NWO agenda. EU on it's last corrupt legs! MOWGA!!! Make Our World Great Again!

  • mopthermopther
    mopthermopther Month ago

    -Breaking News-
    House of Lords & House of Commons have irrevocably installed Ms May as the Royal Liaison of Brexit Affairs !!

  • We The People
    We The People Month ago

    Try some Objective Truth BBC, it looks like this. We still allowed free speech in Canada and the USA.


    A Bimbo without the looks .

  • Angel White
    Angel White Month ago

    What happened to you .your father would be turning in his grave The vicars daughter ..Shame on you ..are you going to stay in politics and do to them what they did to you ...Well ere you ....Or are you going g to curl up and prove to everyone the spinless batters hag you have became ..Don't take the shit ..and punish them and tell all go on the press the TV and get your dignity back ...they your party were all out to get you now please come back and get the plebs back .....

  • Jacob Hodgson
    Jacob Hodgson Month ago

    The BBC is so Anti Brexit and Bias as hell!

  • thisisbob1001
    thisisbob1001 Month ago

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire

  • Lóránt Farkas
    Lóránt Farkas Month ago

    In a phrase;
    Between two stools one falls to the ground.

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh Month ago

    if you had defined brexit instead of just saying brexit means brexit then say a lot of shitty upper class things to make people think you are smart then maybe your political career wouldn't end

  • Kalana Herath
    Kalana Herath Month ago

    Theresa May's political career in one second: FAILURE

  • David Boson
    David Boson Month ago

    the party for the rich and elite

  • Dhanish m
    Dhanish m Month ago

    The bgm and making of video is terrific....

  • Brasil
    Brasil Month ago

    Nem acredito que ela fez isso.

  • What Everyoulike
    What Everyoulike Month ago

    The only thing worse than seeing the back of Theresa May is seeing the front of her

  • John Halley
    John Halley Month ago

    She inherited an impossible mess in which none of the opposition party were willing to work with her. Corbin made sure she would fail no matter what

  • spotlight productions

    not another one

  • Jack L
    Jack L Month ago

    Praising a politician for his/her sense of duty is like praising your wife for her character - you can’t bring yourself to commend her beauty and so you talk about what a nice person she is

  • Abdul Rasheed
    Abdul Rasheed Month ago

    Theresa hope you're

  • Grace Collins
    Grace Collins Month ago

    Getting out before the Huawei scandal breaks.

  • galit dol
    galit dol Month ago

    Nobody can be certain about everything in life. Evrything can change in minuets ! Nobody knows what will be in 5 minuets.

  • Jackie Brarn
    Jackie Brarn Month ago

    The only people who have been violent during this eu election is the supposedly peaceful left who have assaulted people with milkshakes, vandalised people's cars and property, hurled bricks and bottles at peaceful rallies and didn't even respect a minutes silence for Manchester or 7/7. just because you don't agree with someones opinion you cannot do these things , if I didn't agree with someone's opinion and vise versa it would be a daily battleground but we just accept we have different views and get on with it, but just keep doing what you're doing and make the so called far right look good. You have been radicalized by the media, papers and the cons and liebour , you are very dangerous people

  • OutaDaDark
    OutaDaDark Month ago

    Everything she said she wouldn't do, she did and everything she said she would...

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken Month ago

    3 minutes? about 3 words

  • GamingWithHang Rai
    GamingWithHang Rai Month ago

    Woman: Another one?

  • IPCC SaysLessThan12Years

    Who supported Brexit? ..The Sun, owned by billionaire elitist, Rupert Murdoch. The Express, owned by billionaire elitist, Richard Desmond. The Mail, owned by billionaire elitist, Lord Rothermere. The Sunday Times, owned by billionaire elitist, Rupert Murdoch. The Telegraph, owned by billionaire elitists, The Barclay brothers. The Daily Star, owned by billionaire elitist, Richard Desmond. Billionaire hypocrite, in the process of moving his company operations to Singapore, James Dyson. Multi-millionaire and ex-City Investment Bank Trader, Nigel Farage (who btw has been invited on BBC QT a staggering 33 times, despite having no discernible relevance or significance to domestic politics). Multi-millionaire who co-founded an Investment firm in Ireland (EU), Jacob Rees Mogg. Multi-millionaire, CEO of Asset Management company Quidnet Capital and Brexit Party Chairman, Richard Tice. Millionaire and Old Etonian, Boris Johnson. Multi-millionaire business man and poverty wage payer, Tim Martin. Multi-millionaire, subject of a National Crime Agency (NCA) investigation and Russian business associate, Arron Banks. THE ELITES WIN WITH BREXIT, WHILST JOE BLOGGS LOSES HIS JOB AT THE LOCAL CAR FACTORY.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Month ago

    “We are leaving on the 28 Th ! “- promise 😂😂😂😂 🤚🤚bye career politician - too old to get a proper job now ! don’t worry I’m sure they’ll get you in at the house of perverts, sorry Lords !!