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What Are The Fattest Countries In The World?


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  • David Legge
    David Legge 3 hours ago

    Great video, I lost 55 pounds via weight watchers. Great channel, I am in 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Marcus Welby
    Marcus Welby 3 hours ago

    Crazy that America isn't #1 there is a fast food place on every corner

  • Amina Ganiou
    Amina Ganiou Day ago

    Middle east, more like middle eat...

  • Magicaparanoia
    Magicaparanoia Day ago

    Yo mama’s so fat NASA classified her as a dwarf planet

  • Joy Channing
    Joy Channing Day ago

    How can they steal the number one place from United States?

  • Muhammed Raees
    Muhammed Raees Day ago

    how dare you make fun of the best muslimes country in the world!!!!! god will punish you

  • Rosie Dalgrin
    Rosie Dalgrin Day ago

    2019? anyone? ok just me!

  • avnish
    avnish Day ago

    In USA healthy food is costly and junk food is cheap.

  • QueenFans India
    QueenFans India Day ago

    So Big Mac happened..

  • Persist
    Persist Day ago

    'you are what you eat' *eats a burger* IM A BURGER!

  • 5dooyah
    5dooyah 2 days ago

    UAE !

  • Nanda 01
    Nanda 01 2 days ago +1

    My country not on the list Yeahhh

  • Shadi Wesam
    Shadi Wesam 2 days ago

    I am from egypt and we never dress like that and our kids never get fat

  • Anti Epix
    Anti Epix 2 days ago

    1:38 - Arabs: Peacefully enjoys meal. 2:40 - *Gets teleported* Arabs: wtf

  • Lina Berika
    Lina Berika 2 days ago

    Thank you for the video. However, there is a piece of information that is wrong. As for the Egypt. I am Egyptian and I am telling you that the high obesity rate is due to The LOW economic growth. The cheapest food here is carbs and sweets! Fruits, veggies and meat are very expensive to the population. And also because people are not well educated about nutrition..The Western restaurants are a LUXURY..Most people don't eat there regularly!

    ROHIT SARKAR 2 days ago

    you forgot India

  • Phantom Stats
    Phantom Stats 3 days ago


    THE KRM GAMER 3 days ago

    I am so happy that India is not on this list.

  • Saudi Jack
    Saudi Jack 3 days ago

    Chubby, and proud! Who else… ?

  • Fabiana Montijo
    Fabiana Montijo 3 days ago +1

    Honestly in Mexico we actually eat vegetables but we do have to cut down on taquitos😂😂

  • Bebi Chauhan
    Bebi Chauhan 3 days ago

    For my impatient squad, this is for you:
    Fattest countries
    10. USA
    9. Mexico
    8. Qatar
    7. South africa
    6. United Arabs Emirates
    5. Egypt
    4. Belize
    3. Saudi Arabia
    2. Kuwait
    1. Nauru

  • T - Series
    T - Series 4 days ago

    Lmao I’m from the only obese country in Africa

  • AG Games
    AG Games 4 days ago

    presenting Egypt with gulf countries cloths is a little bit offensive you know?

  • Cottse Dmottse
    Cottse Dmottse 4 days ago

    "But fat is beautiful"

  • Win98 Is The Best
    Win98 Is The Best 4 days ago

    I'm fit

  • salg23
    salg23 4 days ago

    I don’t blame the qataris, working out with average 35/40 degrees celcius must be a pain in the ass.

  • Tasneem Ahemd
    Tasneem Ahemd 5 days ago

    You may got your facts right...but the failed.

    TANZANYALI ÖKKEŞ 5 days ago

    Yeah. Just put Arabs in the thumbnail, good job.

  • Kiki
    Kiki 5 days ago

    اغلبهم عرب😂

  • supertroll
    supertroll 7 days ago

    High iq low obesity

  • supertroll
    supertroll 7 days ago

    Glad I’m 170

  • supertroll
    supertroll 7 days ago

    3rd worlders blessed to first isn’t really a blessing

  • supertroll
    supertroll 7 days ago

    Unearned wealth is unnatural. Iq should develop in ratio

  • smart water
    smart water 8 days ago +1

    East Asians are superior they stay lean and healthy

  • Swapna Alluri
    Swapna Alluri 8 days ago

    When your Indian and your probably the least diabetic and obese country in the world
    Hallo from India

  • DJ Drag
    DJ Drag 9 days ago

    I can eat only one burger one day

  • ibrahim al-qatami
    ibrahim al-qatami 9 days ago

    why am I not surprised that we are 2nd place 😧😧😧😧😧

  • Cybe Gooroog
    Cybe Gooroog 10 days ago

    I live in Kuwait

  • Wyl Austin
    Wyl Austin 10 days ago

    I dont believe that the USA is 10th

  • Endrit Zeneli
    Endrit Zeneli 10 days ago +2

    How is America not first in the obese list?
    They eat the most KFC, most McDonalds and most Burger King.
    They even invented soda.
    These are facts not offensive descriptions. Please don't take it seriously.

    • Marissa Arai
      Marissa Arai 7 hours ago

      Yeah, but America also has a bunch of extremely health conscious people on the other side. Yoga, organic food stores (including two big nationwide chains), fitness centers, vegetarianism/paleo/etc diets (all reduce consumption of processed foods, the real problem) are all super popular among a percentage of the population.

    • Gary L
      Gary L 5 days ago

      If you had heard or read the info on the video you should have noted that it is talking about PERCENTAGES not the gross numbers of obese people, per total population. Of course, the USA ,with over 300 Million People, is going to have way more obese people than Kuwait or South Africa, etc. That was not the point of the video. If you do not know what a "percentage" is, how can your comment be taken "seriously", except as yet another tiresome cheap jibe at the USA, a country you obviously know nothing about.

  • afia mazumdar
    afia mazumdar 10 days ago

    Saudis don’t dress like this

  • C003 Plays
    C003 Plays 11 days ago +1

    America is making everyone fat!

    • Gary L
      Gary L 4 days ago

      How is America "making" everyone fat.? If you do not like Amerian style fast food DO NOT EAT IT=problem solved and you can then go on to other more important things to make the country where you live a better place w/o playing the delusional tired old " BAD AMERICA" card.

  • metal \m/
    metal \m/ 11 days ago

    HAHAHAH MY COUNTRY IS ON THIS LIST :"D الله علي طيازك يا مصر

  • Amal Dev U
    Amal Dev U 11 days ago +1

    America in Making Everyone Fat

  • Daan Leeraar
    Daan Leeraar 12 days ago

    I'm proud of the Netherlands! :D
    Dutchies waar zijn jullie?😂👌

  • Lqz3r
    Lqz3r 12 days ago +1

    Αν ηταν η Ελλαδα σε αυτήν την λίστα θα με άφηνε άφονω.
    If they had Greece in this list it would let me speechless.

  • elmehdi mk150799
    elmehdi mk150799 12 days ago

    USA should be first

  • wenhao Wang
    wenhao Wang 13 days ago

    Country much more fattest country will be practice sport or run!

  • Anne Nielsen
    Anne Nielsen 13 days ago

    I took a test to see how much I would weigh if I was American... it was 20 kilos more than my weight... that’s kinda scary

  • Kommisarie Rex
    Kommisarie Rex 14 days ago +1

    Japan has the second highest amount of McDonalds restaurants per capita, yet they have little problems with obesity. It is not about "western food culture" as this shit channel claims, it is about the mentality of the people. Arab people in general are infamous for having low impulse control. Look how they drive, listen to how aggressive their language sounds when spoken and you will understand why there are so many arab countries on this list. They lack the impulse control to consume a balanced diet.

  • Verix L
    Verix L 14 days ago +1

    Why is everyone neglecting the message here?

  • DominoFuel
    DominoFuel 15 days ago

    I thought Tonga would be on the list.

  • gigie sweeton
    gigie sweeton 15 days ago

    Yeah not lying... when you visit Egypt, you'll see everyone has a slim shape but a really giant football in their belly

  • Jungleboy22689/ coolnakerz

    Omg I live In Uae From A Filipino

  • Michele Givens
    Michele Givens 15 days ago

    OK, not to be nitpicky, but why are all the nurses wearing high heels? And what was up with that Egyptian graphic?

  • CoolPandaPlayz
    CoolPandaPlayz 15 days ago

    Who knew USA was gonna be here?

  • Coolbeans
    Coolbeans 16 days ago

    I literally ordered Macdonalds! I’m not overweight though...

  • Ubah Awaale
    Ubah Awaale 16 days ago

    I feel like some people didn't want to tell the truth in the poll. And I'm still wondering how the UK isn't on the list

  • Dávid Gaming
    Dávid Gaming 16 days ago

    2 number 9 and 2 number 6!!!

  • justThat
    justThat 16 days ago

    Countries which are skinny got terrible food so noone eat much make them skinny while obese countries has delicious food

  • Moon Love
    Moon Love 16 days ago

    I. short Arabs are far!

  • Reem Mohammed
    Reem Mohammed 16 days ago

    Wth?! Egypt is the 5th fattest country?!

  • VodkaVodka123 XD
    VodkaVodka123 XD 16 days ago

    I’m not sure they lead by example, in AUSTRALIA England leads by example

  • thisrandomboy999
    thisrandomboy999 17 days ago

    I am 14 5’11 and 125 lbs am I obese

  • Harrison Berwick
    Harrison Berwick 17 days ago

    Wait so where is the uk

  • David Hoshour
    David Hoshour 17 days ago

    Western diet you mean McDonalds

  • Kawaii Potato // Kpop Trash

    I’m proud of South Korea for not being on that list♥️Also kinda shooketh USA isn’t in 1st place,no offense Americans💜

  • Randomness Otaku
    Randomness Otaku 17 days ago

    Surprised that North Korea isnt there

  • Crystallized
    Crystallized 18 days ago +1

    Geez I, a 12 year old 95 pounder would’ve thought I was overweight

  • mafkaast
    mafkaast 18 days ago

    I was surprised that the UK and some other western/european countries weren't on this list. But I looked it up, in the Netherlands 14 percent are obese. But around 50 percent of our population is at least overweight! So that is a lot, but shockingly the number of obesity isn't that high in comparison with these countries.
    I was overweight for some time, but I am currently at a normal weight again! I used the BMI and my waist measurements.
    It's so easy to gain weight simply because we eat too much food that we don't need because a lot of people are very inactive but have easy access to food.

  • gprentice
    gprentice 18 days ago +1

    Canada isn't here? Got em.

  • Leonardo Velez
    Leonardo Velez 18 days ago

    Dios mio mexico
    ( my god mexico)

  • vanessa hernandez
    vanessa hernandez 18 days ago

    South america isn't here 😁😁😁😁😊

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 18 days ago

    10th place? We gotta do better America. First place or nothing.

  • Lisa Lentile
    Lisa Lentile 18 days ago

    The word obese sounds like describing a bad smell

  • Lisa Lentile
    Lisa Lentile 18 days ago

    America is one

  • Joy Damabel
    Joy Damabel 18 days ago

    When America was 10th I was shocked. I glad though at least we’re not first

  • Lavender Animations
    Lavender Animations 19 days ago

    I'm wheezing at the title, I'm so freaking immature 🤣🤣

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox 19 days ago

    Not surprised. Arab people are voracious eaters and the laziest I’ve known.

  • Gloria Sommerson
    Gloria Sommerson 19 days ago

    ( ^ -^)
    / /

  • abdullah f aljuhani2009.Official

    I live Saudi Arabia

  • xSimplyMarshmellows XSM

    Why are there many fat middle easterns on the thumbnail, lol.

  • Lim Sreyneang
    Lim Sreyneang 20 days ago

    How bout Thailand

  • Zephryn Zach
    Zephryn Zach 20 days ago

    My country isn’t on the list 😂

  • Vega Bhen
    Vega Bhen 21 day ago

    I'm able to shed 42 kilos in 6 months
    from 122 kg > 80 kg
    I dont eat breakfast, I only eat veggies as lunch and I eat fruits at dinner
    also, i'm drinking A LOT of water
    I jogged once or twice a week
    although it was very hard, but yeah, it's possible

  • Reyna Lindström
    Reyna Lindström 21 day ago

    USA are the fates country in the world!!!!!!

  • Ali Akber
    Ali Akber 21 day ago

    I am from UAE...

  • Blu Heavy
    Blu Heavy 22 days ago

    Surprised that Bahrain (My country) isn’t part of it. DESPITE IT BEING AN ARABIAN COUNTRY!

  • C P
    C P 22 days ago

    You mispronounced Qatar. It’s pronounced like Cutter

  • 3zo Adel
    3zo Adel 23 days ago

    Kuwait 😋❤️🇰🇼

  • Abdullah CMohammed
    Abdullah CMohammed 23 days ago

    Bruh I am Kuwaiti and my mom and dad are fat but guess what IM THIN😂

  • Jana M. Altawil
    Jana M. Altawil 23 days ago

    Egypt is no. 5 and we don't even have products 😂😂(+_+)

  • Fathimath rufaida
    Fathimath rufaida 23 days ago +1

    No india😗😍😍

  • Wisdom of Islam
    Wisdom of Islam 24 days ago

    Yah Saudi Arabia is really fat 😂

  • Matthew Cheung
    Matthew Cheung 24 days ago

    how is USA not the first? 48% of you is medically obese and 2/3 is overweight

  • Anna Epler
    Anna Epler 24 days ago

    Am actually a lot of people don’t look up to America in north Europe...and i personally think that Americas really f**ked up but ya know there are a lot of different opinions so not gonna say that America isn’t looked up to..
    Just wanted to put it out there

  • Top Time
    Top Time 24 days ago

    I really don’t like how things were described. So ridiculous !

  • jessie mayfield
    jessie mayfield 25 days ago

    Samoa should be here they have a big problem

  • Avérina Sanchez
    Avérina Sanchez 25 days ago

    Why South Africa??Extreme corruption? I'm living there right now and let me tell you, very few fat people exist. South Africans are known for their extreme curves, wide hips and large number of kids with ADHD. What rubbish

  • C Animates
    C Animates 25 days ago

    Also Russia isn’t here so yay