What Are The Fattest Countries In The World?


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  • Saptarshi Mazumder
    Saptarshi Mazumder 4 hours ago

    No matter how much I eat I can't get above 12% body fat. I'm genetically blessed

  • deborabh mason
    deborabh mason 6 hours ago

    I hurd u are a fan of simple history.

  • Sunnyneko *
    Sunnyneko * 9 hours ago

    I know this is rude... But it's weird...I was thinking about bags and containers. you fill them up and they get really fat and flabby...and then I was thinking that people are just filling themselves up like kiddie pools. It reminds me of that thing where the Nazis taped hoses to the Jews mouth and filled them up (idk if it's real but the thought is horrifying)
    I mean...they are becoming circles. It's bizzare

  • Isabella Chase-Granger
    Isabella Chase-Granger 10 hours ago

    Pfft nobody looks up to America anymore not after the 2016 election

  • Narutoisdabest :p
    Narutoisdabest :p 12 hours ago

    Rude and tacos and churros are weird if u say it’s mexican food

  • DaGazz369
    DaGazz369 15 hours ago

    No Euro country???? Wow

  • Doshenano YT
    Doshenano YT Day ago

    “Qatar (btw I’m qatarian)” lol true even I was obese lol

  • Elements 206411
    Elements 206411 Day ago

    Eat meat they said, it's healthy they said..

  • SuperLimerick
    SuperLimerick Day ago

    Do countries get fat?

  • cementra2007
    cementra2007 2 days ago

    Obesity is covered in ksa health insurance

  • VioletViolent The Fangrill

    but way about malaysia?? Oh wait....Malaysia is less


    Wow....I’m from Saudi Arabia and I don’t know that...

  • boop doop
    boop doop 3 days ago

    Ur mom.

  • M.R Penguin YT
    M.R Penguin YT 5 days ago

    Egyptians do not dress like Arabs because thank God they are not

  • Alimgs1
    Alimgs1 5 days ago

    wut Kuwait is the second 😨

  • saudi ryder
    saudi ryder 5 days ago +1

    تخسي يئالكلب اسعودية مهيب سمينه انت اسمين

  • Hector The Human
    Hector The Human 6 days ago

    *1. United States*

  • Anas Omar
    Anas Omar 6 days ago

    Its unfair, some countries on the list has 400 thousands total population! They shouldn’t be counted

  • آكل الدهون
    آكل الدهون 6 days ago

    Problem in Egypt is mostly coming from wheat

  • Anna Pfeffer
    Anna Pfeffer 6 days ago

    “To whom most other countries look up to” sure honey ;)

    ADEL RAAD 7 days ago

    This channel is an American propaganda with wrong information in every video it made

  • Islam1
    Islam1 8 days ago

    يا حسافه علي العرب والعروبه انظرو لإخوانكم العرب والمسلمين ملايين بدون طعام وبدون يعني تحت خط الفقر والجوع

  • sagar vhanmane
    sagar vhanmane 8 days ago

    Obesity is genetic

  • nishant shah
    nishant shah 8 days ago

    India won't join the list ever lol

  • DeadMarine1980
    DeadMarine1980 8 days ago

    Stop drinking soda's.

  • Harshit Srivastava
    Harshit Srivastava 9 days ago

    Let us move to Nauru

  • Allen mclore Putin
    Allen mclore Putin 9 days ago

    All It's bcz of America....

  • Saptarshi Bhaumik
    Saptarshi Bhaumik 9 days ago

    What India is not on the list!!

    • Saptarshi Bhaumik
      Saptarshi Bhaumik 8 days ago

      +Sneha Singh dekna kitne log mote hain hamare Desh mein, aur inhone India Ko list me nahi Dala😂😂
      That's hilarious 😂😂

    • Sneha Singh
      Sneha Singh 8 days ago

      well obviously. ......duh. We just have spices in our food that's why our food tastes great without gaining any fat.

  • Shoaib Ahmed
    Shoaib Ahmed 9 days ago

    Proud to be Indian

  • Jolewska :p
    Jolewska :p 10 days ago


  • Laila Abdel Ghaffar
    Laila Abdel Ghaffar 11 days ago

    how is Egypt 5th I’m so shocked😓😭

  • Gaming Kid
    Gaming Kid 11 days ago

    People : you are what u eat.
    Me : eats chicken.

    I am not a chicken okay?

  • Gaming Kid
    Gaming Kid 11 days ago

    My country, India, is the most underweight country in the world with 26% population underweight.blame VEGETARIANISM

  • xxbeastxplayaxx
    xxbeastxplayaxx 11 days ago

    I don't see many oversized ppl here in.... "murica" .... but I can admit that most of us are overweight. It's just a stereotype to keep it short,
    I am surprised we were 10.

  • themasterplays
    themasterplays 11 days ago

    How can you compare 400m population to 30m population

  • Dr. sludge
    Dr. sludge 11 days ago

    Now you guys can’t make fun the u.s.

  • Japanese Ponnchi
    Japanese Ponnchi 12 days ago

    Avoiding carbohydrates is good. You won’t want it once you get used to it.

  • Car Truck
    Car Truck 12 days ago

    but most people are fit

    BOB THE ROB 12 days ago

    wait a minute , only 30-40 % are obese in those top 10 , wtf

  • Salha Hussein
    Salha Hussein 12 days ago

    one things is for sure you have Muslim and Arabu people that why you just made this list which is not true at all first America should be no. 1 because most of his people it fast food or chemical people and Europe too but arab countries it mostly healthy food fruit, vegetable and fresh milk with no chemical in it but in Europe everything you it is 10% chemical that why censer is more in europe and America than any country in the world

  • Bill Smart
    Bill Smart 13 days ago

    kuwait is not in arab peninsula.

  • Happy fun time The second

    No surprise

  • sireena *marichat *
    sireena *marichat * 13 days ago +1

    I am Arabian Glad didn't see Jordan 😂😂

  • Khalid 911
    Khalid 911 13 days ago

    Fast food this the problem in Middle East bad food

    KKKLEJ H2O 14 days ago

    They Must Ban Unihealthy Food

  • jessica young
    jessica young 14 days ago

    I don’t think this is accurate USA should be 1 and South Africa ??! I am South African and there’s no way there’s so many obese people

  • Martin Olsson
    Martin Olsson 14 days ago

    "As the country to whom most other countries look up to, America" ... Really? Whatever makes you happy....

  • CB Nation
    CB Nation 14 days ago

    I hate fat people.

  • Pro youtuber
    Pro youtuber 15 days ago +1

    Yay I'm from India my country is not obese

  • Some random Yu-Gi-Oh fangirl

    Hello from Bosnia and Herzegovina A. K. A. a country that isn't on this list :P!! *_WOHOO0OO0 GO BIH!!_*

  • Fifa 17 GTA 5 Kaka
    Fifa 17 GTA 5 Kaka 15 days ago

    Allah akber we won in this video

  • Asami Kobayashi
    Asami Kobayashi 16 days ago

    Lol I’m Kuwaiti and I do agree , ( though I’m not fat ) people here are spoiled with money, food and entertainment.

  • Dragon Strike1501
    Dragon Strike1501 16 days ago

    I’ve never been obese so to speak. A little over a year ago, I weighed 200 pounds for a height of 6’4. You might say that this isn’t an unusual weight for a person of this height, but it was all fat and no muscle and you could see it. I did not work out in any way and I ate way more than I should have been, and it wasn’t healthy food. One day, I decided to enter the police, so I had to start training. I lost close to 25 pounds. I move much more, eat much healthier and picked up a martial art (brazilian Jiu Jitsu). I feel more confident and right now, I’m becoming a personal trainer.
    Here’s my advice to people who want to lose weight and change their life:
    If you can afford it, take a coach. You will progress faster. I realize not everydody has the money for that so in case you don’t, go along with a friend who’s been going to the gym for a while and who can help you. Eat healthier. Cut out sodas and junk food. They are extremely high in sugar and fat and if you don’t move much, you’ll see the pounds packing on every day. Eat white meat, like chicken or turkey, green vegetables, healthy fats like fish, avocado and olive oil. Most importantly, move. Walk more, go for a run, stretch. You don’t need to become a powerlifter to be healthy. At the gym, focus on cardio, don’t go for the heavy weights straight away.

  • AzizNotAziz
    AzizNotAziz 16 days ago

    Laughing my ass off over the fact that almost the entire GCC was on that list except my country, PROUD TO BE BAHRAINI HAHAHA

    PURPLE// AESTHETIC 16 days ago

    wow im surprised U.S.A isnt first hehe

  • senthil kumar vignesh
    senthil kumar vignesh 17 days ago

    Are the Muslims don't think that western food is unislamic......... ????cause lots of western products are dismissed as unislamic...... What about the western food...?? Is it not unislamic??

  • SMI05011459
    SMI05011459 17 days ago

    how the UK isn't on the list is beyond me!

  • Naruto h
    Naruto h 17 days ago

    Now how’s the thinnest?

  • nigga
    nigga 18 days ago

    You didn’t leave a country alone from Middle East.
    This channel is really wrong.
    I live there, and rarely you can see fat people.

  • IFFI
    IFFI 18 days ago

    Most other countries look upto? Are you on acid?

  • Abdullah Senani
    Abdullah Senani 18 days ago

    I'm from Saudi Arabia and bariatric surgery is (and other similar overweight-related surgeries and/or programs) are provided FREE by the government. I guess that's why health insurance companies don't cover them
    Even so, it's very unfortunate that obesity is a problem here and I think it started after the financial boom of discovering the biggest oil reserves in the world.
    However, not only is obesity a problem, Saudi also seems to suffer from food wasting and I hope that gets addressed and resolved soon as well.

    • KSA
      KSA 9 days ago +1

      وبسبب المفاطيح 😎🐏

  • Erin Lacey
    Erin Lacey 18 days ago

    Don’t worry. No ones looking to the USA for an example to anything.

  • Viktor Gylling
    Viktor Gylling 18 days ago

    Yay Happy music

  • Ken Hiew
    Ken Hiew 19 days ago

    Interestingly, no Asian country make it to the list. I am proud to be Asian! :)

  • Danger CityFC
    Danger CityFC 19 days ago

    Ive never even heard of Nauru

  • Kazuma Ogata
    Kazuma Ogata 20 days ago

    Probably mexico

    CARL JOHNSON 20 days ago +1

    i m glad india isnt in this list

  • devil dev
    devil dev 20 days ago

    It's not real. It's class differences more important. Unhealthy food is popular due to marketing. You made good points.

  • liquidswordfish
    liquidswordfish 20 days ago

    Lazy dna fulled with junk good what else you would expect from gulf countries..anyway american are earning from left to right ripping of those lazy arabs....giving problem and providing solutions not just in war but in real life too...

  • sara slays
    sara slays 20 days ago

    Im sudanese and im really skinny but south africa i dont belive there is alot of obese people

  • Rosalina Cortes
    Rosalina Cortes 20 days ago

    We’re I went everyone is so skinny

  • Rosalina Cortes
    Rosalina Cortes 20 days ago

    Mexico is a lie

  • Ibzy
    Ibzy 20 days ago +2

    Who was watching this eating food? I did......eating Ritz.......sweet chilli. Me? Only? No? Ok. *eats full bag of Ritz*

  • Carlos Sorto
    Carlos Sorto 20 days ago

    D I S L I K E

  • Ashish Rathod
    Ashish Rathod 21 day ago

    Arabs are getting fat on oil money

  • tú nguyễn
    tú nguyễn 21 day ago

    The reason is eating habit. In my country, we have a balanced diet with rice, meat/fish and the must-have thing is vegetables.

  • Eman Saad
    Eman Saad 22 days ago

    i think this is the most racist vid ever

  • Joe_H111
    Joe_H111 22 days ago

    1:04 I live in Europe, and I would just like to clarify that pretty much no one here looks up to you, America.

  • Mandy
    Mandy 22 days ago

    Good thing Ireland isn’t on here

  • Ugandan Knuckle
    Ugandan Knuckle 23 days ago

    Most of them are gulf countries

  • Keira Wilkinson
    Keira Wilkinson 23 days ago

    England isn’t in there wwooww

  • Oh Sweet Nicole
    Oh Sweet Nicole 24 days ago +2

    Wait what 10th place

  • donyamalak lolo
    donyamalak lolo 24 days ago

    Well ,i was expecting only USA and Saudi Arabia


    I always thought Arabs were really Fit

  • Johan De Jesus
    Johan De Jesus 25 days ago

    I've lost about 80 pounds and most were dropped with the ketogenic diet.

  • Ho Ho
    Ho Ho 25 days ago

    well but the population in gylf countries is very low qatar has less than a million people.UAE has about 1.9million people.kuwaut has 4million all that combined is nothing compared to America's 325million.and when it comes to saudi Arabia it is not that friendly of a country to have an exact statistics besides there is alot of nomads and tribes all over the country which you can't go to.

  • maz-e
    maz-e 25 days ago

    American fast food + lots of oil wealth = bad combo for the gulf states

  • Pi3C35
    Pi3C35 25 days ago

    Seems like America did it again, bringing damage to the world to gain money.

  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 25 days ago

    I like being a fat egyptian

  • Arjuna Indian
    Arjuna Indian 25 days ago

    Where is India?

  • Arjuna Indian
    Arjuna Indian 25 days ago

    Aj kal bangla teo ad dicche!

  • Amal Said
    Amal Said 25 days ago

    5 out of 10 world's fattest people are Arabs WTF

    • Amal Said
      Amal Said 8 days ago

      +KSA sorry to hear that. Also I knew you were joking but I'm just saying it's not a good thing to even pretend to be proud of if that makes sense.

    • KSA
      KSA 9 days ago

      +Amal Said
      Just joking i know it is not good. I suffer myself from obesity 💔💔💔

    • Amal Said
      Amal Said 9 days ago

      +KSA why? It's not good

    • KSA
      KSA 9 days ago

      بكل فخر 🤣😋

  • Hadi Mansour
    Hadi Mansour 26 days ago +1

    You cunk usa is first

  • Michael Wen
    Michael Wen 26 days ago


  • أميرة خان
    أميرة خان 26 days ago

    Fat arabs

  • Darko
    Darko 26 days ago

    Yeahh america most countries look up to you.. jk lol 😂

  • Debunka
    Debunka 26 days ago

    USA is first you said 32 percent of Mexico is overweight but 32 percent of America is obese

  • Aslama Wolf
    Aslama Wolf 27 days ago

    I thought USA was in top 1!

  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 27 days ago

    I thought Philippines would be part of the list HAHAHA

  • Abdul T
    Abdul T 27 days ago

    Who compiled this report? It should have been in the reverse.