BROCKHAMPTON - No Halo (Lyric)

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
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  • SkoreEdit84
    SkoreEdit84 24 days ago +1

    Appreciated to understand while listening, thanks for that
    One of my favorite song since I found it out

  • Paul Skies
    Paul Skies Month ago +1

    Joba's verse though! So good

  • Lorena Serrano
    Lorena Serrano Month ago +3

    Favorite boy band right now thx for lyrics

  • bob ross
    bob ross Month ago +2

    Rn im tryna use this as a guide to memorize the song! Working well so far.

  • McClelland
    McClelland Month ago +1


  • thatBoyZerk
    thatBoyZerk Month ago +15

    merlyn's verse is so sick

  • JuicyMender 1616
    JuicyMender 1616 Month ago

  • kerropi off-brand
    kerropi off-brand Month ago +4

    thank you for the lyric vid! ÷)

  • oh hell
    oh hell Month ago +9

    thank youu. i love this song from bh and it’s been on repeat since it came out 😂

  • fashión
    fashión Month ago +1

  • C Y
    C Y Month ago +13


    • Flaye
      Flaye 28 days ago

      they were pretty good but bearface just said 2 lines in his verse lol.

    • Fiji Water Zzz
      Fiji Water Zzz Month ago

      Ezan Khan thanks mate

    • Ezan Khan
      Ezan Khan Month ago

      @Fiji Water Zzz joba is at 2:43 and bearface at 3:05

    • Fiji Water Zzz
      Fiji Water Zzz Month ago

      C Y not a big fan can and I want to get more into them can u tell me the order which they go in?

  • Fazekas Vlad
    Fazekas Vlad Month ago +3

    you’re awesome. Love this song

  • Leons Orteg
    Leons Orteg Month ago +30

    Dang man that was quick, thank you

  • millie
    millie Month ago +3

    Thanks man