college day in my life vlog (being productive for once!!)

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
  • a very rare productive day: went to ALL my classes, the library and EVEN worked out wow
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    Hope you enjoyed this college vlog!
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  • Earl Cabbel
    Earl Cabbel 11 days ago +1

    Great looking winter coat! First class and looks expensive

  • Master Dawn
    Master Dawn 2 months ago

    What college do you attend?

  • Lailah Dio
    Lailah Dio 2 months ago

    If Camila Cabello and Ariana Grande had a daughter..

  • A B
    A B 3 months ago +1

    Idk where you live but it’s super cute, seems like a lil village, the coffee shop looked so cozy and cute ✨

  • A B
    A B 3 months ago +1

    Are we allowed to eat in a library in America ? 🤩 cause in France we aren’t 😂

  • Gina Finnemann
    Gina Finnemann 3 months ago +2

    I usually hate vlogs but this was actually interesting and entertaining

  • Cleveland A White
    Cleveland A White 3 months ago

    What college do you go to? :)

  • Rahul Biswa
    Rahul Biswa 3 months ago

    Hey! Just a random weird question ummm did you have a TVclip channel when you were a little girl? Idk 😂😂😂😂😂💛

  • Boo James
    Boo James 3 months ago

    Do u go to UPenn?

  • Alejandra Silva (Student)

    What is her college?????

  • Le Tout Petit Prince
    Le Tout Petit Prince 3 months ago

    You're so pretty! Ild date you Jasmineee😁

  • Maxine Naiker
    Maxine Naiker 4 months ago

    Please do more college vlogs

  • It’s ayah Babe
    It’s ayah Babe 5 months ago

    I tho you’re vigan!

  • M G
    M G 5 months ago

    OMG 😮 your so cute tho😍 I’m from Chicago

  • Hii Heyy
    Hii Heyy 6 months ago

    R u lebanese?

  • isha paul
    isha paul 7 months ago

    Okay what is the song in 2:00...Pls can someone🤗

  • KoKo Berry
    KoKo Berry 7 months ago

    Is it just me? Or does she remind me of Camilla cabeo with her eyes, lips,nose, hair..her entire face REMINDS ME OF CAMILLA

  • Manal
    Manal 8 months ago

    I'm not a psychic or anything but I genuinely see u becoming a poppin TVclipr you're mad funny
    moreee college vlogs pls!!

  • Kundan K Vlog
    Kundan K Vlog 8 months ago

    Hey ! Where r u from.

  • emillia
    emillia 8 months ago +3

    just found your channel and OMG i loved it

  • Sibtain Raza
    Sibtain Raza 9 months ago

    Being in college my self its great to see someone with same habits Yasmine ... Reaching morning classes late 😋... Holy cow i use to think my college sucks it goes so late till 5:30 but yours are a step ahead 😄 .

  • Joshua Ragoonath
    Joshua Ragoonath 9 months ago

    U look like camilla

  • Dinesh Choudhary
    Dinesh Choudhary 9 months ago

    You are so cute dear

    MOVIE HORIZON 9 months ago

    I attended your same University... Good luck with your studies!

    • Jeane Rei
      Jeane Rei 3 months ago

      MOVIE HORIZON what is the name of the university?

  • fire duck
    fire duck 9 months ago


  • Joel Haokip
    Joel Haokip 9 months ago +1

    I love u...lets date😎

  • Thaynner Bastos
    Thaynner Bastos 9 months ago

    You don't scare me at all. Send me a message. I'm gonna leave Brazil right now for u. ❤️

  • Jorge Jones
    Jorge Jones 9 months ago

    what's the song at 5:17?

  • Mrtnz Mrtnz
    Mrtnz Mrtnz 9 months ago +1

    Marry me 💍 love

  • Nicholas Pinto
    Nicholas Pinto 9 months ago +1


  • Riad Imeri
    Riad Imeri 9 months ago

    How old is she?

  • snipergang
    snipergang 9 months ago

    yassuo sister?

  • littleasian fangirl
    littleasian fangirl 9 months ago +1

    wait on your comment description, you don't usually go to your classes?? omg

  • Oto Cinco / STRM Cinco
    Oto Cinco / STRM Cinco 9 months ago

    Be my girlfriend

  • t j
    t j 9 months ago

    Love you beby

  • najila .z
    najila .z 9 months ago

    You look like Camila cabello ♥️

  • Lu bag
    Lu bag 9 months ago +1

    Everyone just stares
    She's so cute

    COOL AVI 9 months ago

    Ayuyy That’s my girl -__-

  • Inderpal Singh
    Inderpal Singh 9 months ago

    Boooommmmmmmmmm face 💐

  • FU President
    FU President 9 months ago

    Nice job using ur beauty to get views. All your videos literally have a picture of ur face in the thumbnail. Girls who do this are sad.

  • Uriel Alonso
    Uriel Alonso 9 months ago

    So beautiful 😍

  • Flaco Guerrero
    Flaco Guerrero 9 months ago +1

    Beautiful Yasmine amin ~>¤º♡

  • Z H
    Z H 9 months ago

    are you vegan?

    • Yasmine Amin
      Yasmine Amin  9 months ago

      Katie Mart no but I try to avoid dairy

  • 19may0001
    19may0001 9 months ago

    I can tell you a lesbian

  • Ammar Ayaz
    Ammar Ayaz 9 months ago

    Hey yasmine u from

  • Fırat KARA
    Fırat KARA 9 months ago

    Peki sana bir soru aynı anda hem pariste hem new yorkta hem tokyoda hemde dubaide parti var nasıl idrak edeceksin astronot sakın olma baloncuk partisimi yapıyor o bebeler hesabı

  • Lubna Shaikh
    Lubna Shaikh 9 months ago

    I think she is christen.

  • Premiere TV
    Premiere TV 9 months ago +2

    السلام عليكم ، I'm new here, love from INDIA

  • Trell TV
    Trell TV 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who gets ariana grande vibes? Love the channel. I just subbed:)

  • Crazy Man
    Crazy Man 9 months ago +1

    U r so beautiful😘😘😘😘

  • Ali Zafar
    Ali Zafar 9 months ago

    U are so beautiful

  • The Bosnian Dragon
    The Bosnian Dragon 9 months ago

    That is not snowing lol. Come to the Balkans then you will see the real meaning of snow

  • Amber Spirit
    Amber Spirit 9 months ago

    Amin sounds like a muslim hehehe

  • FreshYoungLeaves
    FreshYoungLeaves 9 months ago

    handheld Tripod not enough, you need gimbal to make better vlog especially when you are moving or walking

  • Anupam Sarkar
    Anupam Sarkar 9 months ago


  • bryan gomez
    bryan gomez 9 months ago


  • Danni Hill89
    Danni Hill89 9 months ago


  • Apollo NEXiRA
    Apollo NEXiRA 9 months ago


  • zein albasam
    zein albasam 9 months ago

    Gym girls where you at😎

  • Mase
    Mase 9 months ago

    You are wery will