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  • Justice M
    Justice M 15 hours ago

    Rent 9000 though?? My mortgage is under $850 and I have more space than that 😳

  • P Cuff
    P Cuff 21 hour ago

    Trust me she has a stash🤑🤑🤑

  • o e
    o e 22 hours ago

    It's kinda weird when I do not see the face ...😂

  • It's Me Lili
    It's Me Lili Day ago

    30k in debt, 30k worth of shoes, no savings....
    she’s gonna be screwed if her and her fiancé split up.

  • Yin Li Yap
    Yin Li Yap Day ago

    Appreciate her honesty

  • Marg P
    Marg P 2 days ago

    So her husband is her sugar daddy.....basically right?

  • Elka Paredes
    Elka Paredes 2 days ago

    Her ring is 49K🤡🏃‍♀️

  • Ngat Kpa
    Ngat Kpa 2 days ago

    Her savings account is her business. She can sell it.

  • Gemz Forever
    Gemz Forever 3 days ago

    $9000 a month for rent? Baby girl you’re throwing away money. That’s atleast 3 mortgages .. with good credit you can have a mortgage for $1500 -2900 a month.. she could’ve paid off the small 30K debt 5 times already and also .. you should always save to have something to fall back on .. hustling backwards

  • Aisha Dyer
    Aisha Dyer 3 days ago

    All she has to do is change zip codes and cut back on food. Move to brooklyn or closer to Harlem and she would not only pay off her debt in less than a year, she could save 50 grand.

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris 7 days ago

    that 50k ring tho

  • Green Peas
    Green Peas 9 days ago

    Does someone know her????

  • Maya Angeline
    Maya Angeline 10 days ago

    I’m 17 and have more savings than some of the people in this series, what is going on?

  • Jess Blaikie
    Jess Blaikie 11 days ago

    Terrifying and dangerously misleading when you hear the final comments.

  • jennifer allen
    jennifer allen 12 days ago

    she said 30,000 in shoes. sell those suckers and pay off your debt!

  • Melinda Jonathan
    Melinda Jonathan 12 days ago +21

    That’s good to hear I make that when I was 26years old with the help of many investment like. (Cd) Government bond funds, high-yield online savings accounts forex and stocks market .

  • Koya Moon
    Koya Moon 13 days ago

    You guys realize that 90% of the youtubers and Instagram influencers that you follow and aspire to be like, are even worse off than this woman !!

  • De K
    De K 13 days ago

    A few things to point out: 1.$180k is not a lot of money if you spend beyond your means. 2. You’re not financially independent if you claim you depend on your fiancé to live in that apt. 3. I’m going to take a wild guess you never really “struggled financially in your 20’s” as you say you did. I’m going to say you struggled to afford the things you wanted like an LV bag. 4. No savings and making $180k/yr? Still not very smart with money.

  • Kevin Sims
    Kevin Sims 13 days ago

    $10,000 a month for rent is literally throwing money in the trash like this apartment

  • Marit Ko
    Marit Ko 14 days ago

    What's her blog called though?

  • iliana maria
    iliana maria 14 days ago

    she could pay off her debt if she sold half her shoes

  • Freedom Doran
    Freedom Doran 15 days ago

    Can someone tell me who's giving her all these gifts totalling over 250k, I'm lucky if I get one gift more than $50 😂

  • Lillie Dykes
    Lillie Dykes 15 days ago +3

    “I have a subscription to Keep Candles, where i get a candle every month” This girl really paying 30$ for a candle every month I-

  • Multilovinglove
    Multilovinglove 15 days ago +1

    she literally stated that "she relies on her boyfriend financially to live where she is" might wanna change that

    PORJ KINS 15 days ago

    Almost 10,000 dollars a month going to a landlord just to keep up with the Jones .

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  • Oni
    Oni 15 days ago

    I’m confused, she has $30k in shoes but has $35k in debt?! She spends $400 a month on car services, $300-400 a WEEK on food, and $900 on a photographer. It seams like her priorities aren’t in order. Why not just pay your debt? You make enough money to do so.

  • Maria Vargas-Salazar
    Maria Vargas-Salazar 15 days ago

    $9000 for rent?!?! Omg

  • AJL
    AJL 15 days ago

    Why are you listing her business expenses ? A lot of those are deductions through her taxes.

  • Actually_
    Actually_ 16 days ago

    Dumb financial decisions.......

  • b
    b 16 days ago

    I can't believe she doesn't save *anything*! Does she think her influencer powers will last forever? Like, buy 25% fewer shoes and save the rest.

  • Armela Sina
    Armela Sina 16 days ago

    I’m not here to judge how she spends her money but this is insane. She is 31 years old and has no savings and is making 180k a year. How.... how does that not bother her? How can she be so irresponsible with such a good income?

  • brittany nicholson
    brittany nicholson 16 days ago

    Did she say her rent was $9,000

  • Cristen C.
    Cristen C. 16 days ago

    She's relatable af.. Im her, she's me

  • Sabrina Batdorf
    Sabrina Batdorf 16 days ago +2

    No one is talking about her gifts and how expensive they are.

    • KiavaG216
      KiavaG216 13 days ago

      Sabrina Batdorf $25,000 art hanging on the wall gifted!!!

  • Vidya Krishnan
    Vidya Krishnan 16 days ago

    I loved this ! More please !

  • Brianny Ortiz
    Brianny Ortiz 17 days ago +2

    I need to know whose giving her all these dam gifts

  • Laura Roberts
    Laura Roberts 17 days ago

    Well,the cute dog was interesting!!

  • adobemilligan
    adobemilligan 17 days ago +62

    She casually said “My rent is 9000 a month” and I literally screamed

    • Sharee Scott
      Sharee Scott 14 days ago

      That could pay a whole year of my tuition.

    • Ayan Omar
      Ayan Omar 15 days ago +1

      adobemilligan my brain shut off after she said she has no savings?? I cant understand!!!

  • Cassie De Pecol
    Cassie De Pecol 17 days ago

    Her IG:

  • C 802
    C 802 17 days ago

    I read that the poor save and the rich invest and that investing creates a cycle of wealth, while savings run dry. While her financial flow may seem strange, I can understand her thoughts. Saving and investing have the same goal, financial security, with different paths and mindsets. She makes so much that she can re-direct income for unexpected expenses. She has multiple streams of income, not just one like many people, which is another financial security, arguably better than 10-20% yearly savings.

  • Sharon Browne-Peter
    Sharon Browne-Peter 17 days ago +1

    Does she really think her influencer business is going to last for the next 20 years? 🤦🏽‍♀️ girl you’re better save and clear your dept, sis.

  • Giorgia Fornari
    Giorgia Fornari 18 days ago

    180k a year and buys pre-made meals in plastic containers. It's 2019 lady, the age of plastic is over.

  • tyra Jackson
    tyra Jackson 18 days ago +1

    I love this girl. She worked for a lifestyle she wanted.

  • KatsThought KP
    KatsThought KP 18 days ago

    🙎🙎She can pay her other debt in 1 year of her blog pay alone!!!.. 🙎🙎

  • Nova Del Fuego
    Nova Del Fuego 19 days ago

    Im 19.. make literally 20k a year and even I have savings and only $300 in cc debt, how are these people ok with this lol

  • Hylin1125
    Hylin1125 19 days ago

    She makes $180k a year but has the lifestyle of someone who is making mid to upper 6 digits. I hope she's not running her company that way...but maybe she deduct some of those rent and other costs as business expense.

  • Dragonlover
    Dragonlover 19 days ago

    Calm down, guys, this is her life style. So everybody has to know what's right for her/him.

  • Miranda Ryan
    Miranda Ryan 19 days ago +9

    It doesn’t matter how much she earns she just throws it away. I would pay off that debt before I bought one more thing or took another trip.

  • k*don*
    k*don* 19 days ago

    Investing in bedding is what did. I have a 12k bed.

  • Stella Bella
    Stella Bella 19 days ago

    A middle aged white lady with a supreme phone case just screams tacky

    • Stella Bella
      Stella Bella 18 days ago

      The one you love to hate oof someone is in their 30s and feeling salty
      You’re right, 31 isn’t middle aged anymore cause people live longer, but someone old enough to be a mother, having a supreme case is still tacky

    • The one you love to hate
      The one you love to hate 19 days ago

      Stella Bella girl 31 isn’t middle aged 😒

  • shrishti sinha
    shrishti sinha 19 days ago

    who is giving these people those gifts lol? i need to get friends like that >.

  • Emma emma
    Emma emma 19 days ago

    the dog is luckier than me 😂😩

  • Neha Dubey
    Neha Dubey 19 days ago +1


  • Landon Yarborough
    Landon Yarborough 20 days ago

    I LOVED this! It’s amazing to see behind the curtain of a woman’s lifestyle like hers. It’s easy to judge her financial choices but it’s cool she’s sharing this

  • Alphonse Plays Games
    Alphonse Plays Games 20 days ago

    No wonder her fiancé keeps finances separate. She’s terrible at money. 😑😑😑😑😑

  • Ian Sherwood
    Ian Sherwood 20 days ago

    Why is this channel even promoting someone with such bad financial decisions. “Mmmm I don’t have a savings account”

  • Vitor Hugo
    Vitor Hugo 20 days ago

    She get 180k year but have a 30k debit lmao, and only pay 500 per month ...

    OLIVER NOWELL 20 days ago

    the kind of woman to hire interns for some BS menial tasks she needs done and not pay them but offer "school credit"

  • Lecintel
    Lecintel 20 days ago

    It always surprises me how people don't have breakfast, how can you even function
    Also, invest into your own apartment imo