I Built a FULL SIZE Tie Fighter/Silencer

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
  • What an epic project this has been, 46ft long 23ft wide and 14ft high the full steel construction looks as menacing as it does in the film.
    This was an eBay project so everything was sourced from their site to bring this monster together, and to complete the ship James Bruton has made a FULLY WORKING BB-9E so this is just a Star Wars feast and you can come SEE IT YOURSELF.
    The Tie fighter is on display at Burghley House in Stamford from Saturday the 2ND to Sunday the 10TH of December, I will be there on Sunday the 10th of December so come down and grab a selfie with me and the craft in real life.
    Location details - The postcode is Stamford PE9 3JY or visit the Burghley house Facebook page or website
    Also check out eBay's video where the kids got a day they will never forget
    This project would not be complete without James amazing droid so check his channel here to see him make it
    Next week's video shows how we built this monster so subscribe and check on my social channels for more
    Twitter twitter.com/colin_furze
    Instagram instagram.com/realcolinfurze/
    Facebook facebook.com/Colin-furze-521680751253584
    See Last years AT-ACT project here
    Build tvclip.biz/video/t8IYwnXgAj4/video.html
    Reveal tvclip.biz/video/sE1mr8iCvA8/video.html
    This project is being made with the support of eBay....Duh
    Check out their HUGE selection of Star Wars products here
    Intro Music supplied by Disney/Lucas and is "Clash Of The Mighty" by "Gareth Coker"
    2nd track is by "Alive Again" and is called "Always Forward"
    The Last track is Called "500" and is by "Braincoats"
    In a band, want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to furzemail@yahoo.co.uk as all music on this channel is from viewer's
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  9 months ago +2015

    What a build and you can come see it for yourself's at Burghley house in stamford from Saturday the 2nd of December till Sunday the 10th of December. Thanks to eBay for making this possible and subscribe so you don't miss the build video and Extras.

  • Imonlyhalfnuts really

    nice job on that

  • 8mills Dragon
    8mills Dragon 4 days ago

    If we was nabors I'll call the cops

  • spring Row
    spring Row 5 days ago

    Does it fly

  • Daniel Farrarons
    Daniel Farrarons 6 days ago

    At least some one will be like what the fuck Is wrong with this guy(not me tho)

  • Levi Cukas
    Levi Cukas 6 days ago

    id like to see a blackhawk made like this

  • MGTOW Republic of the Philippines

    Awesome man!

  • Dennis Karnes
    Dennis Karnes 9 days ago

    But can it do the Kessel run in 8 parsecs?

  • I love Eating ass
    I love Eating ass 9 days ago

    Full sized Death Star

  • Darth Dingus
    Darth Dingus 9 days ago

    fake, it doesn't even fly

  • StevenQ-NE-UK
    StevenQ-NE-UK 9 days ago

    Just got back from burley house. The tie fighter is awesome. Didnt run into Colin at the local supermarket though. Maybe next time lol

  • Umeed Bandu1
    Umeed Bandu1 9 days ago

    you are so doc from back to the future I can so see you building a god damn time machine loll

  • five golden bricks lego brickfilm ́s

    nice one lol

  • Aleister Willoughby
    Aleister Willoughby 10 days ago

    As of September 10th 2018, 2,478 people are pissed off that they didn't build their own 1:1 scale fake kylo ren tie fighter.

  • Lord of empire
    Lord of empire 10 days ago

    Can it fly though? Lmao

  • AnimalStomper
    AnimalStomper 10 days ago +1

    Star wars is not good...

  • Flying Retard
    Flying Retard 10 days ago

    That’s actually an Interceptor and not a Tie fighter

  • Gaming Warrior
    Gaming Warrior 11 days ago

    If you mount monitors in front of the windows you can make it a simulator :)

  • Parvej Ibn kamal
    Parvej Ibn kamal 11 days ago

    add an engine to it and get it some power to fly then you can go to space travel
    what a fighter man ,, you are great maker in the whole youtube man

  • SWF
    SWF 12 days ago

    The most amazing thing I have ever seen.

  • Paul M
    Paul M 12 days ago

    Did your videos of this thing at least have you brake even?

  • thebestraper 2000
    thebestraper 2000 12 days ago

    It flyes ?

  • Little Bitch
    Little Bitch 12 days ago

    How the fuck can he afford this and he doesn’t get ad revenue?

  • John David
    John David 12 days ago +1

    Wish it could fly

  • charlie fruirtbat
    charlie fruirtbat 12 days ago

    This should be put somewhere like a park for every one to enjoy

  • charlie fruirtbat
    charlie fruirtbat 12 days ago

    That's awesome

  • Sukumar Paul
    Sukumar Paul 13 days ago

    Awesome, bro looks acjectly same as the model.

  • Batuhan
    Batuhan 13 days ago

    Star wars is shit

  • th3Ace
    th3Ace 13 days ago +2

    u hav more subs than disney

  • The C
    The C 14 days ago

    I bet your neighbor love and hate you!

  • Adam Parsons
    Adam Parsons 14 days ago

    Isn’t that one called the tie interceptor?

  • Randall Fernando
    Randall Fernando 14 days ago

    This world it’s upside down!
    I’ll Show it to the poor kids in my country!

  • i RATE
    i RATE 16 days ago

    pretty useless. let me know when you build a real one lol

  • MittenzTheGod 00
    MittenzTheGod 00 16 days ago +2

    Tolerance Boner 😂😂😂😂😂 (watch :33 with subtitles on)

  • Jradix Playz
    Jradix Playz 16 days ago

    Give it to Disney and have them out this in galaxy's edge!

  • TRFYT [TheRagedFire]
    TRFYT [TheRagedFire] 16 days ago

    Make the ship fly!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GuildBankLooter
    GuildBankLooter 16 days ago

    Sjw wars

  • J Rand
    J Rand 18 days ago

    That is f*^cking epic!!

  • ThunderPunch23
    ThunderPunch23 18 days ago

    Now build a Death Star

  • Randy Ayo
    Randy Ayo 18 days ago

    Disney should hire you

  • Jim Kirk
    Jim Kirk 18 days ago

    it must be nice to a lot money & free time

  • William Nongsteng
    William Nongsteng 19 days ago

    Now make a full size Imperial Star Destroyer

  • swedish dude
    swedish dude 19 days ago

    It's a.t a.t cool vid though

  • bern steiner
    bern steiner 20 days ago

    I hope you could make it fly :)

  • Matt Robb
    Matt Robb 20 days ago

    Combine 4 hover bikes attached to this

  • Goliath Projects
    Goliath Projects 21 day ago

    What about building the Enterprise D?

  • Norbit Rice
    Norbit Rice 21 day ago

    Tie interceptor you meathead

  • jakstrieder
    jakstrieder 22 days ago

    cool project but I don't really like the way you did the "wings" on it, you should have used sheet mettle and painted the grid onto them. if not called up someone from the movie crew's special effects and ask about the wings.

  • samppo ppo
    samppo ppo 22 days ago

    You can do b29

  • Андрей Мартынов

    Я из России

  • univalent
    univalent 22 days ago

    Wow, this guy has talent. Build an x-wing fighter!

  • Demo ss
    Demo ss 22 days ago


  • unknown
    unknown 22 days ago

    does it fly ?

  • just Lyra
    just Lyra 24 days ago

    Damn his kids are so lucky

  • Timsit Family
    Timsit Family 24 days ago

    איזה קוווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווווולללל

  • Yoshi Desu
    Yoshi Desu 24 days ago

    Last jedi sucked

  • kristoff willcox
    kristoff willcox 24 days ago

    you should build an super star destroyer.

  • Louis B
    Louis B 24 days ago

    Il n'a aucune limite👍👍

  • Lil Chromezome
    Lil Chromezome 25 days ago

    now make it fly

  • Wilma Aiakraulen
    Wilma Aiakraulen 25 days ago +1

    It looks pretty shit tho😂

  • Bandet
    Bandet 26 days ago

    the joystick position looks very uncomfortable,k it's too far back your arm would get sore.

    INTENSA EMOZIONE 26 days ago +11

    Did This guy said Atat in the beginning!?
    Its called A.T.A.T. m8...

    • Mandalore Rising
      Mandalore Rising 9 days ago

      That's what I was thinking. Really cool video but please get it right. It's an All-Terrain-Armored-Transport not an Atat.

    • ?
      ? 16 days ago +2

      “shit the fuck up”

    • chris carter
      chris carter 20 days ago +1

      Get out more

    • TheBritishBulldog
      TheBritishBulldog 22 days ago +1

      its AT AT NOT ATAT

    • TrapReMixeZ
      TrapReMixeZ 24 days ago +1

      +INTENSA EMOZIONE well cause your talking shit it don't matter how he says it the point is unless you can make one of those then shit the fuck up beacuse it's just how he says it and tbh no one likes a snobby little smart ass.

  • Filip Recki
    Filip Recki 26 days ago

    Can it fly ?✈.

  • Sheev Palpatine Supreme Chancellor of The Republic

    Now build the death star

  • Steve Lee
    Steve Lee 28 days ago

    wow that is fantastic.. unbelievable work .. very cool indeed!

  • Karloo
    Karloo 28 days ago

    add jet engines to it, they can fly up from the spot, this thing could really fly!

  • Barry Mcdickface
    Barry Mcdickface 28 days ago

    Make it fly and I’ll be impressed.

  • Saimon Oliveira
    Saimon Oliveira 28 days ago

    Essa gente inventa cada coisa

  • HAMBURGER TURTLE minchan kang

    I wish it could fly....

  • Blazing Fury
    Blazing Fury 29 days ago

    I wish I were you

  • Shadow the Hedgehog37

    Build a death star but smaller

  • Rap's Games
    Rap's Games Month ago

    where does all this stuff end up man?

  • mark peracullo
    mark peracullo Month ago

    papa PALPATINE and PAPA VADER will be proud

  • SUBZERO Gaming
    SUBZERO Gaming Month ago

    Does it fly?

  • Game Face
    Game Face Month ago

    But can it fly

  • Todd Logan
    Todd Logan Month ago

    You sound make the windows all a TV screen so that you can turn on the movie scenes of keylo Ren shooting at ships

  • Funimax
    Funimax Month ago

    Make it fly you have time limit till 2050

  • oksnaoks
    oksnaoks Month ago

    I want a house that looks like that😊😊😊

  • Ender Fighter 515
    Ender Fighter 515 Month ago

    it would be insane if he built the death star

  • The randøm duck
    The randøm duck Month ago

    I need to send this to my best friend

  • DemonPlayz Roblox
    DemonPlayz Roblox Month ago


  • Ari_Dexel
    Ari_Dexel Month ago

    This man is gonna take over the world

  • Archana Rana
    Archana Rana Month ago

    Its an intisepter not a tie fighter a tie fighter has straight wings this has curved wings

  • romulus trajano
    romulus trajano Month ago

    make it fly drone concepts wow

  • IOS Gaming HQ
    IOS Gaming HQ Month ago +1

    Not AT-AT

  • 7thSmurf
    7thSmurf Month ago

    It looks really SLEAK and cool.. but the cockpit positioning and design would make not much sense for a space fighter. The tiny windows and the huge wings on the side BLOCK your view like crazy. of coruse they all have radars and monitors and what not . still ..

  • Jack Ariyanto
    Jack Ariyanto Month ago

    The real jiimmy neutron 😊

  • Frank Hoog
    Frank Hoog Month ago

    Next do the deathstar full sized

  • Typical Draven
    Typical Draven Month ago

    Does it drive?

  • لوفي دراغون

    يخرب بيتك كل شي وسويته انت انسان او ايش من كائن انت
    ما شاء الله

  • Araceli Farris
    Araceli Farris Month ago

    Does it fly

  • comisión de tierras y aguas peine

    The kids is disturber!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • EvolutionArtsllc
    EvolutionArtsllc Month ago

    how much does this thing weigh, it would be awesome to use magnets to make it hover. Great job tho!

  • De Boerties
    De Boerties Month ago

    And now the star destoyer

  • Hassan Mousa
    Hassan Mousa Month ago

    You should make a lightsaber

  • ecchi squid
    ecchi squid Month ago

    That moment when You're playing with your star wars legos and you're feeling proud of yourself...then you see this. *flips table*

  • Jordanny Zapata Acosta

    Can it fly

  • Ирик Мулюков

    Я один русский ?

  • liberté vérité
    liberté vérité Month ago

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