DP/30: Rabbit Hole, actor/producer Nicole Kidman


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  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith Year ago

    I need to find a woman willing to be the mother of my children.

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith Year ago

    I would of never broke up with either one given my choice.

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith Year ago

    I've always wanted to be a father

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith Year ago

    Both women. I've loved in my life both immediately moved in with women who were having babies immediately after they broke up with me and I never seen them again. It just seems an odd coincidence. Don't know if it means anything but just seemed to stick out at me right now for the first time. I always wonder about them. I'm never been able to find anyone who lived me as much as I loved the.m

  • Kitty Katt
    Kitty Katt Year ago +1

    She is just lovely

  • Wendy Black
    Wendy Black 3 years ago +1

    what isn't there to love about Nicole...

  • casseyboo89
    casseyboo89 4 years ago +6

    Her lips, her nose, her eyes...I just wanted to lick her face the whole interview. Her personality is amazing. Im still in love with her.

  • dagurru
    dagurru 4 years ago +4

    What does dp/30 stand for?

    • rockingbrowneyedgirl
      rockingbrowneyedgirl 4 years ago +4

      @dagurru David Poland (the interviewers name), and he talks to people for 30ish minutes.

  • Nitesh Sherchan
    Nitesh Sherchan 6 years ago

    She is amazing actor, its been a long I haven't watched her film, but she really looks good and inspiring..

  • Dddddorian
    Dddddorian 6 years ago

    Diane's speech about grief, that David wrote.
    Where is that in the movie? Would someone kindly copy that part of the movie and post it to You-Tube and tell me about doing it, by You-Tube message please.
    Yery interesting to hear her relate her day residue (Freudian term) dream, during the production preiod.
    Not just the film score, would affect a person so, it requires some resonance to her own life; she must have had some real sad thing happen too !


  • TheBadLiutenant
    TheBadLiutenant 6 years ago +1

    The way she talks about how she lives her life is so inspiring.

  • armyofthem
    armyofthem 6 years ago

    She's sooo fake!

    PANDAPILCH 7 years ago

    She's left handed!!! I like her now even more!!!!

  • yanjason80
    yanjason80 7 years ago

    nice interview she looks like a different person from other interviews.
    I guess thats what u get with experience and industry back ground.