• Published on Jul 14, 2019
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Comments • 2 250

  • Angelica Johnson
    Angelica Johnson 18 hours ago

    You brother is gay af

  • I’m an Avvacaodo
    I’m an Avvacaodo 21 hour ago

    I wish you could teach me but I live far from you

  • cxmr
    cxmr Day ago

    *Tristan- doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of a trampoline park.
    *Also Tristan- proceeds to embarrass himself in front on 1.3 million people

  • BluEyedYouTuber 08

    Sure Im worse

  • Team Extreme trick shots

    I just landed my first one today

  • Savayandmore
    Savayandmore 4 days ago +1

    At like 1:50 it was funny how he look doing it lol

  • Addison Cole
    Addison Cole 4 days ago

    I don’t get it why backflips are so scraryyyy all the time I cant do it even though I have never tried it

  • Tristen Vatcharindr
    Tristen Vatcharindr 4 days ago +1

    Yo my name is tristen lol

  • Bailey Elzinga
    Bailey Elzinga 4 days ago

    You forgot that you taught your dog a backflip

  • Angela Sobol
    Angela Sobol 4 days ago

    How many times did tanner say good

  • Sarah Grace
    Sarah Grace 4 days ago

    why does tanner sound like my cheer coach in this vid

  • Alli Brannen
    Alli Brannen 4 days ago

    In the beginning you sound like hiccup from How to train your dragon

  • Logan Grant
    Logan Grant 5 days ago

    thirty seconds into one of your videos helped me do a backflip by myself

  • Jasmine Thao
    Jasmine Thao 5 days ago

    Can you teach me😂😂

  • Patrick Duffy
    Patrick Duffy 5 days ago

    This guy thought me to do one 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😃😄

  • Brooke Ireland
    Brooke Ireland 5 days ago

    Can you teach me a backflip for cheerleading

  • tbearyb
    tbearyb 6 days ago

    Can you teach me no joke plzzzzz

  • Addy Loo
    Addy Loo 7 days ago

    Looks fun

  • Yousef D
    Yousef D 8 days ago

    Bro your the best

  • Skill Bros
    Skill Bros 8 days ago

    I wish you could teach me how to do a backflip

  • Coledeathkill 22
    Coledeathkill 22 8 days ago

    Can you teach me 😂

    LSART 8 days ago

    Can you teach me a backflip

  • HydroViperKing
    HydroViperKing 9 days ago +1

    Does his brother not look like Toby Maguire? (If u don’t know who Toby maguire is, he is the guy who played Spider-Man in the original 3 movies)

  • Jason Simpson
    Jason Simpson 9 days ago

    I learned a backflip on a trampoline on the second go, and I'm not even that athletic. Why does he need like a million goes to land it?

  • Fir3_b0yy
    Fir3_b0yy 10 days ago

    got damn he is so bad!

  • Alejandra Pena
    Alejandra Pena 10 days ago

    Tutorial on a backflip please

    • Littl Bevin Wolf
      Littl Bevin Wolf 9 days ago

      He proably has one on his channel just look him up along with the backflip

  • We are criminals 1
    We are criminals 1 10 days ago

    Censored 🤬 him self

  • Zander Calkins
    Zander Calkins 10 days ago

    Please teach him on ground... like so tanner can see

  • Jeremy Tadlock
    Jeremy Tadlock 10 days ago

    2:41 i love when your like tada a back flip is that easy

  • Mr. Space
    Mr. Space 11 days ago

    Can u teach me how to backflip?

  • Luuk Fobbe
    Luuk Fobbe 11 days ago

    Youre Brother did really wel!!
    He cant consentrate, he is trying

  • Tuva P. Løken
    Tuva P. Løken 11 days ago

    Can you learn me to take a back flip i live in norway ❤️

  • free fire freak
    free fire freak 12 days ago

    Yo can you learn my a backflip

  • 156Avengers
    156Avengers 12 days ago

    Just tell him to tuck

  • brick dorning
    brick dorning 13 days ago

    i did not use a spoter

  • Yeet Kermitz
    Yeet Kermitz 13 days ago

    no one:
    not even ocean man himself :
    Tanman : ThAt WaS gOoD

  • Kolton Crandell
    Kolton Crandell 14 days ago

    Damn 1k likes for Taylor to learn a backflip

  • PolkaDotMoon Xiong
    PolkaDotMoon Xiong 15 days ago +1

    bruh teach me a backflip

  • Jaelyn Jensen
    Jaelyn Jensen 15 days ago

    *your the only sorry sucker* got me good.🤣😂 14:23

  • Bread Loaaf
    Bread Loaaf 16 days ago +1

    He wasn’t tucking bruh

  • Noah Simon
    Noah Simon 16 days ago

    Tristan braungardt #GayBoy

  • Alejandro Lynskey
    Alejandro Lynskey 16 days ago +1

    I can do a backflip in the water

  • Alejandro Lynskey
    Alejandro Lynskey 16 days ago +3

    I know how to do a backflip I'm just scared to break my head

  • Alejandro Lynskey
    Alejandro Lynskey 16 days ago

    I hope you can come to my house

  • DB Jade
    DB Jade 16 days ago

    Please teach me... thanks 💛😎😂

  • MTV Crypt
    MTV Crypt 17 days ago

    Y it say three weeks ago at his old house

  • CraZe_cL0ak
    CraZe_cL0ak 17 days ago

    I learned my backflip at age 8 im 11 now

  • Dark_Expe l
    Dark_Expe l 18 days ago

    Today I teach my brother james char...I mean tristen a backflip!

  • Laurence Sundberg
    Laurence Sundberg 18 days ago +2

    bring back the old outro, and just meme around with d-bag and quinten and vlog and do flips again tanner, that’s what we all miss and watched you for, your fun and funny personality with your family and friends and your flips❤️💪🏼

  • The Diamond vlogs/games

    There’s a fun trampoline park in Salina Kansas called SKY

  • Curly head Johnson
    Curly head Johnson 19 days ago

    I’ve did it before but I lost it

  • Curly head Johnson
    Curly head Johnson 19 days ago

    Can you teach me how to do a back flip I’m a huge fan

  • XxLittlemoon _RisingxX

    You even taught your dogs

  • BDzXxLiLLitxX
    BDzXxLiLLitxX 21 day ago

    Yeah most people also don’t have a 20000 dollar tramp

  • Leku Graffiti
    Leku Graffiti 21 day ago

    I couldn’t make my backflip that bad if I tried

  • InvAsian
    InvAsian 21 day ago +1

    this dudes still a thing??

  • C
    C 21 day ago

    The only two tips for backflips.....head looks straight up and commit! Everyone does that dumb twist because they don’t do those two things

  • Ninjago 303
    Ninjago 303 21 day ago

    6:21 the new voice of spongebob

  • Stone fam
    Stone fam 23 days ago

    When he did that front flip into the pool he spun so fast and was in such a tight ball

    JOSHUA GRANT 24 days ago

    Tristan can be the next james Charles

  • Brenna Jenkins
    Brenna Jenkins 24 days ago

    Hey if u made him do a backflip u could push him in the pool lmao

  • blacksheepinc1
    blacksheepinc1 24 days ago


  • Samantha higgins
    Samantha higgins 24 days ago

    I meet you ,sister and brother

  • Julio Julio
    Julio Julio 25 days ago

    Tanner calling his brother unathletic and fit when he is like anorexic 😬

  • Scamous
    Scamous 25 days ago

    You even taught your doggo how to backflip

  • Noah Larose3240
    Noah Larose3240 25 days ago

    I taught someone a backflip 2 days ago

  • Florence Hamilton
    Florence Hamilton 26 days ago

    where did you get trampoline from.

  • LandonLandon Landon sowell

    I wish I could do a backflip

  • Anthonykelly1010222 67

    I can do a backflip

  • ashley HARRIS
    ashley HARRIS 26 days ago

    I love your vids

  • RayLets Draw
    RayLets Draw 27 days ago

    When I was 9! You here me 9!!! I taught myself a backhand spring and backflip so boom lol

  • Cayn1ne
    Cayn1ne 27 days ago

    1:14 ”I dont need to be embarrassed in front of people”.... 1.1 million views lol

  • Exolity HD
    Exolity HD 27 days ago

    2:30 I used to do that as a dance trick then I met this kid who backflipped and I showed him it then he told me to go straight back and I did it

  • big_C1117
    big_C1117 27 days ago +1

    Hey tanner, my friends have been trying to teach me a back flip (just on a g-tramp) none of them have spotted me or helped me at all really, my friends said they were just able to go for it but I guess natural fear has been getting the best of me I dont expect you to read this or even see this but if you do I need to be taught

  • Nate Bond
    Nate Bond 27 days ago

    Sister has cheer and dance shirt but can’t do a backflip on the tramp??