• Published on Jul 14, 2019
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Comments • 2 478

  • Riley Pickles
    Riley Pickles Day ago

    I almost spit my milk out at the beginning when you flipped your grandpa

  • I’m your mom
    I’m your mom Day ago +1

    How do you land a backflip on the ground

  • Nushinn
    Nushinn Day ago

    My brother... Tristin. Jk lel teaching James Charles how to b flip today

  • g g
    g g 2 days ago

    6:20 that noise tho

  • Smech
    Smech 5 days ago

    I just recently learned how to backflip

  • phoenixboss 472
    phoenixboss 472 9 days ago

    I learned a backflip myself no spotter no trampoline I got hurt a lot but I tried again.

  • Jacbbb Fn
    Jacbbb Fn 9 days ago

    James chrqles tristin

  • MajesticPixie
    MajesticPixie 10 days ago +2

    Tristan: I didn’t want to go to a trampoline park because people were gonna see me fail.
    _1 million people have already watched him fail_

  • O _ O Aiko
    O _ O Aiko 11 days ago +2

    I wish I had brother that could teach me how to backflip

  • DaBoiCalledAbrar
    DaBoiCalledAbrar 12 days ago

    I thought the title said he was uatistic

    DAND GAMES 14 days ago


  • Tyson Playz
    Tyson Playz 15 days ago

    What’s that nocking sound

  • Coops Bradshaw
    Coops Bradshaw 16 days ago

    That yeahhhh at 12.49

  • Jackster S
    Jackster S 16 days ago

    You just helped me learn a back flip, thankyou!!!

  • Passione Play
    Passione Play 16 days ago

    Oooowww big trampolim 💸💸💸💸

  • VVS Khalil
    VVS Khalil 16 days ago

    *Instructions unclear, I am stuck in a toilet*

  • Aarion Espiritu
    Aarion Espiritu 17 days ago

    I’m a big big fan and I can do a backflip but I wanna learn on ground plz

  • Captain Jake the Snake
    Captain Jake the Snake 17 days ago +1

    I hate gay

  • Omari Williams
    Omari Williams 18 days ago

    Title: teaching my brother to backflip more like flexing on my brother with double flips into the pool

  • Shatt Glazz
    Shatt Glazz 19 days ago


  • Akira Stanley
    Akira Stanley 19 days ago +2

    Take a shot every time one of them says "two"

  • Lord Andrei
    Lord Andrei 19 days ago

    Your brother looks like a giant in this frame. 1:39

  • Team Kaza
    Team Kaza 21 day ago

    Bro I wish I knew how to do this and I can’t even get over

  • Bryton Mortimer
    Bryton Mortimer 21 day ago +2

    “ I don’t wanna be in a place full of people” ( gets 1.5 million views)

  • texsting story
    texsting story 21 day ago

    my name is tristan and i can do it on ground

  • Apx1 Harry
    Apx1 Harry 22 days ago

    I'm the best rapper in the world but your neck.

  • Midweek Zero
    Midweek Zero 23 days ago

    Why do you sound like denis daily

  • Beau Marshall
    Beau Marshall 25 days ago

    So painful and hard to watch 😂😂

  • Megan Huh
    Megan Huh 25 days ago

    Tristan actually sounded like spongebob for a sec🤣

  • Field goal Kickers
    Field goal Kickers 25 days ago


  • lewis sheridan
    lewis sheridan 25 days ago

    1:14 I don't want to be embarrassed in front of tons of people. He says while on a TVclip vid with millions of views 😂

  • DOR Bacon
    DOR Bacon 26 days ago +5

    Kindergarteners telling their teachers they can backflip

  • Noah Delevante
    Noah Delevante 26 days ago

    I learned the backflip the same way tanner did👍🤭

  • Mart D
    Mart D 26 days ago

    Is he GAY!

  • Liam Rorison
    Liam Rorison 27 days ago

    Tell him to tuck more

  • Impxct
    Impxct 27 days ago

    Tristan: HI SISTERS

  • Magi_The_ Dog_
    Magi_The_ Dog_ 27 days ago

    Oh I want so much to do a backflip 🙏🏻✨

  • Jaddon Ernst
    Jaddon Ernst 29 days ago

    not the best fliper

  • The young Duck gamer


  • Instrumental Covers

    A video on mah bday

  • Santa Roland
    Santa Roland Month ago

    Your brother is gay?

  • zazzle777i
    zazzle777i Month ago

    I used to always flip with my friends they were all bad including me. I moved away and didnt have a tramp place nearby or a tramp so I had to stop flipping. All I can do is a front flip side flip and backflip. It's been 4 years. All my friends now can do quad backflips and lots of cool tricks

  • Samuel Bonaffini
    Samuel Bonaffini Month ago

    11:25 ????

  • Oscar Perrins
    Oscar Perrins Month ago

    The way you learn the backflip is the same way that I learned it

  • Gopro_vloger 123
    Gopro_vloger 123 Month ago

    0:19 james charles lookin ass hes obviosly gay rite

  • Matthew Gates
    Matthew Gates Month ago

    The first time I did a backflip I was trying to do a side flip and I messed up and accidentally did a backflip

  • Haley Collier
    Haley Collier Month ago

    That how I learned

  • Carter Thomas
    Carter Thomas Month ago

    Tanner you inspired me to finally get the backflip

  • Tzu Teng
    Tzu Teng Month ago

    The trampoline: *Rads sounds*

  • Alberick Maciel
    Alberick Maciel Month ago

    Also I’m subscribed and have nonifications on

  • Alberick Maciel
    Alberick Maciel Month ago

    I wish you could help me master my backflips on ground cause I can land a back and a front on a trampoline but not on ground I wish you could help me

  • Sporting fools
    Sporting fools Month ago

    Super Cool. Watch your videos all the time!

    J VS C FLIPPING Month ago

    3:19 OK BOOMER

  • JuSt Instinct
    JuSt Instinct Month ago

    Teach meeeee

  • Enid May
    Enid May Month ago

    Can you teach me to do one

  • Spencer Butfoy
    Spencer Butfoy Month ago +1

    I learned by my dad saying do a backflip. I had no help

  • Bowancantflip
    Bowancantflip Month ago +1

    My brain is hurting from the spring setup

  • Mr. Wolfles
    Mr. Wolfles Month ago +3

    Like how many times he said “That Was Good”

  • William Loder
    William Loder Month ago

    Bro can me and you work on are backflips together and you can teach me some new me some new flips

  • wølf Kûñ
    wølf Kûñ Month ago

    I learned a backflip just today and I didn't even need help o-o I don't know if I should be worried