8 Water Bottle Gadgets from GearBest

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  • Bosco Chan
    Bosco Chan 8 hours ago

    So now you have mixing cups

  • Earth To Ashlyn
    Earth To Ashlyn 21 hour ago

    ...I think you're supposed to put the fruit _in_ the infuser part.

    OMG IM DOOG Day ago

    The cannon one looks like camera 🎥 lens

    OMG IM DOOG Day ago

    U didn't do it right, you put the fruit inside of the purple thing

  • Yahyaa Gill
    Yahyaa Gill 2 days ago

    Your supposed to put the fruit in the purple thing

  • ghost Hydra
    ghost Hydra 2 days ago

    Burp less pills are you serious

  • mlopez6179
    mlopez6179 3 days ago

    Cool 👍

  • TOOTHLESS da boss
    TOOTHLESS da boss 3 days ago

    The water infuser, you should have put the food in the purple part

  • Lisbeth N Scott
    Lisbeth N Scott 3 days ago


  • Cesar Roman
    Cesar Roman 5 days ago

    He really got glasses on?? 😂😂 my boi

  • Musa Ban
    Musa Ban 6 days ago

    Crazy Russian can you buy a Lamborghini Aventador

  • piyush gupta
    piyush gupta 7 days ago

    Boom Gajiks

  • Violet Hood
    Violet Hood 7 days ago

    The infuser one the fruit goes into the middle piece

  • Vampires Huh
    Vampires Huh 8 days ago

    You keep saying boom, forever boom

  • Russo Italiano
    Russo Italiano 10 days ago

    I have a blender bottle from Amazon and I love it so much

  • Mighty Gameplay
    Mighty Gameplay 10 days ago

    Whatever that powder was.

  • Eric Harvey
    Eric Harvey 11 days ago +1

    I like the last gadget you used in which to get that last gadget from and I really want one it's the one that makes hot chocolate.

  • Emma Boss - Settlers Green PS (1563)

    you have to add water to the smoothie so it will blend better

  • jimmy04 YT
    jimmy04 YT 12 days ago

    the last one

  • Gueye Gaming
    Gueye Gaming 12 days ago +1

    For the fruit juicer you are supposed to add water

  • BroskyWhoDatedHoski BroskyWhoDatedHoski

    my brother has a bottle where fruit goes in the bottom and its 2 sided and it has a squeezable tab

  • Alec F
    Alec F 13 days ago

    Fish oil?

  • mathematian udi
    mathematian udi 14 days ago

    you are supposed to put the fruit in the purple thing

  • Beak Maibam
    Beak Maibam 14 days ago

    The camera lens...

  • Jear
    Jear 14 days ago

    Make myself a cup of water

  • Veronica Obara
    Veronica Obara 16 days ago

    the fruits go in the infuser

  • Cyrene Vales
    Cyrene Vales 17 days ago

    Strawberry and lemon goes inside the pink container of tge water infuser.i have the same one

  • Cj Ramos
    Cj Ramos 17 days ago

    The vitamin things looks like a giant pill

  • YaBoiHypnosis
    YaBoiHypnosis 18 days ago

    That's a mind blown

  • Grim Fix
    Grim Fix 18 days ago

    CrazyRussianHacker ~ The pill holder bottle have any issues with the condensation effect the integrity of the pills?

  • singing cats of music
    singing cats of music 19 days ago

    I like the camera mug

  • Jayden Matte
    Jayden Matte 19 days ago

    The water infuser u put the fruit in the tube 5hats what the tubes for

  • goku zulqarnain
    goku zulqarnain 19 days ago

    the vitamin organizer is shaped like a pill

  • Toby W
    Toby W 20 days ago

    Maybe u should close the cup for it to mix, and maybe the fruits go in the tube??????

  • Teshorto
    Teshorto 20 days ago

    If only my mom bought me cool stuff like this

  • Mikey Walshe
    Mikey Walshe 21 day ago

    Your supposed to put cap on before blending it duh

  • Bajram Dedej!!!
    Bajram Dedej!!! 21 day ago

    you have to put the cap on

  • Cabull Pickton
    Cabull Pickton 21 day ago

    This bottle has button on bottom, click click click. Lets see what it do

  • Danastri Ciptaningrum

    Me: Hmmm I haven't watched CRH in a while I wonder how he's doi- OH MY GOD IS THAT A BOW ON THE CEILING??

  • matty patty
    matty patty 21 day ago

    love your vids

  • MON STER74
    MON STER74 22 days ago

    The water infuser 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 heeelluuuuurr put the fruit IN the chamber lol

  • Eric Harvey
    Eric Harvey 22 days ago

    All of those gadgets you used

  • Ismail Elkhodiry
    Ismail Elkhodiry 22 days ago

    I louf hot choklat 😀

  • Jelte Hoekstra
    Jelte Hoekstra 23 days ago

    What are the fish oil's for actually??

  • James Kilmer
    James Kilmer 23 days ago

    the last one is cool

  • tamzin burns
    tamzin burns 24 days ago

    you are ment to put the fruit inside the purple thing

  • MinecraftMastery
    MinecraftMastery 24 days ago

    The fruit goes on the inside of the infuser

  • dabears2216
    dabears2216 24 days ago

    The blender bottle is cool until the blade rusts, and you’re drinking rust.

  • Sean Gabriel Estadilla

    The fruits should be in the canester lol

  • Rowida Abu Rassa
    Rowida Abu Rassa 25 days ago

    I think he should have put the fruit in the infuser

  • Mr.Death
    Mr.Death 25 days ago


  • Andrew Leonard
    Andrew Leonard 25 days ago

    What happened to u doing the liquid nitrous

  • Mhico kyle Peñalver
    Mhico kyle Peñalver 26 days ago

    I like first and the third

  • 19Anonymous94
    19Anonymous94 28 days ago

    what am I doing with my life, spent almost 12min watching a video about cups...

  • Felhek Lehrian
    Felhek Lehrian Month ago

    Blenders works with liquid!!!

  • Marija Beljinac
    Marija Beljinac Month ago

    "Tastes very healthy"

  • cemre ateş
    cemre ateş Month ago

    you put the fruits in the purple thing

  • Cloud Wolf
    Cloud Wolf Month ago

    You should put water with the fruit it blends better

  • Somsubhara Bhattacharya


  • Kara Hong
    Kara Hong Month ago

    you forgot to put water😂

  • Bailey Obrien
    Bailey Obrien Month ago

    I like your videos and your gadgets

  • chaBOIalex
    chaBOIalex Month ago

    1 question... why is there a bow hanging from the ceiling

  • da real Ugandan knuckles

    Just put the lid on the canon thing before using it

  • da real Ugandan knuckles

    Ur supposed to put the fruit in the tube dude

  • Sayer Boyce
    Sayer Boyce Month ago

    You have to put water in the blender bottle before using it because it will help the blade cut through the fruit more easily.

  • Esco KickS
    Esco KickS Month ago

    The canon mug was my favorite

  • Jamielee Arrowsmith

    he's right

  • Jamielee Arrowsmith

    she's right

  • Hellhammer27
    Hellhammer27 Month ago +1

    тарас иди нахуй
    в топ

  • yah yah 45
    yah yah 45 Month ago


  • J N
    J N Month ago

    this guy is so funny

  • Abbie Chesterton
    Abbie Chesterton Month ago

    You are meant to put fruit in infuser

  • Withchiel Filamar
    Withchiel Filamar Month ago

    how about you mix the fruits with a liquid like juice or milk

  • TR games
    TR games Month ago

    Add water to the blender cup

  • Naz Mo
    Naz Mo Month ago

    Uhm.. u used the first infuser bottle wrong🧐

  • Komrade Ivan
    Komrade Ivan Month ago

    Uses water bottles to store fruit*

  • Edanur Bozkurt
    Edanur Bozkurt Month ago

    I buy the spinning kup for mine dads bday

  • Santiana Santiana
    Santiana Santiana Month ago

    You have to put water before you blend it

  • Indrajit Shilimkar
    Indrajit Shilimkar Month ago

    I like the hot chocolate one

  • Jeffrey Brown
    Jeffrey Brown Month ago

    And for the first cup can you make chocolate milk??

  • Jeffrey Brown
    Jeffrey Brown Month ago

    For the water infuser you but the fruit inside the purple infuser part just to let you know

  • VIPER410
    VIPER410 Month ago

    The first infuser water bottle was cool and I like the last one looks like a camera lens

  • Zakaria Melili
    Zakaria Melili Month ago

    its gets more or less lemony *Crazy Russian Hacker 2018*

  • Zakaria Melili
    Zakaria Melili Month ago

    Taists Really Healthy *Crazy Russian Hacker 2018*

  • Aleeza Hussain
    Aleeza Hussain Month ago

    Am I the only one who heard five buck instead of fibre?

  • jessie
    jessie Month ago

    you put the fruit inside the infuser thats why the infuser is there

  • captincool101
    captincool101 Month ago

    I subd

  • Raquel Petry
    Raquel Petry Month ago

    Thank you Hacker I got the best one for Christmas

  • Ryder Chicken
    Ryder Chicken Month ago


  • gameterminater
    gameterminater Month ago

    Your supposed to put the fruit in the infuser

  • Kolby Dunning
    Kolby Dunning Month ago

    "I probably want to drink it with a straw!" Why is that so funny????

  • Lana Duddy
    Lana Duddy Month ago

    You were to put the fruit in the tube in the bottle👎😂

  • cyberspaceout
    cyberspaceout Month ago

    I hear deer breast

  • Mariel D
    Mariel D Month ago

    Love how he says apple hahahahaha

  • Aunt Moon
    Aunt Moon Month ago

    6:7 you need to add some water

  • TheSheepDogPatriot1776

    yummy get all that BPA, BPF, AND BPS! And BHA

    CREATIVE DUDE Month ago


  • Bensley Gamino
    Bensley Gamino Month ago +1

    "Lemon Water" -Crazyrussianhacker
    Its lemonade by the way. 😰😂

  • Apollo chan
    Apollo chan Month ago

    G A J I K S

  • Loco Geek
    Loco Geek Month ago