Retro Gaming Merchandise - Scott The Woz

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Scott takes a look at Walmart's clearance bin.
    Twitter: ScottTheWoz
    Facebook: ScottTheWoz/
    Instagram: scottthewoz
    Music Used:
    "Menu" from SNES Classic Edition
    "Menu" from NES Classic Edition
    "Norfair Ancient Ruins" from Super Metroid
    "Menu" from Sega Genesis Mini
    "Mappy Medley" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    "Fight" from Punch-Out!! (NES)
    "Music 02" from Tetris (NES)
    "Menu" from Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
    "Overworld" from Super Mario Bros. 2
    "Ending" from Super Mario Land
    "Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes
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  • Barticgame /Oshawottsquad
    Barticgame /Oshawottsquad 20 hours ago +1


  • AllAgesGaming
    AllAgesGaming Day ago

    "I don't smoke, I just like the gum."
    -Scott Wozniak 2019

  • Daniel Castaneda
    Daniel Castaneda 3 days ago

    You are so negative

  • Jorge Martinez da mans

    Bruh my my cousin has the full size arcade but it’s broke

  • ThunderBlaze Studios
    ThunderBlaze Studios 4 days ago +2

    Scott: “I am not going to waste an HDMI port.”
    Mini Consoles: (forever alone faces)

  • -cool Mozib
    -cool Mozib 5 days ago +1


  • AnAnimatedGamer
    AnAnimatedGamer 8 days ago

    Please review Burbles

  • Pale Memer
    Pale Memer 8 days ago

    when are we gonna get a scott the woz episode dedicated to burbles

  • Faraaz Mcm
    Faraaz Mcm 11 days ago

    Hey Angry video game nerd! Did u call ur self Scott Wozniak for other viewers?

  • lennon simms
    lennon simms 12 days ago

    I got mini nes,snes and ps1 😂

  • Leukemia Skywalker
    Leukemia Skywalker 12 days ago

    I didn't see the release date, it was on my 18th birthday ayyyy!

  • Jim Cornette
    Jim Cornette 13 days ago

    8:30 monochrome screen reminds me of those terrible tiger electronic handhelds that I played way too much as a kid loool

  • Naoi Okay
    Naoi Okay 13 days ago

    That's some pretty strong nicotine gum u got there

  • max steadman
    max steadman 14 days ago

    oreeeg0n trail. I'm Oregonian. what the fuck?

  • Dragon Paradise
    Dragon Paradise 15 days ago

    That crappy pac man chrome screen gave me flashbacks of tiger electronics oof

  • Dragon Paradise
    Dragon Paradise 15 days ago


  • Dragon Paradise
    Dragon Paradise 15 days ago

    I’m a Microsoft and Nintendo fan but since I’m a retro fan I’m also collecting classic consoles. So I was looking at a PlayStation classic and it was 40 dollars and I thought oh well the PlayStation original must be a pretty penny but nope it’s 20 dollars and under for a working one with wires and a controller

  • minecraft boi
    minecraft boi 15 days ago

    The only one of these I have is the PlayStation classic but I also paid $25 for it

  • Thelonetexan2004
    Thelonetexan2004 15 days ago

    This is the timeline where virginity won, I just lose it

  • Carpet DM
    Carpet DM 15 days ago

    Hey guy Scott here.

  • raciallyconfused
    raciallyconfused 16 days ago

    Radical Rick sent me here. Hes right; youre awesome. Subbed!

  • cool grandpa
    cool grandpa 17 days ago

    Your funny as hell dude

  • geekyXgamer
    geekyXgamer 18 days ago

    The way he plays Tetris stresses me out

  • cip cap clip clap
    cip cap clip clap 18 days ago

    "I dont like smoking I just like the gum"

  • HowDoUPlay
    HowDoUPlay 19 days ago


  • Noah Paul
    Noah Paul 19 days ago

    My favorite quote form 2019 the war the virgins actually won

  • VibeVixen02
    VibeVixen02 19 days ago

    I appreciate that someone else knows you can get the minis at Cracker Barrel 😂

  • warhammer fish
    warhammer fish 19 days ago

    C64 maxi came out the it's was much better

  • vovan 47
    vovan 47 20 days ago

  • Stevies_Remote
    Stevies_Remote 22 days ago

    With the minis you don’t need an outlet you can plug the usb to your tv and it’ll work that way that’s how mine is set up.

  • Retrobyte Tech
    Retrobyte Tech 22 days ago

    Hey let's not insult baby c64. Ok

  • trans teen
    trans teen 23 days ago

    Idk where u get ur switch lites but they are definitely more then 200$

  • lightking2 revamped
    lightking2 revamped 24 days ago

    Family Dollar literally has had a retro Sega Genesis since like 2013 and it has over 80 original games and still has the top loader and it still works

  • David Tidwell
    David Tidwell 24 days ago +2

    "What if you're bored and want to take out a loan?"
    This video is killing me. So many little laughs. XD

  • Satanen Perkele
    Satanen Perkele 24 days ago +2

    So glad I still own a fully functioning nes and snes.

  • Billy Can Draw
    Billy Can Draw 24 days ago

    8:21 h a ha
    I have that-

  • wond ding dong
    wond ding dong 25 days ago +1

    4:45 hey same accept I see Ryan's world oh I go
    God f**k

  • Alexander Leach
    Alexander Leach 25 days ago

    Me seeing 5:00 after the Bargain Bin Christmas episode: WAIIIIIIIIT A MINUTE...

  • Zymosan99
    Zymosan99 25 days ago

    still waiting for the dreamcast classic

  • Hey, Folks!
    Hey, Folks! 25 days ago +1

    Is that a mini arcade machine in your pocket or are you happy to see me? IS a mini arcade machine. Well, I'll be going.

  • Swibledot 1
    Swibledot 1 26 days ago +1

    So yeah I’m a gamer

  • Theme Park Avenue
    Theme Park Avenue 26 days ago

    Make a burbles video

  • Kirby Epic Gaming • 69 years ago

    Well good for you. I dont see stores that have retro games.

  • Peter Ntoti
    Peter Ntoti 27 days ago

    I hate my arcade because it is a ripoff of nes

  • Caleb Ogle
    Caleb Ogle 27 days ago

    I can tell that Scott doesn't live on the West coast


  • Faraaz Mcm
    Faraaz Mcm 27 days ago

    13:25 pause with subtitles saying “fun to look at, a bitch to drink”

  • Jonah J
    Jonah J 28 days ago

    I use my snes classic a lot to mod in a munch of other snes games.

  • Mark Burnett
    Mark Burnett 28 days ago


  • 제이 사이야죠스타 Jay SaiyaJoestar

    We need Game Boy & Color Classic Mini lol

  • Mememan 420
    Mememan 420 29 days ago

    I have the palace arcade stranger things thing, and the Tetris one I like them, they’re fun

  • ben roddison
    ben roddison 29 days ago

    4:54 Scott already finished the Madden 08 collection before Bargain Bin Christmas. (credit to u/ravenpascal on Reddit for finding this)

  • Acorn Jim
    Acorn Jim 29 days ago

    My grandpa has a plug and play pacman game that has the original arcade cabinet versions of pacman and a few other classic Namco games. He's had that thing for years so it kind of ridiculous that they can't manage to put the non-NES versions onto those little things

  • Leonardo Cani Schumann

    I don't go to cracker barrel until they rehire Brad's Wife
    Sorry, I had to tell this joke

  • TheSefirosu200x
    TheSefirosu200x Month ago

    True about the games people played on the PS1. For me, it was primarily a Final Fantasy machine. I don't recall playing much besides FFVII, VIII and IX.

  • TheSefirosu200x
    TheSefirosu200x Month ago

    Cracker Barrel is what you get if an alien with no sense of taste because it evolved in a totally different ecosystem came to Earth and tried to make southern food. It all tastes 110% WRONG and not at all like it's supposed to be. Like, I don't know how the fuck you mess up biscuits and gravy, but by Superman, they managed it!

  • TheSefirosu200x
    TheSefirosu200x Month ago

    I really wonder what's up with the PlayStation Classic controllers. They're lacking analog sticks.

    • Diddy64wii
      Diddy64wii 19 days ago

      The original PS1 controllers didn't have analog sticks.

  • Blox Roxk / / Mr Fred HD

    “Mega man and the wily wars”
    *I want that*

  • jack sandor
    jack sandor Month ago

    atyyyyyyyy another ohioan

  • evanaliquer
    evanaliquer Month ago +1

    You said Oregon so wrong...