Street Food Japan - A Taste of Delicious Japanese Cuisine

  • Published on Apr 24, 2016
  • 1. Hashimaki - Okonomiyaki on a stick
    2. Takoyaki - Octopus Ball
    3. Yakisoba
    4. Okonomiyaki
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    Watch amazing cooking skills and street food around the world, street food is ready-to-eat food or drink sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or other public place, such as at a market or fair.
    Street Food World offers food from Japan Vietnam Thailand India Indonesia Taiwan South Korea Mexico Turkey Germany London China and a lot more. ASMR Video.
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  • ver gil
    ver gil 22 hours ago +1

    i think i can smell the food.. 😶

  • Christian Habana
    Christian Habana Day ago +1

    this video broke my fridge.

  • بسم الله
    بسم الله 6 days ago


  • Gayle Sherman
    Gayle Sherman 6 days ago

    You need food

  • Gayle Sherman
    Gayle Sherman 6 days ago

    That not good

  • FoodNetWorld
    FoodNetWorld 7 days ago +1

    Food always amazes me. Seeing new techniques and Ingredients, comparing different styles and its never the same. As long it looks appetizing, is healty and it has flavors... nothing wrong with it. I like your idea keep going.👍👌

  • Ryan Sabater
    Ryan Sabater 8 days ago

    I regret watching video because theres no food in refrigerator and im starving

  • Robbie
    Robbie 10 days ago

    A lot of ingredients. If I ever visit Japan I'll be sure to try some street food.

  • Danny Huijers
    Danny Huijers 11 days ago

    Godnondejus honger de bonger 👀

  • Huỳnh Trần
    Huỳnh Trần 11 days ago +2

    OMG i want eat all XD
    Japan street foods are amazing 😍

  • RJ ArmY
    RJ ArmY 11 days ago

    ആഹാ.. കൊള്ളാലോ!!

  • R.N V.H
    R.N V.H 13 days ago


  • Myra Saramosing
    Myra Saramosing 16 days ago

    ňò. áťmè ťáķò ýáťámě

  • عبدو تربو
    عبدو تربو 19 days ago


  • chunje50
    chunje50 19 days ago


  • zo soussou
    zo soussou 19 days ago

    Street food

  • Cristina Bianes
    Cristina Bianes 20 days ago +1

    what's in it? anyone who knows the ingredients?

  • Nicole Calimpong
    Nicole Calimpong 22 days ago

    Dili mn pwde ibutang ang itlog sa atung food or itlog nga naa pay shell ky ang shell sa egg hugaw mana bsan pag hugasan ng maau

  • Pearl Erica Patriarca
    Pearl Erica Patriarca 25 days ago +1

    Yall have to put in the ingredients here lol and how yall make it

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller 25 days ago +1

    2020 WE COMING BABYYYYY! LETS GO! #Olympic$
    #1Fokus #Ghostwriter

  • tazehaze
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  • Laure Murkuns
    Laure Murkuns 28 days ago +1

    Not only does this food look delicious. They definatley don't cheat you on the portions 😁🖒🖒.

  • Asmr Mukbang
    Asmr Mukbang Month ago

    Who’s watching in bed??
    Who’s a big fan??

  • Rajbir Sidhu
    Rajbir Sidhu Month ago


  • jason decatoria
    jason decatoria Month ago

    Wow sarap Naman wc po goodbless

    THE BLOGGER Month ago +1

    Basically street food is not good to eat... no proper hygiene

  • Kuya Jiyon Gonzales
    Kuya Jiyon Gonzales Month ago +2

    Its food wars..
    God this is why i love Japan

  • alfonce nzuki
    alfonce nzuki Month ago +2

    Just pretend you r allergic to some ingredients you just saw like egg shells or wateva😅😅😅

  • Danny Moon
    Danny Moon Month ago +1

    Brain: *I WANT IT*
    Tongue: Mmm Delicious!
    Arteries: wE aRe dYinG

  • Cooking House of Dipty

    Amazing food

  • Wilma Phillips
    Wilma Phillips Month ago

    Looks delicious but it is made without precautions. No gloves,

    • Muhammad HarDick
      Muhammad HarDick Month ago

      Dude it's Japan it's clean, even their butholes is cleaner than your hands.

    • Muhammad HarDick
      Muhammad HarDick Month ago

      Dude it's Japan it's clean, even they're buttholes is cleaner than your hands.

  • 0Tidus0989
    0Tidus0989 Month ago +1

    All great except the eggs with the shell placed on top of the food while cooking....

  • Lee Chan
    Lee Chan Month ago


  • ckhwanny
    ckhwanny 2 months ago +1

    Currently, a large amount of rice is produced every year in Fukushima, Japan's radiation-exposed area, but it can never be sold to Japanese consumers. After purchasing a large amount of rice from the Japanese government, the rice from Fukushima was secretly supplied in large quantities through hotels, restaurants, and many catering establishments that are frequented by tourists, and is now being consumed by tourists. Perhaps it is very likely that the rice you bought at a tourist resort restaurant in Japan was contaminated with radioactivity produced in Fukushima.

    • Edgar Bikermas
      Edgar Bikermas Month ago

      ckhwanny .
      Thanks alot you moron.
      I dont need to know,how they kill the steak I eat.😏😣🙄

  • Crease19
    Crease19 2 months ago

    Ups to Canada

  • She'Dontgive NoFuq'Nomore

    What arw the ingredients?

  • Khoa KSDB
    Khoa KSDB 2 months ago +1

    k nên xem lúc đói

  • Zamboangeño Life
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  • Marcela Salas
    Marcela Salas 2 months ago

    Estos japoneses comen puras cosas raras y chatarra.🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Foodies with Adnan
    Foodies with Adnan 2 months ago

    Very delicious food 💚👍💙

  • MILI sami
    MILI sami 2 months ago

    Si vi delicius 😊 delicius, delicius OMG!!!!!minute 1:03

  • Diva Queen
    Diva Queen 2 months ago

    I think I’m going to start in Japan Food

  • David Invenio
    David Invenio 2 months ago

    And DON'T WATCH THIS if you like videos that, y'know, actually have some quality and narration.

    CHRISTIAN ALVIAR 2 months ago

    I'm watching this while I'm fasting.

  • mari lina
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  • ほたる棚付き
    ほたる棚付き 2 months ago +1

    はしまきってそんなに美味しくないよね( ´•ᴗ•ก )

  • kevin jay guillermo
    kevin jay guillermo 2 months ago

    what is the name of the first food ??

  • Ẩm Thực Thùy Bùi
    Ẩm Thực Thùy Bùi 2 months ago +3

    It is fascinating.
    Vietnam we do not have this dish.
    My videos are made about Vietnamese cuisine. I love it

  • JH P
    JH P 2 months ago

    일본길거리 음식이 대체로 맛이 비슷합니다.매우 맛있지만, 다른 음식도 개발해야 합니다.

  • Haya George. Himmler
    Haya George. Himmler 2 months ago

    That annoying background sound of cheap street people is as disgusting as this food

    • Kate Lundberg
      Kate Lundberg 2 months ago +1

      You need get out of your mama's basement a little more often...

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  • quince maxwell
    quince maxwell 2 months ago

    I like the ball looking food they look like egg rolls but in ball form

  • redcyberking
    redcyberking 2 months ago

    What's the name of those delicious street foods??? I like to eat those...

  • Benjamin Anzures
    Benjamin Anzures 2 months ago

    Puras porquerías

  • Satria MOTOVLOG
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  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 2 months ago

    AhSo! Stupid video about shit on stick, please to come with free eggrole, yes?

  • Pao Cox
    Pao Cox 2 months ago

    Is that grilled cheese on a stick?

  • Songs Mnlo86
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