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American Soldier (USA) vs Russian Soldier - Army / Military Comparison


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  5 months ago +1966

    The autocorrect swapped ak-74 and ak-47....

    • Zaluska the Slav
      Zaluska the Slav 16 days ago

      that really didn't help your case much.

    • Facundo Corradini
      Facundo Corradini 19 days ago +1

      yeah right, it also swapped calibers.

    • B B
      B B 20 days ago

      How did autocorrect switch 5.45 to 7.62?

    • Cole Webb
      Cole Webb 23 days ago

      you said in this that U.S. and Russia never wasn't in to combat against each other's yes we did we didn't invade Nam we we're asked to come there by the Man Goverment we're not only did the Russian and CHINESE saply gun's to the communist Nam. but we fought against the Chinese and Russian army that's what most people don't know but alot of the guy's that served in Ham. can tell you this like the 1965 tet affencive was starting to turn the tide of war in our favour we had the bad guy's bottled up when the Chinese red army came over the border in to Nam. and stated fighting against us and yah there we're diffrent time's we had fight the Russian in battle in Nam. noline no bullshit all with that lousey bitch jane Fonda wiggling her ass at and for the the bad guy's

    • youngmike8645
      youngmike8645 Month ago

      Slaps McKenzie 7.62x51 not 54. 54r is a Russian caliber mosin pkm svd and svt 38+40.

  • Cloyd Dowling
    Cloyd Dowling 10 hours ago

    The 5.56 nato round despite moving faster than a 7.62 will not “zip” through the target as the video states. As soon as it penetrates a target a 5.56 round is more likely to tumble and fragment. It’s because of this that 5.56 is considered far more lethal than the 7.62 because of the capability to maim and disable fighters, creating wounds that are more difficult to treat and recover from. Even if the 7.62 is larger and slower, the momentum and size of the round make it much more stable when it penetrates a fluid medium (flesh exhibits fluid characteristics when referencing ballistic properties of a projectile) and will more likely pass through the target assuming it does not hit a solid obstacle (eg. bone).

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 16 hours ago +1

    USA wins because US soldiers use Russian soldiers as punching bags

  • fallen one
    fallen one Day ago

    Betrayer always have the Upper hand

  • Bubba Smith
    Bubba Smith Day ago

    Of course Russians are going to say that Russian infantry is better and Americans are going to say American infantry are better. Even though comparing Wars many years apart is pretty stupid. What's even more stupid is allowing your homeland to be defenseless allowing Afghani rebel soldiers to slip into your territory to kill your innocent civilians why you are in their land twiddling your thumbs, 20, 30, 40, 50 or a hundred years ago it's a pretty stupid maneuver... did it work mother russia? I would rather everyone stop comparing their cock sizes so that way we could have a human Soldier instead of breaking everyone down into countries. We should work together because there are bigger threats then each other coming for us and our planet.

  • Masonic Lodge of Kaiser Petrovich

    Russian army is using AK-15, not 74.

  • CccpGopnik
    CccpGopnik 2 days ago

    SHUT UP U WESTERN SPY BLAYT YOU CANT DO ANYTHING AGAINST US. Oh yes and also the Russian military is not the same as the USSR 27 years ago

  • Ron Wright
    Ron Wright 2 days ago +1

    Bob Johnson you poke an American bear like grisly an he will poke you so hard you will go back to ants by the way short channge we are.annexing Pacific an Atlantic ocean tug boats not aloud the russia navy is just.abig rust test !

  • Nick S
    Nick S 2 days ago

    No idea what you’re talking about. Just regurgitating things you found on the internet.

  • P_R_O_S_T_O R_U_S_T_A_M

    I am Russian
    let's live peacefully

  • Ghost Sniper
    Ghost Sniper 3 days ago

    It's not the weapon that gives you an advantage it's the person who uses it

  • Emmanuel Miguel N. Rey

    Majority of the Russian military is still using the AK 74, and the only reason why Russia had a hard time in upgrading their arsenal was due to economic sanctions

  • Lewton
    Lewton 4 days ago

    usa tak łatwo angażuje się w bójki? To nie dobrze, tylko niedojrzali emocjonalnie idioci tak robią, ale to by się zgadzało - jankesi to idioci. Rosja woli żyć w pokoju, dlatego brali udział w konfliktach rzadziej niż amerykańskie pizdy, które nie wiedzą do czego służy mózg. Jebać usa, chwała Wielkiej Rosji.

  • Dmitriy Y
    Dmitriy Y 5 days ago


  • Белая Панда

    Я конечно всё понимаю но ак 47 уже не производят в России с 70 годов.

  • Creeper tux
    Creeper tux 5 days ago

    How strong is wakanda???

  • Wulf Wulf
    Wulf Wulf 5 days ago

    What ! is this a joke that compare a bunch of vodka breathe to our USMC ? lol come on dawg for real ?

  • PsychoticNomadx
    PsychoticNomadx 5 days ago

    Russia: *learns karate”
    Every 13 year old: oh ma God Russia #1 Russia is the best Russia is god
    Btw the 5.56 NATO round doesn’t have the best penetration compared to the 7.62.39 round, the 7.62.39 round actually zips through people, because of this, the 7.62.39 round doesn’t have much killing potential compared to the 5.56 NATO round. The 5.56 NATO round will actually maneuver around the body, increasing the chance of artery penetration.
    There is plenty more wrong with this but I think 80% of the comment section has already made that clear.

  • jay Jones
    jay Jones 6 days ago

    Russia can't be even be put in a sentence with American Military, We are the Big Boys on the block now because we are the battle tested military in current military operations and missions all over the world. Russia couldn't sustain their equipment or their soldiers welfare. they only have nukes which makes them somewhat of a force. Our soldiers are better equipped and trained. Russian soldiers would buckle once their food source is done, which would come quickly. Haters Beware LOL!!!

  • alex pratt
    alex pratt 6 days ago

    America wins we always win everybody points out Vietnam well we killed millions and millions of them they killed under 60000 Americans so I don't see how that's losing..

  • Jesse G
    Jesse G 7 days ago

    The modern Russian infantryman does not field an AK-47, the rifle was retired as soon as 2 years after 1947. A modern soldier would carry an AK-74 which is chambered in 5.45x39mm. This follows the same high velocity principle as the 5.56x45mm that when combined with military grade ammo, which are full metal jacket, tumble causing immense internal damage

  • Scarborough Grime Vision

    America never won a war by themselves

  • TheChillingDrink
    TheChillingDrink 7 days ago

    Unleash the gopniks!

  • Lonely Noodle
    Lonely Noodle 7 days ago

    You’re comparing the Soviet Union army to the modern US army...

  • Kodukula Anirudh
    Kodukula Anirudh 8 days ago +1

    is this a US army morale booster supposed to be played in boot camps ? someone leaked to the bias

  • Slavic Legend
    Slavic Legend 10 days ago

    First of all. Iraq didn't fight America alone. The UN made a massive 32 country mega army that eventually destroyed iraq

  • Paladin Hoss
    Paladin Hoss 10 days ago

    Russia uses ak 47 ... Hahhahahahha boy , rambo 3 surely was educational, aint it?

  • Keanu Boi
    Keanu Boi 10 days ago

    America wins a lot on this channel...

  • Павел Рудис
    Павел Рудис 11 days ago

    Actually very interesting point of view, but wouldn't still believe to this channel, because it is not impartially comparing both sides (if you are good enough at both languages, you will see the differences). Unfortunately, this channel underestimate one of the sides :)

  • Gavrik GT
    Gavrik GT 11 days ago


  • John Blanchard
    John Blanchard 11 days ago

    Might wanna get your facts straight on the primary armament of the individual soldier

  • Bogdan Verbenets
    Bogdan Verbenets 12 days ago

    Russia is always at war too. Your video is inaccurate.

  • Jurij Bograc
    Jurij Bograc 13 days ago

    Russian army don't have ak 47 any more now they have better rifle but it's shape little same but it's not ak 47 anymore now they have other rifle

  • WolfSaves Games
    WolfSaves Games 13 days ago +1

    BUT USA people stolern America so russia wins sry

  • David Gangly
    David Gangly 13 days ago

    A lot of this stuff is wrong

  • Benjamin Carter
    Benjamin Carter 14 days ago

    International warfare standards need to be updated to protect civilians only in countries where combatants are clearly identifiable.

  • Lord Draxis
    Lord Draxis 14 days ago

    Russia will lose the next time around because they dont have enough bodies to throw at the enemy.

  • сергей балахнин

    USA will be wiped off the dust!

  • Young Boy
    Young Boy 14 days ago


  • Doktoren
    Doktoren 15 days ago

    Russians have 100 times more heart and courage then americans, they would wipe the floor with them

  • A neutral guy
    A neutral guy 15 days ago

    Lots of errors in the Russian's Uniform.

  • 5 Saber
    5 Saber 16 days ago +1

    Russian military is not the same as USSR, and they have changed a lot since 1990. Plus, American soldiers will not stand a chance in hand to hand combat (fist fights) with Russian soldiers.

  • Кубаноид Славянин

    АК 12*

  • Farmer Joe
    Farmer Joe 16 days ago

    Mexico Army , Best Military . They have cool civilian trucks as transport trucks

  • talha tahir
    talha tahir 16 days ago

    Russia was resisted not by just Afghan mujahidein but also there were efforts from Pakistan's and Iran's intelligence agencies to stop them so Russia had a greater resistance than america. Pakistan literally helped america in its war against Afghan talibaan by providing supply routes and air bases still america cant finish them.

  • SnakebiteAirsoft
    SnakebiteAirsoft 17 days ago

    wtf is this bullshit video

  • AwesomeAnthony8
    AwesomeAnthony8 17 days ago

    US soldiers are trained to order a Happy Meal in Mcdonalds in 5 seconds.
    Whilst the Russians are trained to defy Physics and do push ups with out use of hands.
    It's pretty obvious the US military is better trained

  • RedDogge
    RedDogge 17 days ago


  • Shijie Wang
    Shijie Wang 17 days ago

    Since US is way better than Russia, then why is US losing in Syria, while Russia is winning in Syria?

  • Nerf Gamer
    Nerf Gamer 18 days ago

    German and italia and japan vs all

  • Nerf Gamer
    Nerf Gamer 18 days ago

    For Europa

  • Hyper Anime
    Hyper Anime 18 days ago

    American Soldier (USA) vs Philippine Soldier - Army / Military Combat Comparison

  • baltazar flores
    baltazar flores 18 days ago

    You cant compare the USSR military in the 80s vs Americas 80s ussr wins hands down but if u compare early 2000s yes America wins big time

  • Mladen Ratkovic
    Mladen Ratkovic 19 days ago

    heheh hogwash with vomit hehehe

  • Facundo Corradini
    Facundo Corradini 19 days ago

    Have you heard the news? it seems the Soviet Union has collapsed about 3 decades ago...

  • Deogracias Moka
    Deogracias Moka 20 days ago

    Invading small countries doesn't make you a military super power...It's like Mike Tyson beating Shane I would like to watch this after the U.S tries to invade China or know the outcome...First day: All the aircraft carriers under the Oceans, no satellites in orbit. Day two: War is over.

  • Baxter James
    Baxter James 20 days ago +6

    Pure nonsense, utter crap! You haven’t a clue what your talking about!

  • Thomas Mc Loughlin
    Thomas Mc Loughlin 22 days ago +1

    This is so wrong. Oh and I see the war is still ongoing in Afghanistan after what 18 years ???

  • UPYT
    UPYT 22 days ago

    Russia wins. Just bring in some subwoofers and blare hardbass.

    This is western propaganda

  • TBC Exotic_Potato
    TBC Exotic_Potato 23 days ago

    Russia wins
    Why because they would just fly with their tanks into America and invade them and the listen to Kalinka HARDBASS

  • John Zhao
    John Zhao 23 days ago

    Good old Vietnam laughs at the background

  • Harkirpal Singh
    Harkirpal Singh 23 days ago

    Lol i thought this video would be about modern russia not USSR .
    Misleading title.

  • chucky
    chucky 23 days ago +1

    booooooring... stopped after 3 minutes of stupid afghan history... yawn

  • Ak47ak74 Ak47ak74
    Ak47ak74 Ak47ak74 24 days ago +2

    Private Russian soldiers attacked a small group of us soldiers in Syria, the end all 300 Russians got their ass whooped and even cried

  • Cameron Scott
    Cameron Scott 24 days ago

    Stopping power is a myth you dumb fucks I have never heard anyone say they like the ak47 against a m4.

  • Виктор Волков

    Ролик даже не досмотрел, у автора туго с историей вообще

  • LORD GRAVITRON(average noob)

    What about the AK-12 and the Russian counter terrorist units?

  • Francesco Romano
    Francesco Romano 24 days ago +1

    Russia stopped issuing the 7,62 since the ‘70s 😂

  • Sukhbir Singh
    Sukhbir Singh 24 days ago +1

    please correct India's political boundaries

  • Sten
    Sten 24 days ago +2

    what a waste of time

  • John Smith
    John Smith 24 days ago

    Never heard a vet say the ak is better m4

  • Speketwome
    Speketwome 25 days ago

    Only America could lose a war to a bunch of farmers 😂

    Edit: this is clearly a joke.

  • Gale 82
    Gale 82 25 days ago

    This is nonsense compare russian army from '80 and usa army from 2000 + ... Make video from same Syria fight again ISIL...

  • mark vietti
    mark vietti 25 days ago

    i doubt Russian military is the same as it was 27 years ago..

  • DerpToni616372
    DerpToni616372 26 days ago

    The Infographics show you put no effort into researching your videos. The Russian military doesn't use the AK47, nor the AK74. They use AK74Ms, which are getting replaced with AK12s you moron.
    Also, the USSR isn't the same as the Russian Federation.

  • dark figther
    dark figther 26 days ago

    americans are pussys Rússia

    THE- SCOUT 26 days ago

    Russian special forces are way better than the American one.

  • Paul Chung
    Paul Chung 26 days ago

    ENEMY AC 130 ABOVE!!!!

  • mathew tedder
    mathew tedder 27 days ago

    A good number of not entirely accurate and notable omissions. First, although many AK47's remain in service, you don't see many in videos of modern Russia infantry units. They are deploying more advanced contemporary versions of the AK series. And although the AK47 is more reliability than U.S. rifles, in terms of dirt and has longer range, it is not true that the rounds have more stopping power. The ballistics of the 5.56 round does a lot more tissue damage for their size -- it bounces around in their, tearing up a lot more, and tearing out more in the exit wound. Furthermore, the AK47's wider rounds have less penetration power -- cannot go as deep through things. The accuracy at longer range also plays a big role in actual combat. U.S. soldiers get shot at a lot more but get hit, a lot less. Also, the M16 line is much lighter to carry and quicker and easier to shoot and clear jams on (even if they jam more often).

  • Ice man Airsoft
    Ice man Airsoft 27 days ago

    This video is brought to you by ... donald trump

  • MelvinDoesGaming -_-
    MelvinDoesGaming -_- 27 days ago +1


  • Aidentamgamer
    Aidentamgamer 28 days ago

    I hope us will lose

  • Andy Thomason
    Andy Thomason 28 days ago

    US policy, Shoot their ass before they are in range to shoot you :) M4 V AK 47/59/74. Have to admit though wouldn't mind an AA 12 strapped on my back with a 50 round drum ready to rock and roll just in case plan B is needed.

  • Joshua _56
    Joshua _56 28 days ago

    Usa done don’t watch the rest

  • William Fleenor
    William Fleenor 29 days ago

    Wow, I have rarely seen more serious errors in a short film. Just a small pronunciation problem Grenada (short a sound as in the film) is in Spain and we never fought there. We fought in Granada (long a sound on 2nd "a") is a small island and we did invade there.
    I hope you you guys are better at your jobs than you are at historical commentary!

  • mike acton
    mike acton 29 days ago

    The russians are poorly paid,totally conscripted and hardly dedicated to the ideals of the current russian state

  • Boss Dog
    Boss Dog 29 days ago

    Grenada. Oh yeah that was a big one. lol

  • TheDr IsZen
    TheDr IsZen 29 days ago

    This video has little value/accuracy. So many scenarios possible, so few discussed. And so much misinformation. Just a vid to sell website tech.

  • English Man
    English Man Month ago +3

    Глупый видео, Вы сравните два разный время. По моему мнению, русский и американский военнослужащих очень хорошо обученный.
    Извините для плохой Русский. Это не мой первый язык и я еще изучающие
    Привет из США

    • Степан Прохоренко
      Степан Прохоренко 4 days ago

      English Man one day one of my friends tells me:
      -how dumb Trump is? Mexicans tossing rocks at US border patrol, and the last do nothing. Imagine this would happen in Russia, what would be the outcome?
      I grinned, and told him:
      -Russia is restricted by many UN and Euro regulations and it cannot make bloodbath anywhere it wants, but when it comes to a few permitted cases, like Somalian pirates or some trash of the society tossing rocks at the patrolmen-Russian AKs, not the ones that widely known to the world from movies as old woodstock 47s, but the newer and mostly unknown black plastic 74s-those never jam. And happen this somewhere on Russian border, this would unleash a barrage of bullets fired from these AKs...

  • ericanicolewagner
    ericanicolewagner Month ago

    What they were trying to do is compare the Afghan wars to each other and how they played out. They mentioned the us had superior stuff since it was decades later. I don’t understand how people aren’t getting this, they are comparing the strategy’s they used and how well each country did during there afghan war.

  • Simon Al Hajj
    Simon Al Hajj Month ago +1

    the only reason russia doesnt attack other countries is bcs they are actually nice

  • medievalfan 1435
    medievalfan 1435 Month ago

    Clickbait this is only american propaganda

    EXCLAVEN RAVEN Month ago

    What the actual f*** where did you find this information, Wikipedia? Modern Russian soldiers are superior due to harsher training and higher morale


    Your anamatoins are soooooooo bad

  • LUV SH
    LUV SH Month ago

    1 Russian soldier can finished off 3 American soldiers

  • Please Suffer
    Please Suffer Month ago

    It's pronounced Car-BEAN (7:40)

  • redrick
    redrick Month ago

    God this is cringeworthy. Don't talk about things you know nothing about and have done zero research with. There is no excuse for this at all, all the info is out there easy to obtain. And VERY INTERESTING at that.

  • Chief
    Chief Month ago

    If watching this makes you feel bitter and jealous towards the United States, you should delete your TVclip account. Americans invented that for you too.

  • Chippewa Mafia Productionzz

    They look like storm troopers with that aim😂

  • Mr WolFz
    Mr WolFz Month ago