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American Soldier (USA) vs Russian Soldier - Army / Military Comparison

  • Published on Jul 2, 2018
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    Which army is better? Today we're pitting the American soldier head to head versus the Russian soldier, and looking at the different capabilities, training, and equipment that each brings to bear. That’s what we’ll find out, in this episode of the infographics show, American Soldier vs Russian Soldier.
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Comments • 9 546

  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  11 months ago +2513

    The autocorrect swapped ak-74 and ak-47....

    • AWS Studios
      AWS Studios 5 days ago

      The AK family is quite accurate the only reason why people think it isn’t is the high rise recoil that gets most people and makes the shot grouping look bad if you aren’t expecting it

    • Kalash Operator
      Kalash Operator 11 days ago

      America Is#1 Never said the AK-74 used 7.62x39mm. Please don’t tell me about AKs when I have 4 AKs in my closet lol

    • America Is#1
      America Is#1 12 days ago

      It may have switched AK74 and AK47 but the AK74 uses a 5.45mm round not a 7.62mm.

    • Kalash Operator
      Kalash Operator 13 days ago

      It’s actually being replaced by the AK-12 now. First batch already received. However, it’s mostly the AK-74

  • Giannis Mallios
    Giannis Mallios Day ago

    Americans and russians are the most friendly allies to the world.Because the stronger persons go together,it can to be and to the countries...

  • Sailor
    Sailor Day ago

    Its horrible description

  • Rhodium 10
    Rhodium 10 Day ago

    Russian troops had a formidable air support with Su 25 and MI 24 Hind Heli...then USA supplied Mujadeen with masive Stinger missile as they were the "Freedom fighters"...

  • Johnson 5mm
    Johnson 5mm 4 days ago

    I'm now asking why I mentally abused myself with this cringe video from this slimy channel? Video produced by my cat would be better.

  • Fookin Lit
    Fookin Lit 4 days ago

    Russia and USA war = no end or THE END

  • David Vlahusic
    David Vlahusic 5 days ago

    BEAD! BUUUU laiee

  • Nit R0
    Nit R0 6 days ago

    The marines are getting the newer M27 now tho

  • Caed Rigdon5w
    Caed Rigdon5w 6 days ago +1

    This is laughable usa is still way better but of course the soviet union soldiers are gonna be trash vs U.S soldiers and marines

  • Pickle Panther
    Pickle Panther 6 days ago +1

    He didn’t even cover any valid points in this video

    TREE MAN 6 days ago +1

    Before I go down the comments, Im assuming everyone will say the Soviets are the best. I dont even want to look down, ITS SO OBVIOUS.

  • Royal
    Royal 7 days ago

    America uses the m4 carbine

  • DogeKing 5-91
    DogeKing 5-91 7 days ago

    Russia would win,as an American I still think Russians army has more heavy training and they are better at certain things

  • J Joseph Geric
    J Joseph Geric 7 days ago

    Do to the U.S. backed mojadin forces in Afghanistan and the Russian backed N.V.A. in vietnam I belive there pretty equal

  • Miloscarina555 Vida
    Miloscarina555 Vida 8 days ago

    This channel is a pure american propaganda

  • Elijah Lark
    Elijah Lark 9 days ago

    What a terrible video, the guy keeps comparing something that was over a quarter century ago with today. I hope he realizes that that russian armed forces are quite different today. Should have used russian performance in Syria for a more upto date comparison.

    • Ulikemyname
      Ulikemyname 7 days ago

      Oh u r talking about the Russian mercenaries. Yes he should have started with them

  • kzap70
    kzap70 10 days ago

    Both of these countries military are just snowflakes. Americans can't even defeat the Taliban in 18 years.

  • Kevin Cherveny
    Kevin Cherveny 10 days ago

    I was born in Russia and lived their for 3 years lived in America for 11 now and I’m in the USNSCC

  • A Duck
    A Duck 10 days ago

    They’re rivals

  • HASEEB 4 U
    HASEEB 4 U 11 days ago

    Plz make a new video on inda vs pakistan war who will win with new updates and information.

  • Ajax
    Ajax 12 days ago +1

    Russian soldiers have the same mentality the soldiers of ww2 had, they are extremely capable and dangerous. unfit americans join the military to get a paycheck and some self esteem from idiots calling them heroes. Don't compare the two ever again.

  • Juan Trujillo
    Juan Trujillo 12 days ago +2

    The Russians are more cooler

  • Fightosaurus
    Fightosaurus 15 days ago +1

    The information on guns here is pretty wrong. Russia adopted the 5.45x39mm cartridge and the AK-74 rifle in the 1970s. Bullet weight comparable to the 5.56x45mm cartridge of the Americans, at about 55 grains. The AR is a better rifle than the AK by universal agreement, also. The ballistic problems of M855 ball ammunition have not been relevant for American forces for basically a decade, and were never the fault of the rifle which fired the rounds.

  • Germanboy Nazist
    Germanboy Nazist 16 days ago +1

    Rusia USA hahahhahaja Amerika nunber 1 world rusia number 1 propaganda

  • neme sis
    neme sis 16 days ago

    This guy is dillusional and ignorant about the Russian military... We can overrun the US in 2 weeks...

    • Davout
      Davout 10 days ago

      you will need 2 weeks just to send the order for mobilization to your chief of staff to start the mobilization. By the time Russia starts mobilizing the US army will already be at the gates of Moscow

    • Fightosaurus
      Fightosaurus 15 days ago

      Pahaha you could not even make it over here, Russia has no global reach other than some strategic bombers dating from the Cold War. Meanwhile, America has TEN aircraft carriers. Each full of the latest fighters with the latest missiles, flanked by an entire carrier battle group of support ships like destroyers, missile frigates, and submarines. Russia has what? A burned down dry dock and a single carrier, with nothing on it except drunken men sitting on the decks in lawn chairs?

  • Xtentacion RS
    Xtentacion RS 17 days ago

    As a person who served as a 0311 in the infantry for the usmc it’s a complete joke how we train if a war broke out we would lose

  • Mohammad Yousofzai
    Mohammad Yousofzai 17 days ago

    I hate Russia, and I hate the Russians for invading Afghanistan! You know I'm from Afghanistan? Our economy is bust!

  • Yeetus Wy
    Yeetus Wy 17 days ago

    Lol the Russians use the Ak 74 and Ak 12 not the 47 anymore

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson 18 days ago

    Ahh.. Liberals explaining war fighting. Love it.

  • Art's Updates
    Art's Updates 18 days ago

    Russia: Im A bArBiE gIRL iN a BaRbiE WorlD
    America: bAbY sHarK Do dO Do dO

  • Tamian San
    Tamian San 18 days ago

    Russia didn't invade Afghanistan, they were asked for help by Afghanis government to assist aganst CIAs Taliban that was trained in Pakistan in US camps.

  • JDogandBigMike
    JDogandBigMike 18 days ago

    Pretty interested in this. Like it! Face off!!!

  • Dangerous CAT
    Dangerous CAT 20 days ago

    uuuuuh. U need to understand Russian character to compare these armies... By the way nowadays our army is muuuuuuuuuuch more better that in past. There was a terrible situation in USSR, but now army is more valued... It is a bad video, man, sorry...

    • Davout
      Davout 10 days ago

      In the USSR the army was more valued even tho it was the worst army of any power in the world today is even worst.

  • Konstantin Belyshev
    Konstantin Belyshev 20 days ago

    What about the two Chechnya wars?

  • Shon Prutkun
    Shon Prutkun 20 days ago

    What a load of fake news XD

  • Mateiash Nedelcu
    Mateiash Nedelcu 20 days ago

    Well, the AK 47 proper hasn t been used as the standard service rifle since the '60s, its been replaced by the AKM and later by the AK 74 which uses the 5.45 caliber, a soviet response to the NATO 5.56.

  • Kheybar Yaqubi
    Kheybar Yaqubi 20 days ago

    I love amerikan and Afghanistan

  • CL Jalamana
    CL Jalamana 20 days ago

    This is not true Russia is better

  • Maymae 221101
    Maymae 221101 21 day ago

    Russian military use AK-12 and AK-15

  • Czech Silesian Mapper

    America is not USA you idiot.

  • Scout Sniper
    Scout Sniper 21 day ago +12

    You're comparing apples and oranges. Today's Russian military is much different than the military of the USSR. You seriously wasted time on this video.

  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 21 day ago +2

    We’ve been waiting for this moment...
    The final opponent...
    Just building there forces...

  • Riley Forbes
    Riley Forbes 21 day ago

    Africa looks like fruity pebbles @ 1:30

  • Florin Stroia
    Florin Stroia 21 day ago

    What did they fixed with this wars again????????

  • Miguel Dominic
    Miguel Dominic 21 day ago

    When it comes out to modern head to head. U.S has more money therefore we get more training, More money to support a war, we have better technology, we have way more combat experience, how many of our troops have combat experience? How many Russian troops have combat experience?, who has more global support? Nobody stacks up to the U.S when it comes to a head to head battle.

  • Suyog Bhattarai
    Suyog Bhattarai 21 day ago

    Plot twist UK is US.

    DZ KILLA 22 days ago +1

    This channel has down syndrome. No Russian is issued a standard AK 47 lol. This guys fax and claims are pure wikipedia

  • Gopnik Gavrilovich
    Gopnik Gavrilovich 22 days ago


  • Deadpranker And gamer
    Deadpranker And gamer 22 days ago

    Russia is better

    BRANDONVEGA1241 22 days ago

    The Cold War never ended...

  • Alexthegreat 1and7
    Alexthegreat 1and7 22 days ago

    7:53 that's not a m4 it's a m4a1

  • garret halkides
    garret halkides 22 days ago

    It’s not about close quarters, fighting in the cities of Europe would be close quarters, it’s about counter insurgency

  • Fhs.student
    Fhs.student 22 days ago +1

    So many butthurt Russians in the comments loo

  • CroKiller 360
    CroKiller 360 22 days ago

    Please do something about yugoslavia

  • Robert Acosta
    Robert Acosta 22 days ago +1

    America would destroy Russia

  • Andrew Heffel
    Andrew Heffel 22 days ago

    Junk talk.

  • Trent Uhlmann
    Trent Uhlmann 22 days ago +1

    apples to oranges... soviet troops VS modern infantry. The tech the russians have now is amazing and this flag waving won't save you from a powered exo suit.

    • Davout
      Davout 10 days ago

      Powered exo suit only in games and on the propaganda machine of the RF. If Russia has these suits then USA already have iron man suits

  • Bozena Shymanovich
    Bozena Shymanovich 22 days ago

    Are you guys kidding me Russia would win

    PSYCHOPATHIC GAMER 22 days ago

    Russian equipment? Never heard of it

      PSYCHOPATHIC GAMER 7 days ago

      @Ulikemyname r/woooosh

      PSYCHOPATHIC GAMER 7 days ago

      @Freddy Krueger I know lol

    • Ulikemyname
      Ulikemyname 7 days ago

      Say then which one is more skilled and at least as brave as the American army and why

    • Freddy Krueger
      Freddy Krueger 7 days ago

      @Ulikemyname ahahaha .It's joke? Hah

    • Ulikemyname
      Ulikemyname 7 days ago

      @Freddy Krueger US soldiers are one of the bravest and most skilled in the world.

  • Ben Paul
    Ben Paul 23 days ago

    Everyone assumed that the us will attack russia
    What if russia attacked us?

  • Vegas Yt
    Vegas Yt 23 days ago

    Я больше его английскую речь блять понимаю, чем эти ебучие кривые русские субтитры.

  • Dashiell Gillingham
    Dashiell Gillingham 23 days ago

    You failed to mention the most important number on the US-Russia comparison; the number of soldiers, tanks, artillery guns, ships, and aircraft the USA can throw at an enemy. Russia struggles to maintain third place in the numbers game with conscripted infantry while the USA has over a million volunteer soldiers ready to go at any one time. If it used its draft, that advantage would get even greater.

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler 21 day ago

      Dashiell Gillingham wrong, Russia has fuckloads more equipment, and most of it is better, have fun even trying to get close to Russia, your carrier groups will make nice targets for Russian anti-ship missiles.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 24 days ago

    The 5.56 round is perfect for killing. The problem is the type of 5.56 round that the US uses.
    If you pick the right ballistic 5.56, the round tumbles causing severe damage.

      COLTON_CJF 23 days ago

      Hollow points does most damage. 5.56 BALL just goes straight through the target without much damage.

  • jimmy page
    jimmy page 24 days ago

    We the people of the USA do not want a WAR with anyone. However do not under estimate that we as a people have always been privately Armed for years. As it's written into our constitution the right to bare ARMS and to defend the USA from all enemys foreign and domestic. If we were ever invaded enemies wouldn't have to deal with just our military but also with every citizen that is very well armed and more than willing to DIE for this country. A land invasion of the USA would be impossible for that very reason.

  • [SBB]ChaosJasmine
    [SBB]ChaosJasmine 24 days ago

    You’re an idiot, you know nothing about modern combat, I have a few friends who are Marines and Army troops in the US military, and from what they tell me, they firstly don’t use the M4 in mass and they still use the M16A4 for most of the infantry, and i think people in the military know what they’re talking about.

  • nomnomXDDD The 4th Reich

    ak-74m, t90s heavy armored spertnazs, mi24s, there is no way a fat American beet this, *ZA RADINU*

    • Davout
      Davout 10 days ago

      Fat Americans??? M4A1 better then anything Russia has. M1A2 Sep V3 better then any tank Russia has, American is full with the special forces so there is no need to list them you probably already know them. Apache is the best helicopter period. The American soldiers are the fittest and strongest with one of the best training possible light years ahead of that fat Russian people you call soldier but in reality they are conscripts with 0 training and combat experience. The US army is not only the fittest but the most experience force in the world with maybe Israelis coming close and maybe some UK and French but nothing more

  • Kamron Johnson
    Kamron Johnson 25 days ago

    So your saying if America vs. Russian have a war, there's a 67% Of America winning with America with over 1.3m soldiers. And Russia haves about 1.0m soldiers?

  • Señor Austin
    Señor Austin 25 days ago

    I appreciate your channel u helped my pass my world history exam

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 25 days ago

    Pit the American chihuahua vs a Russian chihuahua

  • RealStorm 9112
    RealStorm 9112 25 days ago

    Tri poloski

  • itskilltroll
    itskilltroll 25 days ago

    americans are terrorists

  • John Wick
    John Wick 26 days ago


  • Константин Ачкасов

    Why you didnt mention the chechen wars and angola? Wherent they important conflicts too?

  • Panzer Boy
    Panzer Boy 26 days ago

    0:30 oh the my country the Netherlands expanded?

  • Magnus Ersvik
    Magnus Ersvik 26 days ago

    the soviets use for the most part ak 12 and ak15 for ground forces and aks 74u for special forces

  • Margaret Rodrigo
    Margaret Rodrigo 27 days ago

    Obsolete news

  • Soundie Sleeps
    Soundie Sleeps 27 days ago

    Pffft fat Americans will never win

  • Godzilla Kaiju boy
    Godzilla Kaiju boy 27 days ago

    Uh, you did do a video about an m16 is better than the ak-47

    • [SBB]ChaosJasmine
      [SBB]ChaosJasmine 24 days ago

      In handling, the m16 is most likely better, in damage and mass production, the ak47 definitely wins,

  • Murphy
    Murphy 27 days ago +1

    Who else is Russian and American?
    Кто ещё Русский и Американский?

    • Will i am
      Will i am 26 days ago

      английский русский и коренной американец. While everyone wonders who wins we all lose.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 27 days ago +1


  • Sнагк LфL
    Sнагк LфL 27 days ago


  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah 28 days ago

    I honestly know Russia will win.

    • Ulikemyname
      Ulikemyname 7 days ago

      How???? With magic wand maybe ???

  • Increasingly Irrelevant

    Your comparing a bunch of 20 year old commies to AMERICA IN THE MODERN ERA can you make a update on this????

  • Test Fortester
    Test Fortester 28 days ago

    USA USA USA 🇺🇸

  • TallTail Studio
    TallTail Studio 29 days ago

    Look at greenland and africa

  • preppychrisbou
    preppychrisbou 29 days ago

    Why so many butthurts?

  • Bronacho Playz
    Bronacho Playz Month ago +1

    America- Best Militiary In The World Russia/Siberia-2nd Best Militiary In The World

    • normal guy
      normal guy 29 days ago

      Bronacho Playz Russia/Siberia? Siberia is apart of Russia why split it like that?

  • Ree Coldmarksman
    Ree Coldmarksman Month ago

    Russia tactics is overwhelming infranty and vehicles

  • E M
    E M Month ago +4

    The US military can dab and the RU military can hard bass

    So SOCIETY is clearly the winner...

  • Lady Love Castaneda

    Lol russia would win singing barbie girl

    BRAC19 AVENGER Month ago +2

    The M-4 is more accurate and its round M-855 is very effective.

  • Edgy Eggplant
    Edgy Eggplant Month ago

    The Russians sing barbie girl and the americans sing baby shark

  • C.I.A
    C.I.A Month ago

    U.S Marines vs russian spetsnaz forces

    • R W
      R W 28 days ago

      C.I.A Marines might lose that one try special ops or special forces

    • skylar Leakey
      skylar Leakey 29 days ago +1

      Thats not equal its more like US Green Beret vs spetsnaz

  • it's ziggy gaming
    it's ziggy gaming Month ago


  • suiterd62
    suiterd62 Month ago

    American military is a politically correct sad joke of a nation's military. Getting worse too, much worse. China, Russia and potential enemies have tough, very tough and disciplined militaries. Combat leaders do not run American military units. Feminized caricatures do. Men will still defend America. Not the pretty boys in their pretty clothes in D.C., they are cowards. DRS / RVN Vet

    • suiterd62
      suiterd62 20 days ago

      Thank you. The folks in the U.S. Military did not create the politically correct nightmare forced upon it. DRS / RVN Vet.

    • I am a sexy biietch
      I am a sexy biietch 28 days ago

      Thank you for your respect and gratitude towards the people keeping you save sir.

  • keistabeast
    keistabeast Month ago +4

    I completely disagree with the information presented about the primary weapons.

  • Дарт Вейдер

    Боже, что с русскими субтитрами?

  • Imerel Idice
    Imerel Idice Month ago

    Денег много, как и амбиций, но ума как всегда не хватает) У американской армии есть свои плюсы, но на 2018 год США приуныла в могуществе. Хотя даже в 2000 годы она стала идти в упадок. Простите, могу быть я не прав, но у США война не ради кого-то или ради благих целей, а просто ради бабла (денег). У армии СССР да, была полная беда, много проблем. Но снова же... к 2018 году всё меняется) Как и в 2000 годы США стало падать, так и в те же года Россия стала подниматься в военном плане (и не только в военном). Но не бывает худа без добра =))
    P.S. Однако, даже в те не совсем славные времена, в военном деле, у СССР были славные разработки, которые превосходили разработки США. Просто у нас об этом не трубили по всему миру.

  • Carlos A Cabrera
    Carlos A Cabrera Month ago

    The best were not Americans nor Russians. The best soldiers ever were the Germans.

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha Month ago

    5:12 to 5:20 *Harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*