American Soldier (USA) vs Russian Soldier - Army / Military Comparison


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  3 months ago +1850

    The autocorrect swapped ak-74 and ak-47....

    • Shotgunsam 23
      Shotgunsam 23 7 days ago

      The Infographics Show also don’t say it’s the script, you drew ak-47 not 74.

    • Shotgunsam 23
      Shotgunsam 23 7 days ago

      Also the bullet is different the ak-74 shoots a 5.45 round.

    • Ke Ne
      Ke Ne 8 days ago

      How can you blame autocorrect, when the entire video just proves that you don't do research before making it?

    • Commissar Lemi
      Commissar Lemi 10 days ago

      I didn't bother finishing after they this. Video checks about 1/4 of it's facts.

    • Jolly Roger
      Jolly Roger 12 days ago

      Then you also have to correct the determination that your "AK-47" is superior to the M-4 because the AK-74 and its variants use 5.45×39mm ammo. Plus in CQB the M-4 is more compact and thus superior. This guy is always wrong.

  • aratosm
    aratosm 2 hours ago

    I think they need to cut down on number of videos per week as the quality has been lacking.

  • Lusor Ziegenmann
    Lusor Ziegenmann 6 hours ago

    America invaded the orient because of oil

  • Sghjjk Tcygubi
    Sghjjk Tcygubi 13 hours ago

    American propaganda

  • Nub Scrub
    Nub Scrub 23 hours ago


    CIOFIDE Day ago +1

    Those are clearly an Ak-74 and Colt M-16 shown in the video

  • Иван Буздуган

    за всю свою службу в армии ни разу не видел ак 47, в настоящее время основной автомат солдата РФ это ак 74 и ак 74м. запомните детки

  • Some One
    Some One Day ago

    Putin with naked torso and imaginary cartoon superweapons can defeat any army in the world in his dreams.

  • Eric Carmona
    Eric Carmona Day ago

    Russians on here claiming U.S hacked this video with misinformation, hahaaahaa😂🤣 what irony!🤔😏🤯

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Day ago

    Pretty sure thats a m16 not m4

  • Cyka TV
    Cyka TV 2 days ago

    I hate how you compared a soviet 1980s soldier to a modern American soldier Russian soldiers use AK-74 or AK-12

  • Cyka TV
    Cyka TV 2 days ago

    American Soldier: Oh no out of ammo need to call air supportRussian Soldier: I WILL GO IN MELEE BLYAT

  • Liu T
    Liu T 2 days ago

    Bias ass vid...

  • Ghost 1A
    Ghost 1A 3 days ago

    So who's better

  • Rhodium 10
    Rhodium 10 3 days ago

    USA was defeated in Vietnam and Irak( fled from there after 4742 servicemen death as consecuence of guerrilla attacks)....Russia have fought 2 war in Chechenia, Ossetia, Abjazia,Transnitia,Ukraine,Syria....

  • Stalin
    Stalin 3 days ago

    Western Propaganda

  • X Gamer 99
    X Gamer 99 3 days ago

    if we had a war with russia they would win because of vodka

  • Jeffrey Tackett
    Jeffrey Tackett 3 days ago

    Smaller bullet allows for greater access and greater range? Are you high? I normally enjoy the Infographics videos, but this one is so misinformed, on so many points, that it would be better to just take it down and redo it after completing some research.

  • John leschenkoo
    John leschenkoo 3 days ago

    Russians now use the ak74m (5.45x39) which is smaller diameter and bullet weight than the m4s 5.56.

  • Partisan Black
    Partisan Black 3 days ago

    Russians under Putin vs Americans under Obama & Trump
    Russians 1 Americans 0
    Reason being is that America is too busy trying to downsize the military to Defense Force levels and severed the line between civilian and military life, which has watered down the effectiveness of troops doing their job.

  • Harry Williamson
    Harry Williamson 4 days ago

    So let me get this straight the US against the Taliban there are more than US troops in Afghanistan so remember that . A gentleman from New York said that the US won WW1 WRONG The
    US only were involved from early 1918 so about 5 months the rest of the alloys 1914 to 1918

  • Jeff Feeldman
    Jeff Feeldman 4 days ago

    They backed out in viat nam

  • Doge Doge
    Doge Doge 5 days ago

    Hey, Infographics show, you need to stop being so ill-informed and biased, cocksucker. You forgot how that in the Gulf War, the U.S. was against a low-moraled army. The Russians have had historical tendencies of suicidal patriotism, compared to the Iraqis

  • Jesse Euson
    Jesse Euson 5 days ago


    BAMA THE GUN MAN 5 days ago

    The AK 47 SUCKS I like the AK 12

  • Michael Cass
    Michael Cass 5 days ago

    The real issue is that Americans have and will continue to be soft ass wimps crying over their hurt feelings. WWll era was hard ass American men. It's hard to call the pussies today man at all. I believe Russia has a big advantage there. Yes, the U.S.A has a better military, but I don't see the boys being able to fight like the men could do 40yrs ago. We may have to send what men we do have and our women. The women are getting tougher than the men here.

  • Oliver W
    Oliver W 5 days ago

    This is such a loaded question and an impossible one to answer. In terms of the us, Russian army alone I’ll just say Americans do have better equipment and longer ranges rifles, but if the war was taking place in Europe they would obviously have the strategic advantage over the us. Being a little biased as I’m in the military I think American tactics are better and that’s what it comes down too, tactics.

  • GSF Ryder
    GSF Ryder 5 days ago +1

    I support Russia 🇷🇺❤️

  • ShadowReaper2006
    ShadowReaper2006 6 days ago

    Look at the former “Soviet Stans.”

  • Lord Kenyon
    Lord Kenyon 6 days ago

    A USA VS Russia war would result in more death on both sides then the wars the USA is used to fighting against inferior foes.

  • Michael Reglin
    Michael Reglin 6 days ago

    Another garbage video brought to you by another misinformed U.S. idiot kid. Please if you really want to show off dumb you are go out into the street and do it, instead of uploading a joke like this .

  • wooo weee
    wooo weee 6 days ago

    The scary black rifle triggering the libs lol

  • Jayden The Kiwi
    Jayden The Kiwi 7 days ago

    You do realise that the Soviet Army has changes since 27 years right?
    This is a propaganda video

  • General Goldy
    General Goldy 7 days ago

    Murica all the way

  • Soham Dutta
    Soham Dutta 7 days ago

    Russia is better ... although America is better equipped...

  • Ke Ne
    Ke Ne 8 days ago

    This is so BS. Do some more research before making any info videos. How can you compare US troops to soviet troops? You are not even comparing US troops to military of Russian Federation, which are modernized. And how can Korean peninsula be considered as "intense"? There's barely any action at the DMZ. Furthermore, why are you forgetting about Syria? Russia's latest military experience isn't Afghanistan. That would be for Soviet Union. But modern Russia has seen action in Syrian civil war.

  • atemplin843
    atemplin843 8 days ago

    Man....this video was a complete waste of my time. All for your bs promotion to get money. I don'tmind TVcliprs getting paid in the least little bit, but your video was completely inaccurate, completely un- informative, and obviously made for the sole purpose of promoting your wallet.

  • ололош
    ололош 8 days ago

    If the third war war happened both sides will use their nuclear weapon. The implications will be terrible, so let’s stop propaganda in both countries, at least in the internet.

  • SuperParatech
    SuperParatech 9 days ago

    Terrible comparison. Waste of time watching this. Far too many assumptions were based upon old stereotypes, particularly with the Russian rifle from decades ago compared to the US M4. What about personal training? Fitness? Moral? Have you seen the Russian forces today? The example of the Iraqi forces is disingenuous. Iraqis have for years been trained and equipped by USA. They still run and the still break. It is the structure of their army. Whereas an American soldier can wrap himself patriotically in mom, the flag and Apple pie; Arabs don't hold state loyalty in the same regard. Their loyalty is to blood relatives, extended relatives, tribal /cultural links, Religion, area ........... flag/nation/president are very low on a long list. An Iraqi soldier will defend his home - not the flag. This is why militias formed regionally have proven successful against ISIL. Men were fighting with their friends/cousins or even brothers. This is more powerful in their culture than symbols such as flags. So - this destroys the entire premise of Russian training of Iraqis and the conclusion that Russians are inflexible. Russian is converting to a leaner volunteer force that is comparable to western armies. Living conditions are much better, pay, terms of service, conditions, food - hence moral is much better. Again, incorrect assumptions made using stereotypes from Soviet Era. What about the individuals? What is combat training like today? How do they compare? What are their skills? How fit to do the remain? How long is training? What are typical loads carried by the infantry? What kit are they NOW issued with? This is Americanised hyperbole with no relevant analysis.

    • SuperParatech
      SuperParatech 9 days ago

      I suspect in every video - America wins in each case - 1-1. This is the blogger's premise

  • Anurag sati
    Anurag sati 9 days ago

    more like "U *ASS* A"

    • John Wick
      John Wick 5 days ago

      More like RusSUCK

  • jasonpwilson01XFORCE
    jasonpwilson01XFORCE 9 days ago +1

    USA all the way!!!

  • AsiA I.
    AsiA I. 9 days ago +1

    RussiaN beaR'' is superioR''' America white English garbagE is jealous of RussiA

  • ammar khan
    ammar khan 10 days ago

    And both failed in afganistan invading it😂

  • X YZ
    X YZ 10 days ago

    This irritating git again. I would like to put his lights out.

  • King Richard
    King Richard 11 days ago

    Never pick a fight with Russia!

  • gamning sk
    gamning sk 12 days ago

    Win russian

  • Callsighn Owl
    Callsighn Owl 12 days ago

    This sucks your facts are wrong

  • Piotr Przytycki
    Piotr Przytycki 12 days ago

    Who the hell did the research for this video?

  • Don Smajlovic
    Don Smajlovic 12 days ago

    I thought its a soldier to soldier comparison , instead we got a lesson on the Afghanistan invasion by both countries and a very brief comparison between two already outdated rifles

  • Shazam Zoom
    Shazam Zoom 13 days ago

    Russia and America. It would be quite possible to be friends. Our Gov's. don't want this. The majority of the people do!

    ANDROID ACTUAL 14 days ago

    America vs Brittain
    Talks about Britains performance in the revolution. Then talks about Americas performance in the Korean war.
    Yey mericuh win bro😂

  • Maa Baker
    Maa Baker 15 days ago

    Of course AK is better, metal and wood. Not plastic m4. But Talking about *Modern warfare* shouldn't you place Russian army of 2015 vs USA Armed Forces of 2015? I mean USSR is pretty much old don't you think?

  • Stoe Away
    Stoe Away 15 days ago +7

    This propaganda video was brought to you by...CNN

  • Just Nothing
    Just Nothing 16 days ago

    You compared the two between different time periods focusing on one small thing (a rifle's stopping power) excluding other equipment as well as the special forces. Really objective. Nice work

  • Da Trevmeister
    Da Trevmeister 17 days ago +2

    The Russians can't even beat the Chechens! lol

    • The Eagle
      The Eagle 14 days ago

      Dead amerikkkan bodies aren't being covered up on your news. Can you show me the source about Russians dying in the *MODERN* scenario?

    • The Eagle
      The Eagle 14 days ago

      when WW2?

    • Da Trevmeister
      Da Trevmeister 14 days ago +1

      neither did the russians... russians lost much more men than Americans.

    • The Eagle
      The Eagle 14 days ago

      The amerikkkans can't even beat the afghans after a decade

  • Daniel Pi
    Daniel Pi 17 days ago +1

    Actually Russia stopped using ak-47s in the 70’s because of how Un reliable it can be.

    And btw USA would have won.

    • Muffy
      Muffy 12 days ago

      Not unreliable, but unpractical for the era. It was too heavy and was too hard to control on rapid fire because of the powerful ammo it used.

  • Nicholas Pugh
    Nicholas Pugh 17 days ago

    Well it would be a fight!
    The Americans would fight to win and the Russians would fight to survive. The question no one ever talks about is who would replace the soldier who gets killed. Yes America has been in multiple battles throughout the last 20 years. And Russia has as well. Not as much as the Americans.
    Let think about this. This would be considered a peer to peer war! You would look at 1000-30000 people dying a month. You can talk about how great the weapons are or how prepared the soldiers will be but if your best weapons and best soldiers die or get injured in the first year then who replaces those good soldiers and can they fight like those that have given all. I think America is the only one who can send soldiers to replace those that have fallen with a fighting chance. Russia, as big and mighty it is does not have the communication and leadership to train soldiers from the bottom up.

  • ilnur Dav
    ilnur Dav 17 days ago

    Russian soldiers fighting 1000 years! Russian soldiers are not afraid of death. The war with Hitler proved that every 4 citizen of the country is a war! Everyone who came to war with Russia, remained a fertilizer on earth! War in Iraq was necessary for capture of resources! There were launched more than 10,000 rockets that have fallen off the face of the earth, to the entire city! How can you say that you're better at fighting or launching missiles at a safe distance! Remember how on TV LIH CUT and burned people in Syria, was captured 80% of the territory! Only 2 years of Russian soldiers with the Iranians returned under the control of 95% of the territory! Why the last aplot terrorists Idlib, protects US? Think for yourself!

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 18 days ago

    The Infographics Show: I am a German/Russian American and a veteran, USMC Mos 0203 ground intelligence. First of all where is this fictitious war being fought on Russian or American soil? You forgot to mention that Russia is a homogeneous society, the soldiers all over 80% of Russians are ethnic Slavs. USA is a heterogeneous and diverse society. American soldiers are used to diversity and have a unique way of thinking. Russian soldiers are robots, I have family who are currently in Spetsnaz. I can tell you have a Russian bias, my dad was an officer in the Red Army but guess what this is not almost 30 years ago.Furthermore, the AK47 is very inaccurate and I am an expert Marxman rifleman(not Karl Marx sharp shooter). I prefer the M16 or hell I'll take the AR10, a semi automatic ifle American civilians can purchase over the AK 47 because of it's accuracy issues. As for technology and military combat experience, that is hands down advantage USA. Russia's only major conflict was Afghanistan, USA had the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, war in Iraq and Afghanistan. If USA and Russia are going to go to war it is not going to be the traditional warfare you are thinking of. They will either have a proxy war, use other countries to start conflict or a ciber correct.

  • Ardi Qose
    Ardi Qose 18 days ago

    Yo mean American vs Rus CS GO soldier right? XD

  • Garon Linton
    Garon Linton 19 days ago

    I’m in the US Army I have complete confidence in myself to take on a Russian soldier. I haven’t even shipped to basic training yet😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • beigesedan
    beigesedan 19 days ago

    Lots of unsupported assertions and poor comparisons but you did get me to watch it, so you win.

  • ok let's face it
    ok let's face it 19 days ago +1

    Soviet union will emerge again
    India with russia
    Russia friends in need
    USA Friends with benefits
    In hard times USA will find no one to help, usa your good times are just running away.
    So make friends not enemies
    and pay your 10 trillion dollar debt

  • Clement Tan
    Clement Tan 19 days ago

    the russians have vodka.
    nuff said.

  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris 20 days ago

    . Make war extinct

  • A Babbit
    A Babbit 20 days ago

    How about no war and no comparison. This video compared history against history. Today is not history. The USA has had an all volunteer military since 1973. Russia still has conscripts who only fight on Russian soil. Russia has volunteers who fight where needed. Mobility goes to the USA. Experience goes to the USA. On neutral ground, the US Soldier is superior. But, if the fight is on Russian soil, the odds go to Russian winters and Russian soldiers. But, we never have to worry about that because both sides will use nukes if they are losing so individual soldiers don't matter.

  • Kicking Saturday
    Kicking Saturday 21 day ago

    Game on

  • srpska zabava
    srpska zabava 21 day ago

    This video in a nutshell:
    >Soviets invaded Afganistan and were very incompetent and they still use outdated arms

  • Averigus
    Averigus 21 day ago

    The US had not to fight against an Enemy wich is supported by the whole western world, but the sovjet union did

  • Mantas Rokas
    Mantas Rokas 21 day ago

    American soldier is way better since they have war experience and also have equipment and rations

  • Quin Brown
    Quin Brown 22 days ago

    Russia’s armor looks bad ass in the thumbnail

  • Paul Hadden
    Paul Hadden 22 days ago

    Click bait bs, all hypothetical.

  • Gomez Addams
    Gomez Addams 22 days ago +1

    Get serious...the US Masonic Army could not last two hours without WiFi & playstations.

  • WinterZX
    WinterZX 22 days ago

    You just have to remember that the Soviet Union attacked in the 70’ and the Americans did it after 9/11, the Soviet Union isn’t even a thing anymore, and the Russian Federation new tactics are way different

  • Ganji Lina
    Ganji Lina 22 days ago +1

    Хотын гудамжаар алхана хүмүүс зөрнө

  • Lil Glass balla fool Gaming

    They only use ak cause they’re cheap to make

  • stinkbug 117
    stinkbug 117 23 days ago

    глупые американцы, они не могут понять меня, ха-ха-ха-ха.
    Смерть Америке!!!

  • Element guy
    Element guy 23 days ago +1

    Holey shit ww3 is taking place in the comment section what have you done

  • Troll1422
    Troll1422 23 days ago

    Watch as Russian and American soldiers turn invincible as the years come

  • Jake Num
    Jake Num 23 days ago

    Russia Wins Because of Boris

  • Whatzzup
    Whatzzup 23 days ago

    Well US use more advanced weapons...Russia still use soviet technology... Of course they have new weapons but not a lot.....

    USA wins(for me)

  • Whatzzup
    Whatzzup 23 days ago

    Sound like A SOVIET propaganda but Ok.....

  • Sky Gaming
    Sky Gaming 23 days ago

    Spetnaz BLYAAAT

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz 23 days ago

    Is this the channel that has the US cock in its throat

  • SupaSavage Gamer
    SupaSavage Gamer 24 days ago +1

    Afghanistan never was and never will be conquered. Glory be to Afghanistan and Praise is to God!

  • jones aderhold
    jones aderhold 24 days ago

    I love how you completely glossed over the wars in Chechnya like it never happened.

  • Steven Brackemyre
    Steven Brackemyre 24 days ago

    Wow dude u need 2 learn more about modern russian tactics

  • L B
    L B 24 days ago

    No comparison, the Taliban is succeeding against NATO after 17 years with virtually no outside support. Soviets faced an afghan and foreign resistance funded by billions of dollars, masses of weapons and training camps outside the war zone.

  • Bosnjak V
    Bosnjak V 24 days ago

    Amerifags can suck dick

  • Micah Dowdy
    Micah Dowdy 25 days ago +2

    The United States will always be superior.

  • Xeoron
    Xeoron 25 days ago

    You propaganda soaked piece of shit. Go masturbate thinking of Uncle Sam with your star sprangled toilet paper you call a flag. The Russian army would steamroll this dust-plane you call your home. Besides our intelligence warfare is so advanced we would just shut down all your technology in case your country declares war.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 25 days ago


  • ivan shishkov
    ivan shishkov 25 days ago

    Though it were the russians who saved the world from the nazis, werent they?

  • Sea海
    Sea海 25 days ago +1

    You do realize the American military is not the same as the America was 27+ years ago... right??

  • Benjamin Blomqvist
    Benjamin Blomqvist 25 days ago

    Mother russia

  • Anonymous BG
    Anonymous BG 25 days ago

    Fucking hate these Americans they make themselves look very awesome and cool and strong but the Russians have a lot more history their army is a lot better than the American one not because the weapons not because the weaponized vehicles or so BUT because their though training in tough conditions. How do you think a American will survive in Siberia where the Russians are living? Im not saying that he will die but im just saying that they havent used to live in these conditions!

  • Mike Funderburk
    Mike Funderburk 26 days ago

    The 5.56 round is designed to inflict damage not kill!
    1 injured soldier will remove 2 to 3 soldiers from combat and that is not counting the injured soldier. If a soldier is forced to leave a buddy on the battlefield it has an exponential detriment effect on moral of the unit.
    War is more than just killing!

  • monsterEN98
    monsterEN98 26 days ago

    Im trying to watch a video on miltary then im getting ads of sexy lesbians getting married in Vegas come on youtube bad timing

  • athappyhiker
    athappyhiker 26 days ago

    This video totally sucked. The weapons descriptions were all screwed up, and the part about comparing Russian and American experiences in Afghanistan was way off base. The US didn’t roll into Afghanistan starting out with massed columns armor vehicles like you said, it start off with very small special forces teams being inserted and working with the northern alliance to overthrow the Taliban. And I thought it was hilarious that you started off comparing Russian and American soldiers by saying the best way to do so was looking at their individual infantry rifle‘s. The quality of training and aggressive spirit in a soldier counts for far more than what rifle he is caring. A well trained and motivated soldier Can make use of many different types of rifles and still be effective, however a poorly trained and poorly motivated soldier will still lack affectiveNess on the battlefield no matter what weapon you give him.

  • Matthew Funnell
    Matthew Funnell 26 days ago

    I was hoping for a fair comparison, not some Americanski propaganda bullshit full of incorrect facts. But what can you expect? He is an American...