Season Five Hot Sauce Lineup, REVEALED | Hot Ones

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  • buryurfear14
    buryurfear14 Hour ago

    Mad dog is beaaaaast. Still have my first gold bullet.

  • Austin Carter
    Austin Carter 5 hours ago +1

    Bring on more rappers. Love the Atlanta experts or just some random dudes. Need chance the rapper on.

  • TheDickonator
    TheDickonator 7 hours ago

    Get Idubbbz please.

  • David Hombach
    David Hombach 11 hours ago


  • Kevin Penagos
    Kevin Penagos 14 hours ago

    Sean do you have a site where we can order these sauces?

  • NeoErik28
    NeoErik28 20 hours ago

    Hell yea San Antonio on the map!!!! This is a sick line up I fuck wit this!

  • hemp memho
    hemp memho 22 hours ago

    get shaq for the show

  • Based Yoshi
    Based Yoshi Day ago

    I remember when I went to the "made in hawaii festival" back in 2014 and I saw the Adoboloco hot sauce stand and they had samples. I got to try the hamajang sauce as well as the habenero and ghost pepper sauces. It may be the only other sauce in this lineup besides Louisiana that i have tried before. Happy to know adoboloco is getting some love too. When i saw that lineup i was like "no way bro"

  • Israel Newberry
    Israel Newberry Day ago

    Louisiana hot sauses

  • Ahxhourt
    Ahxhourt Day ago

    5:07 " don't worry, da bomb EEH...EEH...EEH... we've screwed it in..." Lmao... Had me rollin for some reason.

  • Nick Norman
    Nick Norman Day ago

    I've had all of them except for last dab and hot ones fiery chipotle. Another great sauce I wish they'd add (which of course would be lower-mid on the lineup) is "Tears of the Sun" it is damn good flavor.

  • Andrew Whitehurst

    YEEESSS Louisiana made the cut!

  • Ctik819
    Ctik819 Day ago

    Sean Evans Hosting the Oscars in 2025 !

  • spooky
    spooky Day ago

    Impractical Jokers, Skrillex, G-Eazy

  • Quompalo Duckworth

    I never thought I'd be so excited about hot sauce

  • Samuel Hur
    Samuel Hur 2 days ago

    Where do u buy The Bronx hot sauce?!!!!

  • Noah Clay
    Noah Clay 2 days ago

    Bruh sean evans looks like one punch man

  • Mathew Peter
    Mathew Peter 2 days ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m from Hawaii and HammaJang means fucked up

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 2 days ago

    this mans a god damn machine, god bless

  • Michael Pendergast
    Michael Pendergast 2 days ago

    Fizzle AND sizzle? Buckle up kids.

  • Akshay Chan
    Akshay Chan 2 days ago

    Best sale video I ever watched. Damn, he can sell anything.

  • Jude Griffin
    Jude Griffin 2 days ago

    rip blairs mega death sauce... you been in my heart for 4 seasons. Rest in peace ultimate legend

  • Caelen Kibler
    Caelen Kibler 2 days ago

    I feel like Jontron would be some funny shit man

  • AGBB
    AGBB 2 days ago

    the new lineup is missing some Mexico

  • Weeaboo Defense Network


  • Cmx950
    Cmx950 2 days ago

    50 cent
    Donald Glover
    Bam margera
    Jonah hill
    The Game

  • Adam H
    Adam H 2 days ago

    This is so weird with only him talking.

  • Cave
    Cave 2 days ago

    Stay tuned for season 5 where we kill our guests!

  • Easy Nugget
    Easy Nugget 2 days ago

    I didn't notice the continuity error until they pointed it out haha.

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G 2 days ago

    SEASON 5 LETS GO!!! Keep it up Sean, great content and great interviews!

  • ImCrooky
    ImCrooky 2 days ago

    This is what adderall looks like.

  • my keyboard
    my keyboard 2 days ago

    Get earl sweatshirt on here

  • TheOfficialiKhan
    TheOfficialiKhan 2 days ago

    Sean, I'm calling it now. I'll be on the show in the near future to wreck those wings and talk. I may not be shit right now but once you see me, fwm. Love the show! Keep doing you. - K.O.J

  • Shane rowe
    Shane rowe 2 days ago

    just in case you didn't know. there is actually a little taster spoon inside that bullet on the mad dog. Also looks like it could be used for something else... but its in there lol

    ANKUSH THAKRE 2 days ago

    Sean is the most amazing host I've ever seen.

    ANKUSH THAKRE 2 days ago

    Get big shaq
    Man can never be HOT πŸ”₯

  • SixUK90
    SixUK90 2 days ago

    Eating a burrito with Mega Death Sauce on made the moment of silence all the sweeter. Or hotter, whatever.

  • Robespierre1758X
    Robespierre1758X 3 days ago

    whats the deal with the mannered banter this jerks feels obliged to speak in

  • JonaJacknife
    JonaJacknife 3 days ago

    Omg...a Serrano sauce!!!! My favorite pepper! I hope this is universally loved

  • iTz Eddyy
    iTz Eddyy 3 days ago

    People i'd like to see for this years Hot Ones!
    Not in order.
    San Holo
    Rick Ross
    Lil Wayne
    Lil Uzi
    Big Shaq
    Kanye West
    Marshmello - is that too much to ask for?!
    Vin Diesel
    Wiz Khalifa
    Impractical Joker guys
    I'll update this when i get any more ideas.
    Any suggestions anyone?

  • Zacchariah Ross
    Zacchariah Ross 3 days ago

    Get Vince Staples back

  • BasedGod
    BasedGod 3 days ago

    Rhett and Link
    Timothy DeLeghetto

  • Drafty Crevice
    Drafty Crevice 3 days ago

    Oh shit, that’s today!

  • staples
    staples 3 days ago

    Get Mark Hamill! He is a great interview! Everyone loves Mark!

  • Rennell Goudeau
    Rennell Goudeau 3 days ago

    I couldn't turn my head for a second. Very good videoπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • tkotan
    tkotan 3 days ago

    Yeeaaah! Whose going to have a "Code Brown" this season?

  • Jay Zano
    Jay Zano 3 days ago

    Check out New England sauce......those guys are killing it

  • MattyWheels
    MattyWheels 3 days ago

    Big Cat

  • Aaron Murphy
    Aaron Murphy 3 days ago

    It would be cool to see Rou Reynolds from enter shikari on hot ones

  • Cedrin Wingo
    Cedrin Wingo 3 days ago

    It would be blasphemy not to have Rick Ross on this season

  • Fritz 50k
    Fritz 50k 3 days ago

    Flash bang hot sauce!!!

  • Zergling77
    Zergling77 3 days ago

    Shaun Evans is the best hype man/host ever. You get him into his element and he will bring the mother fucking ruckus!

  • dan dan
    dan dan 3 days ago

    the machine learning is used to target me with machine learning courses ads so ironic

  • Jacari Gist
    Jacari Gist 3 days ago


  • Libby Rutenbar
    Libby Rutenbar 3 days ago


  • Simon Gravelle
    Simon Gravelle 3 days ago

    Get Big Shaq on the show. The man's not hot!

  • Kevin Worrasangasilpa

    Inetview Dexter Holland from The Offspring and feature his hot sauce Gringo Bandito!

  • bL1X
    bL1X 3 days ago

    You did this one take didn't you?
    Edit: oops, nevermind

  • Jeremy Davis
    Jeremy Davis 3 days ago

    Hamajang is fantastic. My daily user.

  • Your Cousin
    Your Cousin 3 days ago

    I think it would be great if the guest finishes all the wings, they get a plug, BUUUUT they also get to call out a celebrity friend to come on the show. The guest challenges a friend to meet the wings.

  • Dashonna Wilson
    Dashonna Wilson 3 days ago

    Don't ever leave us Sean Evans!

  • Shontay Greene
    Shontay Greene 3 days ago

    So good of a host...I'm starting to have a crush on Sean xoxoxo.

  • Katie B
    Katie B 3 days ago

    Missed you Sean & crew!

  • WhoIsJLinn
    WhoIsJLinn 3 days ago

    I love how hyped he is in this

  • babybeauty _
    babybeauty _ 3 days ago

    Please invite:
    Joey badass
    ASAP rocky
    Russell Westbrook
    Damian lillard

  • Caleb Richards
    Caleb Richards 3 days ago

    You should get blind TVclipr Tommy Edison. That would make a great interview.

  • M D
    M D 3 days ago

    Get Jaylen Brown on the show he said he wants to be on it!!!

  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson 3 days ago +1

    R E V I E W B R A H

  • Trogdor5678
    Trogdor5678 3 days ago

    along with changes the sauces you should get a more stable table lol

  • UltimaKeyMaster
    UltimaKeyMaster 3 days ago

    "Butternut squash" Here comes the Arlo fans.

  • onelowkid027
    onelowkid027 3 days ago

    Louisiana hot sause is my favorite lol

  • MLA
    MLA 3 days ago +1

    Another good choice out of the Bayou State for #2. Just like Crystal, Original Louisiana Hot Sauce is just plain an all around good choice. Lotta flavor. I like it alone on a saltine.

  • alyxi
    alyxi 3 days ago


  • Kekistani Mercenary
    Kekistani Mercenary 4 days ago

    What the fuck happened to Pablo's bullfighter!? It's gone it was the best sauce ever!

  • Jake Nicholls
    Jake Nicholls 4 days ago +1

    Get TheReportOfTheWeek in the hot seat!
    this is running on empty. foo0d revieW

  • kardentyrell
    kardentyrell 4 days ago

    Oh shit, I'm looking forward to the effects of this lineup.

  • Karl trembath
    Karl trembath 4 days ago

    Get Barbara Streisand

  • Karl trembath
    Karl trembath 4 days ago

    Next season gotta be big deal. (They make a hotter one for wings) the original mofugguh

  • J.R. Caldoon
    J.R. Caldoon 4 days ago

    Holy crap, y'all. Sounds more like Season FIRE.

  • FuturisticHub
    FuturisticHub 4 days ago +4

    Invite me send me an email

    • SPAM
      SPAM Day ago +1

      Aren't you the person that made the minecraft porn

    • Scrambled
      Scrambled 3 days ago +10

      lmao mate you're a minecraft animation youtuber

  • TheDuckofLaw
    TheDuckofLaw 4 days ago

    Love the videos. Keep it up, Sean!

  • Ed Callahan Gaming
    Ed Callahan Gaming 4 days ago

    Were you on speed for this video

  • Chris N
    Chris N 4 days ago


  • Chris N
    Chris N 4 days ago

    Y’all better get Reviewbrah!!!!!

  • O Garcia
    O Garcia 4 days ago


  • Alex .Lummus
    Alex .Lummus 4 days ago

    The Report of The Week would make a great guest!

  • ivan rodriguez
    ivan rodriguez 4 days ago

    Fuck yeah Louisiana

  • Chonsey A
    Chonsey A 4 days ago

    Think you need to add Andre Gourmet Sauce. Organic tasty hot sauce that is now in Whole Foods. Nothing else on the planet like it.

  • Filipe SolΓ©
    Filipe SolΓ© 4 days ago

    Bring Mike Chen please

  • Timothy Moreno
    Timothy Moreno 4 days ago

    I'm surprised how underwhelming the response to Secret Aardvark sauce was last season, I discovered that shit from this show and it was an instant favorite.

  • Quincy
    Quincy 4 days ago

    I love this channel, and Sean is the coolest host ever. If they ever replaced this man right here, I would unsubscribe lol

  • Lynda Peacock
    Lynda Peacock 4 days ago

    Please for the love of all that is holy...PLEASE GET NICK OFFERMAN ON THE SHOW!!!! πŸ’“πŸ€˜

  • 5
    5 4 days ago

    get j balvin

  • Jonathon Carroll
    Jonathon Carroll 4 days ago

    blairs is fine still i still prefer Ultra death but hey thats me it makes a mean Chilli!

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 4 days ago

    Get carrot top

  • TheAwesomeTD
    TheAwesomeTD 4 days ago

    Sean props to you...this episode you sound like you belong on an episode of rick and morty

  • panetero
    panetero 4 days ago

    lol, Da Bomb still there to fuck people up.

  • Eragon Kvothe
    Eragon Kvothe 4 days ago

    Was this scripted and if yes did you write it Sean? Generally speaking too :)

  • Golden Harvest Farming

    A few sauces I think they should have on their show are probably: Chocolate Plague, Reaper Squeezins, The Reaper Puree, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Puree, and Moruga Madness. Just a few I would love to see on there and watch the interviewees' reactions to them. LOL

  • Vanessa Buck
    Vanessa Buck 4 days ago

    πŸ˜™β€β€ yay to the new year of hot sause.