How to Eat a Lobster Like a Pro | Food Skills

  • Published on Aug 7, 2017
  • Eating lobster is not for the faint of heart. One of the few meals messy enough to require its own bib, a lobster dinner can often end in spilled butter, mounting frustration, and heaps of discarded shells. Luckily, executive chef Dave Seigal of the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market is here to breakdown the crustacean cracking does and don'ts. From how to properly pry open a claw, to that little nugget of meat hiding just behind the head, chef Seigal explains how to sink your lobster pick into every last morsel.
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Comments • 490

  • Zayn gibson
    Zayn gibson Month ago

    2 minutes silence for the lobster....

  • K M
    K M 2 months ago

    If i didn't have shellfish allergy, I would be the first to take that lobster roll

  • chocalte diamond 16
    chocalte diamond 16 2 months ago

    I wouldn't eat the meat from the head that's were they pee from 😯🍤 I know it's lobster 😛 ➡🍤

  • aKillerSandwich
    aKillerSandwich 5 months ago +4

    It's always bothered me how most chefs and cooks take out lobster tail meat. First remove the tail. Second, hold it in your dominant hand with the shell of the tail in your palm. Third, crush the tail shell by making a tight fist. Fourth, using two hands pry open the shell and pull out the entire tail piece intact. Lastly, on the top of the tail meat, where it connected with the body, there is a sort of "tab" that you pull all the way to the end of the tail, exposing the "shit pipe" as someone referred to it. Remove the black stuff and you've got yourself a beautiful, full piece of tail meat...none of this cut in half garbage with shit in it.

    • R A
      R A Month ago

      shut the fuck up you god dam lobster police mother fucker.

  • TheLuckyJinks
    TheLuckyJinks 6 months ago

    I like my lobster tail without shit thank you

  • Izio Shaba
    Izio Shaba 6 months ago

    whish lobster didnt make me scared im gonna die, cus of allergy

  • Rory
    Rory 6 months ago

    That poor lobster got fucked up

  • Quantum Aquatic
    Quantum Aquatic 6 months ago

    lobster only takes 4 min to boil at 350

  • RippedSpeakerz
    RippedSpeakerz 6 months ago +5

    Eating food with your hands is for cavemen? Go fuck yourself.
    Watch this dude eat pizza with a knife and fork, too

    • Konatablob
      Konatablob 3 months ago

      RippedSpeakerz He's an amateur too

  • Dominic Walter
    Dominic Walter 6 months ago

    their lobster rolls are the best.

  • Canebrake
    Canebrake 7 months ago

    That lobster was put in barely any water.. isn't that the least humane way to cook a lobster???

  • Nasser Feed
    Nasser Feed 7 months ago +2

    I'm sorry this looks disgusting

    • R A
      R A Month ago

      no one is forcing you to eat it ..

  • john doe
    john doe 7 months ago

    This is why I want to live by the coast. Fresh seafood all day

  • You're The Lobster Wrong
    You're The Lobster Wrong 7 months ago +5

    This video is a travesty.
    The video begins with the cooking of the lobster. No problems yet, though I would recommend cooking the lobsters in the cleanest seawater available (or at least put some sea salt in your tap water, you inland savage).
    We then move to the splitting of the tail. This requires extraneous equipment, makes more of a mess, and is itself just unnecessary. You can simply break off the tail, remove the back fins, and push the tail meat out. Before you eat the tail, it is highly recommended that you peel back the top layer of meat along the middle of the tail, revealing the lobster's GI tract, which you can then remove, instead of eating it.
    Let's move to the knuckles and claws. The knife technique is a cool trick, but if you're eating hardshell lobsters (which you should be), you should just use a pair of lobster crackers. The video then moves on with no explanation of how to remove the meat from the knuckles, which without the lobster crackers would be somewhat difficult. Also unmentioned is how much hot lobster water is going to come out of each section.
    Then we move to the body. The guy pulls a little piece of meat out and calls it a day. First of all, there are little legs on the bottom, each containing meat. You twist off the leg at its base, and aided by your teeth, proceed the suck the meat out of each little section.
    Next, there is no mention of the tamale (which is what the liver is called, for some reason). The tamale is the green stuff inside the midsection of the lobster. Not everyone enjoys it, but many consider it a delicacy. Think of it like a briny foie gras.
    Then there's the body itself. Once you've eaten all the meat from the claws, knuckles, tail, tamale, and legs, you are left with the lobster's thorax. It is a cage comprised of many small sections, which are filled with meat. To eat this meat, you can just move along the thorax section by section, breaking each little cage and free the meat with an elegant, tiny fork (or just use your fingers).
    Once you have eaten every last morsel of meat, and only then, can you say you've eaten lobster like a pro. And don't eat the poop chute.
    But I guess that's what you get for making "How to Eat Lobster" in New York...

    • N Shaffer
      N Shaffer 7 months ago +2

      You're The Lobster Wrong you're the lobster right

  • Ikiratuki
    Ikiratuki 7 months ago

    I prefer dipping lobster in sweet vinegar.

  • Karen Everett
    Karen Everett 7 months ago

    YUMMMM !!!!

  • Patrol Pilot
    Patrol Pilot 7 months ago

    Lobster is considered high end, crawfish is considered low end. Side by side they are the same thing, one is just very small.

  • liljay420
    liljay420 7 months ago

    thats far from eatting lobster ike a pro more like a self entitled idiot way... i bet that wanna be lobster chef hasnt ate over 200-300 lobsters

  • Isis Orduño
    Isis Orduño 7 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey on Hot Ones

  • DrunkenZergling
    DrunkenZergling 7 months ago

    steam bitchs

  • Elmunus Angelo
    Elmunus Angelo 7 months ago

    This is how you eat a big mac!

  • ManicallyMetal
    ManicallyMetal 7 months ago

    Lobster is pretty overrated, just like truffle, cavier, avocado and the stupid amount of cheese people pretend to be obsessed with.

  • Cyan
    Cyan 7 months ago

    Really wish they'd give these lobsters a quick death before boiling them alive. Jeez. I can't watch that.

  • Charlie Pekin
    Charlie Pekin 7 months ago

    Jeez man... at least kill the thing before you throw it in boiling water. I'm no animal rights activist, but come on. That's just brutal.

  • Deo Lan
    Deo Lan 7 months ago

    This makes me crave the shit out of it right now. But I'm allergic

  • magincap70
    magincap70 7 months ago +7

    Yeah dig right in. No reason to clean the poop out the tail right? Born and raised in Maine, grew up catching these things. This is how city boys eat lobster.

    • R A
      R A Month ago

      clean the fucking shit and cut the asshole off. fucking disgusting.

    • David Higgins
      David Higgins 7 months ago +1

      I'm from Maine too and this ain't how it's done

  • Sean Novellino
    Sean Novellino 7 months ago

    Im from south shore long island also!

  • BeagleBagel
    BeagleBagel 7 months ago

    I hate living in midlands, my father has a shellfish allergy so I can't buy lobster and make it at home and I don't have a car to drive to the sea side to go to a seafood resturant. :(((((

  • Its Kaleb
    Its Kaleb 7 months ago +2

    Gordon Ramsay does it better lol he would look at your lobster and say ITS FUCKING RAW ITS SHIT IT LOOKS LIKE A PILE OF SHIT

  • Astro Bleach
    Astro Bleach 7 months ago

    People know they can't feel pain right?

  • jflores85
    jflores85 7 months ago

    That's a tasty looking roach

  • sammeyj
    sammeyj 7 months ago

    I'm only commenting bc I thought the thumbnail was someone's moldy tongue. Shivers

  • Jimmy Kinkade
    Jimmy Kinkade 7 months ago

    No lobster tastes as good as saving $40 feels.

  • Mo Mo Mo Ur Boat
    Mo Mo Mo Ur Boat 7 months ago

    I've never had a lobster roll hm

  • Austin Nwachukwu
    Austin Nwachukwu 7 months ago

    Humans are savage.

  • majomszex92
    majomszex92 7 months ago +5

    am i the only 1 who thinks lobster is overrated as fuck?

    • spidaminida
      spidaminida 7 months ago +1

      It used to be the throwaway from the catch that the poor fishermen might keep to feed to their family because no-one would buy it.

  • da7aminer
    da7aminer 7 months ago +15

    Cut the tail?! Amateur hour. . .
    1. Separate the tail from the body
    2. Break the tail fins
    3. Stick your finger up the butt and push that meat right out.

    • Canebrake
      Canebrake 7 months ago

      Eat that thing like you would a crawfish 😂

    • magincap70
      magincap70 7 months ago

      Then separate the top of the tail from the bottom and pull out the shit tube. Or eat it like this guy does.

  • Waffle Stomp
    Waffle Stomp 7 months ago +21

    At least take the shit pipe out man

    • Izio Shaba
      Izio Shaba 6 months ago

      delicious on a sandwich later!!

  • Mr meeseek
    Mr meeseek 7 months ago

    HIRO would say "good afternoon to the lobster and kill it lmao

  • Deathbrewer
    Deathbrewer 7 months ago

    Lobster is my favorite food of all time. I've had over 20 years of practice cracking open lobster shells, lol.

  • Samuel Mateo, Jr.
    Samuel Mateo, Jr. 7 months ago

    needed this

  • Branden's Outdoor Channel
    Branden's Outdoor Channel 7 months ago +1

    They cook it with the intestinal tract and don't remove it. nasty full of shit and sand.

  • IamMunkk
    IamMunkk 7 months ago

    First We Feast > Munchies

  • Omar Tenorio
    Omar Tenorio 7 months ago

    Shit making me howngry

  • Jordy Admiraal
    Jordy Admiraal 7 months ago

    Shortly boiled and eaten with melted butter.

    The best fucking way.

  • ricosuavee44
    ricosuavee44 7 months ago

    Hell yeah south shore LI represent

  • Alicia Farrar
    Alicia Farrar 7 months ago

    Noticed the rubber bands on the cooked lobster. I find this can make the meat taste bitter. Cut the bands off before cooking :)

  • justkiddin1980
    justkiddin1980 7 months ago


  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown 7 months ago +1

    Guys, lobsters don't feel pain. It doesn't matter.

  • Suko Pyramid
    Suko Pyramid 7 months ago

    Is First We Fist related to Munchies or are they competition?

  • BraniusBalki
    BraniusBalki 7 months ago

    Garlic that butter you fucking Heathens.

  • Antonio Cortez
    Antonio Cortez 7 months ago

    Coyote Peterson would be like noooooo release them!!!

    • Kudk
      Kudk 7 months ago

      coyote peterson isnt a vegetarian he just likes animals

  • hobby76
    hobby76 7 months ago

    Meh...Gordon Ramsay taking a Lobster apart was truly impressive, this not so much. Difference between a cook and a chef I guess.

  • Adam Cooperman
    Adam Cooperman 7 months ago +1

    Who the fuck eats lobster with a big chef's knife? If you're ordering it in a fancy restaurant where they start breaking it down for you? Sure. I guess if you're cooking it at home you have this option? 90% of lobsters I've had have not been broken down for me. I was expecting more practical tips about how to get at all the meat with a fork and a nut-cracker and your hands.

  • a Little Pal
    a Little Pal 7 months ago


  • 123kexchoklad
    123kexchoklad 7 months ago

    He didn't even eat the brain? that's like the best part

  • Christian Francia
    Christian Francia 7 months ago

    you should be in Maine

    • magincap70
      magincap70 7 months ago

      I'm from Maine and spent a decade catching them. Never seen anyone use a knife to eat one.

    LIL GOYARD SATCHEL 7 months ago

    Kill the fucking lobster before boiling it. Fucking Americans

    • Kudk
      Kudk 7 months ago

      lil bitch

  • Ghostdini Da Great
    Ghostdini Da Great 7 months ago

    I never could eat a lobster properly because I would always be turned off by whatever that green stuff is

  • Rebecca Loptson
    Rebecca Loptson 7 months ago

    This person needs to be taught by G.Ramsey on how to prepare a lobster, and not butcher it.

  • Pellegrini Post
    Pellegrini Post 7 months ago +2

    Lol go hit up a Ramsay video instead of this. Lobster guy didn't even mention the line of shit you have to clean out

  • Bloody Spider
    Bloody Spider 7 months ago

    17 yrs old and ive never had lobster or crab.......well ive had crab ragoons but thats about it

    • gooz0mbie
      gooz0mbie 7 months ago

      Bloody Spider try it. I would try crab first, it's more mild

  • Sam Fehilly
    Sam Fehilly 7 months ago

    This guy is way better than Garden Ramsy 😂😂👌✌

  • Djordy Donopawiro
    Djordy Donopawiro 7 months ago

    jezus im hungry now

  • John Solobro
    John Solobro 7 months ago

    As someone from the fine state of Maine..... You just fucking eat if lol.

  • Logan Cruz
    Logan Cruz 7 months ago

    Idk why I'm here, I can't even eat lobster

  • Aaron Barlow
    Aaron Barlow 7 months ago +1

    I usually take out the shit bag out of the tail lol

  • SharpieSniffer663
    SharpieSniffer663 7 months ago

    I can't stand most seafood because it's usually still in the same condition as it was alive. I can't deal with it having a face or head. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way. *shivers*

  • Tory Tatter
    Tory Tatter 7 months ago

    Mmmm. Sea cockroaches. Nothing like gettin some sea roach tail.

    • Tory Tatter
      Tory Tatter 7 months ago

      I hear dried meal worms make a nice flour for making bread.

    • Kudk
      Kudk 7 months ago

      whats wrong with eating bugs. It'll be your main food source when life goes to shit

    • FictionExistence
      FictionExistence 7 months ago

      I always thought of crabs has ocean spiders.

  • kevinfishburne
    kevinfishburne 7 months ago

    Interesting he said the claw was the most tender part. In my experience it is a little tough/chewy. Still fucking awesome (as are near-all parts of the lobster).

  • Daniel Sasser
    Daniel Sasser 7 months ago

    Livin like Larry? Larry ain't livin

  • Damián Hz
    Damián Hz 7 months ago +13

    Am I the only one who find lobster disgusting?
    Maybe it´s just because I live in a country where it is not a common dish

    • Nomad -81-
      Nomad -81- 2 months ago

      It's popular here in Canada but I don't like it myself.

    • Mitzos SirReal
      Mitzos SirReal 6 months ago +1

      u perfectly describe urself why u feel that way... 100% right. if u grew up with a lot of seafood, this would look like porn to u ^^ its why most europeans (for example) are disgusted by eating insects... its just in ur head

    • Damián Hz
      Damián Hz 7 months ago

      I don´t know, it looks like a giant bug

    • squid jelly
      squid jelly 7 months ago +1

      Nah that's fair. Different cultures different taste.

    • john doe
      john doe 7 months ago

      Yup, you might be the only one.

  • Brodey Dover
    Brodey Dover 7 months ago

    So. I can dissect a lobster better than this dude. You mostly need a pick but you can manage without cutting the tail in half and without cracking the claws unnecessarily

  • Galaxia King
    Galaxia King 7 months ago +18

    Why do people in America eat lobster with butter? Doesn't something so oily ruin the sea flavor?

    • R A
      R A Month ago

      clarified butter enhances the taste. i can eat lobster without butter period. its a delicious meat. sweet and succulent.

    • Galaxia King
      Galaxia King 6 months ago +2

      Yeah "Get out of the comment section." You replied to my comment first and now that you got destroyed you were just joking right? If you're going to be a pussy at least admit it. You got triggered by me asking a question.

    • Mr meeseek
      Mr meeseek 6 months ago

      john doe honestly I was joking with the guy. But he took the salty way and started to go full on attack mode. Lol

    • Dabuh12
      Dabuh12 6 months ago

      Galaxia King shut your bitchass up faggot. Sea flavor is shit.

    • john doe
      john doe 7 months ago +3

      lmao these comments are hilarious. TVclip comments in a nutshell.... little kids talking shit on how nerdy other little kids are xD
      But nah you need a little butter with your lobster. It's got salt in it first of all which is a must, and then lobster can be a little dry without it. It would be like making a tuna sandwich without mayo.... you need some kind of fat to go with the pure protein to bring out its richness and texture.

  • joseph martinez
    joseph martinez 7 months ago

    0:16 Waitng lul

  • Sam D'
    Sam D' 7 months ago

    Does it all Wrong... Watch Gordon Ramsay do it :)

  • Tucker Chapin
    Tucker Chapin 7 months ago

    Cutting the tail is fucking sacrilege and breaking the claw like that is cheating. Fuck this.

  • Alpha Plays
    Alpha Plays 7 months ago

    If Sean were hear he would put hot sauce on it

  • One-Eye
    One-Eye 7 months ago

    WHo would dip lobster that good into ANY kind of sauce?
    Fucking savage.

  • JackTheRippin
    JackTheRippin 7 months ago +3

    Crab meat > lobster meat

  • Official Fire
    Official Fire 7 months ago


  • Robert Cunningham
    Robert Cunningham 7 months ago

    This is the reasons why the Harbor is over fished they have like 1,000 lobsters in one shot

  • ZesuRodriguez
    ZesuRodriguez 7 months ago +2

    The cockroach of the sea...yum

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 7 months ago

    Who Gives a Fuck How You Kill The Lobster just prepare the food and eat

  • Quintahboyah
    Quintahboyah 7 months ago

    Fuck Vic Mensa

  • Humanoid25
    Humanoid25 7 months ago

    Now I want lobster....but they is pricey and I'm broke

  • LP something
    LP something 7 months ago +35

    if you cut a lobster before boiling it you're torturing it. the brain stem goes through the whole body. boiling is the fastest and most humane way to kill a lobster. Jake Paul needs to get the fuck out of los angeles get out of my city

    • LP something
      LP something 7 months ago

      there is no spot to instantly kill them, this is a myth

    • john doe
      john doe 7 months ago

      Nah there's a spot you can stab to instantly kill them. But boiling is still relatively humane, they don't live longer than 30 seconds.

    • gooz0mbie
      gooz0mbie 7 months ago

      Lindey Stejskal 😂

    • Lindey Stejskal
      Lindey Stejskal 7 months ago +3

      LP something you in england?

  • Michelle Power
    Michelle Power 7 months ago

    I don't know why I watch these videos, it just kills me inside that I'm not eating that delicious lobster.

  • Derevi
    Derevi 7 months ago +11

    people straight up eating ocean roaches just to have an excuse to eat garlic butter bro skip the disgusting bugs and just eat butter :-x

    • k flores
      k flores 5 months ago +1

      Lobster and roaches are both anthropods. Basically insects. Meaning that if you like the taste of lobster then you will like the taste of something like a roach. Hes saying some people soak lobster in garlic butter defeating the purpose of the lobster, so you may aswell just eat butter. I guess some people dont think about what theyre eating.

    • Dabuh12
      Dabuh12 6 months ago

      Derevi idk why you're talking about "ocean roaches", this is a lobster video

    • squid jelly
      squid jelly 7 months ago

      LOL ocean roaches! I love lobster but you just made my day!

    • john doe
      john doe 7 months ago

      The fuck are you talking about? lol adorable how you try and demean people that eat lobsters for some odd reason.... someone is jealous.

    • ScaF
      ScaF 7 months ago +5

      Seafood noob

  • Roosevelt Robinson
    Roosevelt Robinson 7 months ago +1

    Do one for crab legs

  • zymbotictoot
    zymbotictoot 7 months ago +2

    Where i am from,back in the day lobster were considered a "poor mans food". Some people used them for fertilizer in their gardens. Now they are a delicacy and crazy expensive. Sure glad i dont like them, lol.

  • TheChrisPutnam
    TheChrisPutnam 7 months ago +7

    I'm from Maine where most of the lobster in the US is caught and this guy is ignorant, he has no idea how to eat a lobster

    • Kresh
      Kresh 5 months ago

      TheChrisPutnam so how u suppose to eat a lobster?

  • Steven Benfan
    Steven Benfan 7 months ago

    I'm just here to see the like/dislike ratio.
    Looks like there weren't any black people in this one.

  • Noah Goldowitz
    Noah Goldowitz 7 months ago

    Thank you for uploading in 1440p

  • ketheasiankid
    ketheasiankid 7 months ago +1

    Claw and tail are literally the easiest parts... No advice on legs, no advice on knuckles

  • affalaffaa
    affalaffaa 7 months ago

    After seeing how old they can get I have a problem with eating lobster. I eat meat and fish, just the age lobsters get to when they're large opened my eyes. It feels like they've earned their retirement to me. Hypocritical? In many ways yes, but 30 plus years combing the sea bed seems like they've put in an above average shift.

  • Dan Flyhight
    Dan Flyhight 7 months ago

    You can hear all the screams coming from that place XD

  • sabertooth tom
    sabertooth tom 7 months ago +2

    You definetly don't have to dip your whole hand in the butter. fucking gross.

  • inda butt
    inda butt 7 months ago


  • KOLN555
    KOLN555 7 months ago +1

    Missed the leg meat, missed the tail fin meat, missed the meat behind the gills, didn't touch the tamale.