Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
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Comments • 14 460

  • Strange Parts
    Strange Parts 5 months ago +6848

    It was a blast showing you around Huaqiangbei, Linus! Thanks for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule. Turns out my editor already has a decent editing rig, so I'll be giving this PC away to a lucky fan in an upcoming video. If you're interested in winning this PC (and some cool and rare Strange Parts swag) definitely keep an eye out for that video.

    • JCGC
      JCGC 6 days ago

      Did you two suck each other's dicks?

    • R M
      R M 7 days ago

      So basicly you took your "Friend_" Linus to that nightmarish piece of shithole made him crawl through 60 miles of bullshit and cramped up hallways full of sweaty haggle baggle thieves when he can get all these hardware for 2 bucks and buy it from his own confy couch, he builds you a really cool water cooled top notch pc, which he built because you didn't even get the question right and he didn't even bother to correct your answer because he was really tired and sick of that Haquangbei bullshit and ripoffs. And then you just give it away? really? what an ass. No wonder you're an Iphone user.

    • Matthew Carven
      Matthew Carven 8 days ago

      Was good to see the both of you in china, i'd love to go there some day! Iphone repair down at maccas, check how much the board flexes due to the uneven support of the cardboard box it was resting on when the ram was inserted, not good for a board, I know i know, just sayin. :)

    • Ghssan Al Bahrani
      Ghssan Al Bahrani 8 days ago

      Strange Parts please give it to me

    • Z Z
      Z Z 10 days ago

      i was checking for water cooling, i love this one !

  • hello bye
    hello bye 21 hour ago

    turns out to be googlly

  • Deckard Cain
    Deckard Cain Day ago +1

    It’s great to see my two favorites TVcliprs together in one show

  • Primal Rex
    Primal Rex Day ago

    12:21 got to give it to em, pubg the is the only cure for boredom when you work there

  • pmellow
    pmellow Day ago

    Chinese merchants are jerk

  • Vincent Bro
    Vincent Bro Day ago

    3:04 when someone reject your computer LOL

  • Vaniano 404
    Vaniano 404 2 days ago

    1800W PSU : total = 1600W looooooooooooool

  • Kade Ellery
    Kade Ellery 2 days ago

    what core would you buy for fortnite

  • Kade Ellery
    Kade Ellery 2 days ago

    does the Hz on a laptop matter

  • Axel Santana
    Axel Santana 2 days ago

    Omg youre so annoyingggggg!

  • Jim Charles
    Jim Charles 2 days ago

    best part " whats im in china"

  • Sontjer Ryan
    Sontjer Ryan 2 days ago

    Welcome to the MAGNIFICANT city of Shenzhen

  • Y D
    Y D 2 days ago

    TVclip Barbers, please hook up the white china guy, he baldly needs a cut..

  • Y D
    Y D 2 days ago

    Assembling a computer in the middle of the market square in China is priceless as an IT Guy..

  • ILearnHow How
    ILearnHow How 2 days ago

    Well I found free $5364a money making system that is really working:(just go to) Great work...

  • ChaotiX
    ChaotiX 3 days ago

    I have the Gigabyte B250M-DSH3. It's actually an awesome board, really well constructed.
    I'm surprised theyre actually selling some quality parts in there

  • FrankyManky
    FrankyManky 3 days ago

    All I got from this was, the girl at 3:20 was cute as fuck.

  • Dancing Lama
    Dancing Lama 3 days ago

    Scotty speaks decent mandarins certain words are HARDER to understand(yes I'm Chinese)

  • S.O.S gaming
    S.O.S gaming 3 days ago

    16:49 that fucking mac had windows

  • Abhinandan Vasudeva
    Abhinandan Vasudeva 3 days ago

    This Strange Parts guy is amazing... He is so humble.

  • TheTruthTeller
    TheTruthTeller 3 days ago

    Shit linus is so boring and annoying....

  • Mike B
    Mike B 3 days ago

    "Canadian Rupels." Hahahaha!

  • LaczPro
    LaczPro 3 days ago

    "Because, when in doubt and I can't figure out what to make a video about... I just build a computer"
    Linus you deserve this like

  • The Mafia Technical
    The Mafia Technical 4 days ago

    We Got The Screw Driver In Bangladesh At 0.6$

  • Shio Moey
    Shio Moey 4 days ago

    scott is such a humble person! thumbs up!

  • Pinoy Pianist- Varities of Music

    3:05 poor asian

  • Chen Xin
    Chen Xin 4 days ago

    How can be the REAL brand parts cheaper in this place? Do you expect the sellers there can take the products from the factories with better price than Amazon, Tmall or JD? That place is for used parts or some unusual stuff. Didn't you see that they are selling so many different things there. It is definitely not a place for assembling a PC.

  • Riski Rills
    Riski Rills 4 days ago


  • Dominick Parsons
    Dominick Parsons 4 days ago

    scrapyard wars would be dope here

  • Mason Davis
    Mason Davis 4 days ago

    hahahaha he cant take this ghetto shit

  • Josh Waaka
    Josh Waaka 4 days ago

    This is so painful to watch and he is a pussy stop getting stressed about a shop in a foreign country. That’s what happens when you don’t learn the language before you go

  • Medo Mathkour
    Medo Mathkour 4 days ago

    Buys tubing even though it won’t work

  • Jamal Tyrone
    Jamal Tyrone 4 days ago +1

    Getting himself some strange cock...

  • Ag0nY Gameplays
    Ag0nY Gameplays 4 days ago

    It's exactly like Paraguay !! hahaha!

    NIGGER 5 days ago

    Yeah you act like a big scumbag

    • NIGGER
      NIGGER 5 days ago

      Jesus, you're a dick

  • Christopher Robin
    Christopher Robin 5 days ago

    "this starts at what 6000.... yen?" ohh shit lol

  • James Fondren
    James Fondren 5 days ago

    Cheaper? I think not..... Chinese price + customs tariff + flight + hotel + time off work = not cheaper by any stretch of the imagination.

  • catzzzgames
    catzzzgames 5 days ago

    This was sort of awful he was pretty rude and obnoxious to most of these people. I hope he wouldn't talk to people like that if they understood English (although it's maybe worse becuase he knows they don't).

  • Luk45135 :D
    Luk45135 :D 5 days ago

    I love hiw he said china at the end

  • Isaac Albrecht
    Isaac Albrecht 5 days ago

    12:25 is that a rip of pubg in the background?

  • fredcrys
    fredcrys 5 days ago

    Man... after watching Collin on his bargaining deals, I know you could've got better prices. it seems that you guys did not try to bargain. Perhaps you did and is not in the video. In any case They always going to try to shoot as high as they can. You got to pay at least half or less than what you would in USD. Well at least you've got the experience. Good luck guys!

  • Chris McEvoy
    Chris McEvoy 5 days ago

    I have been in these situations in China but it is way easier when you can speak some Chinese, you should have got a local to give you a hand as it should not be this stressful.

  • Thomas Gx
    Thomas Gx 5 days ago

    i needed to see this, " liked the tool store " not the best in technical / sales people, liked the candidness Linus.

  • Mike Dancy
    Mike Dancy 5 days ago

    I used to goto markets like that in Seoul S. Korea. It was mind blowing.

  • #Simon #Veith
    #Simon #Veith 5 days ago

    Love your channel!Please subscribe!

  • deucedeuce22oz
    deucedeuce22oz 5 days ago

    ...Damn, and we can't even keep Radio Shack open. (Their prices were outrageous).

  • anime gamer
    anime gamer 5 days ago

    China where ppl whipp up pcs in the middle of a city

  • die deutsche Orthopädiespezialist

    a good video when eth minin' was fockin' crazy or almost past craziness and graphic card price went skyrocket, but otherwise wtf

  • Godfrey Torrance
    Godfrey Torrance 5 days ago

    dang so many warp stabilizers on that footage haha

  • Pm Mo
    Pm Mo 5 days ago

    Stop complaining so much.....gawwwwwd

  • Killed By A Cumshot
    Killed By A Cumshot 5 days ago

    Maybe you should learn basic Chinese before you visit it?

  • Deyi Wang
    Deyi Wang 5 days ago

    To be a chinese, I think I should tell you that there are many FAKE things there......They are fooling you......ten to one!

  • Rudy Alfonsus
    Rudy Alfonsus 5 days ago +1

    3:04 your face before ripping off someone

  • Casper
    Casper 5 days ago

    You were being very disrespectful. calling everything ghetto . Your being culturally insensitive. i really feel embarrassed you going over there and making an impression on north american tourist. chinese probably think were racist, i really feel bad. and then you come to realise some stuff was actually reasonably priced and is the same as back where you live and act all surprised. you definitely do have some hidden racist/ prejudice thoughts you actually let out in this video.

  • TSM_ViPeR
    TSM_ViPeR 5 days ago +1

    totally watercooled

  • Alex
    Alex 5 days ago

    Transaction is cancelled for some reasons
    Operation timeout!

    Thank You !

  • Joshua Stagnitto
    Joshua Stagnitto 5 days ago

    this is the first video ive ever seen of @LinusTechTips. i had to rewatch it.. its still an awesome video. lol

  • Harry Jiang
    Harry Jiang 5 days ago +2

    That the city I use to live. I've never trust Huaqiangbei. LOL!

  • TheInkinJapan
    TheInkinJapan 5 days ago

    Where is the list of specs? Did I miss it? You made a computer- useful would be a comparison to one of the best deals you can buy on Amazon for a similar price- this is a similar price but no idea if it is a good deal.
    Next, send a Chinese guy to buy the same parts and see what prices they can get.

  • Kraio
    Kraio 5 days ago

    He lowkey said fleshlight

  • John
    John 5 days ago

    Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA + fly tickets = $3000 or >

  • Jay Desai-Butler
    Jay Desai-Butler 5 days ago

    straight douche bag.

  • jgamerthepally
    jgamerthepally 6 days ago

    still better than the verge....

  • E G G M A N
    E G G M A N 6 days ago

    FBi OpEN Up

  • Zijian Xi
    Zijian Xi 6 days ago

    Linus. I think you just a racist asshole.

  • TiTi
    TiTi 6 days ago

    Linus just go taobao or T-mall , the biggest online shopping site in China. xD

  • JCGC
    JCGC 6 days ago

    You dumb fucks didn't haggle at all. You could have gotten the whole thing for a third or less of what you paid.

  • Chriller
    Chriller 6 days ago +1

    LOL 12:38

  • Future World
    Future World 6 days ago

    wow nice video

  • RdL
    RdL 6 days ago

    ask scotty if he has a swiss army knife or maybe some tweezers

  • MKME
    MKME 6 days ago

    Which city and where are these places I will be in China.

    • 徐zh
      徐zh Day ago

      Actually almost every big city have place like this,but this one(华强北)in shenzhen is probably the largest one. Search华强北OR中关村OR颐高OR百脑汇online.

  • Larry O'Neal
    Larry O'Neal 6 days ago

    Adding into the cost of this PC was roundtrip airfare to China from Canada ? Not as good a deal at that point (or FTM without the airfare). Interesting exercise though.

  • Andy Wang
    Andy Wang 6 days ago

    You know what? It is not able to buy cheaper PCs or components in Hua qiangbei market. You need to find something used online as Xianyu(闲鱼) or Taobao. You can get very cheap stuffs at 闲鱼. for instance, xeon e5 2670s is about 500rmb(100 bucks) and rams too. I bought 8 reg ecc ddr3 server rams for 20rmb about 4 bucks each!

  • P R O T E C T O R
    P R O T E C T O R 6 days ago

    Yo i need performance linus GIVE ME FPS

  • RadicalEdward37
    RadicalEdward37 6 days ago


  • Yoga Martin
    Yoga Martin 6 days ago

    Linus in predicament

  • Daniel Zhan
    Daniel Zhan 6 days ago

    I went to the Shenyang tech mall, this one vendor's super cool custom loop build had a cheapo "Great Wall" PSU.

  • Manos Anag
    Manos Anag 7 days ago

    Chinese power supply? hahaha the most stupid thing ever

  • sei shin
    sei shin 7 days ago

    Does it work in NK?

  • Dank_Raiden
    Dank_Raiden 7 days ago

    NGL thought i saw one of those other peope you work with (i wanna call him dennis but im not sure) at 10:55

  • sibi sanjay
    sibi sanjay 7 days ago +2

    12:13 I'm just thinking if a Chinese visiting America and asking if anybody speaks Chinese? What possibly the response from an American would be!

  • ski mask
    ski mask 7 days ago

    this is what happens when you don't plan...

    DOUBLE YOO 7 days ago +2

    0:52 *Two boys, one market*

    very nice.

  • wogsta !
    wogsta ! 7 days ago

    hahahaha what a derro!! feel sorry for you having to hang out with him Linus.

  • Gary Perreault
    Gary Perreault 7 days ago

    ah linus is canadian.. nice.. nice to see more canadian tech geeks around.

  • Davis Nguyen
    Davis Nguyen 7 days ago

    I need to go to china to buy parts now. . .

  • vikas sarwa
    vikas sarwa 7 days ago

    Someone be like "oh my fake Chinese god, they are building a bomb"

  • vikas sarwa
    vikas sarwa 7 days ago

    If you want cheapest laptop, go with iball or Micromax starts from 8-10k inr

  • quazamuhaha
    quazamuhaha 7 days ago

    More like Linus Whinge Tips

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 7 days ago

    Get some balls and haggle, what a limp dick this Ginger is...!

  • Marcos Guimarães
    Marcos Guimarães 7 days ago

    Lets go build a PC
    Oh. Let's mine crypto

  • R Jonzun
    R Jonzun 7 days ago

    Please take your meds next time.

  • BcnMstr - Playz
    BcnMstr - Playz 7 days ago

    "oh this is normal like, there's phone repair going down in McDonald's" lol just lol

  • Christopher Pickles
    Christopher Pickles 7 days ago

    they absolutely gouged you in every stop.

  • snailorgy
    snailorgy 8 days ago

    Linus is such a little bitch

  • snailorgy
    snailorgy 8 days ago

    why do so many of them wear their backpacks on the front

  • Tang Ning
    Tang Ning 8 days ago

    华强北 up up

  • Robert Phoenix
    Robert Phoenix 8 days ago

    This reminds me of the experience I used to have going to computer conventions like the HCC days here in the Netherlands in the late 1990s. Looking for cheap Super7 motherboard and cheap cyrix MII and later AMD K6-2 processors and stuff like that

  • Ron Hustle
    Ron Hustle 8 days ago +1

    Try that thing!