Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
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Comments • 12 694

  • Strange Parts
    Strange Parts 3 months ago +5288

    It was a blast showing you around Huaqiangbei, Linus! Thanks for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule. Turns out my editor already has a decent editing rig, so I'll be giving this PC away to a lucky fan in an upcoming video. If you're interested in winning this PC (and some cool and rare Strange Parts swag) definitely keep an eye out for that video.

    • toulouse666
      toulouse666 2 days ago

      Strange Parts
      Does it work though?
      We need proof!

    • Luc Konosuke
      Luc Konosuke 3 days ago

      Strange Parts.
      Did you try to boot the made in china computer and does it work? :p

    • Stanley Cheung
      Stanley Cheung 4 days ago

      I feel so sorry for you, having to guide this douchebag around. But hey, if it gets views, you have to work for it right? ;)

    • 王赛
      王赛 6 days ago

      很喜欢今天看到的一句话:是你的江湖险恶 但我得世界阳光 我相信福报

    • AnticommentWarrior
      AnticommentWarrior 8 days ago

      He deosnt want the pc cause it would remind him of the shittiest day ever spent with linus whining tips shit was unbearable

  • acikacika
    acikacika 5 hours ago

    duuude what a dickhead you turned out to be. You could have at least taken a 10 min Wikipedia read about what is Huaqang bei market and not be so goddamn ignorant. Shenzhen is a tech area city, your iphone is built there.
    Also there is a nuance to chinese way of trading and selling, yes a bit chaotic, but interesting nevertheless, but the way you acted was just soooo lame. I feel sorry for Strange Parts, the guy welcomed you as a host and you kinda embarrassed him on every step on his turf.
    OMG what a sorry ass ego driven manchild you are.
    Huaqang bei is a crazy and cool electronic market like none other on the planet, and as a tech person you should've know waaaay better.
    I go there often and was excited to see your collab and your take on that crazy place, but maaan what the fuck was that.

  • Jack Ryder
    Jack Ryder 6 hours ago

    How does a guy like Linus not have a multitool like a Leatherman on him all the time?

  • top banana
    top banana 8 hours ago

    the worlds biggest counterfeit market

  • Kim Jung Un
    Kim Jung Un 8 hours ago

    Cool that you can get google . Try entering China again ! lololol

  • Robert Sommerseth
    Robert Sommerseth 8 hours ago

    shows how with 6+mil subs you lose your sense of reality, especially when you stop paying for stuff that handed over to you
    that and what kind of douche would wear sandals with socks, probably a canadian, but i digress

    HANDSD0WN GAMING 8 hours ago

    linus has some attitude problems bro this guy needs to control himself

  • Bevis Butthead
    Bevis Butthead 12 hours ago

    3rd world shithole where everyone is trying to rip him off. and you wonder why he's stressed and not having a good time. all you haters in the comments should go there and do it yourself and report back.

  • Ed Petrovski
    Ed Petrovski 16 hours ago

    Linus is the personification of why Chinese folks smirk at westerners. "i'm OK" means--to a Chinese merchant--"I'll buy it". Numbnuts. never ever go into one of these places without a Chinese friend who does the communication and negotiation. As soon as the Chinese merchants see you coming the price goes up--sometimes waaaay up. I bought a decent sound system for my laptop and got a 30% discount because my Chinese buddy did the deal. I do like your earrings though.

  • Oded Sayar
    Oded Sayar 18 hours ago

    Same price in China and the US, thrice that much in Israel

  • CamboTube
    CamboTube 18 hours ago

    I Like Your Bad Linus

  • rod bender
    rod bender 21 hour ago

    the case did look pretty cool

  • wayne chen
    wayne chen 21 hour ago

    You shouldn't buy PC components in Huqiangbei. People will rip off foreigners like you.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 22 hours ago

    Fuck this shit. Fucking amateur. 22:29 was all I could take. I would so fucking totally be guilty of serial murder and corpse rape at this point in the video. I hope you all burn in hell.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 22 hours ago

    Fucking dipshit didn't even get a fucking juice box with his cooler.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 22 hours ago

    Something you've never heard of?! Is that like a fucking X-Files mystery or something?! Fucking Silver Spoons Boner.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 23 hours ago

    Didn't even bring his own fucking tools. CHEAP. FUCKING. MAPLE. LEAF. EATING. TWAT.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 23 hours ago

    Never mind. Just curb stomp the Canadian's dick into his asshole. Quick. Please?!

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 23 hours ago

    The bearded guy should butt fuck the shaved guy while the cameraman films it.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 23 hours ago

    "Not that bad" for a 15 dollar aluminum radiator?! Pretentious cock rocket. That is sweet in ANY country.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 23 hours ago

    Fucker looks like he's been popping too much moly shard.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 23 hours ago

    Fucking bastard. Go to China and complain about China.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens 23 hours ago

    What a fucking kanuck shit stick.

  • mcpe person
    mcpe person Day ago

    Try and buy a pc 1 pc part in different countrys

  • kaneki.uzumaki
    kaneki.uzumaki Day ago

    Lol Yang Mi in the background at 0:24

  • LIiO dinGO
    LIiO dinGO Day ago +1

    That disfigured nose guy thinks he is superior than Chinese

  • hellio ringos
    hellio ringos Day ago

    the taller guy would be the understanding husband, and the other guy would be the you know.... (wife), i love em both hahah :D :D :D

  • Cars0419
    Cars0419 Day ago

    11:46 that woman sniping to get a video of Linus

    SAMI SD Day ago

    Canadien nul à chier !!

  • hckmar
    hckmar Day ago

    Ugly attitude.... if he's stressed, then why did he go at the first place? He needs to be polite...

  • Arnab Ghosh
    Arnab Ghosh Day ago

    Why is your motherboard bending when you put on the RAM Sticks? Even the stock Dell Motherboards are stronger than that.

  • Mr Pangy
    Mr Pangy Day ago

    My experience was the same... no warranty quite a few "second" run components etc. But what an experience.

  • Marco Rosas
    Marco Rosas Day ago

    love your videos

  • hendra arinda
    hendra arinda Day ago

    linus can u give me computer, i just have core 2 duo e7500 with ddr2 2gb ram, hdd 80gb n now bad sector, i wanna play pubg but my dream play pubg nevee come true , because im poor man

  • Russell Grier
    Russell Grier Day ago

    bro why go to china to get a pc parts, why LMAOOO they have the cheapest stuff XD

  • jay wilbur
    jay wilbur Day ago

    That store is AWESOME! get with the program USA!

  • Noobies Detected

    This guy wanna build a pc but he is so stupid😓 buying something that are not useable and the pc case sucks..

  • TheLonelyMoon
    TheLonelyMoon Day ago

    I've been to Huachiangpei several times, I'm not gonna lie, was full of interesting stuff. Sells Android-iPhone without a doubt, and tiny components that you wouldn't see often

    • TheLonelyMoon
      TheLonelyMoon Day ago

      Also, if you wanna bargain, just give them a really really low price and walk away, they'll ask you back for the deal.We were buying an Android iPhone which they claimed to be 101 copied from the original (spoiler: the rip off was a rip off) and asked us for 1200 wapping RMB (175 USD) so we called 300 RMB (45 USD) then walked away, the dude was half shouting to agree with the offer. Which I found funny

  • Jason Medenilla
    Jason Medenilla Day ago

    A waste of time !!!!

  • Yu Zhan
    Yu Zhan Day ago

    Once upon a time, possibly before the rise of, this kind of market is popular in almost every city in China. This kind of market is totally unfriendly to the rookies, and even amateurs like you. Now it is not so common among Chinese young people anymore, they just shopping online just like what you guys did.

  • Zach Canning
    Zach Canning Day ago

    hey man I love your videos they very useful and helped me a lot I have a question what's your thoughts on the Lenovo d20 workstation I was planning on turning it into a gaming computer its also duel socket which I know is good for video editing

  • Tianshu D
    Tianshu D Day ago

    To be honest. If you don’t know the rule in hua qiang bei. Just try to understand it first. Of course it’s not Canada.

  • Lyieo Woyoc
    Lyieo Woyoc Day ago

    Strange parts in China huh 🙄🍆🍑

  • darthbert
    darthbert Day ago

    You guys got ripped off big time actually...

  • wmd dmrji
    wmd dmrji Day ago

    Died at "Western Entitlement"

  • user7bXAeDwbh
    user7bXAeDwbh Day ago

    I'm a simple man , i see Linus and strange parts together , i click like .

  • Mauri Cobian
    Mauri Cobian 2 days ago

    Linus was a prick in this video. Thumbs down.

  • Whoa
    Whoa 2 days ago +1

    Im pretty shocked everyone else noticed how trash this guy linus personality is. Why was he treating the other dude like a dick lol. Cause he was buying him a free pc or something? If yall didnt notice then yall ignorant or dont know how to read social cues lol

  • Whoa
    Whoa 2 days ago +2

    linus doesnt seem like a fun person to hang out with

  • Alexma312
    Alexma312 2 days ago


  • Internet_user_1
    Internet_user_1 2 days ago

    It was about 20 dollars more expensive in China

  • Japhet Anciado
    Japhet Anciado 2 days ago

    Linus wtf is that watch game ?

  • MusicDawid
    MusicDawid 2 days ago

    12:10 Look at the pc background

  • MusicDawid
    MusicDawid 2 days ago +1

    Why is there Für Elise the background music

  • Morgan
    Morgan 2 days ago

    12:51 lul look at that League behind

  • Jaden Nola
    Jaden Nola 2 days ago

    is no one going to mention 21:37

  • Mex Gonzo
    Mex Gonzo 2 days ago

    Linus you are such a bully lol

  • Chris R
    Chris R 2 days ago

    linus proved he isn't as tech guy in this video he is just good at reading spec sheets on imported products

  • Chris R
    Chris R 2 days ago

    linus seemed like a twat of a tourist lol super conditioning and rude

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan 2 days ago

    please more videos like this.

  • Suvadip Kolay
    Suvadip Kolay 2 days ago

    not cheap enough

  • Radon Rauniyar
    Radon Rauniyar 2 days ago

    North curry Josef yeah

  • BladeoftheImmortal
    BladeoftheImmortal 2 days ago

    Here's the thing. China recently has gotten more expensive than the states when it comes to PCs. a macbook pro is actually more expensive than buying it in the states. same with iphones. You're really only going to see cheaper parts when it's from a wholly Chinese manufacturer. And since most Video cards and processors (at least good ones) are from foreign companies then you'll not be getting cheap components, and the cheap components you could be getting you won't want (Linus's tubing as an example). China isn't the land of amazingly cheap and shitty components it once was. And the shopping experience sucks here too. They'll almost never leave you alone while you are browsing in a store. It really isn't made for everyone. I know all this because I've been living in China for 8 years.

  • Walterino
    Walterino 2 days ago

    recorded on a iPhone,Not kidding

  • pnp072000
    pnp072000 2 days ago

    Did you find a Ryzen 5 2400ge?

  • DJ Tom Watson
    DJ Tom Watson 2 days ago

    This reminds me of travelling with my friend James. He is all relaxed in person but once he is travelling in an unknown environment/new country, he freaks out and gets stressed easily, whereas I stay relaxed. Luckily my wife stays relaxed like me when we are travelling. Had Linus been in china for a while before the video and been to the electronics places there before, he probably would have acted differently. This is stressed travelling Linus shown on the video. This doesn't mean he is necessarily like that in his every day life but I probably wouldn't want to go on a holiday with him, just like me and James, no more holidays together lol. Next time Linus, do a practice run/rehearsal when you are in a new country shooting a video so that you'll be less stressed in the video.

  • F Sims
    F Sims 2 days ago

    Did the PC actually work?

  • Tony Chen
    Tony Chen 2 days ago

    Should find a place to turn on the computer

  • Loot Loop
    Loot Loop 2 days ago

    Much costly laptop😂 here is 18000 thousand rupees

  • Loot Loop
    Loot Loop 2 days ago

    Lol you can buy that supply only 20$ lol come. In india but carefully if y r indian u can buy that supply only 20$

  • GhostHaus
    GhostHaus 2 days ago

    14:09 asian Ben Shapiro

  • xu L
    xu L 3 days ago

    check or now most of the students buy the computer parts from

  • Johnbo Forsyth
    Johnbo Forsyth 3 days ago

    hahahah so aewsome! build it right outside the store!

  • Aimkeyz
    Aimkeyz 3 days ago

    8:39 Linus says "aluminium" but the subtitles say "aluminium".

  • Mohammad Amin Valizadeh

    9:02 that Canadian raw accent 👌

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John 3 days ago

    US: Let me check the stock room and see if we have any back there.
    CN: Put everything out in big piles.

  • MindTheAxe
    MindTheAxe 3 days ago

    They really don't haggle well do they?

  • ded leaf
    ded leaf 3 days ago

    Sounds like a spoiled kid that guy must've been real irritated

  • niobadass
    niobadass 3 days ago

    OMG. I wanna go there!

  • Sleight Sunday
    Sleight Sunday 3 days ago

    The Asian staring at him though like if those noodles look good 2:46

  • Alvaro Olivero
    Alvaro Olivero 3 days ago

    i kinda dont like linus after watching this. He acted horrible over there.

  • Dave Davidson
    Dave Davidson 3 days ago

    Talking about access to all of the internet in China seems a bit harsh!

    OWNED GAMING WASD 3 days ago

    You were scared

  • Suraj Rana
    Suraj Rana 3 days ago

    Are faces swapped in the thumbnail....?

  • Zhu Yu
    Zhu Yu 3 days ago

    Actually if your phone is on roaming from other country in China, you can access google without VPN. Local number can't. And next time, bring a better negotiater for better price.

  • SuperFighter offical
    SuperFighter offical 3 days ago +2

    How much was the PC summed up?? (U.S. dollars)

    • Daimon Call
      Daimon Call 7 hours ago

      SuperFighter offical around 1k$

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith 3 days ago

    23:26 what phone he uses??

  • Luc Konosuke
    Luc Konosuke 3 days ago

    I don't think you guys even paid the real local price, it did seem more like you have been overcharged cause you didn't even barter.
    Whenever i'd buy a pc component, i'd try to ask for a lower price

  • Money Maker
    Money Maker 3 days ago

    Totally a original parts 😂

  • علی نوذری
    علی نوذری 3 days ago

    nice !

  • Onyxsolo
    Onyxsolo 3 days ago

    If you really want a better shopping experience / pricing at least do it with a hidden camera. You scream tourist of course they are gonna take you for all you're worth.

  • Scott Pietroboni
    Scott Pietroboni 3 days ago

    why is there so much hate? like guys. he just doing what he loves and following his dreams get over it.

  • J Everyday
    J Everyday 3 days ago +1

    Did anybody else hear fur Elise playing?

  • rob armstrong
    rob armstrong 3 days ago

    linus you cant built fuck all...go watch rossmann for real talent...

  • Sasikala Balachandran

    Hey, please be patience. U r in a hurry. You can actually get a very good deal there if u r more polite. To my knowledge u have spent more for the product. If they see a foreigner it’s a jackpot for them, act too social with them for the deal. I have done deals with much more cheap than a Chinese guy there. Baidu translator is a true friend. But make sure you are getting a original and not fake. 60% products there are fake or copy.

  • GearZ25
    GearZ25 4 days ago

    it looks water cooled

  • Antonio Balicevic
    Antonio Balicevic 4 days ago

    white socks and slippers

  • Stanley Cheung
    Stanley Cheung 4 days ago

    So this Linus guy is a real douche in public. Or correct me, the first Canadian douchebag lol. but whatever, he wears socks and sandals.

  • Boss Wave
    Boss Wave 4 days ago

    White socks and sandals, really Linus?

  • Noir_ktn
    Noir_ktn 4 days ago +1