Pizza is Fun, but Slippers are too!

  • Published on Feb 10, 2018
  • A lighthearted talk on a boring subject!
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Comments • 2 560

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  11 months ago +812

    A lighthearted video on a "fascinating" subject. If you want something to listen to this weekend, you can check out the newest VORW Radio Show on SoundCloud:

  • Jeffery Burgess
    Jeffery Burgess Month ago

    You're a funny guy in a very sophisticated way

  • Ammagon -
    Ammagon - 2 months ago

    Snakes and ladders

  • Teen Springtrap
    Teen Springtrap 3 months ago +1

    Here from comment awards v66

  • Daniel itach
    Daniel itach 3 months ago +1

    roses are red, violets are blue

  • SinfullySexySwede !
    SinfullySexySwede ! 4 months ago

    Oh yes! I am most DEFINITELY going to be using a pair of slippers to serve cocktail food at my next dinner party! Thank you for such a brilliant idea ReviewBrah 🤭

  • Alice Kelly
    Alice Kelly 4 months ago

    You should review toys. I find it so funny when adults touch toys. I mean like ones with faces, cute faces. I’m a weirdo. Don’t mind me. Lol

  • dude
    dude 5 months ago +1

    *Pizza and **_s l i p p e r s_*

  • The Great Hawk
    The Great Hawk 5 months ago

    I thought it said, "Strippers are too!"

  • Jebedo Nackle
    Jebedo Nackle 5 months ago

    Of course he's somewhere in Florida, of course.

  • Municow Succ
    Municow Succ 5 months ago

    this got popular from comment awards.

  • TheGreatMillz
    TheGreatMillz 5 months ago

    Holy shit that legendary intro

  • jjef
    jjef 6 months ago

    TVclip runtime has content creators like

  • Parker Chase
    Parker Chase 6 months ago

    I lost it at the beginning when he threw the slippers down on the pizza box. Then everything else that happened after just made me incredibly happy.

  • Travis K
    Travis K 7 months ago +1

    Huh. "Laconic". Just learned a new word.

  • the saps
    the saps 7 months ago

    I want to eat slippers and i want to wear some pizzas

  • Ash Howlmoon
    Ash Howlmoon 7 months ago +1

    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    *Pizza is Fun, but Slippers are too!*

  • TheOtterPupsGames
    TheOtterPupsGames 7 months ago

    He should talk about vegans.

  • Definitely not one of Justin Y.'s bots.

    Life is like a box of pizza with slippers on top.

  • LockeRobster
    LockeRobster 7 months ago

    I-is this like a toastmasters challenge or something?

  • Keith Petrino
    Keith Petrino 8 months ago

    That slice was way too close to the slipper. It made me uncomfortable.

  • It's Leet
    It's Leet 8 months ago +1

    I have been awoken

  • Spencer5949
    Spencer5949 8 months ago +1

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Pizza is fun, but slippers are too!

    GMAIL AND GOOGLE 8 months ago

    "Iconic" doesn't even suffice.
    Sheer genius.
    A god among mortals.

  • jmt cuber
    jmt cuber 8 months ago

    roses are red violets are blue pizza is fun, but slippers are too

  • _raelynn_ baby
    _raelynn_ baby 8 months ago

    flip flops are shook

  • S D
    S D 8 months ago

    Slipper powered aircraft

  • Justin X.
    Justin X. 8 months ago


  • Vegan Pajamas
    Vegan Pajamas 9 months ago

    Anyone notice how beautiful his back yard is?

  • Vegan Pajamas
    Vegan Pajamas 9 months ago

    Maybe the helicopter IS full of slippers!!!

  • Dustin Layton
    Dustin Layton 9 months ago

    I'll know you actually hate yourself when you smile.

    KITTY KAT 9 months ago


  • Mia May
    Mia May 9 months ago

    People in the comment section enjoying this have the depth of that cardboard pizza box. This is neither a food review nor a sketch and that pizza looks cold AF, do you even like food to be a food reviewer?

  • Hatch61
    Hatch61 9 months ago

    Hands down, the best slippers ever are the "Acorn" brand, the best.

  • Hatch61
    Hatch61 9 months ago

    Congratulations on the 900,000 subscribers, will be a million before you know it.

  • EJM 412
    EJM 412 9 months ago

    Make a pizza and slippers shirt 🍕

  • RyG The Collector
    RyG The Collector 9 months ago

    I swear they have successfully cloned Christopher Walken.

  • GCRR Scrap Batteries
    GCRR Scrap Batteries 9 months ago +2

    This man better be getting laid every night. He is a king.

  • Opinionation
    Opinionation 9 months ago

    is it just me or was someone urinating in the first nearly 2 minutes of the video

  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez 9 months ago +1

    You can expect slippers stocks to go up 1000% tomorrow morning. Thank you reviewbrah.

  • lucien
    lucien 9 months ago

    reviewbrah could review lamps and id still be on the edge of my seat

  • Matthew de Souza
    Matthew de Souza 10 months ago

    man i'm glad he didn't touch that pizza again after putting his hands inside those slippers

  • Emily Frakes
    Emily Frakes 10 months ago +1

    I would pay you to write my essays.

  • durangodudes
    durangodudes 10 months ago

    who came from comment awards?

  • Mwearyo
    Mwearyo 10 months ago

    Pizza is good but slippers are not

  • Promethean Productions
    Promethean Productions 10 months ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue pizza is fun, but slippers are too!

  • Scott Brady
    Scott Brady 10 months ago

    might be a helicopter full of slippers.. we don't know! the psychadelic pepperoni pan pizza review with some big K mart slippers. those ain't Brooks brorhers, buddy. "that being said," they look new- no goodwill item there. truly endless possibilities when pizza and slippers collide.

  • Kathy Somers
    Kathy Somers 10 months ago

    Don’t wear the slippers before food service.... 😄

  • Exowave1
    Exowave1 10 months ago

    I haven't even gotten three seconds into this video and I'm already laughing

  • Kaela K
    Kaela K 10 months ago

    I feel like someone made a bet with him that he couldn't bs an entire video about slippers (and pizza) and that was why this happened but honestly I'm not mad about it