Super Human Interview 2

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • If super humans had to apply for jobs, but they were trash too
    eevee - house of memories
    oddwin - 8.16.18
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Xavier Cxdfc
    Xavier Cxdfc 21 hour ago

    You earned this subscribe. Please part 3!
    It’s been so long since i laughed so hard I was on the floor, throwing up.
    I am cryig tears of laughter, Inalmost choked on my food
    This is magnificent

  • songarakram
    songarakram 22 hours ago


  • nathan Goodman
    nathan Goodman 22 hours ago

    The clothes put on dyde if he was an officer he could swap vests wuth dead bodies to get more ammo.

  • Luke
    Luke 23 hours ago

    Idk if anyone brought this up, but the switch guy would be legit actually. See's his target in a building while standing on top of one, jumps off then does switch, kills that guy then switches with someone on the sidewalk to get out. switching between people in a fire fight. Could do some badass shit

  • ghost
    ghost 23 hours ago

    the venn diagram describing these videos as comedy vs horror is a circle

  • Mahtan Amandil
    Mahtan Amandil 23 hours ago

    With some inventive thinking the "I wear anything I touch" can be useful for a lot of things but most obvious cleaning rubbish from felled buildings of, like it could "wear" the rock that is over the person to rescue it but that is assuming that it would become something wearable changing it's mass in some way otherwise it could be used to move the rock instead of remove it.

  • Anthony De Jesus
    Anthony De Jesus 23 hours ago

    He just discovered he had that 2 years ago??! 😂😂😂😂😂 bruh I’m fucking dead

  • Twitch_Blackout 7

    When he said "bloom blam boom ba" I felt that 😞

  • Maxim Simard
    Maxim Simard Day ago

    ''' The element of SURPRISE !! ''

  • Tae Tae's Jungshook Jibooty Armyy

    Literally my hero acedemia

  • Chris Rackley
    Chris Rackley Day ago

    "I don't know bro, I don't know . . "

  • FarlandDuck
    FarlandDuck Day ago

    "how is that useful? at all"
    "watchu mean?"
    "to anyone"
    "i dunno maybe like you know if... i was like on a runway... modeling... i could change clothes really fast or somethin "
    "so you... you doin runways? you just gon be doin runways?"
    "no i was just sayin like-"
    "then wha... how is that gonna help anyone? how?"
    "i.. i dunno bro... i dunno..."
    "get out..."
    "*it's cold outside dawg...*"
    "get out..."
    "*d a w g i t ' s c o l d ... b u t i t ' s c o l d o u t s i d e b r o ... c o m e o n m a n , c o m e o n*"

  • Fearlessdrago
    Fearlessdrago Day ago

    Dude who can instantly wear anything should just wear someone’s skin and he’d be terrifying.

  • Gamers In Hell
    Gamers In Hell Day ago

    I have the power to turn off all the lights. But only when I blink.

  • Gamers In Hell
    Gamers In Hell Day ago

    I have the power to turn oxygen into carbondioxcide at will.
    Sure *inhale, exhale.*
    .... Get out.

  • Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing

    Clothes power would be useful for disguise.

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Day ago

    What’s the instrumental at the end?!

  • Phantom foxYT
    Phantom foxYT Day ago

    Lol the last one

  • Kaizer 2210
    Kaizer 2210 Day ago

    4:42 he has the power to disprove global warming. Boom.

  • blizzard the omega wolf

    The guy that putw clothes on can become a master thief, he touches something it's on him now

  • Come. on.
    Come. on. Day ago

    Can you for the love of god equalize the levels so it doesn' go fro, 10 to 3000dB every 10s....

  • ParadOxymoron
    ParadOxymoron Day ago

    Clothes guy could be really useful if you ever need to steal someone's watch.

  • Le B U P
    Le B U P Day ago

    "koregawa... requiem... da"

  • KHfan0011
    KHfan0011 Day ago

    You're laughing but the element of surprise guy would make the greatest assassin ever since he can always catch you off guard..

  • Adeal's TASes
    Adeal's TASes Day ago +1

    I have the power to control people.
    Right now it only works with myself but I assure you if I practice it will be incredibly useful

  • DarthVaderReviews

    Clothes guy would actually be an extremely OP character.
    If anyone attacks him, he can either turn the weapon into clothes or even the person into clothes. He could touch any object (eg. a girder holding up a building) and as long as he can transmute it into an article of clothing, he can essentially destroy that object.
    His only limitation is how quickly he can undress himself.

  • Sivert Myhrvold
    Sivert Myhrvold Day ago

    What would happen If the clothes guy touched another human?

  • Tanimations
    Tanimations Day ago

    Why were there conveniently placed clothes for the clothes man

  • Darrothan
    Darrothan Day ago

    Instant-clothes guy can be really useful for quickly swapping disguises as a spy/espionage

  • Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV

    i can see into my own past

  • Dr God
    Dr God Day ago +1

    I have the ability to like my own comment... but with practice, other people will like them...
    Give me about Five years

  • NerdGroovy
    NerdGroovy Day ago

    Hey, I'm here for the interview?

  • FaceDonut
    FaceDonut Day ago

    BNHA universe be like

  • Makuta Teridax
    Makuta Teridax Day ago

    I constantly travel forwards in time but only one second every second.

  • GalaxyOfReeses KIng

    I got telekinesis, but I can only use it on my hands... 😬

  • MidnightHedgehog365

    The clothes changing guy could be a great spy lol

  • Chef Boyardee
    Chef Boyardee Day ago

    someone could just push him through aisles of clothes in a thrift store and hed have to manually take them off

  • Hunter Priest
    Hunter Priest Day ago

    dude the clothes guy in tandem with the time guy would be great, especially with the switch guy. time guy does his thing and switch guy switches with the bad guy and then switches with the time guy so that the bad guy is frozen and then clothes guy wears the bad guy on his arm, therefore punching a hole through his chest

  • hydraulic hydra
    hydraulic hydra Day ago

    How could the power to put on clothes instantly by touching them help? If ur fighting a dude in a bulletproof vest just touch it and instantly steal it!
    Or... use the power to remove the clothes of girls on the street! Just brush past them, teleport their clothes on to you and BAM! Instant sexual harassment! (works better if their dressed androgynously)

  • Ethereal 9
    Ethereal 9 Day ago

    I just saw this in my recommendations and this is basically my hero academia in a nutshell

  • Zarasuto
    Zarasuto 2 days ago

    The changing of clothes is useful actually. It makes your disguise infinitely faster

  • Murraymon
    Murraymon 2 days ago

    The clowths one could actually be good for a spy, just instantly change to look like anyone

  • Tshim Khang
    Tshim Khang 2 days ago +1

    They should bring back the invisible guy that did the backflip

  • ッ電機ちゃん
    ッ電機ちゃん 2 days ago

    I felt that when he said *” BLAGHUAGHUAG OUT”*

  • ッ電機ちゃん
    ッ電機ちゃん 2 days ago

    I felt that when he said *” BLAGHUAGHUAG OUT”*

  • Don Rekter
    Don Rekter 2 days ago

    i bet i can make the world silent ready? 3 2 1 ...

    * C L O S E S E A R S*

  • LDsupaHero
    LDsupaHero 2 days ago

    Yo hold on though, Dude who was wearing the cup on his arm is actually useful, they just thinking too small. Throw a bunch of frying pans at him or scrap metal. Dont let him catch a person though cus he might wear them???

  • the skeleton From space

    4:10 if He touched a tank

  • Gavin the Existent
    Gavin the Existent 2 days ago

    "You about to get real pissed off."

  • Corbin Barron
    Corbin Barron 2 days ago

    The wear guy should wear criminal skin

  • Going Ugly
    Going Ugly 2 days ago

    Switch and future yeah

  • Dubs The Duke
    Dubs The Duke 2 days ago

    That one piece music at the end

  • metalnitro99
    metalnitro99 2 days ago

    Bruh this one had me crying. "But it's cold outside daug"

  • metalnitro99
    metalnitro99 2 days ago

    1:09 I'm weak, guess I got super powers lmao.

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez 2 days ago

    So...Super Interview 3? XD

  • Bell The Almighty Lord

    the clothes changing ability could actually be very useful for undercover work. Being able to slip into the bathroom, change into a disguise within 5 seconds, and walk out? Yeah, that's some useful shit right there.

  • Sinaan Sm
    Sinaan Sm 2 days ago

    What element can he control?

  • Mohammad Adil
    Mohammad Adil 2 days ago

    person reading the comments


  • Killmaster 21
    Killmaster 21 2 days ago

    Bro the clothes guy can try on clothes work at clothing store.

  • sean tommy
    sean tommy 2 days ago

    How can u read ur own mint wtf lmao