Simple ABH modern renaissance look || LEXXXLIEEE

  • Published on Sep 19, 2017
  • hi pretties, Welcome to my youtube channel :)!!! My first video ever:,) all products mentioned in video!
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  • Sandy Morales
    Sandy Morales Day ago

    Watching this in August 2019 ❤️

  • Yes_ Yessica
    Yes_ Yessica 4 days ago

    Awwww les looks so young. You’ve really come along way. I love rewatching all your old videos. Some things never change lol always looking for your brushes. Love you babygirl! ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • kika meza
    kika meza 5 days ago

    Hey girl ! Im here after watching the UsAlways LesDo Makeup & LiveGlam Vlog ❤ New Subscriber!!😏

  • Its Geneexo
    Its Geneexo 13 days ago +1

    She looks just like Crystal on here 😍

  • Bere Garcia
    Bere Garcia 27 days ago +7

    😂😂😂 les i cant with you why am i watching all your videos again😂😂

  • Lily Bosques
    Lily Bosques 27 days ago +1

    You have come so far!!!! Love you Les!! 💗😍

  • Brian Favela
    Brian Favela 29 days ago +1

    Dammm les you cussed a lot jk

  • elizabeth calvillo
    elizabeth calvillo Month ago +1

    Watching this and Les is so much herself and happy now , love you baby girl

  • Jennifer Jimenez
    Jennifer Jimenez Month ago

    Your don't throw your stuff anymore like you used to

  • Jennifer Jimenez
    Jennifer Jimenez Month ago

    I'ma watch all of your videos from the beginning lol

  • Esperanza Robles
    Esperanza Robles Month ago

    Hey babygirl!!!! Literally just came back and rewatched your very first video! You're such an amazing soul to this day love watching your videos and lives! I love you babygirl! You've become so much more comfortable on camera great!

  • Corrie Owens
    Corrie Owens Month ago

    Omg I’m dying about all the times you said fuck, mothafucka, and bitch in your first video! 😂👌🏼 keepin it real like a mothafuckin happy meal babygirl! Love you!

  • Sadie Haury
    Sadie Haury Month ago

    I just Discovered her youtube so I had to go way back to the first video and see where it all started!!

  • Leslie Santoyo
    Leslie Santoyo Month ago

    Les your lives and videos are so different then and now. U talked normal for once lol and cursed alot too. Love watching u ❤️❤️❤️

  • Monica Mena
    Monica Mena Month ago

    I can’t brother 😂😊😊 you have come along way. Love you and Alex both 😍❤️

  • Olivia Sala
    Olivia Sala Month ago

    Omg I love you les!!!

  • Esperansa Gomez
    Esperansa Gomez Month ago +7

    Omg you cursed so much lmao not nomore !! Your still awesome !!!!

  • Catherine Ramirez
    Catherine Ramirez Month ago +6

    Came back to look at your very first TVclip video! You look so different here and You have come a long way babygirl!

  • Fabulous .17
    Fabulous .17 Month ago +3

    Something looks different on Les 🤔

  • Elisa Mendez
    Elisa Mendez Month ago +1

    You've come a long way baby girl. 💗

  • ana lizbeth miranda

    Going back to look at your very first TVclip video babygirl !

  • SlayItBy QueenProdigi

    What do you use to edit your videos I love doing make up video but girl the struggle to edit is real would you recommend for me?

  • Natalie Chavez
    Natalie Chavez Month ago +1

    It’s soo crazy seeing how much you have grown over the years!! You were hella funny like you are now

  • PRINCE Plz
    PRINCE Plz Month ago +1


  • Jessica Bernal
    Jessica Bernal Month ago

    You’re hilarious 🤣 love the eye look 😘

  • epi gamboa
    epi gamboa Month ago

    Not a fan of this one, too much cuzzing. I like her lives now, she is more herself and humble.

  • Sammy contreras
    Sammy contreras Month ago

    She cusses so much in this video from how much she does now 💀

  • Nancy Avalos
    Nancy Avalos Month ago

    How she threw the “not these lashes”

  • Kek Kek
    Kek Kek 2 months ago

    that's a shit ton of makeup...

  • i make noises
    i make noises 2 months ago

    U have three mixes of famous ppl beutiful pretty dani cohn but accually pregant

  • Luisa Dominguez
    Luisa Dominguez 2 months ago

    Me encantan tus eyebrows girl. I have to much straggling doing my eyebrows girl and no tutorial help me how to do them. But you are so great doing your videos. God bless your talent girl.

  • Samantha Jordan
    Samantha Jordan 2 months ago

    Les I’ve watched you from practically the beginning and you’ve changed so much!! In a good way babygirl!😂 I just wanted to rewatch your old videos lol You seem so much more happy and full of life now! I love you and God Bless you and your growing family🤰🏻💙

  • Debora Hernandez
    Debora Hernandez 2 months ago


  • Alisha Riel
    Alisha Riel 3 months ago

    loooool lessssss. "that's a dumb ass colour"

  • Luisa Reyna Anita Vargas Barnes

    Omg you are so hilarious through the whole video especially when you didnt know how to pronounce some words lol "bitch what Beyonce "😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Isabel Salinas
    Isabel Salinas 3 months ago

    WOW...I don't like the cussing will be unsubscribing....ridiculous

  • Susana Perea
    Susana Perea 3 months ago

    You are cute but you cuss too much😔

  • Keep it up with nina
    Keep it up with nina 3 months ago

    Watching this because im very starting my TVclip Channel. i wanted to let you know that you a WHOLE inspiration for me. I know one day voy a llegar hasta donde estas tuuu!! EStoy muy orgullosa hasta donde has llegado .

  • Delilah Garcia
    Delilah Garcia 3 months ago +1

    stop trying so hard ,be ignorant is not cute

  • Roni Marquez
    Roni Marquez 3 months ago

    Lessss😍 you have been talented since day 1!!! Congratulations on all your accomplishments babygirl🥰🥰

  • Melinda Hernandez
    Melinda Hernandez 3 months ago +2

    You dont cuss anymore what happened lmao been watching you since the begining baby girl i had to come back & watch this 💞

    • Darlene Figueroa
      Darlene Figueroa 3 months ago

      Melinda Martinez this is my first time seeing this video 🤣 I kind of like it better that she does not cuss. Don’t get me wrong, I am no saint, but maybe because I’ve only recently been following her and never heard her cuss before. Not Les! 😂🤣

  • Angelica Corona
    Angelica Corona 3 months ago

    I love you les! I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished ♥️♥️♥️

  • Angelica Corona
    Angelica Corona 3 months ago +1

    Lmaoooo! 😂😂😂 looking back on this is so funny to watch !!!

  • Ana Vega
    Ana Vega 3 months ago +75

    She is so much better now !! She smiles and acts more like herself now ! Who still follows her in 2019 ?

    • Darlene Figueroa
      Darlene Figueroa 3 months ago

      Ana Vega I’ve only recently started following her and she has come so far in just one year (at least from what it looks likes in this video). I don’t even know her and am so proud of her 😂 What’s weird too, is that I can curse up a storm, but I really like now that she chose not to curse or very minimal if she does at all (on her lives at least). Haha sorry, just had to put in my 2 cents.

  • Azzie Lopez
    Azzie Lopez 4 months ago +4

    When you had no lips 😂😂😻

  • Maribel Figueroa
    Maribel Figueroa 4 months ago

    Love les she is the best pretty n funny af lol go lesss

  • Maria Carrazco
    Maria Carrazco 4 months ago +1

    Omg you've come a long way and you are so freaking funny 😂😂 congrats on all your success

  • Saray Casillas
    Saray Casillas 4 months ago +1

    You’ve came a long way Babygirl!

  • Mohammed Elbouchikhi
    Mohammed Elbouchikhi 5 months ago


  • Kristina Murphy
    Kristina Murphy 5 months ago

    Better than what I've seen on FB. Most of the videos I've seen you look like Mimi from Drew Carey. But those eye brows have got to be toned down.

  • Vic Arellano
    Vic Arellano 5 months ago

    I’m not use to u cussing lol idk why I’m watching ur old videos

  • Alisha Ramirez
    Alisha Ramirez 5 months ago

    Haha Les I cant believe how much you used to cuss! So funny baby girl

  • Zulmita Sanchez
    Zulmita Sanchez 5 months ago

    Where did you get your ring at! Love it.

  • Kristall Avelar
    Kristall Avelar 5 months ago +1

    Dont put meukup on it makes you look ugly i know its true you look pretty just the way you are

  • Francis Franco
    Francis Franco 6 months ago

    Les, I love your videos, but you say bad words to to can be cute classy...just a headsup....

  • Hasley Martines
    Hasley Martines 6 months ago

    Need more make up tutorials! 💖💖

  • Jessica Cisneros
    Jessica Cisneros 6 months ago

    This video was awesome!

  • ChiefMulan
    ChiefMulan 6 months ago

    Wow you’ve come a long fucking way in such a short period of time duuuuude!!! 💕💕💕💕💕 you’re so Goofy lmaooo I love it

  • matilde garcia
    matilde garcia 7 months ago

    You are beautiful lexie♥️

  • Carmelita Diaz
    Carmelita Diaz 7 months ago

    You should make more videos like this! 😍

  • Karina Tamez
    Karina Tamez 7 months ago +1

    Omg!! Even back then you were hilarious. So happy to see how much you've grown, but this video is actually not that bad i was cracking up the whole time with how funny you are. Love you Les!

  • Jacky Mendoza
    Jacky Mendoza 7 months ago

    Omg girl ! I discovered you about couple weeks ago ! Where have you been all my life i freaking love watching you !! I followed on all your social media also subscribe through both my channels ! Everytime i see your vids im like ok i needa post on my channel ! , love you girl ! ❤️😘😍, also i have a eyebrow page i would love to be able to do your eyebrows one day just for fun ! 😘

  • Galilea Cervantes
    Galilea Cervantes 7 months ago

    Go show my insta some love @galileasglam lets help each other grow uploads eye makeup daily for the most part❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Raquel Gonzalez
    Raquel Gonzalez 7 months ago

    ❤️❤️love the way you are girl

  • ginitaa03
    ginitaa03 7 months ago +6

    Lol her voice is so different when she's calm and feeling like whuteva 😁😂

  • tanya yañez
    tanya yañez 7 months ago

    Pinkish looking ass muthafucknn ughh color haha!!! So me!!! 😂😘❤️💋

  • Sammijo Garcia
    Sammijo Garcia 7 months ago

    You’re so real! And funny!! 🙈😂

  • Monica💋🖤
    Monica💋🖤 7 months ago

    Hola Baby girl! Voy a ver tus videos! Desde el primero al ultimo. Aver a que horas me duermo 😂 Love ya! 💕

  • Brian Favela
    Brian Favela 7 months ago

    Love the look ♥️♥️♥️

  • Gladys Luna
    Gladys Luna 8 months ago

    Omg les 😂😂😂 definitely a huge upgrade now 😂

  • Maria Muñoz
    Maria Muñoz 8 months ago

    I compromised my self to watch all your videos from day one, done with fb now TVclip is next 👍🏼

  • A Gtz
    A Gtz 8 months ago

    Omg you look so different lol you even sound different lol 😫❤️ love you les !!!!

  • Trinidad Veronica
    Trinidad Veronica 8 months ago

    Lol you said not to watch and here I am 😂

    • Mari Arroyo
      Mari Arroyo 8 months ago

      Trinidad Veronica same! Lol 😆

  • Bizzy Vic
    Bizzy Vic 8 months ago +33

    ...I'm guessing this is the video you told us to NOT look at? 😂😂 I'm watching this and your FB Live right now 😂😂 🙌 you are sooo funny and real, I love it!!!

    • Clau Rangel
      Clau Rangel 6 months ago

    • Bizzy Vic
      Bizzy Vic 6 months ago

      @Clau Rangel which one is it?? Lol I want to see it

    • Clau Rangel
      Clau Rangel 6 months ago

      No it's not this one lol.. it's here on YT and she is literally just applying make up lol and does not talk at all

  • Leticia Garcia
    Leticia Garcia 8 months ago +1

    😂😂😂love your channel🙌🏻🙌🏻😂😂😂Your the bomb