Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Jon Hamm

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
  • Jon Hamm and James Corden take turns choosing between answering very personal questions or eating stomach-churning foods, like bird saliva.
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Comments • 741

  • Kimo
    Kimo 8 hours ago

    Batman's worth of shots

  • Pombonyo Productions
    Pombonyo Productions 8 hours ago

    Jon Hamm is Batman

  • Lauren Coates
    Lauren Coates 8 hours ago

    Jon needs to go on Hot Ones!

  • Mike Du Pont
    Mike Du Pont 8 hours ago

    He can ”fill my guts” anytime.

  • Max Marriott
    Max Marriott 8 hours ago

    Jon Hamm is less than a god but more than a man, he is way too cool and talented to be burdened with sharing the screen with James Corden.
    Also James, eat the damn food and change up the questions, this shit is getting old.

  • Andrew Torrens
    Andrew Torrens 8 hours ago

    James is a fuckin cunt

  • ockief arthurs
    ockief arthurs 8 hours ago

    Crazy so crazy

  • Dzeno
    Dzeno 8 hours ago

    He would be a great batman

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids 8 hours ago

    nice re-used questions

  • R Age
    R Age 8 hours ago

    John Hamm needs to be on The Hot Ones.

  • Mind & Qi are One
    Mind & Qi are One 8 hours ago

    Hamm's a true man's man!

  • john P.
    john P. 8 hours ago

    Finally someone who actually fills his guts and not just nips on it and spits it out like a little bitch. (cough Kardashians cough)

  • Meagan Rose
    Meagan Rose 8 hours ago

    They need some new food and questions

  • Eric Legend
    Eric Legend 8 hours ago

    Man, Tag was hilarious. I really enjoyed that movie.

  • MrJasminL
    MrJasminL 8 hours ago +1

    Spill your guts > Carpool Karaoke

  • Zoe Langa
    Zoe Langa 8 hours ago +1

    This guy is legendary🙏🙏🙏respect🙏🙏

  • Rolling Ormond
    Rolling Ormond 8 hours ago

    Hamm sent me back a cartoon I did making fun of Mad Men signed! Pretty cool guy.

  • ejoshcoron
    ejoshcoron 8 hours ago

    Spill Your Guts or Put in Your Mouth Then Spit it Out. Come on..

  • Jayia100
    Jayia100 8 hours ago

    This is the best part 😆

  • Mariska Van der Merwe
    Mariska Van der Merwe 8 hours ago +1

    I love this game, it but sometimes I wonder that is this stuff real what they eat/drink...

  • keira lee
    keira lee 8 hours ago

    Jon's laugh at 3:10 is part of the reason I love life 😂😍❤️

  • ElectricClawz
    ElectricClawz 8 hours ago

    There is a jon ham reference in angry birds movie look it up

  • Ali Altizo
    Ali Altizo 8 hours ago

    I love a man who swallows..

  • Bob Hart
    Bob Hart 8 hours ago +1

    More like FILL MY GUTS (WITH YOUR CUM), John!

  • Vince J
    Vince J 8 hours ago

    That tarantula thing was gross, I hate spiders and would never do that.

  • Sarah Mason
    Sarah Mason 8 hours ago

    He is all that is man! I love Jon Hamm!

  • idris abdirahman
    idris abdirahman 8 hours ago

    tbh i think corden and fallon are the weakest

  • Yomidopidop
    Yomidopidop 8 hours ago

    John Hamm is the definition of BDE.

  • thomas4real
    thomas4real 8 hours ago

    John is the real player in this part

  • moldy bread
    moldy bread 8 hours ago

    I swear they ask the same questions every time

  • Ma Ba
    Ma Ba 8 hours ago

    I like Jon Hamm just fine. Brown suit with blue suit is ironic cool? The game is just truth or dare interfering with any thoughts. Eww doesn't equal laughter or any gratification. I am okay about guilty pleasures. Not this. I will watch the singing segment, but skip this show.

  • Joanna Marie Segura
    Joanna Marie Segura 8 hours ago +1

    He is so fine! 😍

  • Cahidi Joyo Raharjo
    Cahidi Joyo Raharjo 8 hours ago

    Jon Hamm would've been a better Batman than Ben Affleck. Hotter, too.

  • shaun B
    shaun B 8 hours ago

    aw no i loved tag! lol

  • Cinedragon
    Cinedragon 8 hours ago

    Yeah, Tag was pretty bad. XD

  • Jessiey Kittle
    Jessiey Kittle 8 hours ago

    Where exactly do they get the bird saliva? LOL

  • Blair Brophy
    Blair Brophy 8 hours ago

    Every single time Corden giggles, a fairy tickles a really fluffy kitten.

  • ciputat gal
    ciputat gal 8 hours ago

    James chews and spits no swallows segment!

  • Andrew Swetonic
    Andrew Swetonic 8 hours ago +1

    James, just say JUSTIN BEIBER! You have said it on other shows so it isn't a surprise any more and they will always ask that question. And yes, I know James doesn't read the comments.

  • lolfickdich Hh
    lolfickdich Hh 8 hours ago

    Jon Hamm can fill my guts any day

  • Adrian Yong Cing An
    Adrian Yong Cing An 8 hours ago

    Bird Saliva is considered a expensive delicacy in Asia

  • Blair Brophy
    Blair Brophy 8 hours ago

    I am a parent of a toddler so I am LONG asleep when this comes on but I stock youtube for this segment constantly.

  • Aisa Fahimi
    Aisa Fahimi 8 hours ago

    This game is stupid because I almost never get the answers to the questions I really wanna know and i just watch two people eat disgusting food and laugh

  • Mel Vicci
    Mel Vicci 8 hours ago

    John was really good in this! He took it like a man!
    I wish they would ask James questions that he can actually answer.. I feel like the questions are always the same for him and he can't answer them bc he'll get in trouble legally..

  • Wespexe
    Wespexe 8 hours ago

    Anyone wants ham? 🍷

  • Dedi Simbolon
    Dedi Simbolon 8 hours ago

    It's easy :P

  • Kendrick Chu
    Kendrick Chu 8 hours ago

    Uuugghhjh. Hhhess sooo hooottt omg

  • jazmine S
    jazmine S 8 hours ago

    This is so disgusting but i want to do it at the same time 😂😭

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor 8 hours ago

    He’s far too handsome for his own good 😍😍

  • LillerThatIsMe
    LillerThatIsMe 9 hours ago

    So safe to say John Hamm had some weird poops after filming...

  • Lady Bee
    Lady Bee 9 hours ago

    Jon Hamm swallowed while the host didn’t. That is cheating! Boo. Go, Jon Hamm.

  • ultra Adrestia
    ultra Adrestia 9 hours ago

    Cordon is a kiss arse. This segment proves it

  • ultra Adrestia
    ultra Adrestia 9 hours ago

    Jon. The only man with balls.

  • matjuud
    matjuud 9 hours ago

    I hate that they never answer any of the questions though... I'm not trying to see james eat a dried up spider :S

  • ultra Adrestia
    ultra Adrestia 9 hours ago

    Fuckin swallow ffs

  • Daniela Alarcon
    Daniela Alarcon 9 hours ago


  • Burt Macklin
    Burt Macklin 9 hours ago

    That Batman question is easy. It's a matter of opinion. Mine is-
    1. Ben Affleck
    2. Christian Bale
    3. George Clooney
    And Clooney would gladly admit he's the worst.

  • Jackie Wolf
    Jackie Wolf 9 hours ago

    Either the hot sauce kicked in or James made him blush. How cute is that?!

  • DJ Gene
    DJ Gene 9 hours ago

    Wow,Jon Hamm got big'o woolly mammoth balls!

  • Zahrina Faudia
    Zahrina Faudia 9 hours ago


  • andres segui
    andres segui 9 hours ago

    James never swallows anything he eats...

  • Menasha de Silva
    Menasha de Silva 9 hours ago

    Jon Hamm can get ITTTTT

  • Anne Carmella
    Anne Carmella 9 hours ago

    And I’m eating lunch right now

  • Leslie Scheffel
    Leslie Scheffel 9 hours ago

    Get Harry styles to do this

  • Milagros Marguery
    Milagros Marguery 9 hours ago

    He could have said Kevin Spacey

  • mary buenaventura
    mary buenaventura 9 hours ago

    Love him!!!

  • hazel mae bonutan
    hazel mae bonutan 9 hours ago

    What a brave man to drink up two shots of hot sauce 🔥 Burn man!

  • Zack Fincher
    Zack Fincher 9 hours ago

    I'm honestly not sure which way is the coward's way out in this game.

  • LA duo
    LA duo 9 hours ago

    Jon Hamm can still get it.

  • Ditto Ernando
    Ditto Ernando 9 hours ago

    this real man took two shot of extremely hot sauce like they were tequila shot !!

  • Josiah Smith
    Josiah Smith 9 hours ago

    only a batman could chug that hot sauce

  • Nishant Chettri
    Nishant Chettri 9 hours ago

    Even Clooney himself would admit that he was the worst one. Hahaha

  • Humberto g
    Humberto g 9 hours ago

    They need to update the torture foods with nastier things (call Joe Rogan/Fear Factor)!! 🦎🐛🦂🐍
    Also, they need to stop spitting out! Makes it pointless 🙄
    Lastly, answer the juicy questions! That’s what the public wants to know! 💁🏼‍♀️

  • Snow Olie
    Snow Olie 9 hours ago

    Swallow the food jamesss

  • milan #R80
    milan #R80 9 hours ago +1

    1. Christian bale 2. Ben affleck 3. George Clooney

  • Jen kb
    Jen kb 9 hours ago

    I love John's laugh.

  • Lana Del Taco
    Lana Del Taco 9 hours ago

    I really wanted to know how big was it

  • Ali Abdullah
    Ali Abdullah 9 hours ago

    As always James won’t say anything so let’s dislike the video from the start and don’t watch

  • Aliya Fatma
    Aliya Fatma 9 hours ago

    Dude really wants that batman role 😂

  • Diane Blumenthal
    Diane Blumenthal 9 hours ago

    I can't help but think, were those tarantulas humanely killed ?

  • Dela Rosa
    Dela Rosa 9 hours ago

    chugging hot sauce. Make him a superhero lol he’s the best guest

  • Ana Ramirez
    Ana Ramirez 9 hours ago

    That guy is awesome!

  • Eitan Touboul
    Eitan Touboul 9 hours ago

    I don’t know. That Batman one was an easy question to answer.

  • Chris Mercado
    Chris Mercado 9 hours ago

    Now that a Batman moment

  • jaynelley
    jaynelley 9 hours ago

    James just start answering the questions

  • ellagrace810
    ellagrace810 9 hours ago

    Why would he not just say Kevin Spacey as the person he never wants to work with again?

  • Miguel Sandoval
    Miguel Sandoval 9 hours ago

    Holy shit John should be on Hot Ones

  • jaynelley
    jaynelley 9 hours ago

    Jon is amazing

  • Isaac Chang
    Isaac Chang 9 hours ago

    T H I C C

  • J R
    J R 9 hours ago

    Corden will always be funnier than Kimmel and Fallon. Sorry not sorry. I love these segments.

  • Emily Faith
    Emily Faith 9 hours ago +1

    I have an essay on the gender roles in man men due today!! I haven’t even started it and I’m watching this video at 6:30 am 😂

  • Mr. Yus
    Mr. Yus 9 hours ago

    Jon Hamm is so hot!!

  • Eiman Khai
    Eiman Khai 9 hours ago

    James should play this with BTS

  • G Alfaro
    G Alfaro 9 hours ago

    Yes to Batman!

  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast 9 hours ago

    this is really just famous people eating gross things. also james is a pussy

  • Bogdan M
    Bogdan M 9 hours ago

    They haven’t even answered one question. This show is starting to blow. Corden never answers and complains about the taste. Grow some balls.

    BUTLINN 9 hours ago


  • Daniel Law
    Daniel Law 9 hours ago

    I love jon hamm

  • rockstardiaries
    rockstardiaries 9 hours ago +2

    They ALWAYS ask the same two questions go James. "Least favorite guest", "rank your fellow late night hosts" 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Gold Pyramid
    Gold Pyramid 9 hours ago

    Tag is amazing.