Stephon Marbury and Jimmer Fredette fight in China


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  • don brassco
    don brassco 4 months ago +1

    Steph the chef Rob ur😁👈

  • lesson433
    lesson433 4 months ago

    fredette backpedaling after the shove... we got a real tough guy over here...

  • Omar Luevano
    Omar Luevano 5 months ago

    Wtf i seen no fight?

  • Fo Reel
    Fo Reel 5 months ago

    All arm........the refs suck

  • Nathan Mickens
    Nathan Mickens 5 months ago


  • Tobin Frost
    Tobin Frost 5 months ago

    That wasn't a fight

  • guitarhamster
    guitarhamster 5 months ago

    Fucking monkeys

  • YeahWhatOoh
    YeahWhatOoh 5 months ago

    lmao marbury wouldve killed freddette's trash ass lmao

    FUGYOO 5 months ago

    Fucking white pussies today are so gaw damn embarrassing.

  • aguyandhiscomputer
    aguyandhiscomputer 5 months ago


  • Vortec67
    Vortec67 5 months ago


  • Vortec67
    Vortec67 5 months ago


  • El León Heart
    El León Heart 5 months ago

    On the real, Jimmer Did something to somebody powerful in the NBA, I don’t know what it was but he should be coming off the bench for sure some of the top squads , Dude puts up numbers ... he could easily get 10 pts 5 assist off the bench.... Somebody with power don’t like Jimmer lololol

  • James Chan
    James Chan 5 months ago

    The commentator: There was a revenging push from Fredette, and Marbury started rapping diss.

  • Faux Shizle
    Faux Shizle 5 months ago

    Welcome to Niggerball.

  • big deezle
    big deezle 5 months ago

    wash up bum fight!!!

  • Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack

    0:42 That inflatable shark is probably my favorite bit in the video

  • KevinProNOW
    KevinProNOW 5 months ago

    China? LOL!

  • Courtney Conley
    Courtney Conley 5 months ago

    Marbury fouled the shit out of that man

  • Matilda Farrell
    Matilda Farrell 5 months ago

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  • maxflyman 54
    maxflyman 54 5 months ago

    guess the fight must have been later??? What a scam...two spoiled brats nose to nose jawing at each other does not a fight make. Glad they are in China, and not playing in the NBA...though I guess it doesn't really matter, no one watches the NBA anymore anyway....

  • Jade bylund
    Jade bylund 5 months ago

    First pick I take #76. What a talent

  • justin case
    justin case 5 months ago

    how do you say nigga bitch in mandarin?

  • BlueJay85
    BlueJay85 5 months ago

    I thought Jimmer was dead. Lol

  • Jimmernam
    Jimmernam 5 months ago

    Jimmer Fredette sucks...JIMMER NAM RULES!!!!

  • James Quick
    James Quick 5 months ago

    the Chinese security looks like they are 5'5" and shorter.

  • kevin sweetwyne
    kevin sweetwyne 5 months ago

    Difference between lonzo and curry vs fridette is that those two could get their shot off in the NBA and Fridette couldn't. Fridette was a very good college player and killing overseas but just can't seem to survive in the NBA

  • Yan Jia
    Yan Jia 5 months ago

    CBA BS

  • Steve D
    Steve D 5 months ago

    No "fight" took place...misleading title

  • Blake Watts
    Blake Watts 5 months ago +1

    Even china is bumpin migos

  • Robert Con
    Robert Con 5 months ago

    No fight just a discussion about what he felt his pussy was hurt

  • Clark Pitts
    Clark Pitts 5 months ago

    2 CUNTS, ONE GAME. ..

  • NekanHall
    NekanHall 5 months ago

    "You still mad cause I was locking you up? Hmm aight go sleep on that"

  • MrMarckeedee
    MrMarckeedee 5 months ago

    Everybody was king fu fighting....

  • benjamin smith
    benjamin smith 5 months ago

    D Rose is the nextNBA star to play in that league! 99% possitive.

  • logerbad19
    logerbad19 5 months ago

    those were soldiers, not security

  • Ismael Adame
    Ismael Adame 5 months ago

    God dam that was a crazy ass fight! Holy fuck! I hope there was some kind of suspension!!

  • jordan inniss
    jordan inniss 5 months ago


  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike 5 months ago

    If you listen closely, you can hear the n word

  • Erick Pereira
    Erick Pereira 5 months ago

    MOMMA !

    LP SNEAK FREAK John 5 months ago

    Dammnnnnn stephon Marbury still hoopin

  • TheHuskyK9
    TheHuskyK9 5 months ago

    This is just an altercation, not a fight. Also, props to whoever put on the Migos right after it lol

  • DrinkingTed3bear
    DrinkingTed3bear 5 months ago

    Not even a fight

  • blackout07maroon
    blackout07maroon 5 months ago

    They are playing rap music while 2 Americans just got done fighting... Lol. Fights do make the game more interesting. No doubt.

  • Basketball God
    Basketball God 5 months ago

    I thought this nigga was tryna "comeback" to the NBA?

    WAVES 5 months ago

    Stephon Marbury still playing !?..aint he almost 50 yrs old

  • KevinCummings Fitness
    KevinCummings Fitness 5 months ago

    all those 5'2 Chinese police

  • Combat Cook
    Combat Cook 5 months ago

    What did he say?

  • Neola Neil
    Neola Neil 5 months ago

    Got thrown

  • NoJaYorK
    NoJaYorK 5 months ago

    Steph come bak to bk..da fuk u doin?

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot 5 months ago

    Don't let this distract you from the point that Migos have song playing in China tho!

  • Hindukush
    Hindukush 5 months ago

    I call bullshit on the China game its all fake shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Y Gui
    Y Gui 5 months ago

    Jimmer wasn't this tough in the NBA. He's trying to paint a fake picture

  • Albert Elway
    Albert Elway 5 months ago

    Steph got LiAngelo arrested

  • Stephen George
    Stephen George 5 months ago

    Well thats why both of these clowns are in China

  • CCsplash
    CCsplash 5 months ago

    3-10 years in prison

  • Enzo Long
    Enzo Long 5 months ago

    Jimmer just mad cause he got his shit swatted lmao

  • Rickle Pick
    Rickle Pick 5 months ago

    Did the definition of "fight" change?

  • Ronnie Darko
    Ronnie Darko 5 months ago

    Jimmer is a puss its just a hard foul

  • Vernon Huffman
    Vernon Huffman 5 months ago

    LeBron would have flopped on that so hard it would have shattered vertebrae.

  • Abe Dunning
    Abe Dunning 5 months ago

    Dumb video

  • xyzHero
    xyzHero 5 months ago

    Looks like he wasnt happy about his hand getting smacked.

  • Quang B
    Quang B 5 months ago

    Too much tiger ball in their diet!

  • Dayvone Malvo
    Dayvone Malvo 5 months ago

    Tf is this trending for?

  • Daddy Famlittle
    Daddy Famlittle 5 months ago

    Oh Jimmer stop bitching, clean fucn swipe and steal. Be mad at Mom and Dad......shit they named you Jimmer!!

  • Gerardo Garza García
    Gerardo Garza García 5 months ago

    I thought this was a Chinese national (regardless of name) vs. an American 😂 but this was no fight 😒

    QUEENDOM 5 months ago +1

    They're the same height!? Jimmer wasn't a pg though? No wonder he not in the league. Lmao

  • Brandon Banks
    Brandon Banks 5 months ago

    They weren't fighting, they were making out.

    • blackout07maroon
      blackout07maroon 5 months ago

      Go watch soccer and watch them fake injuries & jerk each other off.

  • hao yao
    hao yao 5 months ago


    JAZZARAEL JENKINS 5 months ago +1

    LMAO Migos in the background I had to check my phone I thought my phone was ringing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tanika Nikki's Tea
    Tanika Nikki's Tea 5 months ago

  • E Tek
    E Tek 5 months ago

    Haha Jimmer?!?!! Another supposedly great white hype.
    Jimmer, Stephan is GOD in china are you crazy!!

  • Lionel Alcala
    Lionel Alcala 5 months ago

    I didn’t see a fight, I just saw two guys kiss

    • blackout07maroon
      blackout07maroon 5 months ago

      You should watch soccer then. They fake injuries and jerk each other off.

  • J Bolo
    J Bolo 5 months ago

    please retitle to "homosexuals flirting- interracial"

  • JoseTheMick
    JoseTheMick 5 months ago

    That was more of a game of grab ass than a fight.

  • Clem Cornpone
    Clem Cornpone 5 months ago

    Looked clean. Am I wrong?

  • Peter Cram
    Peter Cram 5 months ago

    that was a pretty cheap shot

  • Deja Voodoo
    Deja Voodoo 5 months ago

    What does Trump being a con artists have to do with this video?

  • Aaron -
    Aaron - 5 months ago

    no fight

  • Kwejeebo
    Kwejeebo 5 months ago

    That's a fight?

  • K Adams
    K Adams 5 months ago

    good defense ooh i forgot that's something that's jimmer doesn't know about my bad

  • Chuck Sherron
    Chuck Sherron 5 months ago

    Looked clean to me.

  • Dawson Breek
    Dawson Breek 5 months ago

    Pooping out sirachacha is the worsest 😴

  • Craig Lugay
    Craig Lugay 5 months ago +1

    Shoutout to the homie who started playing Migos

    WE BALL 5 months ago

    Why are they playing migos in china?

  • Official DramaSydE
    Official DramaSydE 5 months ago

    damn, Fredette's in China already?

  • PoorSnowFlakes
    PoorSnowFlakes 5 months ago

    What fight?

  • Jim Murray
    Jim Murray 5 months ago

    SICK Basketball “fight” !!

  • Ant 1
    Ant 1 5 months ago


  • Doug _
    Doug _ 5 months ago +1

    Jimmer should’ve been mad at the refs.

  • Mike Drevo
    Mike Drevo 5 months ago +1

    Marbury was NOT even going for the ball, he just punched Dude in the face.

  • 良政姚
    良政姚 5 months ago

  • Yuda's Son in Atlanta
    Yuda's Son in Atlanta 5 months ago

    This is not a fight.

  • goalmaker88
    goalmaker88 5 months ago

    That’s a foul, but not a fight.

  • DozaLand BaityBoy
    DozaLand BaityBoy 5 months ago

    Migos in china 😂😂😂

  • Shock
    Shock 5 months ago +1

    Where was this kissing? Fucking plebs....

  • Loc Kri
    Loc Kri 5 months ago +1

    This is trending.....why? Weak ass Fight!

  • nealnsandy
    nealnsandy 5 months ago +9

    That was a ‘fight’?

  • BrOmar Lifts
    BrOmar Lifts 5 months ago +1


  • SG27
    SG27 5 months ago

    Who are these irrelevant chiggas😂😂