• Published on Jul 10, 2018
  • Today we put "Stain Proof" shirts to the test with Ketchup, Mustard, Coffee, Wine and more. Did they work?
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  11 months ago +3203

    I hope you enjoy today's video! What kind of video should I make next? 😊💕

    • bmksethi
      bmksethi 5 days ago

      Can you do a roblox cake 😍😍😍😍😍

    • It’s me Sabina I
      It’s me Sabina I Month ago

      Rosanna Pansino

    • Snow Fox07
      Snow Fox07 2 months ago

      Love you Ro I’ve watched you for such a long to me 😜

    • Mad Dog
      Mad Dog 3 months ago

      Rosanna you are one of the best TVclipr I have ever seen I wish I could meet you and Justine Bc that would be amazing :)

    • Soumya Rao
      Soumya Rao 5 months ago

      Showing your house

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    Wow, that’s amazing! They really resist all stains!

  • Shelby Mayo
    Shelby Mayo 3 days ago

    It is just fabric protector on the shirt

  • Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor 4 days ago

    I thought they said it wasn’t a wet t-shirt contest 🤔🤔

  • Ashlee Joseph
    Ashlee Joseph 4 days ago +1

    It is Stan prof but now you soaking wet

  • Himank Narang
    Himank Narang 6 days ago


  • AstridWarrior9
    AstridWarrior9 8 days ago

    Ro, you look so cute in a ponytail!

  • Selina Louise
    Selina Louise 8 days ago

    I neeeeeeed one of these XD

  • Tiffany Z
    Tiffany Z 11 days ago

    What about curry

  • XxjennyKnowsDaWaexX Lol

    I kinda ship...

  • Lucas Miller
    Lucas Miller 14 days ago

    I was hoping for food coloring. :(

  • Starving Venom
    Starving Venom 15 days ago +1

    It Yeetus the Fetus

    CLINTON R FUND 15 days ago

    you drine wingh

  • Nadia Rabie
    Nadia Rabie 16 days ago

    This is your new apren

  • london oakes
    london oakes 16 days ago

    I’m selling replay buttons
    One button equals one like! BUY NOW!!!!!!

  • CutieKiel
    CutieKiel 17 days ago +2

    Theres a face on Justine's shirt 😂😂

  • Venkatasamhita D
    Venkatasamhita D 19 days ago +2

    I spilled coffee on my shirt while watching the video thinking that my shirt is stain resistant
    I was so stupid

  • Reena Gershom
    Reena Gershom 22 days ago


  • Bertha Seymour
    Bertha Seymour 24 days ago

    What kind of sorcery is this

    GOWRI B S 26 days ago

    can you do. classical dance

  • Phoebe Senior
    Phoebe Senior 27 days ago

    Can ijustine be in more vids xx 💋🥰❤️😍

  • ღGacha Llamaღ
    ღGacha Llamaღ 28 days ago

    They should have colors

  • Shouq Alotaibi
    Shouq Alotaibi Month ago

    So it’s not the shirt that is stain proof there is this new item look at mr.beast he used the item so ya it’s not worth 50 the item is 5 dollars but I love your collabs with ijustine❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂

  • Mohammad Nooruddin
    Mohammad Nooruddin Month ago +1

    Make a frappachino

  • Trevor Askey
    Trevor Askey Month ago +1

    How do they make those shirts?

  • Kitten Paws
    Kitten Paws Month ago

    You should have tried seeing if Tomato sauce will stain it. I always get stains on my t-shirts because of tomato sauce!

  • Rose Thorn
    Rose Thorn Month ago

    Rosanna: “Maybe I was baking and not paying attention” *spills hot sauce on Justine*
    Justine: “Oops!”

    Me: Who bakes with HOT SAUCE??? 🤔

  • Anushka Y
    Anushka Y Month ago

    Was anyone else wondering how their shorts weren't wet????

  • Clowdie
    Clowdie Month ago

    dear future Ro:
    You are an aunty now, with a very loving sister celebrating mothers day after your 11 million subscriber special. You now announced boyfriend, mike, had got you a very sweet dog called blueberry, witch is bonding with cookie very much. Your life is going amazingly and you fans love you more and more everyday.

    Love u Ro!

  • pv-rei ocampo
    pv-rei ocampo Month ago

    4:58 Oh no I spilled musturd on me! Merrell twins refrence

  • Winifreeda Thevathas


  • Winifreeda Thevathas


  • Relaxed _Maryam
    Relaxed _Maryam Month ago

    Yayyy I got a like!!!

    Wait, why is the 👍🏻 button blue?

  • 24TenHuisenSu
    24TenHuisenSu Month ago

    Who says Ro needs an apron made of this?

  • SunsetGamer💕💕💕💕💕💕


  • Angelika Tiongco
    Angelika Tiongco Month ago +1

    You should have gone in the pool for the BIG test!

  • Anna Luksha
    Anna Luksha Month ago

    Hey Ro can you make a *Girl Hack* kinda vid? You know, when it's the wrong time of the month and u are so over it 😆😘

  • Kinberli Garcia
    Kinberli Garcia Month ago

    You are the best peorson RO i love you

  • Sleepy Squad
    Sleepy Squad Month ago

    I need this shirt in my life
    () ()
    ( ._. )
    / \

  • Sleepy Squad
    Sleepy Squad Month ago

    I need this shirt in my life
    () ()
    ( ._. )
    / \

  • Valentina Canzoneri

    Please do more

  • Cescafied
    Cescafied Month ago

    This is like when Rhett and Link discovered “Never Wet” a few years ago. The shock was hilarious!!

  • Xx MoonLight xX
    Xx MoonLight xX Month ago +1

    Roses are red
    Apples are too
    My comment has one like
    Wait, why is it blue?

  • Alva Palm
    Alva Palm Month ago +7

    Ro Ro Ro your boat
    Gently down Ijustine
    Marily marily marily marily
    They are the best of team

  • G1iT3H
    G1iT3H Month ago +1

    Ro: *Puts Hair In Ponytail*
    Everybody watching: ARIANA GRANDE WANNA BEEEEEEE!!!

  • Lesley March
    Lesley March Month ago


  • Brittney Hettinger
    Brittney Hettinger Month ago

    Do a 24 hours in a pool challenge


    I love you guys

  • Helena Brennan
    Helena Brennan Month ago

    Try tie dying those shirts then go somewhere

  • jicerny1
    jicerny1 Month ago

    Is it just me or is Ro in this thumbnail have blond hair?😂

  • Orinmaxden
    Orinmaxden Month ago

    Are you a WIZARD?????

  • CPmonkey27 Derpo
    CPmonkey27 Derpo Month ago +1

    These are amazing! I just wish they would come in different styles and colors

  • Jungkook Fan
    Jungkook Fan Month ago

    Me: oh look you got a stain on you shirt
    Friend: oh jest poor a bunch of water on me I will look fine and not wet

  • Sophie msn
    Sophie msn Month ago


  • C Magic
    C Magic Month ago


  • Josh's Freestyle Skills

    Justine I am from Pittsburgh too !

  • Pittsburgh Furniture

    @colleen Girl You Need This For Baby Barf

  • Abigail Donna
    Abigail Donna Month ago

    You should just put loo things on each other then jump in the pool

  • Kristiana V
    Kristiana V Month ago

    I need that t shert I'm so clomsee 😂

  • Megan Hughes
    Megan Hughes Month ago

    ro your amazing

  • Pokemon Trainer
    Pokemon Trainer Month ago

    Justine: I'll put this on my body!......*stares at camera*......

  • gauri suresh
    gauri suresh Month ago +1

    Omg look at the height difference sorry ro never ment to hurt you it was just a joke and you are one of my fav youtuber

  • Adria Castle
    Adria Castle Month ago

    lol ro so funny! :p

  • Lois Duncan
    Lois Duncan Month ago +1

    Did you get wet though. Love the video 😻

  • Kayla Warren
    Kayla Warren Month ago

    3:18 Justine looks at Ro and realizes that she should also look shocked...😂


    The reason it does that is because it’s probably covered in wax

  • Lexi Owen
    Lexi Owen 2 months ago

    Justine does that mean u r a Steelers fan because I am

  • Cass Lorenz
    Cass Lorenz 2 months ago

    4:23 lol

  • PinkPorg
    PinkPorg 2 months ago +1

    Justine got a men’s shirt and ro got a womens

    REAGAN MOTEN 2 months ago

    make those shirts into pants so you have a stanless set of close

  • Eric Norwalt
    Eric Norwalt 2 months ago

    are you wet now?

  • NovaLaMason
    NovaLaMason 2 months ago

    4:25 xD

  • Anahi Moreno
    Anahi Moreno 2 months ago

    i need one of those

  • Jay Michael
    Jay Michael 2 months ago

    Ya new trend? Wet shirts lmao

  • Reborn Nursery
    Reborn Nursery 2 months ago

    It’s true the original Starbucks. I have gone there. As a tourist

  • Nadia Lowy Orzolek
    Nadia Lowy Orzolek 2 months ago

    rosanna, i love your channel! you should test out berry candies

  • Sam Skeleton
    Sam Skeleton 2 months ago

    if u pause at 1:42 THE FACE LOL

  • Emma Tedrow
    Emma Tedrow 2 months ago

    eney one think she should have used oil for a car

  • Lana Abdallah
    Lana Abdallah 2 months ago +1

    You guys should make a video about Barbie helping you out in the kitchen you guys could bring a Barbie doll and pretend she's cooking with you guys like a Barbie cooking set and then pretends like she's making real food with you

  • Karrots and dogs Vlogs
    Karrots and dogs Vlogs 2 months ago +1

    What if you had the wrong shirts 😬 like normal shirts

  • Didier Drogba
    Didier Drogba 2 months ago

    Yeah but if u where on a date 1 you wouldn't wear that 2 you wouldn't spill water down you on a date 3 its a waste of money because you would never wear

  • yeo hwanwoongie
    yeo hwanwoongie 2 months ago

    What the point of buying a 50 dollar (USD) white shirt that never gets stained when u can just tons of plain white shirts with that money

  • Al-Sabah Shoukat
    Al-Sabah Shoukat 2 months ago

    Wow Ro you've got 11M subs I hope you get even more subs!!! 😘❤️

  • Sophie Aidlin
    Sophie Aidlin 2 months ago

    She's from seattle?!?!?!?! I love her even more now.

  • Derick Vargas
    Derick Vargas 2 months ago

    RO: Now i have to put water on you
    *Grabs Hose*
    IJ: ahhhhhhhh

  • kpopdrawingjets bb
    kpopdrawingjets bb 2 months ago

    Rosanna you look like venelopi when you smile

  • Brandi Munguia
    Brandi Munguia 2 months ago

    I never buy white anything because I am so susceptible to staining it within 5 minutes. If this was a bit cheaper, I would really consider buying multiples.

  • innocent little potato
    innocent little potato 2 months ago

    Rosanna freaking looks like lance but the girl version lmao

  • Mike Bruno
    Mike Bruno 2 months ago

    Ha I’m first🦍💨

  • Fredjllama T
    Fredjllama T 2 months ago

    You should have gone into the pool with the shirts on

  • Morgan Lord
    Morgan Lord 2 months ago

    You should make a video with James charles

  • Lucy Averitte
    Lucy Averitte 2 months ago +1

    i need this shirt

  • CheezyFox AJ
    CheezyFox AJ 2 months ago

    1:47 me everyday 😂

  • Lily Fenton
    Lily Fenton 2 months ago

    5:09 im goin poop

  • Lily Fenton
    Lily Fenton 2 months ago

    1:46 COFFEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! (im 9 so i cant drink it but my dad let me take a sip of his!!)

  • Penny Stott
    Penny Stott 2 months ago +1


  • Aizer YT
    Aizer YT 2 months ago

    Justine is soo cute in 5:41

  • Snow Fox07
    Snow Fox07 2 months ago

    Can’t believe this works 😱😆

  • Kawaii Slime And Toys
    Kawaii Slime And Toys 2 months ago

    Oxi clean has left the chat.

  • Gil Loya
    Gil Loya 2 months ago

    That shirt is a miracle 😮😮😮😮😮