Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)


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  • J Knobbe
    J Knobbe 30 minutes ago

    Whenever I talk to someone, I think about what I did wrong... and I think great they hate me now

  • Lps Jackson
    Lps Jackson 40 minutes ago

    Arms heavy vomit on my sweater already , mom spaghetti

  • CuteCuddles
    CuteCuddles Hour ago +1

    Dude you can’t have babies!! 😂😂

  • Noobgotskilllz
    Noobgotskilllz Hour ago

    I’d help anyone struggling! Even it’s a stranger.....well I liked my own comment cuz nobody is gonna do the same

  • Sans The skeleton

    I do not hate you

  • DJ Diamond
    DJ Diamond 2 hours ago

    Ur like me i am depressed in the inside...

  • BellzSayzLOL
    BellzSayzLOL 2 hours ago

    3:31 VERY Relatable

  • Dave Thorpe-Willett
    Dave Thorpe-Willett 3 hours ago

    I’m an extrovert watching your videos every day 😬

  • Imseth1
    Imseth1 6 hours ago

    I am at the point where it is too much for me to handle and told some people and family to try and get help, all they did was leave or avoid me now, it really hurts. And I feel like no one cares about me. just writing this comment feels like an act of desperation to see if anyone really cares and has made me feel sick. But I want to know if anyone has an idea of what I can do?

  • None ya Bees nise
    None ya Bees nise 6 hours ago

    lol I have social anxiety and depression so I just joke a lot about memes

  • Gamer Grace
    Gamer Grace 8 hours ago

    As a person with anxiety I worry about really stupid stuff. Like "will the hand dryer at Mcdonalds draw attention to myself?" "If I grab the first tissue in the class, will people think I'm weird? OH NO SOMEONE ELSE JUST GRABBED A TISSUE! I'll just wait a few minutes until after they finish blowing their nose to get my tissue so no one judges me!" "I know I did my homework but I feel like I didn't." "ARE MY LOUD BACKPACK KEY CHAINS ANNOYING?! DO PEOPLE HATE THEM?!" "Wait...I'm leaning against this table, what if I slip and fall on the floor in front of my whole class and now everyone will judge me forever?" I have been professionally diagnosed and had counseling and that's it. I still have weird paranoia but I just forget that not everyone has the problem and it's weird as heck

  • SamJayde
    SamJayde 8 hours ago

    Also cried half way in

  • SamJayde
    SamJayde 8 hours ago

    The first 30 seconds in got dark fast..... Im depressed :/

  • ThatOneDumb PS4Gamer
    ThatOneDumb PS4Gamer 9 hours ago

    Not really I like helping people

  • Eve POORE
    Eve POORE 9 hours ago

    i have noise anxiety oof

  • Jennifer Poznikoff
    Jennifer Poznikoff 10 hours ago

    I have anxiety

  • Bib Benny
    Bib Benny 10 hours ago

    I had the same but not social anxiety

  • Just M. E.
    Just M. E. 10 hours ago

    I have social anxiety and I - jumps in wheelchair - I have *crippling depression* and I'm really socisocially awkward ;-; I'm always scared in public

  • SyncYT
    SyncYT 10 hours ago

    Pee is stored in the- wait

  • AgaroJackGaming
    AgaroJackGaming 10 hours ago

    2:34 - This is fine.

  • Kaitlyn Shamonsky
    Kaitlyn Shamonsky 10 hours ago

    My dog has anxiety....diagnosed by a vet ..... is this real?

  • kameko reynolds
    kameko reynolds 10 hours ago

    I have anxiety too! Damn does it suck!🙃. No not for a joke I got diagnosed by a professional psychologist. mostly about the internet, the dark, and my surroundings. But mostly school because yeah...

  • Ava Rice
    Ava Rice 10 hours ago

    I love Shane Dawson

  • Jackson Bonfiglioli
    Jackson Bonfiglioli 11 hours ago +1

    i gotta love my social anxiety too

  • king Todd
    king Todd 11 hours ago

    Animation level is 100, it looks so professional!!!

  • Nola Smith
    Nola Smith 11 hours ago

    Palms were sweaty knees weak arms heavy vomit on my sweater already mom's spaghetti!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • PepperTheFennecFox
    PepperTheFennecFox 12 hours ago

    I have crippling depression also

  • Hazel Sturdy
    Hazel Sturdy 12 hours ago

    Anxiety can jump off a very VERY big microwave

  • Stephanie Burklow
    Stephanie Burklow 12 hours ago

    Me too I have that social narcissism

  • Olaya Rodriguez
    Olaya Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    I don’t hate you 😀

  • Gwendolyn Weinand
    Gwendolyn Weinand 12 hours ago

    I had anxiety because I slept over in a room with a baby and it cried while I was sleeping and I got anxiety

  • Jerry Wood
    Jerry Wood 12 hours ago

    The good kind of weird

  • Jerry Wood
    Jerry Wood 12 hours ago

    To be honest I'm weird. And I just like weird. But I am like weird weird some people at my school they say that I can't have any friends cuz I'm too weird. And I mean personality is being crazy / weird/funny and just make people feel good. But I mostly weird

  • Happy Pineapple
    Happy Pineapple 12 hours ago +1

    I can completely relate. Thank you Jaiden. (Ps. I want to be an animator, what tablet and program do you use?) (pps. I’m just trying to learn all I can about animating) (ppps. Thank you so much, again.)

  • Meowsers The robot
    Meowsers The robot 13 hours ago

    I think I need a therapist about school anxiety

  • The Cousin's
    The Cousin's 13 hours ago +1

    I had an ad for depression medicine and the side affects were more depression 😂

  • ED_ dragon
    ED_ dragon 13 hours ago +1

    Is this a hamster?

  • MasterØfMythics 25
    MasterØfMythics 25 14 hours ago

    I have social anxiety as well, along with depression and low self esteem, I know how it feels.

  • Lori Carter
    Lori Carter 14 hours ago

    Mom: I think were lost. Dad: i don``t need discretion. Girl in back: sissys dead. sissy: (died in starvation)

  • Micah Archie
    Micah Archie 14 hours ago

    So like where my Ambiverts at

  • Kimi-Ann Robington
    Kimi-Ann Robington 14 hours ago +1


  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy 15 hours ago

    Your cool and awesome not Terrible

  • I’m in too many fandoms for my own good


  • S Parlati
    S Parlati 15 hours ago

    This is my brain when I turned 11 4:36

  • Furofu's world
    Furofu's world 15 hours ago

    2:03-2:23 So relatable ;v;

  • TechEric112
    TechEric112 15 hours ago

    Pee stord in the world

  • SwordSoft Network
    SwordSoft Network 15 hours ago

    0:54 *_Crippiling Depression_*

  • esonter
    esonter 15 hours ago

    I get anxiety by bathrooms (Don’t judge me)

    I get anxiety because when I get into a bathroom I think that the tiles might just sonic to the roof and I get crushed by the roof and the tiles ;-;

  • Spicy Comrade
    Spicy Comrade 16 hours ago


  • Donovan Olguin
    Donovan Olguin 17 hours ago

    1:18 memes...

  • Joao Berilo
    Joao Berilo 18 hours ago

    GG no reee

  • CrunchyPaint
    CrunchyPaint 19 hours ago +1

    New favorite video on Earth

  • CookieCraft Friend
    CookieCraft Friend 20 hours ago

    Social anxiety is the worst.
    We have so much in common!

    Everyone probably hates me!...

  • Jacob Treadway
    Jacob Treadway 21 hour ago

    Hey what's up you guys yes.

  • CJ Fox
    CJ Fox 22 hours ago

    Yeah... I sorta have anxiety too...

  • CJ Fox
    CJ Fox 22 hours ago


  • ItzLogic Bro
    ItzLogic Bro 22 hours ago

    Im 6th and i have depression yaaaaa

  • Marongii
    Marongii 22 hours ago

    I think some people misunderstand that getting nervous doesn’t always mean u have social anxiety
    I think they should talk to a psychologist first before u make conclusions

  • bryan mathis
    bryan mathis 23 hours ago

    I thought I was the only one that thought people where watching from the cracks and vents in the bathroom stall. Glad I'm not alone in this.
    P.S. I still think that and even scrutinize the vents to check for cameras. FML

  • Dark- Killer
    Dark- Killer 23 hours ago

    oh my--

  • Blaze The Cat
    Blaze The Cat 23 hours ago

    I has separation anxiety and depression and I binge eat (except I don't throw it up afterwards)

  • Putti Le Puffie
    Putti Le Puffie Day ago

    Well, my life been in ruins since from the start and is the backbone of my anxiety and depression.
    But i've spent the past 4 years helping others going through the same stuff cause i relate myself to it.
    I cant really cope with my stuff but it makes me really happy when i can prevent other from self harm and suicide

  • optimuz O1
    optimuz O1 Day ago

    When i do speaches i use my own comidic toich just to distract people from my ugly ass potato face

  • Musical Funk
    Musical Funk Day ago

    Where is pee stored ._.

  • Chang Soon Ghee
    Chang Soon Ghee Day ago


  • Chang Soon Ghee
    Chang Soon Ghee Day ago

    to be honest if you think everyone hates you would not have so many subs to just have some confidence in yourself and love yourself and always stay positive

  • Daniel The Creeper Killer

    This video is so relatable.

  • Killer.K vlogs
    Killer.K vlogs Day ago

    I have anxiety

  • Canada The Countryball -Storyswap Chara-

    *sPeAKiNg oF anXieTy* i have health anxiety (AKA Hypochondria I had to look that up -w-b), i worry about my health daily

  • Alli Elizabeth
    Alli Elizabeth Day ago

    I mean you have to have feel that way it's good to have emotions without that you won't have empty or you won't bond with you in ways you can

  • ALEKM13
    ALEKM13 Day ago

    I feel like I could have something wrong with me, but I'm to nervous to go to a therapist to get diagnosed.

  • ALEKM13
    ALEKM13 Day ago


  • peaches !
    peaches ! Day ago

    I'm a mix of extrovert and introvert, what is that called?

  • Sonic Screwdriver
    Sonic Screwdriver Day ago +1

    It's cool how you can take a sad real topic and ad a bit of "you" to it and make it funny.

  • Lord Chunki
    Lord Chunki Day ago

    Ligma died of Ninja

  • Angie&Trin KristyAnne

    Anxiety can go step on a Lego.

  • jimins smolhands

    this video is a whole MOOOOOOOOOD

  • Ben M.
    Ben M. Day ago

    I have horrible anxiety

  • pineapple pizza productions

    you knwo even if you dont care about them you should still help them, and i sound like the POSITIVITY PENGUIN YAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Hi jaiden i experince the same thing when at my moms, so i knwo how it feels.

  • Kasey Blank
    Kasey Blank Day ago

    .... I’m afraid all school bathrooms are haunted! Well.. I don’t use the bathroom at school.. Also.. I have anxiety to.. He he He.... (( Help))

  • Andy Welch
    Andy Welch Day ago

    You should play FNAF or BATIM, it would be funny to see your jumpscare response

  • Andy Welch
    Andy Welch Day ago


  • A broken baby
    A broken baby Day ago


  • Kay the galactic wierdo

    I'm not shy I don't have anxiety I don't get depressed easily and I'm not completely an introvert
    I'm an ambivert who isn't shy (unless it's my friend's friends) the last time I was depressed was 4th grade (I'm in 8th) I'm also way too talkative

  • Plasma- Chan
    Plasma- Chan Day ago

    John Mulaney is so relatable

  • Poliin Furry
    Poliin Furry Day ago

    I have creeping depression!

  • Shadow Light
    Shadow Light Day ago

    I was eating during watching this and died. Like choked and all that......I guess

  • Valerie Valois
    Valerie Valois Day ago

    I've been diagnosed with PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder, ,Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar 1 Disorder and Dissociative Disorder. Jaiden your lucky you can do as much as you have, I can't even leave my house or talk on the phone without breaking down and losing my shit! I still have Vietnam flashbacks about milk I spilled when I was 7 If I remember anything at all about my childhood. I'm not saying what I have is worse I'm just absolutely impressed and in awe at what you've achieved! Take life by the balls girl !! woot !!

  • E McDonald
    E McDonald Day ago

    My php therapist said to phrase "I'm broken" as "something caused this, but now I have to fix it, nothing is wrong with me, in not broken, I just have to fix a problem that had a cause."

  • Zachary Brown
    Zachary Brown Day ago


  • Blu&Lavender #MoonSquad #AyFood


  • Grace Sanders
    Grace Sanders Day ago

    I've had anxiety since the beginning of middle school but didn't even know what its called. Some people get super annoyed whenever someone talks about being anxious but it's nice to know people who get it. 👌

  • Grace Sanders
    Grace Sanders Day ago

    Got a depression med ad before this 🤔

  • Lizzie From The Slough Sqaud

    8:43 I have that problem, but I actually TALK to the thing I think is watching me..... I need help. 😅😌

  • bing bing zhao
    bing bing zhao Day ago +2

    My palms were sweaty
    Knees weak
    Arm heavy
    Vomit on my sweater already
    Mom's spaghetti

  • keira is spongebob
    keira is spongebob Day ago +1

    I don't have anxiety. I'm actually an extrovert Like I'm way to loud lol

  • Theodor Mertz
    Theodor Mertz Day ago +1

    Jaiden is the girl version of me. YAY I finally found someone who is similar to me.

  • Pixie Fru Fru
    Pixie Fru Fru Day ago

    Jaiden won't pin this

  • Priscilla Bustos

    Before I watched Shane Dawson at 0:09:I wonder who that is
    After I started watching Shane Dawson 0:09:OMG ITS SHANE!!