Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)


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  • Gia Foox
    Gia Foox 3 hours ago

    I know right I feel like someone is always watching me

  • Blazing Gabrex
    Blazing Gabrex 3 hours ago

    Eating rocks and planting garbage

  • Tom Funny
    Tom Funny 3 hours ago


  • Tom Funny
    Tom Funny 3 hours ago

    Do you have S.A.D

  • //KoolKeith Deo123//
    //KoolKeith Deo123// 3 hours ago

    Maybe James and Jaiden LIKE each other???? Just a random thing I’m wondering

  • Hamish Lojewski
    Hamish Lojewski 3 hours ago

    Jump off a microwave, how kind are you?!

  • Rol Czas
    Rol Czas 4 hours ago

    I hate her

  • Rol Czas
    Rol Czas 4 hours ago

    Jaiden sucks

  • The epic whale 2nd channel


  • Dat gacha Tuber
    Dat gacha Tuber 4 hours ago

    This animation is really relatable to me

  • Sharon Mcgee
    Sharon Mcgee 4 hours ago

    Can I see in ur next vid ur own face plz I am only nine years old so it won,t be wierd

  • Zoster
    Zoster 4 hours ago

    This video was like... really well animated.

  • Lps for Life
    Lps for Life 4 hours ago

    I have heath problems.
    I should help anyone care or not I will help them ( even if idk them

  • Red Sturgeon
    Red Sturgeon 4 hours ago

    “...going on in your universe...” Are there multiple Jaiden in different universe? Am I in another universe?

  • Niklas Pietarinen
    Niklas Pietarinen 4 hours ago

    Me too but only when i try to be on stage also i have ADD and asberger’s

  • Alfa_ fam
    Alfa_ fam 4 hours ago

    I had anxiety elearer about my freind throwing a water gun at a car and I was scared half to death then she stoped put her car in reverse that when it hit I freaking ran in my house sat inside I was friend shaking than I saw poilipce down th road now I'm scary...

  • Connor Soares
    Connor Soares 5 hours ago

    Pee is stored in the balls.

  • Naomi Rivera
    Naomi Rivera 5 hours ago

    “ don’t torture anything.”
    Oh.. should I go apologize to all those bugs I ripped legs off of?.

  • Ya girl Jayderade
    Ya girl Jayderade 5 hours ago

    Anxiety is my favourite!! Don't you love being terrified at absolutely nothing?????

  • Naomi Rivera
    Naomi Rivera 5 hours ago

    Jaden I think all of us with anxiety feel like this, also nah I think people on the bus hate me for my type of personality.
    Hehe.. Jaden don’t do it, never raise your hand..

  • Justin Y. Kid version
    Justin Y. Kid version 5 hours ago

    Jaiden Animations: * Upldoads *
    TVclip Ni🅱️🅱️as:

  • Persian Mapper
    Persian Mapper 6 hours ago +1

    Jaiden, you are one of the top 1% of people in terms of Subscriber count.
    And you have 1 more music video than the average American

  • I am Groot
    I am Groot 6 hours ago

    I am reaaallly awkward around people. When I’m around the person I like I end up doing stupid things making it completely obvious. Like one time in PE class we were doing dance and when we held hands I was shaking and sweating the whole time, send help pls. I didn’t make eye contact at all. She was probably thinking how pathetic I was being.

  • Socp0432
    Socp0432 6 hours ago


  • Hey_ImJohn
    Hey_ImJohn 7 hours ago

    Me : Someone who can’t even make eye contact with my FREAKING FRIENDS. I can’t make eye contact with girls either.. ;_; maybe just my adhd I don’t know.

  • MangoMite
    MangoMite 7 hours ago

    somtimes i check 5 times what gender is allowed in the bathroom and then enter and still have the hunch that people will laugh when i came out saying YOOUUURRR GOING TO THE GIRLS BATHROOM HAHAHHAHAHA

  • Mn Umbreom
    Mn Umbreom 7 hours ago

    I'll be getting two ari's or the bird that ari is! One is disabled and the other one is normal I think there both girls my mam's friend has four birds and were adopting two of em

  • The Nintendo Gameplayer

    Was that second emotion Kracko?

  • Uriel Dionisio
    Uriel Dionisio 7 hours ago

    Can you make a music about anxiety and depression cause I have the same problem as you do

  • Travis Yant-Woodard
    Travis Yant-Woodard 7 hours ago

    To relatable

  • Itachi Hatake
    Itachi Hatake 7 hours ago

    ahhh .

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 7 hours ago

    U have all 4 of those too! Well maybe not low selfesteem. Idk

  • perfect pringle
    perfect pringle 7 hours ago


  • LDFoxyStars
    LDFoxyStars 7 hours ago

    I have most versions of anxiety and a LOT of mental issues (literally not saying that in a joke way) it's very difficult not complaining just saying I feel you guys that have probs too :P :D Yeah.... Idk why I did those faces

  • Danny Vue
    Danny Vue 7 hours ago


  • Bernice Z
    Bernice Z 8 hours ago

    Most of the Turtles that eat Plastic bags think they are jellyfish because Jellyfish are their main food. The plastic is not digestible and therefore the turtle thinks that it is full, while it slowly starved to death. Save the turtles, Recycle, and don’t litter.

  • ThePixelAdventurer
    ThePixelAdventurer 8 hours ago

    "I'll keep all my emotions right here and then one day I'll die."

  • zIHm0nG_YT
    zIHm0nG_YT 8 hours ago

    Jaiden go watch where teens react to u (just saying)

  • DM Nkole
    DM Nkole 8 hours ago

    I am extroverted and have social anxiety. Life is great.

  • the lena show
    the lena show 8 hours ago


  • KawaiiFox
    KawaiiFox 8 hours ago

    i have a very large anxiety blob

  • Thomas van der Hoven
    Thomas van der Hoven 8 hours ago

    How did you get inot my head?

  • Krispys
    Krispys 8 hours ago

    Pee is stored in the heart

  • home schoolkids
    home schoolkids 8 hours ago

    Well I don't have a lot of friends because I'm very shy and low of myself and I'm not happy at all bye

  • zombieman_6
    zombieman_6 8 hours ago

    This is way too relatable

    Especially that school part

  • Nurul Aqisya
    Nurul Aqisya 8 hours ago

    It's been two weeks and I'm still coming here to rewatch it XDD I just love your voice and your smooth animation♥ we're relatable in many ways and so to other people♥ I won't get noticed but meh who cares anyway XDD Btw I love all your videos, Jaiden♥

  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day 9 hours ago

    Jaiden at least 4.2 million people think ur amazing and so many more are to come and if they can't see that then that's their lost.

  • CookiePink Gt
    CookiePink Gt 9 hours ago

    " jump off a microwave " OH MY GOD 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jyuan Hirano
    Jyuan Hirano 9 hours ago

    Hi Jaiden!!! Umm.. I wanted to ask u a question. Sooo... I decided I wanted to make animations on TVclip too (like you!!)!! I just wanted to know your BEAUTIFUL SECRET to animating!! And I also want to know how much suscribers you got on your first month of animating. Please answer me!! I NEED YOU (friendly way😁)!! And LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~~~!!!!!🤪

  • Ladi
    Ladi 9 hours ago

    PEE IS STORED IN- (cut)

  • ArcticFox7890
    ArcticFox7890 9 hours ago

    I drew a piece of art for you. I hope you don’t take it too offensively. I am a huge supporter, even if I am only 11 years old. Please take my drawing (if I can send it in) lightly-ish. Just please don’t get mad at me.

  • Marcus Ledesma
    Marcus Ledesma 9 hours ago

    don't stop being you

  • ZzdragozZ
    ZzdragozZ 9 hours ago

    have u ever have a sex
    girl !!!!!!!

  • Dominic
    Dominic 9 hours ago

    Rip turtel

  • Violet Dobbins
    Violet Dobbins 9 hours ago

    I have this problem when i think people hate me, so i hate them in return. So when they talk me me i come off as a really rude person because i "hate" them. Then they end up actually hating me. :)

  • SwimmingTurtle247
    SwimmingTurtle247 9 hours ago

    Thank you for caring about my kind, I really appreciate it🙂🙂🙂

  • Ava Gabriel
    Ava Gabriel 9 hours ago

    Jaiden: Dont torture yourself
    Me: But I deserve it.

    KIRA DAS 9 hours ago

    I have social anxiety. Im 12 years old

  • Ethan Loves Kitties
    Ethan Loves Kitties 9 hours ago

    Maybe I’m a narcissist... I don’t know. Thanks for the perspective xD
    Okay, I thought about it. For like a minute. Definitely not.

  • Ethan Loves Kitties
    Ethan Loves Kitties 9 hours ago

    Get a new channel intro xD

  • Scoopity goop
    Scoopity goop 10 hours ago

    I used to have that mindset, and then I saw that “just be happy meme” and while I was laughing I realized how fucking true that is

  • Scoopity goop
    Scoopity goop 10 hours ago

    Stalling going skydiving isn’t going to ensure your parachute will work, and there’s only one way to find out, ya gotta PUSH YOURSELF

    SIR MEOWS A LOTTM 10 hours ago +1

    PEE IS STORED IN THE...............

  • Scoopity goop
    Scoopity goop 10 hours ago

    It turns out that turtles and other marine animals love plastic, and hate us for taking it( jk it’s a really bad problem, people who liter are assholes)

  • No Name
    No Name 10 hours ago

    Listen I know you’re probably not gonna see this. Hell no ones really gonna see this. But starting this year I started to get literally exactly like everything you explained in this video. I thought everyone hated me even if they did the nicest thing I would still think “man they were definitely being fake”. Even my girlfriend I feel like doesn’t want to be with me anymore (sometimes). But I never knew exactly how to describe this “feeling” I get sometimes. I wanted to thank you for showing me what it truly is. And from one person who has anxiety to another I want to say that I know for a fact that everyone does not think your worthless like you say. Keep being awesome!

  • Pentagram Spinner
    Pentagram Spinner 10 hours ago

    GURL I HAVE SOCIAL ANXIETY TOO!!!!! TWINSIES~twinsies.....twinsies...........

  • Nameless KING321
    Nameless KING321 10 hours ago

    I said in an older vid I just watched that you reminded me of my cousin. You also remind me of myself. Tho I'm a stubborn male that doesn't want or need others help of pity to get tho my problems... And therapists are expensive holy crap!

  • Hugo Gonzalez
    Hugo Gonzalez 10 hours ago

    Isn't anxiety dangerous?

  • isochellfish
    isochellfish 10 hours ago +1

    That shane face tho😂

  • Mary Kate Rikard
    Mary Kate Rikard 10 hours ago

    Pee is stored in ice -

  • Eva Moreno
    Eva Moreno 10 hours ago

    Half my family thinks I'm playing a game when I try and talk about stuff like this.

  • Te Lam
    Te Lam 10 hours ago

    Sometimes I wanna go in a corner and cry my life out bc I sleep after 1 week then after I slept then I don't sleep anthro week then my eye are red my life sux I only eat 1 piece of food and I'm bad at school

  • AlongCameBen
    AlongCameBen 10 hours ago

    This made me feel better because it actually used my name :/

  • marius cole
    marius cole 10 hours ago

    When is the next video

  • Phone theory
    Phone theory 10 hours ago

    You think people hate you? Look at your sub count!

  • Elizabeth Baham
    Elizabeth Baham 10 hours ago

    Wow just wow this is AMAZING just like boom mind blown AWESOME❣ I'm just here like WHAT OMG YasssSSss FINALLY I have found sum1 who has the ability and also the same problems I have struggled with my whole life 💟 Has not only been brave enough to talk about it, but also taken all of it and put it into an enjoyable artistic super creative way in a form of animation/comicbook/chibi like manga cartoon/anime type video that i am living for❣

  • gamer snorlax
    gamer snorlax 10 hours ago

    Omg I have so many issues to with me like I'm soooooooo annoying I make everyone just want to throw me out of there life and into an endless hole or at least that's what I think everyone wants to do with me 😅

  • Brianna Flowers
    Brianna Flowers 11 hours ago's me from Roblox

  • Manuelz Lopez
    Manuelz Lopez 11 hours ago

    Thanks for making this video, you've basically summed up my life and helped my laugh at myself (In the good way). I was lucky enough to make a friend early on who had even worse social anxiety than me and hello her helped me help myself. I hope you keep making videos for a long time

  • I_AmFifabeef
    I_AmFifabeef 11 hours ago

    lol i can relate

  • Bongo CheezWheez
    Bongo CheezWheez 11 hours ago

    *Pass me that red M A R K E R*

  • Gls206
    Gls206 11 hours ago

    I recently started using meditation p.s ik how feels 1st time at the therapist xD

  • Dusktail89866
    Dusktail89866 11 hours ago

    At this point, im confused if im depressed or just crazy. I have mood swings and when I tell people I don't feel right, they brush it off as normal. And I don't trust my parents fully to the point where I can tell them anything. Once, I did break, but I told them my problems where nothing compared to what they had went through, so they shot me down, so I vowed not to tell anyone whats wrong with me unless there really close with me. So far... Its been working out fine. Oh, besides the fact that im mental insane. And I think I know it. Or maybe not. Idk

  • world of gaming
    world of gaming 11 hours ago

    I like your merch...LINK IN BIO jk

  • good boiii
    good boiii 11 hours ago

    thats nice

  • EyeOfTheEnderDragon _
    EyeOfTheEnderDragon _ 11 hours ago


  • The Duckies
    The Duckies 11 hours ago +1

    Jaiden X James... who else agrees?

  • Tony Vella
    Tony Vella 11 hours ago

    Don't worry I have the same thing as you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Full Stop Crumb
    Full Stop Crumb 12 hours ago

    *I have anxiety, depression and basically everything in this video*

  • BeanieBoy 77
    BeanieBoy 77 12 hours ago +1

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    (Different types of) Anxiety
    (Mild) Depression
    And a bunch of other stupid stuff.

  • Gavin Smith
    Gavin Smith 12 hours ago

    Im going to make a video game is it ok if i can in could u

  • Skye Brignac
    Skye Brignac 12 hours ago

    Can you make more videos about ari pls

  • Cyrax 803
    Cyrax 803 12 hours ago


  • Anime Otaku
    Anime Otaku 12 hours ago

    I just saw this today but... I NEVER KNEW YOU WERE ON DRAWFEE ART BATTLE ROYAL.. More than five months ago...? You looks so beautiful😊

  • Billie Buchanan
    Billie Buchanan 12 hours ago

    I'm 7 and a half and I love your vids

  • Caleb Morin
    Caleb Morin 12 hours ago

    I bet y'all Jaiden will not pin this.

  • Aphmau's #1 Fan
    Aphmau's #1 Fan 12 hours ago

    I don’t have any mental health problems but I still am a supporter of people going though it. So yeaaa but my best friend had it... Love ya jaiden k bai. Buuut I do think people stare at me and hate me and judge me.... k bai noww

  • CoMmiE CLifFoRD
    CoMmiE CLifFoRD 12 hours ago

    You should do a setup tour or a house tour

  • Tommy
    Tommy 13 hours ago

    WOW! Im not the only John Mulaney fan!

  • amanda balicki
    amanda balicki 13 hours ago

    Me to I'm scared of people to . I have anxiety