ENCHANT ~ #Inktober 2018

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
    Pre-order my Inktober 2018 Artbook and Acrylic Pins: kaatydid.storenvy.com/collections/1721643-pre-order
    Inktober 2018, day 15! Today's theme in my prompt list is Enchant!
    Art materials used in this video:
    Pentalic Watercolor Journal amzn.to/2OjLzIe *
    Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay India Ink amzn.to/2R2z5mZ *
    Micron Pigma Pens in various sizes amzn.to/2N6gG5p *
    Uniball Signo White Gel Pen amzn.to/2R5dPx1 *
    Arteza Water Brush Pens
    US: bit.ly/2NIRaU4 *
    EU: bit.ly/2Emd9RC *
    Amount of time taken to complete this piece:
    About 45 minutes
    Email kaatydid@gmail.com with references!
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    Day Fifteen ~ ENCHANT ~ Inktober 2018
    #KaatydidArt #SquidPodSquad #Inktober2018
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Comments • 36

  • Janessa Chico
    Janessa Chico Year ago

    You did amazing I love it!!! U just got a new subscriber. 😎 U should do a live stream of the last day if u can it may be a bit easier for u! Btw your spills help ease the stress I feel as I as your videos while I work thanks!!!

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy Year ago

    #Eat your face off!! #CannibalMermaid. 😉😉

  • Leonarayn
    Leonarayn Year ago

    Hi Kaaty I am sorry to hear that your Inktober Sires isn't doing well. I preordered you book and so far I love all your art!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      Don't be sorry! I think it might have something to do with me changing my schedule. But it's been a fun learning experience for me! I can't wait to ship out your book when I get it! ♥️

  • Rirri- Chan
    Rirri- Chan Year ago

    Cannibal mermaid

  • Theren Stormwind
    Theren Stormwind Year ago

    Is a mermaid a cannibal if they only eat humans? 🤔

  • SuperMich66
    SuperMich66 Year ago

    cannibal mermaid.....yes, more cannibal/zombie type characters......love your art....thanks......

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      You might see something similar soon enough ;) ♥

  • Brandy Ackerley
    Brandy Ackerley Year ago

    Cannibal Mermaid.

  • ★Breezy Blue★

    I watch all of your Inktober videos

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      Ah that's awesome, I appreciate it!! ♥️

  • MisquitoPaints
    MisquitoPaints Year ago

    Cannibal Mermaid

  • Victoria Blanchard

    Cannibal mermaid! But are mermaids really cannibalistic? I always thought that they just drowned sailors to their death

  • oOoSeaBlossomoOo
    oOoSeaBlossomoOo Year ago

    Cannibal mermaiddddd!!!
    I failed inktober two yrs in a row so I watching other people complete it amazes me lol

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      I failed it the first year, it's definitely not easy! I think what helps me the most is planning a lot of my sketches a month ahead, so I'm not wondering what to draw next!

  • MF Art
    MF Art Year ago

    Eat your face off! Hahaha or Cannibal Mermaid. Thanks for all the hard work! Lots of love

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      Yes!!!! Someone actually commented my dumbness hahaha big hugs, you're awesome 🦑♥️

  • snowsparklegems
    snowsparklegems Year ago

    So that's why all the cannibal mermaid comments 😅

  • parvati009
    parvati009 Year ago


  • Sétria
    Sétria Year ago

    Cannibal mermaid 💜

  • Tawny English
    Tawny English Year ago +1

    Cannibal Mermaid. smh. I feel you on the stress/burn out. I'm not even doing as much as you but for the past few days now, sitting in front of my sketchbook to come up with another new illustration has me feeling a little mentally drained. I may have to take a ginormous break from art after October.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      Yeah, it's been real. Your pieces have been awesome though, girl! You've been rocking this Inktober for sure. I'm feeling you on that break though haha I may do something similar, or at least take it easy for a while!

  • Shelby D
    Shelby D Year ago

    Hey! I've been keeping up with all your inktobers and have been totally loving them. I'm a new subbie and I'm looking forward to the rest of the month/future stuffs!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      Why hello there, and welcome to the Squid Pod! So glad to know that you've been enjoying my Inktober! ♥️🦑

  • Nadya L
    Nadya L Year ago

    Cannibal mermaid 😀😀😀😀.
    I have liked your pieces and the daily videos ☺.
    Just a wee opinion as to why the videos may not be doing so great is that you've been sounding like you don't have much confidence in some your pieces and mentioning mistakes and sounding like your not caring about them, just an opinion, not critising.
    P.s for this vid i like that pose you make, i tried it in my 600 page sketchbook because of one of your videos ☺ (obviously not copying your drawing, just the pose 😉)

    • Nadya L
      Nadya L Year ago

      Hey that's fair enough, i get what you mean. Plus i don't think they look as if they have any mistakes.
      Doing inktober as well though just sticking to black and white for mine.....also themed witches is what mine is based on.
      Do you have facebook, i can send it to? I dont have insta or Twitter and my tablet ran out of memory when i tried to record a sketchbook tour?

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago +1

      Thanks for your insight! I'm not trying to be down on my art and pieces, Inktober has really helped me find a lot of my weaknesses. I'm actually really grateful for all mistakes, because they'll help me become a better artist when I learn from them! 😊 Also, that's awesome! Would love to see your version of the pose!! ♥️

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith Year ago

    Love your art, thanks for sharing.

  • Sally Bunday
    Sally Bunday Year ago

    Canibal mermaid! Congrats on getting halfway. Kinda bum about Libra being late (Libra baby here). However totally understand and you come first obviously. Don’t stress yourself out. Artwork gorgeous as always and am really enjoying this series!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago +1

      Don't worry! She'll be my first video in November (sneaky peek!) but, I'm kinda bummed about being late with her as well. I didn't factor my Zodiac series in when I thought about doing daily Inktober videos haha! Sally, you're such a sweetheart, thank you for your kind words. Hopefully I do Libra justice! :)

  • Vale_ Mayora
    Vale_ Mayora Year ago

    Your art is amazing! #cannibalmairmaidsquad