How to say: "I DON'T HAVE SMTH "in Russian? Endings of Genitive case. Russian for beginners

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
  • In this video lesson, I will tell you how to say "I don't have something" in Russian. We will repeat personal pronouns in Genitive case and will learn endings of Genitive case for nouns.
    I don’t have something - У меня нет + Genitive case (Родительный падеж)
    ✅We have 2 Genitive case forms in 1 sentence:
    У + Gen. case + нет + Gen. case
    Personal pronouns in Genitive case:
    У меня
    У тебя
    У него
    У неё
    У нас
    У вас
    У них
    ❇️masculine words with consonant in the end + а
    стол - стола, телефон - телефона, компьютер - компьютера, кот - кота, друг - друга
    ❇️masculine words with soft sign in the end + я
    словарь - словаря, фонарь - фонаря, декабрь - декабря, рояль - рояля
    ❇️masculine words with -а, - я endings are changed like feminine words (+ ы or и)
    папа - папы, мужчина - мужчины, дедушка - дедушки, дядя - дяди
    ❇️feminine words with ending A will be changed to Ы (if before A you have any consonant except (ш, щ, ч, ж, к, г, х):
    женщина - женщины, машина - машины, газета - газеты, вода - воды
    ❇️feminine words with ending A with ш, щ, ч, ж, к, г, х before it will be changed to the ending И:
    девушка - девушки, подруга - подруги, каша - каши, старуха - старухи
    ❇️feminine words with ending Я will be changed to the ending И:
    семья - семьи, тётя - тёти
    ❇️feminine words with soft sign in the end will be changed to the ending И:
    ночь - ночи, вещь - вещи, тетрадь - тетради, кровать - кровати
    (Exceptions: дочь - дочери, мать - матери)
    ❇️neuter word with ending O and with ending E together with any of these consonants(ш, щ, ч, ж, к, г, х) will be changed to the ending A:
    письмо - письма, окно - окна, зеркало - зеркала, солнце - солнца, солнышко - солнышка
    ❇️neuter words with ending E will be changed to the ending Я:
    море - моря, поле - поля
    ❇️neuter with ending Я (время, имя) will be changed to времени, имени
    The algorithm picture will be in "Community".
    Video about the verb "to have" in Russian:
    The verb "to have" in past and future tense:
    When to omit verb ЕСТЬ in the structure "I have something" :
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    У меня НЕТУ хорошей грамматики.

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    Grammar algorithms is a really innovative concept....thank you for this structured knowledge and understanding..:)

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    Hi u mentioned in the video that help our company grow u can perform something similar like easy German only with Russian language

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    The lesson is for beginners, but the genitive singular map is valuable for higher levels as well!

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    I like your шарф

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    I'm trying to learn russian at the moment so these videos are extremely helpful :D I feel like people like you don't get enough credit for what you do so thank you for taking the time to make these. They are greatly appreciated :)
    P.S. You're beautiful

  • qutrg
    qutrg 9 months ago

    Thank you for the tip about just using "нет" and not "нету", because if you didn't warn me, I probably would have heard it, and then would for sure be using it, thinking I was speaking everyday, common Russian. Your channel is so beneficial. ))

      RU-LAND CLUB  9 months ago

      Thank you very much for the comment! I am always glad to help, and really want my students to speak Russian beautifully! :)

  • Show Me What You Got
    Show Me What You Got 9 months ago

    у меня нет чего-то!!!

    • A B
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      у меня ничего нет

  • The catcher in the rye
    The catcher in the rye 9 months ago

    This song is perfect to nail the genitive, even when it has "нету" :P
    (I chose a version with lyrics on the screen).

      RU-LAND CLUB  9 months ago +1

      Yeees, I agree! Great for training Genitive case! :) Here нету is used because it sounds more melodic, which is necessary for any song. By the way, rules of grammar are often ignored in songs and poems to reach the desired effect, it is called "the author's style".
      Thank you again for your great comments! ;)

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