Black Valentine --Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤 MV


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  • Vany Gopal
    Vany Gopal 7 months ago

    Started watching on Netflix.Stopped watching as soon as he married another woman... disheartening to continue.

  • 강주효
    강주효 8 months ago

    Oppa. No. Touch ok

  • 강주효
    강주효 8 months ago

    Oppa. No. Sae. Kyeong. Ok. No. Kiss. Ok

  • 강주효
    강주효 8 months ago

    이쁘다 ok

  • 강주효
    강주효 8 months ago

    Oppa no. Ok

  • Eun Ji Cha
    Eun Ji Cha 8 months ago +2

    Because I miss Yo Ah In... I'll watch this😂..I'm not into long series but I'll try ...😊

  • Miss J.A
    Miss J.A Year ago +2

    YooAhIn & shinSekyung 😍😍
    Fashion king(2013),Six Flying dragon(2016)

  • Thanliu panmei
    Thanliu panmei Year ago +2

    for a moment thought i'll watch this drama but after reading the comments i decided not to watch..😂 i have shed too much tears in kdramas. This time i'll save it for myself too.

  • Kimberly Seo
    Kimberly Seo Year ago +1

    What episode in 00:20 ?

  • 栄中山
    栄中山 Year ago


  • Danielle Limbo
    Danielle Limbo Year ago

    thankfully He got the woman on chicago typewriter...this time...

  • gongju song
    gongju song Year ago +5

    They just proved that they didn't need to be together even when they love each other. Even when they are not by each others side but in their hearts they know that the feelings is mutual. For me its kind of a happy ending though since you can't change history. I wish they had showed boon yi reaction when bang won died but oh well. Anyway the best drama 😁

  • wooksuk우석
    wooksuk우석 2 years ago +17

    shin se kyung is the best Korean actress i've ever seen

  • January Orcullo
    January Orcullo 2 years ago


  • MAD
    MAD 2 years ago +8

    really, perfect

  • mohamed elbirouni
    mohamed elbirouni 2 years ago +1


  • TN
    TN 2 years ago +3

    Where do you get these HD footages? I want to download all of the episodes of Six Flying Dragons because I love the drama so much. However, I cannot find anywhere to download the episodes in HD.

  • Nudchanank
    Nudchanank 2 years ago +22

    I love this couple. ❤❤❤

  • Tentenn Chan
    Tentenn Chan 2 years ago +6

    What's the title of this drama?

    • maryam g
      maryam g Year ago +1


  • Sherilyn Foroble
    Sherilyn Foroble 2 years ago +38

    fashion king and six flying dragon.they cant be together.can you make another drama?and ofcourse this time please be together..chebal

    • shehada alhwet شحاذه الحويت
      shehada alhwet شحاذه الحويت 2 years ago

      Sherilyn Foroble 00905380624607I'm a hot babe and have a relationship with sex romance

    • Caisy Liew
      Caisy Liew 2 years ago +1

      yes totally agree that they need to do a drama again and get together and get married

    • Sherilyn Foroble
      Sherilyn Foroble 2 years ago +5

      nghia pham thank you i watched it already but i love this couple more😊

    • nghia pham
      nghia pham 2 years ago +2

      Sherilyn Foroble I recommand another dramma : Secret love affair. it's great one and very touching dramma.

  • 빨간머리
    빨간머리 2 years ago +2

    38~39초에 나오는 장면 몇화인가요?

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 2 years ago +1

    Gfriend eunha ft yoo ah in #lol hahahhaha sorry but eunha really looks like se kyung 😂

  • 마리유경
    마리유경 2 years ago

    방원아 이방원

  • Zurich Yau
    Zurich Yau 3 years ago +44

    After watching all 50 episodes, i was so captivated by Se Kyung's powerful performance in this historical drama......bravo! her acting had improved drastically over the years. Beautiful work!!

    • slim sfaxo
      slim sfaxo Year ago

      Zurich Yau

    • 梁菁菁
      梁菁菁 2 years ago +2

      Zurich Yau
      Yes . She has improved a lot .
      I think she did very well in this drama .

  • Seokchan Kang
    Seokchan Kang 3 years ago +5

    the best drama ever.

  • missSNM
    missSNM 3 years ago +3

    Shin Se Kyung can't act. Her expressions are as flat as a worn out tyre. I love this drama though.

    • Sirena82
      Sirena82 Year ago +2

      Actually she did not have any plastic surgery at all. U can look her up since young age. I personally like all her dramas. They r different and unique. Her acting is great in this drama just look at her eyes. And not everybody can move their eyebrows or show the same expression. People belong to different cultures, races, color etc...

    • Jessica Blossom
      Jessica Blossom Year ago +3

      missSNM It's just your opinion. It's pretty obvious that you don't know anything about Korea. SeKyung is an A lister and a Top Actress in Korea. She already proved herself in acting and called as Queen in Historical dramas. She even won many acting awards and considered as veteran actress since she started acting in a very young age. Have you ever wonder why she always gets 2 lead dramas every year? Because she is very popular in Korea and her dramas always get high ratings.. Anyway, no matter what you say, her reputation won't be affected since international comments won't matter in Korea. She will have another 2 dramas every year due to Director's and popular demand in Korea. Uhmm, better search for her many acting awards that she won 😂

    • Taib Hushen
      Taib Hushen 2 years ago

      Nur Syafikzam

    • Lindy Lu
      Lindy Lu 2 years ago +1

      Nur Syafikzam HAHAHHA it's so true though.. they literally never move 😂 like how is that possible.... but if she did get Botox she should either change places or just stop. They probably inject it right on her eyebrows or something. Anyway she's a good actress... just needs to move her eyebrows a bit more and she will be better 👌

    • Nur Syafikzam
      Nur Syafikzam 2 years ago +2

      Lindy Lu I launghing so hard reading yr comment😂😂😂😂

  • tuan anh
    tuan anh 3 years ago

    phim j day m.n

  • Classy Woman
    Classy Woman 3 years ago +4

    song ?????

  • ผกามาศ บุญเพิ่มผล


  • thankfulBreath
    thankfulBreath 3 years ago +8


  • Nourman Goro
    Nourman Goro 3 years ago


    ANARCHO 3 years ago +4

    whats the name of the song heyyy tell me

  • Shahany Abdulgani
    Shahany Abdulgani 3 years ago +6

    Yap they're best couple ever like theme💚

  • Shahany Abdulgani
    Shahany Abdulgani 3 years ago +2

    Yap they're best couple ever like theme💚

  • AriesPrincessSlyffindor
    AriesPrincessSlyffindor 3 years ago +2

    What ep was 0:38?

  • Eemi Rotidua
    Eemi Rotidua 3 years ago


  • Roni Matias
    Roni Matias 3 years ago +17

    As expected historical dramas are never romantic but I was stunned to see a kissing scene here. Anyway the characters of Boon Yi, Ddang Sae and Moo Hyul are fictional. The real ones as shown in Korean history are Lee Bang Won, Jung Du Jeon and General Lee Seong Gye. Bang Won's wife was Min Da-Gyung but he had several concubines This is such a powerful and exciting period drama worth watching though it's quite long at 50 episodes. I love the young actor Nam Da-Reun as the boy Yoo Ah In and later his son.Such a good actor really, just like Yoo Ah In. Also, the fighting scenes make you tense and breathless. How can I forget the swordsmen and the lone woman Chuk Sa Gwang? So many good actors/actresses here.

  • BIGBANG YTfrezzingking
    BIGBANG YTfrezzingking 3 years ago +1

    best actor.. wow love you YAI

    • m raihm
      m raihm Year ago

      BIGBANG YTfrezzingking commnetes

  • zane Pantaleon
    zane Pantaleon 3 years ago +8

    its always a sad ending for them ?😯

  • Heart drama
    Heart drama 3 years ago


  • Kungfu Panda
    Kungfu Panda 3 years ago +18

    They are best couple

  • Boo Bae
    Boo Bae 3 years ago +11

    does this drama have an happy ending ...
    plz say .. yes ..

    • elanor2006
      elanor2006 3 years ago

      the Sungkyunkwan Scandal has a happy ending, the main leads end up together, they're married in the end......

    • Violett Herra
      Violett Herra 3 years ago +1

      +Julie Chua aiyoo.. Why always like that 😪😪😪.i felt disappointed the ending of fashion king when i watched it. How come the lead die by shotgun. The script writer must be drank. How about this drama ?? They are did well n end up together??? Sorry my eng is bad🤐😲

    • Rick
      Rick 3 years ago

      it's more about political, and they didn't really focused on romance.

    • Julie Chua
      Julie Chua 3 years ago

      +Kharina Kharina
      just like in Fashion king they never end up together ...and in Sungkyunkwan Scandal he never even confessed his love to Park Min Young.'s so upsetting

    • BIGBANG YTfrezzingking
      BIGBANG YTfrezzingking 3 years ago


  • zane Pantaleon
    zane Pantaleon 3 years ago +1

    wer can i watch the episodes wth eng sub

  • Hannah Suthar
    Hannah Suthar 3 years ago

    What is the episode when Boon yi removes her mask and she is wearing a black outift ninja ?

  • Nur Shakira Shakira
    Nur Shakira Shakira 3 years ago +3

    which episode was it when boon yi was attacked, and was rescued by ddangsae and bang won?

  • Jane Kensey
    Jane Kensey 3 years ago +1

    thank you, for making me love this couple even more..

  • yuzrin yuzrin
    yuzrin yuzrin 3 years ago

    tajuk lagunya black valentine, penyanyi nya caro, nani yuningsih.

  • Vivian C
    Vivian C 3 years ago +2

    which episode is the one lee bangwon married another woman?

  • yuzrin yuzrin
    yuzrin yuzrin 3 years ago +17

    Don't be just a secret lover, but be a true Lover ..

    • RuRie DpOx
      RuRie DpOx 3 years ago

      +nani Yuningsih liat di akhir video

    • nani Yuningsih
      nani Yuningsih 3 years ago

      ini judul lagu , sama penyanyi siapa sih