• Published on Aug 19, 2015
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    McDonald’s UK recently set me and Emily a really cool challenge and invited us to go and see what it’s like to work at one of their restaurants. McDonald’s UK employs over 70,000 16-25 year olds. Everyone is given opportunities to gain qualifications and many progress into managerial roles. As you’ll see, we had a great day… watch and find out who makes the best crew member!
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Comments • 469

  • Shaylynn Dickerson
    Shaylynn Dickerson 3 days ago

    I bet the real workers shoved them out of the way when the rush started 😂😂😂

  • Shadz
    Shadz Month ago +1

    That McDonalds looks exactly like the one im getting a job at!

  • Übermensch
    Übermensch 2 months ago

    bro what the fuck... gloves?

  • Nigga ballsack
    Nigga ballsack 5 months ago

    imma work at mcdonald’s in school since i need dat bread to buy mf off white chuck 70’s

  • Aaron Beaconsfield
    Aaron Beaconsfield 6 months ago

    Use the multi tongs when using sausage, bacon and eggs . Its quicker . Just use metal tongs when its just eggs , Its quicker . Work there :)

  • chris j
    chris j 7 months ago

    Yellow shirts? Rip. We wear grey or black depending on position here lmao

  • Eric Nading
    Eric Nading 7 months ago

    Your drive through windows triggers me as a dumb american

  • Asif Ali
    Asif Ali 7 months ago

    How much salary in dubai macdonald a crew member I need a job

    • :/
      :/ 6 months ago

      Asif Ali google it. Smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Mai Le
    Mai Le 8 months ago

    I thought our red uniforms were funny looking and then I saw you guyses yellow uniforms and now I feel better about mine haha (working at Maccas is always fun)

  • Depressing Edits
    Depressing Edits 8 months ago

    It’s not this clean and fun at my McDonald. Bosses are rude people at rude place is dirty and no one cares about us

  • Rio Widagdyo
    Rio Widagdyo 8 months ago

    Hi there

  • Beyond Religion
    Beyond Religion 9 months ago

    The fact that they weren't wearing gloves when making sandwiches makes me want to kill myself

  • D Reacts
    D Reacts 9 months ago

    Where they gloves ?

  • I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool

    MMMM, McDonalds is some of my favourite food, at least you never find coriander in it. I LOVE McD's and I LOVE Ronald McDonald and Donald McDonald of Japan.

  • Racka Likka
    Racka Likka 9 months ago

    What was the he first song that played called?

  • jane doe
    jane doe 9 months ago

    yay socioeconomic tourism!

  • Tianna Montalvo
    Tianna Montalvo 10 months ago

    Girl at 1:32 looks like Megan Bowen

  • Entertainment Network
    Entertainment Network 10 months ago

    You made McDonalds look fun, believe me, if you worked at my'd not enjoy it. Great video though!

  • Stephen _
    Stephen _ 10 months ago +2

    You haven’t experienced McDonald’s until you’ve worked an entire eight hour shift on grill

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 10 months ago +1

    Bare hands😷

  • rahscals • fortnite
    rahscals • fortnite 10 months ago

    no hate what so ever, i know this is like a 3 year old late comment, but why no gloves while making your burgers

  • Lexi A.
    Lexi A. 11 months ago

    ok but where are their gloves? if they worked at the McDonald's I worked at they'd be fired lmao

  • Brandon Lofton
    Brandon Lofton Year ago

    This guy has some balls recording at work with his phone lol, if i was to do that at the McDonald's I work at they'd tell me to go home and not come back lmaoo especially around the manager

  • Ella Arias
    Ella Arias Year ago

    It is not part of the code to wear gloves in the kitchen unless you are handling raw meat, there is a hand wash timer that goes off every 30 minutes, or every time you change a station. It depends on the store.
    As for its not a real job, most employees get paid higher than factory workers, with benefits and chances for scholarships, as well as classes for management that look hella good on resumes. May not be a great job for long term, but it makes you grow into a decent person and actually makes you respect the kind of people that have to be behind the counter instead of being a customer complaining that you had to wait 3 minutes for a Big Mac meal, demanding a refund, and claiming its not a real job.

  • syquira briggs
    syquira briggs Year ago

    why is none of the staff using gloves to prepare and serve food?

  • sjm1999
    sjm1999 Year ago

    Nice to know y’all don’t even use gloves

  • Simon Watson
    Simon Watson Year ago

    Support these Macdonalds workers trying to get decent pay and rights:

  • xXKing GhostXx
    xXKing GhostXx Year ago

    They didn’t use gloves

  • Jaee Harris
    Jaee Harris Year ago

    No gloves

  • savantei feedz
    savantei feedz Year ago +1

    Where y'all gloves at??

  • defri jyotis
    defri jyotis Year ago

    Are you still working there bro?

  • WestBrookLegendary 01

    yeah let’s all ignore the fact that none of them are wearing any gloves

  • Sophie Brough
    Sophie Brough Year ago

    What is your favourite thing to do in McDonlds

  • ratliff2006
    ratliff2006 Year ago

    That girl's eyes are way too fucking big

  • Sketcher Kid
    Sketcher Kid Year ago

    No gloves lol

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali Year ago

    Anyone wondering the back ground song in the first parov steler all night

  • KageWolf 96
    KageWolf 96 Year ago

    Only thing I can focus on is the lack of food prepping gloves in the video

  • ThisB EmptyYeet
    ThisB EmptyYeet Year ago

    The only thing i saw in this video was NO GLOVES NO GLOVES NO GLOVES

  • Fallen Wolf
    Fallen Wolf Year ago

    Are they even wearing gloves?

  • Miguel peredo
    Miguel peredo Year ago

    Why is a hottie like that working at McDonald's

  • Tim W
    Tim W Year ago


  • Allyson Beaulieu
    Allyson Beaulieu Year ago

    Im surprised no one in the grill area was wearing gloves!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago

    I’m in high school and I need a job but I don’t want to deal with the fat fucks that throw a tantrum if they’re missing one nugget

  • Ashley Wallace
    Ashley Wallace Year ago

    No one wears gloves ? 😐

  • Ron Woods
    Ron Woods Year ago

    So no gloves?

  • Moonchild
    Moonchild Year ago

    Lol come on his burger look fine as hell

  • Chris And Cosha
    Chris And Cosha Year ago

    gloves ?!!!

  • DJspark01
    DJspark01 Year ago +1

    They supposed to be wearing gloves when making food

  • Luis R.
    Luis R. Year ago

    Man those order screens are so empty. This is a rarity at the McDonalds I work at.

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Year ago

    Welcome to Pakistan

  • lexie white
    lexie white Year ago

    They don’t use gloves to make the food disgusting in the us thats a health hazard

  • Sam Chandler
    Sam Chandler Year ago

    I work at mcdonalds and they should be wearing gloves in the back area

  • polarwhitefur
    polarwhitefur Year ago

    Where is there gloves

  • kookxe
    kookxe Year ago

    You're suppose to wear gloves ...

  • Brandon Gerwen
    Brandon Gerwen Year ago

    Emily is sexy af
    Beautiful woman

  • Gabriel Cundari
    Gabriel Cundari Year ago

    Eating McDonalds should be a sin 😖 (provides the lowest quality nutrients possible lmao

  • Yazi Pancha
    Yazi Pancha Year ago

    wtf where are there gloves

  • Marcus Rondilla
    Marcus Rondilla Year ago

    Its not as fun as they make it look....... kitchen hot as hell like an oven. constant bullshit from customers, complaining about the most pettiest things. lack of training. lack of staff. im a teen myself but i hate how like 60% of the workers in mcdonalds are basically teenagers or young, soo immature, no sense of responsibility. Its easyy to work in mcdonalds but its stressfull. people expect their food to be done in 30s ...... when they be ordering 5happy meals, 3 big macs, 4wraps 3 mcflurrys and 4 drinks ... like relax. i recommend mcdonalds as a first job for any young ones out there so you realise how stressfull it is, but for a long term job..... dont. Yes it does matter which mcdonalds, and the people you work with and what days you work.... but overall fast food is a shit job.

  • NolanTheHokage
    NolanTheHokage Year ago

    i cant even pull my phone out at mcdonalds when im working but they can vlog and shit... fuck me.

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller Year ago

    where is your gloves home boy

  • Angel Mojica
    Angel Mojica Year ago

    That's disgusting. Not wearing gloves while they're making food that's a big No-No

  • Fusky The Husky
    Fusky The Husky Year ago

    enjoy your peak into hell?

  • CC Channel
    CC Channel Year ago +1

    Anyone else think it is unsanitary that they are handling food without gloves?

  • Lonelyblock
    Lonelyblock 2 years ago

    This dude and his girl reminds me of Ali-A and his girl

  • R Fedele
    R Fedele 2 years ago

    this guy looks like techsmaartt

  • Destiny Island
    Destiny Island 2 years ago

    I'm just trying to figure out what the fuck you are saying, dude. Your accent is thick as hell.

  • Gabe Hartleroad
    Gabe Hartleroad 2 years ago

    Absolutely loved the video! I currently work at a well managed McDonald's and I'm quite sure things are quite different in the U.K! Although, one of my concerns is when you were assembling (completing the sandwich), I noticed nobody was wearing gloves. That is a big no no when it comes to health safety. Though I also know how boring a shift can get if you don't make the most of it.

  • Autumn rea
    Autumn rea 2 years ago

    What's the song at 0:19 ???

  • superspeeed
    superspeeed 2 years ago

    Robots could do this so much better than people

  • Fish For life
    Fish For life 2 years ago

    Punk asses, stop filming, and get back to work. Lol

  • Hafizur Rahman
    Hafizur Rahman 2 years ago

    Does McD's have any gloves? You are catching things without gloves. Terrible i m not gonna eat at McD's.

  • bluemonkey223
    bluemonkey223 2 years ago

    when I worked at Mcdonalds, taking pictures behind the counter was a fireable offense.

  • piggysniffle1
    piggysniffle1 2 years ago

    It's not actually bad working at maxdonalds

  • David Alcala
    David Alcala 2 years ago

    i have a question do u have to rotate positions or work a permanent position??? please answer

    • DragonscanQStoo
      DragonscanQStoo 2 years ago

      It all depends. I work at McDonald's and I know just about every position but they don't ever take me out of the assembly station. I work there all day every day building the sandwiches. If you excel at a certain station they will usually just keep you there unless you express an interest in learning something new. There's this guy I work with who only does the grill station and has done only that station for 4 years. He didn't really like any other station so they kept him there.

    • Jack Hanney
      Jack Hanney 2 years ago

      you rotate and your manager tells you what your on

  • nuclearthreat545
    nuclearthreat545 2 years ago

    put the camera away

  • Burak Ustek
    Burak Ustek 2 years ago +2

    this is the second video im watching from you and i already hate you.

    • X TG X
      X TG X 2 years ago

      Burak Ustek why?

  • Jay West
    Jay West 2 years ago +5

    UK is far more laid back than the USA lol. You wouldn't be able to film at work in America and be fucking around etc.

    • Michal Mokráň
      Michal Mokráň 2 years ago +1

      They were there just for one day, to try what it is like to work there and they came there to make a video for youtube channel .. they dont actually work there

  • iPhantom x
    iPhantom x 2 years ago +2

    I am working at Maccas NSW and I'm 14

  • jason hunt
    jason hunt 2 years ago +1

    didn't wear gloves I see, that's a health hazard.

    • ttv iback
      ttv iback Year ago

      jason hunt At least he is wearing a plastic apron

  • Gabby G
    Gabby G 2 years ago

    is this McDonald's the one in Salisbury

  • YouTube John
    YouTube John 2 years ago

    wheres yo gloves boi

  • chirpadirpa
    chirpadirpa 2 years ago +14

    At my McDonald's we wear gloves when making the food

  • aKidNamedJames
    aKidNamedJames 2 years ago

    What's up guys, i put up a vlog describing my thoughts, I work at Mcdonalds! Check me out guys :)

  • Japples
    Japples 2 years ago +22

    I don't understand why working there has a bad reputation, it looks decent

    • Jayno
      Jayno 5 months ago

      @i.dekay Yeah back cash is shit, I've been on it for so many shifts now

    • A Google User
      A Google User 5 months ago

      Japples KFC is where it’s terrible.

    • :/
      :/ 8 months ago

      i.dekay people taking the piss out of you for not believing in god ahahaha.would have told them to fuck off but in a polite way

    • stit elbbiN
      stit elbbiN Year ago +8

      Damn that's a long ass story.

    • i.dekay
      i.dekay 2 years ago +8

      it depends on the mcdonalds you work at really. the people youre surrounded by, the customers you have, and what day it is can really effect how people treat you and for me thats what mainly affected my motivation and drive to do good and how my mood was(i always hated sundays the most because people would get out of church and come to mcdonalds and judge me and be very nasty for not going to church lol which was very hypocritical of them coming to mcdonalds to get food but expect people not to be there and to be at church lol). I worked at mcdonalds for almost 3 years and at first it wasnt bad, but it slowely got to repetitive for me(which is really any job but a job thats so fast paced seemed to wear me down quicker), my manager got very mean at employees calling people 'idiots' and other things when really, what do you expect when theres a bunch of highschoolers working there? yes you should always have a good work ethic but unfortunately it doesnt always work that way with younger groups of employees who are only there for spare money and temporarily til they go to college and then more work gets put on your shoulders because youre one of the few who do care about how you do your job, how the restaurant looks, etc. my biggest frustration became being stuck in back-cash for months, i was the only one capable at my mcdonalds of doing it without paying out orders wrong, and doing it quick(because each mcdonalds has a time they have to be under other wise your manager gets in trouble and then you get in trouble) and i had to pay out the orders, wash the dishes, sweep and mop the store, and many other miscellaneous things, somedays I couldnt leave back cash because we had constant orders in drive thru and then you get in trouble for not being able to do the dishes but then you get in trouble if you accidentally leave a customer hanging for a second trying to rush the dishes. lol. it became like a 'trap' to me. and not all people are this way or really care but i personally did, sometimes it even became frustrating how people could communicate over the headset in the drive thru and then they drive up to the window and treat you so much worse then they did while ordering or dont even acknowledgeyou at all. dont get me wrong, i had many great customers that came everyday just to chat with me, brought me gifts on christmas and other holidays and im thankful for the learning experience but for me personally, it was definitely something that was fine at first and slowely wore me down til i couldnt take anymore and eventually had a breakdown lol. so I found a new journey, moved to another state with more jobs and better opportunities and found an amazing job within a week of moving there!

  • zayna ahmed
    zayna ahmed 2 years ago

    good vid

  • Nexrasa
    Nexrasa 2 years ago +13

    wtf so unrealistic, no gloves or managers telling you off!

    • cainCS
      cainCS 8 months ago +3

      Nexrasa i work in mcdonald’s in the uk and nope never use gloves and managers normally joke around with us all

  • Goblin King
    Goblin King 2 years ago +62

    this is a very sugar coated version of what its really like working in fast food.

    • Im a fucking idiot but
      Im a fucking idiot but 6 months ago

      Goblin King its absolute hell

    • Wood Io
      Wood Io Year ago

      Goblin King yup 😂😂 try working there every single day for long hours. Definitely not fun 😳

  • Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson 2 years ago

    no gloves what up with that I am sorry that just wrong

  • Fay Williams
    Fay Williams 2 years ago +3

    You learnt more there than most people in their first month.... loooooool

  • Girl Chat helper
    Girl Chat helper 2 years ago

    That's in hands worth that's where I go

  • Ethan Hewson
    Ethan Hewson 2 years ago +62

    ya'll dont use gloves when making burgers in the uk !?! man

    • Antzy
      Antzy 6 months ago

      Ethan Hewson I come from U.K. and don’t wanna eat a Big Mac anymore

    • Jeren Elizabeth
      Jeren Elizabeth Year ago +1

      I work at McDonald’s and honestly wearing gloves is must, it is 10 times for convenient to just change gloves rather than everyone having to wash hands. That doesn’t mean you don’t wash you’re hands after you take a pair of gloves off and put new ones on.

    • IMarkovic1995
      IMarkovic1995 2 years ago +1

      Changing gloves and washing hands take about the same time. And washing hands often is more sanitary because you can actually feel when your hands are dirty and when to wash them opposed to gloves which give you a false sense of protection.

    • i.dekay
      i.dekay 2 years ago +1

      we had a timer that would go off every 30 minutes- to an hour to remind people to wash their hands, but noone used it because they used gloves and it was much quicker and easier.

    • i.dekay
      i.dekay 2 years ago +1

      you dont have to ask, but if youre in the middle of doing something that needs to get done like making burgers and shit, then youre prolly gonna say something like "ill be right back, gotta wash my hands" and then go do it, and then come back, although there was a sink near our kitchen for people to wash their hands, its still much quicker just to change gloves. you missed the whole point...

  • Sertan
    Sertan 2 years ago +2

    I work there and I'm pretty sure u have to wear gloves

    • IMarkovic1995
      IMarkovic1995 2 years ago

      No you don't other than when you handle raw meat.

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith 2 years ago

    I'm going for a interview at mcds Monday am scared but excited

  • Ghost117
    Ghost117 2 years ago +7

    No gloves? Eww

    • IMarkovic1995
      IMarkovic1995 2 years ago +8

      Gloved are even grosser than frequently washed hands. Do you know how much germs come onto un-changed gloves?

  • cui huang
    cui huang 2 years ago

    Hello everyone! I am a postgraduate student from Newcastle University. This survey is about rational/emotional appeals and fast-food chain branding, and it's for my final dissertation. It will take like just 3-5 minutes to finish, you click matters and could help me graduate safely. Anyway, many thanks, and may the force be with you!

  • MIdknight _
    MIdknight _ 2 years ago

    all these people saying working at mcdonalds saying it looks cool, that is a rare resteraunt. most are ok but the one I work at can be annoying

  • jamir gordon
    jamir gordon 2 years ago +1

    mcdonalds looks like kinda a fun job but I might work there when I'm 16 if I can lol....

    • Kut Kuai™
      Kut Kuai™ 2 years ago

      @i.dekay where do u work now?

    • i.dekay
      i.dekay 2 years ago

      and youre entitled to your own opinion, but if im going to dedicate my time into a company, its more then about the $ to me, its a place i want to wake up and not mind getting ready to go to work, where i can say that theres more good days then bad days. lol mcdonalds literally caused me a huge mental breakdown after 3 years. so i moved states where the economy is better and got a job i love! no more food industry though lol.

    • i.dekay
      i.dekay 2 years ago

      trey, unfortunately mcdonalds doesnt help you pay all your bills unless you plan on living out of your car lolol. its more like a job for highschoolers needing some spare money to spend on gas, and movies, and other small things like that when their parents get tired of giving them money. lol when i worked at mcdonalds, which was from i was 18 until i was 21, my mom kicked me out at 17 and so i had to make my own ends meet while i had nice friends that let me crash on their floors and couches. i was making almost 8.65 an hour, like 1 dollar more then minimum wage and still struggled. i made less then a 1000(my paychecks were about 450 every 2 weeks) dollars after taxes every month. rent on a shitty apartment is 650 at the least where im from, then car insurance, then food, phone bill matter a fact, i didnt even have a cell phone until about 2 months ago because i didnt want to spend money on that, lol i had to work at a liquor store after i got off mcdonalds just to make ends meet. working 70-80 hours a week. from 5am to 1 pm at mcdonalds and then 2pm til 10 or 11pm at the liquor store. and trey, maybe jobs arent supposed to be fun, but most jobs are miserable and it shouldnt be that way either, why do you think mcdonalds has such a high turnover rate?

    • awesome child
      awesome child 2 years ago

      jamir gordon I got a job at 14, there used to be a rule 14 and 9 months... but I guess they changed it

    • Mr. Naviel
      Mr. Naviel 2 years ago +1

      Ronnie mc Shiit on yo chest a job is not supost to be fun a job is so u can pay your fucking bills and get the shit you need everyday you dont go to work to have fun you go to work to work.

  • NeuroScience
    NeuroScience 2 years ago +1

    Gloves pls. Health services will shut you down so quickly. Each time you scratch your greasy head or have a butt itch and continue to make a Big Mac you're passing your stank on.

  • DrJams
    DrJams 2 years ago +1

    What is the most annoying item to make? Is it a wrap?

    • i.dekay
      i.dekay 2 years ago +1

      people at my mcdonalds seemed to hate making the chicken wraps and the ceaser chicken salads and parfaits cause it took a lot of time to prep those in the morning lol. and then you have one less person on grill because theyre busy prepping for lunch and then it gets very busy for breakfast and then they have to stop prepping to help and then it slows down again and they go back to prepping. lolol. maybe my store was just short staffed but thats the way it seemed at my store i worked at.

    • Ysabel
      Ysabel 2 years ago +1


    • Kosoves
      Kosoves 2 years ago +1

      +Joseph cano no its not

    • YoJoeUnicorn
      YoJoeUnicorn 2 years ago +1

      It's the filet-O-fish

  • Moe Rvnn
    Moe Rvnn 2 years ago +1

    I bet the mcflurry machine is still broken :(