Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Operation Apocalypse Z Trailer

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • The Apocalypse is here.
    Play as Reaper in MP, drop into newly updated Blackout maps, take on a new Zombies experience, and much more tomorrow in Operation Apocalypse Z for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 on PS4, with other platforms to follow.
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  • ツSicko
    ツSicko 5 hours ago

    i literally Got so hyped

  • RioTo
    RioTo 6 hours ago


  • Slenderyoshi 69
    Slenderyoshi 69 17 hours ago

    Me: Cool cosmetics I wonder how I can obtain them
    Cod Points: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  • AJ
    AJ 21 hour ago


    SOLVE GACHA Day ago

    There right about zombies can’t get contained

  • Franchesca Pizarro

    Hey have you Heard in multiplayer infetion joker

    SHOKKAN Day ago +1

    20 August 2019... where is the Side car???

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 Day ago

    Dear Call of Duty can you make Ground War on Black Ops 4 so each team has five hundred live instead of the circle collapse with plenty of vehicles that respawn. I saw the Deathmachine in Zombies so please put it in Black Out, maybe in a Care Package drops with level 3 Armor and we can costumize our Black Jacks Stashes like a Hades LMG with Cross Bar or what ever customized gun we want.

  • Melvin
    Melvin Day ago +1


  • Roman Valenzuela
    Roman Valenzuela 2 days ago

    Call of duty keeps getting stupider and stupider the last zombie game was black ops 3 after that trash maps

  • Im Sparkus
    Im Sparkus 2 days ago

    Don't lie BO4 has the best trailers in the series

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 days ago +1

    How about two heavg maps with vehicles and two boots off ground Moon maps in the last DLC map pack.

  • Valex
    Valex 3 days ago

    What with the *END* ?

  • Oswald Jacobs
    Oswald Jacobs 3 days ago +1

    Reaper being in this is a
    plot hole

  • Rochelle Peoples
    Rochelle Peoples 3 days ago

    This is so cool

  • --
    -- 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who owns the season pass but can’t play any of these DLC maps!??

  • christopher Rosengren

    All bo3 operatives accounted for, up next , one never seen before?

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 4 days ago

    Yeah Call of Duty I was thinking a great PlayStation exclusive for Black Ops 4 would be another Back in Black map pack, like ten Black Ops 2 maps. Since they can't play Black Ops 2 on PlayStation, you can call it Back in Black 2.

  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 4 days ago

    Dieses Dreckspiel ist tot. Genauso wie Treyarch. Als ob noch irgendeiner euren scheissdreck kauft nachdem ihr eure Kunden so betrogen habt.

  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 4 days ago

    Fkt euch ihr verdrkten Husos

  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 4 days ago

    Scheiss Versagerhaufen....

  • Spring_ Fazber_
    Spring_ Fazber_ 5 days ago

    All the famous heroes of the serial of game in one gamemode? THAT'S AMAZING

  • Geo Ochoa
    Geo Ochoa 5 days ago


  • beastmaster 64
    beastmaster 64 6 days ago

    The robot from bo2 though

  • Plinio Guzmán
    Plinio Guzmán 6 days ago

    Anyone knows how to get that deathbat tematic weapon ? Shown in 1:46

  • Paradox_ Smily 2
    Paradox_ Smily 2 6 days ago

    Bo4 has so much potential

  • 1ixanhm14
    1ixanhm14 7 days ago +2

    Bo4 is a great game

    • Marco Ortiz
      Marco Ortiz 6 days ago

      Normies get know you location

  • Jordan Simon
    Jordan Simon 7 days ago

    What if the WaW zombies intro didn't take place during WWII but WWI during origins?

  • Sairo Berlin
    Sairo Berlin 7 days ago

    This Operation is so bad

  • Usoslayer US0
    Usoslayer US0 8 days ago +1

    0:35 👀🔥

  • freddy and foxy
    freddy and foxy 8 days ago

    Playing as the zombies remind of play the advanced warfare zombie skin

  • freddy and foxy
    freddy and foxy 8 days ago +1

    Where did they got this awesome song

  • DrZoomGR
    DrZoomGR 8 days ago


  • Kayden Hamm
    Kayden Hamm 8 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does anyone else keep replaying the trailer over and over again :/

  • Abooody Lbaaa
    Abooody Lbaaa 8 days ago

    I am waiting 4 months when I download a game on ios

  • bat peter
    bat peter 8 days ago

    Does it have online Multiplayer?

  • AngryWhale
    AngryWhale 9 days ago

    Never have I been so happy to see tranzit again

  • PhoenixWolf
    PhoenixWolf 9 days ago

    Why don’t they use the sound of reapers scythe in the trailer then what we have now

  • NLrenzo
    NLrenzo 9 days ago

    How do you get the Robot bus driver skin ? Pls answer :)

  • salemarde
    salemarde 10 days ago

    where is my firebreak zombie astronaut outfit

  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 10 days ago

    Fkt euch ihr Drkschwe...

  • nonineun prdreiunddreisig

    Why do we don’t get the rewards from the daily contract?

  • Atikinss
    Atikinss 10 days ago

    Please make Prototype 3

  • Fe Paclibar
    Fe Paclibar 10 days ago

    I like the song

  • Fe Paclibar
    Fe Paclibar 11 days ago

    Wait a zombie have a gun that cool

  • Igor Odobetsky
    Igor Odobetsky 11 days ago

    A piace of cake. IDDQD and IDKFA )))

  • Tenjouin
    Tenjouin 11 days ago +1

    Every time
    I try to download this map it doesn’t let me?

  • Human4k
    Human4k 12 days ago +1

    Track: BTSM - Zombie (ft. Panther)

  • chill master albert fan

    the ray gun is back

  • Allen A
    Allen A 12 days ago

    wait theres a bops4? i still havent finished bops2!

  • コンビニの定員
    コンビニの定員 12 days ago


  • IanPlays _2
    IanPlays _2 13 days ago

    The only characters I can recognize is Johnny Trejo from call of the dead and the one guy from the tranzit crew and of course primis Nikolai,Richtofen and ultimis takeo,tank

  • Frankestrel Frankestrel

    Que chido tránsito de blay los 2 wooooo

  • kole maxwell
    kole maxwell 13 days ago +2

    Idk why but the beat going with Reapers gun is so satisfying 1:20

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 13 days ago

    Yeah can we pick what we want in Black Jack's Stash in Black Out. Like be cool if I could get a Hade's LMG with cross bar operater mod or a Ground War map pack as laat DLC with land, sea and air vehicles. That keep the fans coming back.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 13 days ago +2

    Why do u guys like it? Its even worse than original cod. Killing infinite bots and not atmosphere at all!

    • Minamoto Valdez
      Minamoto Valdez 12 days ago

      In case you didn't know, Zombies refer to the actual players.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 13 days ago

    Dear Call of Duty please make the last map pack for Black Ops 4 a large heavy ground war map pack.

  • Gōdon Gurando
    Gōdon Gurando 13 days ago +1

    This is not THE Call of Duty.

  • MrPenguin top hat
    MrPenguin top hat 13 days ago

    Nuke town is back 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✊🏻

  • 吉田のび太
    吉田のび太 14 days ago

    1:43 Ballista

  • Crystal Anderson
    Crystal Anderson 14 days ago


  • KiNg_ NaTe
    KiNg_ NaTe 15 days ago

    No new zombie map;-;

  • SOK Soro
    SOK Soro 15 days ago +1

    1:42 ハセシンの言ってたバリスタのようなもの

  • chees
    chees 15 days ago

    0:50 AR-15 confirmed

  • Mochi's Game Hut
    Mochi's Game Hut 16 days ago

    I saw so many bo2 references. Someone do a breakdown video!!

  • Gage Sutton
    Gage Sutton 16 days ago +1

    I like

  • WAC
    WAC 16 days ago +1

    I haven’t seen any gameplay of 0:30
    Why haven’t I seen any videos on Black ops 4 Tranzit???

  • ReaperhunterB
    ReaperhunterB 16 days ago +2

    You guys do realize that MW4 is coming out soon right?

  • Lil Peep
    Lil Peep 16 days ago +1

    Nun the less im hella excited for this

  • Lil Peep
    Lil Peep 16 days ago +1

    Do yall hear mrtlexify ranting about transhit agian ? 😂

  • Lornext
    Lornext 16 days ago +2

    Give us Minimap back!

  • PanConCazuela
    PanConCazuela 17 days ago +1


  • Evert Vredeveld
    Evert Vredeveld 17 days ago +1

    1 million viewers...😱❤ #TheUndead

  • War Renegade
    War Renegade 17 days ago +3

    Garbage! Boring!