Young boy asks for manicure at the nail salon | What Would You Do? | WWYD

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Salon patrons react when a mother lets her son paint his nails pink.
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Comments • 42 393

  • Becca Banana
    Becca Banana 24 minutes ago

    It’s literally 2019 and people are still like this and I’m shook I would like to see James Charles and Jeffree Star should reacted to this. I’m shocked I have friends and family in fact my cousin is my best friend and when she said she has a crush on a girl I could see how nervous she was and when she did start dating girls it didn’t change her personality and if she happy I’m happy and I think you really should express yourself in your own way and be true to yourself

  • Anna Ryan
    Anna Ryan 47 minutes ago

    No one is born gay. They’re influenced by the people and things around them.

  • Ally B
    Ally B 48 minutes ago

    If girls can do everything guys do why can't boys do things girls do?

  • Owen Travis
    Owen Travis 49 minutes ago +1

    Girls can like blue
    Girls can like red
    Girls can like green
    Girls can like anything
    But the moment a boy chooses pink it wrong and confuses them
    How can people encourage girls to break down gender stereotypes when they will place little boys into them
    some people are actually stupid

  • You’re Pure shit

    I’m not against this shit but like you shouldn’t let you child get nail polish at such a young, he can get bullied and confused from it

  • ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴀᴄᴄɪᴅᴇɴᴛ

    Umm who in the world decide females should be the only ones to get their nails painted, like it’s not his fault he likes wearing pink nail polish.

  • jack s
    jack s Hour ago

    When I see Traci Ik it’s over

  • RenagadeRose Games

    I'm sorry it's none of your f****** business and honestly nail polishes nail polish make up his makeup close or closed let them be whoever they want to be if they want to be a f****** unicorn let him if they want to be a turd let him if they want to be a red wine bottle then let them you don't tell them how to dress you don't tell them what to do because you wouldn't f****** like it if someone did that to you!

  • sparkly toe
    sparkly toe Hour ago

    i think it’s wrong for anyone to get bright pink nails it looks chavvy. like even girls

  • Melanie
    Melanie Hour ago

    Some girl said there's things made for girls and things made for guys but then girls get offended when they can't do a "guy" thing like wtf. There should be no gender specific things or whatever it's immature honestly. People should be able to do what they want

  • NikoKoffx
    NikoKoffx 2 hours ago

    Wait.. is there girls color?

  • Denise Anderson
    Denise Anderson 2 hours ago

    2:23 AWW this women is Queen 👑 I love her so muchhhhhh

  • Priceless 0sath
    Priceless 0sath 2 hours ago +1

    Oh wow, pink is meant to be for girls well I hate pink. I hate makeup and nail varnish also red is my favourite colour.

  • Isla Isla
    Isla Isla 2 hours ago +1


  • xXBroken CupidXx
    xXBroken CupidXx 3 hours ago +1

    *ok boomer*

  • naz sooki
    naz sooki 3 hours ago +1

    these people are so naive

  • Shanna Webb
    Shanna Webb 3 hours ago

    The asian woman would get punched in the face EDIT: I'd punched almost all of them in the face like stfu and let boys have what they want. We get it you have daddy issues karen

  • CyanFlake
    CyanFlake 3 hours ago

    oh my godd i am never going to a nail salon ever jesus christ i hate these sexist pricks that still think its the fucking 20s

  • CyanFlake
    CyanFlake 4 hours ago

    they had to remove the nail polish every new scene..


  • Mini Mixers
    Mini Mixers 4 hours ago

    It’s just a bit of fun people 😂

  • Mr ManHuman
    Mr ManHuman 4 hours ago

    This child looks like Jenna Marbes and Julians child.

  • Natalie Raeann
    Natalie Raeann 4 hours ago

    I’m getting more and more mad as I watch this

  • bitch bitch
    bitch bitch 5 hours ago

    bitch my when i came home with my black coloured nails my parents were like: no paiting nails, no colourful hair, no tattoes, no piercings. im just like biiitch be proud of you parents because some of us didnt have that luck and probably will have toughter life ,

  • Dieyana M
    Dieyana M 5 hours ago

    whats wrong w trying to look good

  • Molly Goodwin
    Molly Goodwin 6 hours ago

    Why 👏 is 👏 the 👏 world 👏 so 👏 sexistttt 👏

  • Sara Louise
    Sara Louise 6 hours ago

    If a girl can play football a lad can wear nail polish.. it doesn’t mean they’re gay or into feminine things.. they are allowed to experiment!! Some of those by standers that just sat there when others were rude. Those that spoke up I have respect even if this is a set up.. people need to learn respect and values

  • TheGothamEmpire
    TheGothamEmpire 6 hours ago

    "They're gay because they spend more time with their mom's and grandmother's." Bullsh*t. My brother spent most of his life around our mom and grandma. He's 22, straight, and has a girlfriend. It doesn't matter. You ARE born that way. It's a complex portion of your DNA. There was a huge study on it.

  • Hannah Clark
    Hannah Clark 6 hours ago

    I’m a girl who paint her nails and I don’t do it to be ‘feminine’ I do it because it’s fun

  • Itswildgaming
    Itswildgaming 8 hours ago

    Bro so if I wear pink polish I’m gay wow

  • Deanna Tyrone
    Deanna Tyrone 8 hours ago

    I think its adorable that he wants pink nail polish he is who he is let it be i disagree with most of these parents but some i do agree with bc this is ok a boy loving pink and pink nail polish i find it adorable love is love❤

  • Lil_Lappy
    Lil_Lappy 13 hours ago

    **RaIsEs ThE gAy FlAg**

  • i’m not ok
    i’m not ok 13 hours ago

    tons of girls like blue, and that’s a bOy cOLor. but no one sees anything wrong with that.

  • Raquel Freeman
    Raquel Freeman 15 hours ago

    This video upset me. They keep saying it will confuse him. I feel those that think that are ignorant. There are so many kids who were born in the wrong body and unfortunately they commit suicide because they feel they cant be themselves around people. Let the kid be him.

  • Haley Soh
    Haley Soh 15 hours ago +2

    Everyone who was homophobic in this vid should stop worrying about gays and start worrying about their thinning hair 🤮

    • Amanda _6
      Amanda _6 24 minutes ago

      Haley Soh haha! Treat them split ends before you criticize people lol

  • haley
    haley 16 hours ago

    this literally made me so upset. i’m a girl, i dont like girls. i love watching football and baseball and i wear basketball shorts and tee shirts. i don’t do my nails. i haven’t worn a dress since i was like 2 . i’m straight. even if someone is gay or lesbian like john said, it’s not a choice they were born to like who they like. that’s how God created them.

  • Yoshimation
    Yoshimation 16 hours ago +1

    i’m a guy and i quite enjoy pedicures. i don’t get nail polish, but i like my smooth feet and it’s really relaxing.

  • Adriana Andrade
    Adriana Andrade 17 hours ago

    Pink is not a girl color my favorite color is blue

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master 17 hours ago

    Im a boy and i wear a pink shirt with patrick in the middle so am i now gay?

  • Sophie 2319
    Sophie 2319 18 hours ago

    “Neutral colour”

  • Grace Grant
    Grace Grant 18 hours ago

    This pisses me off.

  • Hakuouki Forever
    Hakuouki Forever 18 hours ago

    Wearing Nail polish may have started a feminine thing but that doesn't mean it has to remain a femine thing. Like look how much the world has changed?! And how are you going to bring sexuality into this?! HE'S FUCKING 10!!!!

  • it viki
    it viki 18 hours ago


  • Unknownxxx Personxxx
    Unknownxxx Personxxx 19 hours ago

    But I’m a lesbian and trans. How’d I get this way?
    Girl: you spent to much time with your dad as a child

  • monika :D
    monika :D 19 hours ago

    I would get angry for being sexist to the boy. He wants to get a manicure, so let him! There’s nothing wrong with boys getting their nails done, and people have to deal with that

  • Cookie Pearla
    Cookie Pearla 19 hours ago

    I hate that people are so sexsist

  • twigx
    twigx 19 hours ago

    I love how the red shirt woman reacted to seeing John she literally just:
    *deadass serious face*
    "I've seen you on TV."

  • jjsquad
    jjsquad 19 hours ago

    Woman: I'm not laughing
    Also woman : laughs

  • DaCupcake Draws
    DaCupcake Draws 19 hours ago

    Second lady has me gritting my teeth hHAHHDHSHSHSNNNNNN

  • PrincessAnnie
    PrincessAnnie 21 hour ago

    there are pink shirts made for boys

  • angel
    angel 21 hour ago

    I’m sorry, this is just my opinion. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with boys wearing nail polish, because nail polish wasn’t made for girls, it’s just that girls wear it more often. People have opinions, I respect it, but I think differently. Pink isn’t a girls color. Blue isn’t a boys color. COLORS ARE NOT MEANT FOR CERTAIN GENDERS. BE YOURSELF. YOUR GORGEOUS. YOUR AMAZING. YOUR SMART. I LOVE YOU. I SUPPORT YOU. 😍

  • Valerie Perez
    Valerie Perez 21 hour ago

    Real men wear pink😤

  • katie gonzalez
    katie gonzalez 22 hours ago

    when pink is suddenly a color for girls😍

  • Ahlyce Backus
    Ahlyce Backus 22 hours ago +1

    Eboys have BLACK nailpolish on

  • Ava & Friends
    Ava & Friends 23 hours ago

    big creds to the “are you going to love him any less? he’s your son.”

  • Mar Ackermann
    Mar Ackermann 23 hours ago

    “What’s next? Are you gonna put makeup on him?”
    Male Clowns and male actors: am I a joke to you?
    Also that boy was not her kid. She should have minded her own buisness. Besides his mother was just letting him be himself, and their are mothers out there who are abusive or encourage drug/alcohol abuse. In my opinion this mom is doing a great job.

  • Alejandra Ugalde
    Alejandra Ugalde 23 hours ago

    Omg Traci is back!!!!

  • Frooz
    Frooz 23 hours ago


  • alondra Carmona
    alondra Carmona 23 hours ago +1

    Even if your not for that you have to respect 😤

  • Itz_Cara Jane
    Itz_Cara Jane 23 hours ago

    OMG I’m actually so disappointed in those people. Pink is not a just girl colour and it’s not a gay colour either! Anyone on can like it any sexuality can like no matter who you are and who u like!

  • Talia Tomsic
    Talia Tomsic 23 hours ago +1

    People can have whatever color they want and boys can wear nail polish if they what right?