How to Install Racing Seats

  • Published on May 10, 2017
  • Learn how to install aftermarket seats in your car. In this video I install bucket racing seats in my car for more side support, safety, and comfort on the track and on the road. I cover everything you will encounter when installing racing seats from using floor mounting brackets and side mount brackets, how to route the seatbelt (and future harnesses), and more!
    Tools/Products I Used
    Racing Seats:
    Cobalt Drill Bits:
    Electric Drill:
    Metal Punch:
    Paint Marker:
    Takata Racing Harnesses:
    Swivel Ratcheting Wrench set:
    How to Pick Out Racing Seats:
    DriftStang Project Playlist:
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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix  2 years ago +896

    After I drive with these seats at a track event and a few days on the street going to be doing a few updates and a live Q&A about the seats on my Instagram so be sure to follow me!!!

    • Gaming Mat2806
      Gaming Mat2806 3 months ago

      How about the back seat?

    • Moto Bros
      Moto Bros 3 months ago

      Is it illegal to drive without seat airbags

    • Bun bun Bro
      Bun bun Bro 3 months ago

      Hey there !! Chris why don't you just make the interior of your car black then it would match the seat and the colour outside red and black it will be nice combination well I doing know do you like it or not I am just giving an request😁

    • DJ
      DJ 4 months ago

      You said they where glued? Couldn’t you have heated them up? To help loosen the glue and maybe reuse instead of destroying them?

    • RIDE OR DIE tv
      RIDE OR DIE tv 4 months ago

      Hey chris can I get a shout out please?!

  • Dlenderman LP
    Dlenderman LP Day ago

    Why dont u cut the alarm for the seat belt

  • realryanthoman
    realryanthoman 4 days ago +1

    What about the back seats

  • db
    db 5 days ago

    Have a shot everytime the word seats have been said

  • grave
    grave 5 days ago +1

    If your car was all black **bam broski** amazing

  • Martin Plays
    Martin Plays 5 days ago

    Please do a video of What to do if your rotary engine won't start
    My dad has an RX7 and over the last few days, it can't start up, just cranks.
    He is so sad of it

  • LoopyGaming
    LoopyGaming 7 days ago

    why did he not use the harness

  • zF_MilitaryG7
    zF_MilitaryG7 8 days ago

    I think the seat looks better black and white

  • Dylan Potrikus
    Dylan Potrikus 9 days ago

    When will u change the steering wheel

  • Liam Gibson
    Liam Gibson 9 days ago

    Disconnecting the battery will not necessarily stop the airbags from being deployed. Modern cars usually have a capacitor that stores energy needed for things like the airbags. Airbags can also be triggered by static electricity, believe it or not. Just be careful out there guys, if you’re not in the right position that airbags are designed to go off at (sitting in your seat), it could easily prove fatal. Stay safe.


    Is it me or is this channel turning into real life my summer car

  • Rowen Christensen
    Rowen Christensen 14 days ago

    And put a roll cage in😂

  • Rowen Christensen
    Rowen Christensen 14 days ago

    Why wouldn’t you just use a 6-point you got the seats might as well you dummy dumb

  • Parineeta Chainani
    Parineeta Chainani 14 days ago

    I love mustangs (ford)

  • James Kanipe
    James Kanipe 14 days ago

    What is so awesome is that i went to that store on a trip and got a personal tour of what they do! It was awesome!

  • Ghillie guy’s Bike hacks

    Rally car build

  • freddy teddy
    freddy teddy 16 days ago

    7:37 the rear seats?

  • WuPiDu
    WuPiDu 20 days ago

    "If your seat have airbags, it's always good to leave it alone and never never replace it"! Lol jk nice tutorial Chris

  • Anthony French
    Anthony French 20 days ago +1

    Rip to the person who as to get into the back seat.
    The stock seats usual fold a little to make it easier to get back there.

  • Patric Bighand
    Patric Bighand 21 day ago +1

    All this is a ' BIG' HELP! Thanks CHRIS

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  20 days ago

      Glad the video was helpful!

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez 21 day ago +1

    My dad’s truck from 1981 has a supercharger

  • Lion Lioni
    Lion Lioni 21 day ago

    Like so he can do how to smash your driftstang or your drift car

  • Autistic Guitar
    Autistic Guitar 21 day ago

    the way you have the seatbelt installed in 17:45 can potentially be very dangerous, the buckle may rest against your hip in case of a crash. This has been an issue when seatbelts were a new requirement, and manufacturers didn´t care that much. When you crash your hip might be broken in such a way that the artery that runs through your hip gets sliced open, causing you to bleed to death in as little as 3-5 minutes

  • Nadia Moidin
    Nadia Moidin 22 days ago +1

    I have a bmw

  • david wang
    david wang 24 days ago

    Like to know how to replace the back seat by split seats

  • Nathan Collins
    Nathan Collins 26 days ago

    Where can you find brackets at a reasonable price?

  • Luxury Inc
    Luxury Inc 29 days ago +1

    Racing seats are just adult children’s booster seats.

  • Alexander Angulo
    Alexander Angulo 29 days ago +2

    So fucking detailed and everything so well explained. I love this

  • MultiMedia TV
    MultiMedia TV Month ago

    Ich hab nichtmal ein Auto...

  • Inspector7I
    Inspector7I Month ago

    You shouldn't have to drill anything...if you got it for free, ok then. If you pay full price...get the right seat

    ENIGMA 1NE Month ago

    Men, I wish I had skittles like you 🤓 Damn

  • Skryll
    Skryll Month ago

    Wow you really do like your medium strength thread locker don’t you.

  • Rahul Mascarenhas
    Rahul Mascarenhas Month ago

    Hey chris.... Still waiting for rollcage and harness video

  • Dondeee
    Dondeee Month ago

    My guy just loves bolthole 13:13

  • It's Boosted
    It's Boosted Month ago


  • BEbros
    BEbros Month ago

    Does anyone know if these Are legal on the road in Australia?

  • Traktorgutt07
    Traktorgutt07 Month ago

    Ken you bay a drift stering hweel?

  • Lord Groudon
    Lord Groudon Month ago

    take a shot every time he says "Racing Seat"

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    Jo n Month ago

    Kiss me nigga

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    Arvin Denorte Month ago

    add supercharger

  • Tiny Galaxy gamer
    Tiny Galaxy gamer Month ago

    I know the man is a drifter but...

    He needs to be a mechanic.

  • Adam Ferry
    Adam Ferry Month ago


  • Shridhar Singh
    Shridhar Singh Month ago

    What are you going to do with the mustang seats

  • Shridhar Singh
    Shridhar Singh Month ago

    My Mercedes has stock bucket seats

  • i - Dhol
    i - Dhol Month ago

    Noticed the inconvenience of getting in and out of the car with that racing seats. Of course, he will not mention it.

  • Zeshan Khan
    Zeshan Khan Month ago

    When are you gonna place the roll cage

  • mr john
    mr john Month ago

    1:56 at the top left corner. the kid from the house across is your secret fan

  • alex mantilla
    alex mantilla Month ago

    face reveal

  • Spilly
    Spilly Month ago

    Gonna be honest that interior is horrible

  • Updatesys
    Updatesys 2 months ago +1

    hey bro why don't you have back seats?
    Cuz weight reduction bro

  • Ghillie guy’s Bike hacks

    Would you recommend JEGS

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  2 months ago

      Ive only bought stuff from them once. It was fine.

  • Len Kagamine
    Len Kagamine 2 months ago

    Will you make a video of installing bench seats.?:D

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 2 months ago

    If you use a medium drill then you will wear the large drill more than necessary you should only need 1 or maybe 2 drills as long as the maximum size of the small drill is no larger than the web of the large drill

  • Tikruu
    Tikruu 2 months ago

    what car is that

  • Reaber Saadi
    Reaber Saadi 2 months ago

    instead of all of that removing bracket and material why couldn't you just use Velcro

  • Kawirider123
    Kawirider123 2 months ago

    Man! Chris loves that Craftsman swivel ratchet

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    ajwillkill 21 2 months ago

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    scp 173 2 months ago

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  • A r i e s R
    A r i e s R 2 months ago

    Did you use a hydro lock with your e-brake system so you can park on a hill or just to park your stang? Nevermind I forgot you kept the stock ebrake. But did you consider using one?

  • TTV imBoomin
    TTV imBoomin 2 months ago

    why am I watching this, it’s 4am and I don’t even have a car