SUN DOGS Official Trailer (2018) Allison Janney, Melissa Benoist Comedy Movie HD

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • SUN DOGS Official Trailer (2018) Allison Janney, Melissa Benoist Comedy Movie HD
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Comments • 209

  • Zina Shukri
    Zina Shukri 27 days ago

    Omg melissa okay i’m going to netflix

  • Isabelle Giraud
    Isabelle Giraud 6 months ago

    literally going to watch it right now, on Netflix, with popcorn because of Melissa Benoist

  • Izzfifteen22
    Izzfifteen22 6 months ago

    Jennifer Morrison!!!

  • Tø Xìč
    Tø Xìč 6 months ago

    Watched it cause Melissa Benoist is in it

    • Tø Xìč
      Tø Xìč 6 months ago

      And she had a smaller role then I expected

  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky Ugsod 8 months ago

    Melissa is hot, and good movie.

  • Ewan Noel
    Ewan Noel 8 months ago

    The lady from Struck by lightning

  • Litzy Herrera
    Litzy Herrera 8 months ago

    Melissa Benoist 😍💝

  • manfred schmalbach
    manfred schmalbach 8 months ago

    Comedy? Isn't comedy supposed to be kind of .... humorous?
    Following what they showed so far is this a tragedy.

  • Simon Frederiksen
    Simon Frederiksen 9 months ago

    Why not give him an AR15 right away?

  • ana maria Castillo Reyes

    Melissa mama gool ok oh 1000

  • EagleRockers
    EagleRockers 9 months ago

    Only on Netflix? Some of can't afford Netflix but we can rent a DVD or go to a movie theatre occasionally.

  • Lost Birds Production
    Lost Birds Production 10 months ago +1


  • mr anderson
    mr anderson 10 months ago


  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe 10 months ago

    yesterday I over heard 2 guys talking. First guy said we killed over 6 million in Iraq since 1992 and now we're on pace to kill 4 million Syrians yet I don't feel any more free. . where is all that freedom I was promised to Get by invading other countries and killing there people ?

  • Wanson Silva
    Wanson Silva 11 months ago

    Touching movie!

  • HughJass
    HughJass 11 months ago

    yo im xzibit and im a pimp your movie

  • Al J
    Al J 11 months ago

    Is that x zibit?

  • Sancheezy
    Sancheezy 11 months ago

    Soooo this is what Will Stronghold is doing now? nice

  • Amazing Yana
    Amazing Yana 11 months ago

    watching this because of melissa benoist lol

  • Vspeed1000
    Vspeed1000 Year ago

    I have no Motivation to watch this movie. 90% percent of the people in comment sections are talking about the actress Melissa instead of the movie.

  • Fuck Pakis
    Fuck Pakis Year ago

    I just watched this, I would recommend it. And it does have comedy in it.

  • teto85
    teto85 Year ago +4

    I watched because of Allison Janney and Melissa. I also asked Netflix for my money back. If this is how they waste the talents of good actors then it's not worth it.

  • Sidsidsid
    Sidsidsid Year ago

    lmao is he following a sikh

  • Mohamed Abd-Allah

    idiots 9/11 you still think about osama

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    Wow - they made a movie about a paranoid racist idiot who is gullible enough to believe all of the lies his criminal government tells him and spends all his time racially profiling brown people (who look like Sikhs from India) - and they actually call this a comedy - incredible!

  • Age of Doom
    Age of Doom Year ago

    I love this movie because motivate me to start training for my body transformation for a better health and now I'm on a good level.

  • Mehr Kitab
    Mehr Kitab Year ago +1

    not rlly seeing the comedic factor in ignorant self righteous Americans stalking poc just trying to live their lives.

  • Kayla Djeje
    Kayla Djeje Year ago

    I watched this movie and cried like a bitch because it hit so close to home

  • lanihawj
    lanihawj Year ago

    Both are flyers and have super strength

  • ardvark84
    ardvark84 Year ago

    Hello people, how are you today?

  • springfield Ms
    springfield Ms Year ago

    Hes mentally ill the end.

  • fgh
    fgh Year ago

    It's available on netflix.


    Jennifer Morrison from HOUSE directed this! Niiiiiiice

  • Jogi Panangian Sihombing

    Melissa ❤❤❤❤

    CEMO SHKUPI Year ago +2

    Et encore les américains vont sauver la planète hahhahaaaaaaa

  • roven 08
    roven 08 Year ago +2

    American terrorists get medals and movies celebrating them for killing more people than AQ.

    • Joe Felice
      Joe Felice 11 months ago +1

      roven 08 Timothy McVeigh was an American terrorist. So was the Unabomber. They didn't get any medals. They didn't get celebratory movies made about them. Enlarge the point of view beyond one issue, information is free.

  • 106andie
    106andie Year ago

    Is that xzibit?!😱

  • Milo Jones
    Milo Jones Year ago

    HILARIOUS!! Never laughed so hard at a trailer before.

  • Raknas Kihtrak
    Raknas Kihtrak Year ago

    2017 movie ,ONE Media , please keep at this fake stuff for views and i will un-subscribe and block you.

  • mickypure
    mickypure Year ago

    Melissa just got younger by 10 years in this film wtf

    • SunKara
      SunKara Year ago

      mickypure it is the lack of makeup/natural look. because she shot it a year back only

  • Non Stop
    Non Stop Year ago

    This film kind of convinced me there might be something wrong with me, during my childhood I knew everything there was to do with the Army, as I got older, I found out I had this medical condition, which made me unable to achieve my childhood dream of being in the Army, despite me completing a week with the Army on an insight course, and getting a good report at the end of it, fast forward a few years, and I always think what if, I am from England, but now I am obsessed about having 2nd amendment rights, but I dont think that's wrong, after I studied the history of the US.. and I do believe civilians should be able to own firearms, I dont think its too fill a void, because their is a huge difference between a soldier and a civilian, however I have become interested in firearms, before I was in to all of this, I was unemployed for about a year, I dont have a great education, but the education that I did have was from a college course, designed for people who want a career in the Emergency services/ Military, like him, I want to save lives and help people if I can, I finally managed to get a job doing Security, which is okay, but If I was better educated, then theirs better things out there, like the Emergency services, one day I hope I pass an application for one of the services, but I just hope that I'm not holding on to something unrealistic, I want to make it a realistic goal, like in the movie, they say every man should have a purpose, I am struggling to find mine, or at least live it, Its been a sad life, haven't even come close to finding a girl like the one in the movie yet, and when I do, and she finds out I am not far off from being like him, I hope she dont react the same way.

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle Year ago

    What is this silly movie and why is Melissa Benoist in it???

    • SunKara
      SunKara Year ago

      Gabrielle watch it on Netflix! It’s not at all silly! It was so very beautiful and is actually a trending movie on Netflix because it’s so good

  • hussain nazif
    hussain nazif Year ago

    this movie is guy as fuck
    fatherfucking shit

  • Kitty Midnight
    Kitty Midnight Year ago

    I'm confused Q.Q

  • SunKara
    SunKara Year ago

    This was such a sweet heartwarming movie! I watched it two days back and everyone was lovely in it. It left me with a tear in my eyes and a smile on my lips. It’s a that kind of movie. Michael was very good in the role
    Melissa’s Tally was just sad but so very sweet. She was this strange mix of innocent naivety & street smart.
    I’m glad she got a future that’s optimistic & he finds a purpose in life. Such an uplifting ending to the movie
    Hi 👋 How are you doing? 😊

  • Ian Avegnon
    Ian Avegnon Year ago

    Damn! Xhibit can really act now!

  • Sydney Just Sydney
    Sydney Just Sydney Year ago +3

    I'm only watching it cause melissa is in it

  • SergeTheBlerge
    SergeTheBlerge Year ago

    I LOVE Melissa Benoist and Supergirl, and would only watch this for her. Otherwise this just looks really stupid.

  • Jameskaimuki
    Jameskaimuki Year ago

    Everyone saw supergirl, but xzibit was also in there. Damn.

  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez Year ago +3

    Melissa is this means I'm watching 😁

  • Apk Stuff
    Apk Stuff Year ago

    They must have money to burn if they can take the time to produce such shit painfully boring movies

  • Apk Stuff
    Apk Stuff Year ago

    Propaganda to get people to join the military...

    • SunKara
      SunKara Year ago

      Apk Stuff it’s not! 🙄 Go watch it first! It was a funny series of misadventures of two young people nothing serious or preachy

  • Arrested Lycian Development

    Why can't you watch trailers on Netflix it's just BS ! F NETFLIX

  • Bradley Vensent
    Bradley Vensent Year ago +8

    Supergirl 😍😍😍😘😇

  • You Can Heal
    You Can Heal Year ago

    I love Allison Janney

  • Anthony Fung
    Anthony Fung Year ago +3


  • Santana Grady
    Santana Grady Year ago

    Jennifer Morrison

  • Barb
    Barb Year ago +19

    i just watched sun dogs movie,milissa benoist played her part just as i thaught she would,,with the talent she has,,im sure she can go beyound super girl,talent is hard to come by and she surley has alot to offer,,bravo milissa bravo ;) thank you,

    • Barb
      Barb Year ago

      im glad you liked what i said because its the truth,,;) thank you.

  • :D
    :D Year ago


  • goldwincs
    goldwincs Year ago

    How old was Melissa Benoist when they shot the movie? She looks way younger than she is in Supergirl?

    • SunKara
      SunKara Year ago

      goldwincs just a year back. It’s because they aren’t using makeup much at all. See Melissa’s without makeup offscreen pics she looks like this even now. I think in Supergirl they use a lot of makeup and that updo hair as Kara (they don’t use the teenage looking ponytail this season) to make her look a bit more mature than she looks otherwise

  • UJR78
    UJR78 Year ago +1

    A sun dog (or sundog) or mock sun, formally called a parhelion (plural parhelia) in meteorology, is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of a bright spot to the left and/or right of the Sun. And if you fixate on it long enough it will create racist insanity of the highest order. Or just really bad films.

    • Mehr Kitab
      Mehr Kitab Year ago +1

      stop it with the "it's rude to call racism racism"
      we're not gonna call it egalitarianism. i'm 100% over white people thinking "racist" is an insult. it's not. it's a mere observation of an unfortunate reality. and if you're insulted by being called racist, then you seem to already be aware that racism is a no bueno. Ergo that's something you need to address.

  • emiliano
    emiliano Year ago

    so it's a 9/11 movie?

    • SunKara
      SunKara Year ago

      EMM!! Nope. A slice of life kind of movie. Very sweet and warm kind

  • drlee2
    drlee2 Year ago +4

    So his parents are Al Bundy and C.J. Craig and his girlfriend is Supergirl. Lucky guy.

  • Heyits Yanelis
    Heyits Yanelis Year ago +2


  • bby annnaaa
    bby annnaaa Year ago

    Does Jennifer Morrison direct this or what?

  • clara m
    clara m Year ago

    i’m here for the “directed by jennifer morrison”

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B Year ago

    Looks just like a beautiful mind

  • Joseph Bapeck
    Joseph Bapeck Year ago

    For OUAT FANS; this film is directed by Jennifer Morrison

  • The Marvel & DB Geek

    Not bad

  • I troll youtube
    I troll youtube Year ago

    Harvey lee Oswald has not aged one bit!!

  • josie holloway
    josie holloway Year ago

    When’s this out

  • Pluto cchio
    Pluto cchio Year ago

    This is going to be a sad movie for me
    Because at 0:08 is the moment my dads brother
    Graham Berkeley passed
    He was on the second plane that hit the twin towers.

    • You Can Heal
      You Can Heal Year ago +1

      Pluto cchio God bless you - I am very sorry for your loss.

    • SunKara
      SunKara Year ago +1

      Pluto cchio I’m so sorry for the loss of you and your family. God bless

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen Year ago +70

    Melissa Benoist is in this. I need to watch this movie

    • NLgamerone
      NLgamerone 26 days ago

      i did not watch the end it is boring
      ( my opinion )

    • Zina Shukri
      Zina Shukri 27 days ago

      Official Filmilen 😂

    • NLgamerone
      NLgamerone 3 months ago

      Official Filmilen Ye me to😂😂 im Gonny look for it right now

    • elizabeth Reyes
      elizabeth Reyes 10 months ago

      Official Filmilen same

  • samtheworm
    samtheworm Year ago +1


  • The Queen Of Regal

    i feel like hes bus my boy balls

  • vrc vrc
    vrc vrc Year ago +4

    My Supergirl❤

  • Satis
    Satis Year ago +23

    Only came for Emma Swan and Kara Danverse lmao 😂😂

  • Dekido
    Dekido Year ago

    I didn't see this coming.

  • HalaCG
    HalaCG Year ago

    Dang. So this is why Supergirl has taken a huge Hiatus. 🤔😥

    • HalaCG
      HalaCG Year ago

      DavidB1001 True true

    • HalaCG
      HalaCG Year ago +1

      Sunara Haha yes. Definately 😊

    • SunKara
      SunKara Year ago +1

      HalaCG u are welcome. I’m pretty sure Melissa of all people prioritizes Supergirl above all else :)

    • HalaCG
      HalaCG Year ago +1

      Sunara Ahhh okay. That's good! My faith in the Supergirl cast is restored. Thanks for setting that straight!

    • SunKara
      SunKara Year ago +1

      HalaCG no it’s not! The show runner guy Andrew Kreisberg got fired so the schedule got delayed and then CW took it to get Black lightning air in LOT slot and moved it to SH slot and benched Supergirl for 9 weeks. It wasn’t delayed because of Melissa. She shot for this movie a long time back

  • Power Metal
    Power Metal Year ago +4

    Only clicked for Supergirl.

  • Robert Agu
    Robert Agu Year ago +1

    Seems very propagandist and Dramatic.. NOT seeing much comedy here and clearly for publicity, you feature Super Girl but no Super Girl

  • the Führer
    the Führer Year ago +11

    Melissa Benoists hottness is right up there with Gal Gaddot.

  • Eueu G
    Eueu G Year ago +2

    Omgg Deeks 😍

  • Agent Danvers
    Agent Danvers Year ago +8

    Melissa Benoist!!!!!!!

  • JP
    JP Year ago

    Everyone talking about how he's the guy from Sky High... do yourself a favour and watch Lords of Dogtown. THAT movie is something we should be remembering. One of my favourites.

  • Betin264
    Betin264 Year ago

    In fact, this is a dramatic comedy.

  • rhenz celetaria
    rhenz celetaria Year ago +9

    i watch this for melissa

  • Joi Benjamin
    Joi Benjamin Year ago +1


  • J_B
    J_B Year ago

    Am I the only one who thought of "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"? Just me?

  • Youssra
    Youssra Year ago

    When Can we see the movie?

  • ArtemisScribe
    ArtemisScribe Year ago +4

    Doesn't look funny, just looks sad. I thought we were done with mental illness being the punchline.

  • Tae_Tae-Saranghae
    Tae_Tae-Saranghae Year ago +2

    Is this why supergirl is on a break??

    • SunKara
      SunKara Year ago

      anaht handa because actors film first and finish. Director takes time to edit (few months) that’s why it takes time to release

    • jerrygodeep
      jerrygodeep Year ago

      anaht handa films take a while to film

    • Tae_Tae-Saranghae
      Tae_Tae-Saranghae Year ago +1

      ten why does it say 2018...

    • Karamel fan
      Karamel fan Year ago

      No this movie was filmed more than a year ago

  • Been Man
    Been Man Year ago +1

    Not one pushup

  • Marise vw
    Marise vw Year ago

    Here for Jennifer Morrison :)

  • Legends Universe
    Legends Universe Year ago +107

    OMG Melissa looks young

    • david57strat
      david57strat 10 months ago +1

      She IS young. She's only twenty-nine lol.

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog Year ago

      Oh, the puffy one. Yeah, she looks okay.

    • GrinFlash
      GrinFlash Year ago +1

      Her face looks puffed up, has she gained weight?

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog Year ago

      Which one is she?

    • Paul Ess
      Paul Ess Year ago +8

      The finest looking woman i've ever seen.

  • Kara and Lena
    Kara and Lena Year ago

    Why is mellisa I'm a movie? How did she manage to to that 😅

  • Daryl Bungabong
    Daryl Bungabong Year ago +25

    Well, in this movie, Supergirl needs to save the day.

  • Chris R.
    Chris R. Year ago

    Wait, that's Xzibit ?😂

  • Ma Op
    Ma Op Year ago

    that sun of a bitch