5 INSANE Features Of The 2018 BMW M760i!

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
    YESTERDAYS VIDEO! ► tvclip.biz/video/hftjqKjUWtQ/video.html
    Special thanks to Bob Smith BMW! Here is more info on this M760i: bit.ly/bmwm760i
    The all new 2018 BMW M760i has a massive V12 and is packed with crazy technology. In todays video I highlight 5 of the insane features it has to offer. It can even park itself using the key. Remote controlled BMW M760i *it actually works*. 5 INSANE Features Of The 2018 BMW M760i!

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  • OGDC
    OGDC 6 days ago


  • Beast Laser
    Beast Laser 14 days ago

    How much does this cost🥴😂😂😂

  • Mait Kaljas
    Mait Kaljas 15 days ago

    A beverage cooler isnt a new thing for the 7 series.The E32 had a fridge as an option already, but aint sure did you get it in the US.

  • Zsolt Obreczan
    Zsolt Obreczan 15 days ago

    How easy could it be to hack that car and just drive away in it :)

  • Comrade Daniel
    Comrade Daniel 17 days ago +1

    Still looks better than the new 2019 model

  • adam evans
    adam evans 20 days ago

    What a bellend

  • Killa Crossova
    Killa Crossova 23 days ago

    First world problems, " I was using the automatic drive option on my 2018 BMW and drove it through the wall of my garage "

  • Official_ Starboybmx
    Official_ Starboybmx 24 days ago

    I'm owning one of these someday 😉

  • דוד איפרגן
    דוד איפרגן 25 days ago


  • global.001
    global.001 Month ago

    When you used the keyring to move the car in and out of the garage had you aligned it first or I can the car park itself straight from an angle?

  • Abi Makin
    Abi Makin Month ago

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  • RK
    RK Month ago

    Can the 360 camera record video too?

  • Wafi 31
    Wafi 31 Month ago

    German manufacture are in different levels 👍

  • nathan basiuwa
    nathan basiuwa Month ago +1

    I am not here for your s class , here for BMW and I am proud of it

    DARK EYED HORSE Month ago

    Nice vid bro👌

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    The fridge is nothing new. Admit that was a throwaway so you could have “ 5 INSANE features” not remotely impressive. The other stuff was wild tho

  • Marguerite Vijayasingam

    I love your car

  • Rocco and Memes
    Rocco and Memes Month ago +2

    **DREAM CAR**

  • Luke Vanhorse
    Luke Vanhorse Month ago


  • Kerby The Slayer
    Kerby The Slayer Month ago

    This car is such a disappointment. I miss the old Bimmers 😢

  • Noor Ahmed
    Noor Ahmed Month ago

    i think we can't see it in real life

  • Noor Ahmed
    Noor Ahmed Month ago


  • Matt Frazier
    Matt Frazier Month ago +1

    All that technology and they still can't design an attractive car.
    I miss the BMW before Chris Bangle.

  • Thadeus Lyato
    Thadeus Lyato Month ago +1

    Dude...going for a drive before you review tge BMW M760😅😅😅 thats pure disrespect bro!!

  • Erfan
    Erfan Month ago +5

    You know my cars is way better than this because

    It’s invisible

  • dogeatdog12345
    dogeatdog12345 Month ago

    I will take either the Mercedes s63 or s65 over this car any day.even the Audi s7


    Somebody reading and liking comments here will buy this car.

  • Gagik Tamasyan
    Gagik Tamasyan Month ago

    The vent opening closing isn't new. They have had it on the 5 series for a while including the entire lighting and also the vent opening and closing that technology is about 60 years old lol

  • Shahid Miah
    Shahid Miah Month ago +13

    1942: we'll have flying cars in the future
    2019: giant remote control cars

  • Gordon James edward
    Gordon James edward 2 months ago

    Loved it

  • hamid nikkhah
    hamid nikkhah 2 months ago

    U want horsepower try out a 1969 charger bro 😎

  • Plumbus
    Plumbus 2 months ago

    My current car is a half foot longer.2010 Ford crown Vic lol. And I used to drive one that was 20 inches longer.
    Was a 76 olds delta 88 deluxe hard top 4 door.
    I wish I had this car however, damn it is sure nice.

  • Petrus Balau
    Petrus Balau 2 months ago +4

    After I saw this video, I'll buy a Tesla X

    • Mike
      Mike 7 days ago

      Teslas going bankrupt sooo

  • nkosilathi godswill Siziba

    stop yelling at us

  • Solo Mkwena
    Solo Mkwena 2 months ago

    mota dzemushonga

  • Vendetta boss TV
    Vendetta boss TV 2 months ago

    The only car me can buy it a Toyota probox

  • Justin Torres
    Justin Torres 2 months ago

    What the hell does thus guy do

  • sam ly
    sam ly 2 months ago

    what a technology can drive itself back and fotthward only.

  • Inglewood Blackman
    Inglewood Blackman 3 months ago

    45k it will be in the shop!

  • lesego
    lesego 3 months ago

    Well i rather be a passenger that a driver

  • DoNotCut TheMushrooms
    DoNotCut TheMushrooms 3 months ago

    Hey awesome video, what is the dimensions of this remote key?

  • Gino Foogle
    Gino Foogle 3 months ago

    if you thought this was impressive.. imagine how advanced german auto makers would be if they won WWII

  • Steven House
    Steven House 3 months ago

    Bro that car is the best

  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming 3 months ago

    Miles ahead of the s class.

  • S V
    S V 3 months ago


    • S V
      S V 3 months ago


  • Jade Chen
    Jade Chen 3 months ago +1

    This can do me better than my husband will ever be able to

  • ABADI Bond
    ABADI Bond 3 months ago

    u talk alot this so poring

  • Joey
    Joey 3 months ago

    I Iike car.

    AHMED ALBLOOSHI 3 months ago

    1. Mercedes
    2. Audi
    3. Bmw

  • Dishon Macharia
    Dishon Macharia 3 months ago

    In love with the car. God fulfill my wish

  • Flavia Mpanga Kaggwa
    Flavia Mpanga Kaggwa 3 months ago

    Cool 😎

  • Tahj 314
    Tahj 314 4 months ago

    As a BMW Genius this is one of my favorites.

  • fedan barshmaklele
    fedan barshmaklele 4 months ago

    Wat bout u parked at a mall n u do this cool feature of reversing and a dump trucks crashes into u i wud prefer a toyota

  • xX CodeMax Xx M
    xX CodeMax Xx M 4 months ago

    One of the features is unreliability

  • Adam Imundo
    Adam Imundo 4 months ago

    nothing new chief

  • Adam Imundo
    Adam Imundo 4 months ago

    i literally have most of this stuff on my 2018 X3

  • Gwahela Mataboge
    Gwahela Mataboge 4 months ago

    The M760i is the boss. And by far the presenter is the best car presenter I've ever seen in my life, I rate the video 10/10.

  • Street Costello
    Street Costello 4 months ago

    1 sensor fails and the car is back to the FlintStone Age

  • Colin Fox
    Colin Fox 4 months ago

    He's such a knob

  • Roniel Scott
    Roniel Scott 4 months ago

    This car is the best

  • Sri nayan
    Sri nayan 4 months ago

    what is your job man?...

  • Vasudev Pant
    Vasudev Pant 4 months ago

    where do you live

  • Norbert Torok
    Norbert Torok 5 months ago

    The new Audi A8 know all of this,even much more!!!!sorry BMW.😃

  • Braylon Triplett
    Braylon Triplett 5 months ago

    And I’m getting a 1:18 iscale bmw 750li toy car in the mail! I’m so excited because it’s just like the M760i! The real bmw 750li has all the same features as the M760i except for the refrigerator!

  • Braylon Triplett
    Braylon Triplett 5 months ago

    This is one of my dream cars!

  • Ryan Adkins
    Ryan Adkins 5 months ago

    I need to get my credit right damm.

  • Aziza Nour
    Aziza Nour 5 months ago

    Mercedes Benz maybach has an refrigerator. also one of Hyundais cars has one too. its not uncommon.

  • Modo Mio
    Modo Mio 5 months ago


  • sebastian mlambo
    sebastian mlambo 5 months ago

    Just give me a Ford mustang Mach 1 or a fast back please!

  • Vicky
    Vicky 5 months ago

    If there is any alcohol in your system will the car start?

  • Guillermo Aleman
    Guillermo Aleman 5 months ago

    Video starts at 1:07..... bla bla bla after and before that

  • Dre
    Dre 5 months ago +1

    Well, you know the old saying if you have to ask how much is it then you can't afford it. Soooooooo, how much is it? LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!! God bless those who can.

  • Reggie Scerbo
    Reggie Scerbo 5 months ago

    f150s have the same vents..

  • Oswaldo David Rey Silva

    Who cares about fuel consumtion on a V12 ?!?

    VESUVIUS ENIGMA 5 months ago

    Can BMW put in a stove and bathroom in the next upgrade please!

  • sadath ahmed
    sadath ahmed 5 months ago

    I think that bmw is better than the lambo which was next to it

  • JerrY
    JerrY 5 months ago

    I would go back to lock my car and check that every door is locked

  • raja bhatia
    raja bhatia 6 months ago


  • Dave0551
    Dave0551 6 months ago


  • lawrence michau
    lawrence michau 6 months ago

    You talk to much

  • Mr.MagicGiant Plays
    Mr.MagicGiant Plays 6 months ago

    Can we give low price like 85,000 Dollars

  • Mr.MagicGiant Plays
    Mr.MagicGiant Plays 6 months ago

    I can't afford this

  • Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

    What other BMW models have the display key. And if so, what other companies offer a display key.

  • onetwo
    onetwo 6 months ago

    the same active shaders i've in my 2008 E81 118i

  • William Inbody
    William Inbody 6 months ago

    Got all that on my 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser.

  • Ricky Chan
    Ricky Chan 6 months ago

    Congratulations 👨🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳

  • John Callaghan
    John Callaghan 6 months ago

    What do I do, installing airco in my apartment or buy one of these... my apartment accelerates... hmm ... not, tv, that's a draw that one... kitchen errr... BMW : zilch, my appartment 1, bedrooms... I don't need 3 anyway , well ,the mileage on my apartment is... 0, still... after all these years. I'll keep my old Volvo, ànd my apartment.

  • Ayman Farouk Hamed
    Ayman Farouk Hamed 6 months ago

    also i have BMW 528i can you Please show me how can i make mirror with my iphone 7 or x or sx Max thank you you are amazing

  • Ayman Farouk Hamed
    Ayman Farouk Hamed 6 months ago

    cool can you show me the auto park in this model or other Please

  • Billy C69
    Billy C69 6 months ago

    After my 545i was totaled by a drunk driver, we bought a Ram 1500 truck, my wife feels safer in it. I just got mine a 2500 Laramie 4x4 Megcab paid $8k less than the ’04 BMW all the new tech., Cummins and air ride, way better than the ’04 BMW 545i and no gee-gaw features, all practical!

  • moinmoin
    moinmoin 6 months ago +1

    I think they got some of their ideas from the Bond movie. Q's E38 750 also had some of these things..

  • Kim Martinussen
    Kim Martinussen 6 months ago

    Hmm we have an BMW E65 2003 735i also with a refrigerator where it is in the m760i and it looks like the same so it is recycled so nothing new there and also 2 telephone systems one in the front and one in the back but the m760i is very very super hot :-)

  • Mike Lesesne
    Mike Lesesne 7 months ago +1

    I can park that BMW better than it can park itself. ;)

  • Jesus Frelser
    Jesus Frelser 7 months ago

    Jesus saves ✝️

  • Master Jay
    Master Jay 7 months ago

    I love MEC more the thing about BMW They all look the same

  • goonzjav
    goonzjav 7 months ago

    Does that key need charging along with your iPhone X 3 times a day?

  • هاجر حافظ
    هاجر حافظ 7 months ago

    This is better than a Lamborghini

  • i Fvzzo
    i Fvzzo 7 months ago +3

    Lol I have this car. No joke. Seriously I have the same interior same color. I got it yesterday

  • rph786
    rph786 7 months ago +2

    Wait until the factory warranty runs out.

  • Barking Shark
    Barking Shark 7 months ago

    Doesn’t Rolls Royce build this engine...saw one on the floor today.