5 INSANE Features Of The 2018 BMW M760i!

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
    YESTERDAYS VIDEO! ► tvclip.biz/video/hftjqKjUWtQ/video.html
    Special thanks to Bob Smith BMW! Here is more info on this M760i: bit.ly/bmwm760i
    The all new 2018 BMW M760i has a massive V12 and is packed with crazy technology. In todays video I highlight 5 of the insane features it has to offer. It can even park itself using the key. Remote controlled BMW M760i *it actually works*. 5 INSANE Features Of The 2018 BMW M760i!

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  • mekea chauke
    mekea chauke 2 days ago

    I'm busy playing lotto,I'm coming to take you, you M760i

  • Luprez Tryson
    Luprez Tryson 2 days ago

    Fuckin nazis. They had the best tanks and now the best cars

  • owen barrett
    owen barrett 2 days ago

    I cant afford the car / the remote well maybe that also ,what to buy first,..

  • K A
    K A 2 days ago

    You didn't give it a dougscore.

  • forresg500
    forresg500 3 days ago

    great electronic tech
    but if it breaks
    it will cost a fortune

  • forresg500
    forresg500 3 days ago

    love reverse park out feature and key

  • Anton Dutsov
    Anton Dutsov 3 days ago

    Here is fridge in 760: www.mobile.bg/pcgi/mobile.cgi?act=4&adv=11530811985729252&slink=8jal5c

  • Xionut Test
    Xionut Test 4 days ago

    My Opel insignia works just fine

  • basiljun808
    basiljun808 4 days ago


  • Mario Rossi
    Mario Rossi 4 days ago

    tech for the sake of tech

  • Andrew Elsworth
    Andrew Elsworth 5 days ago

    With a car that expensive I would sleep with the key 2 don’t worry

  • EAZY E
    EAZY E 6 days ago

    Free iPhone key with BMW purchase !

  • Jannik Høy
    Jannik Høy 6 days ago

    Im starting to be a little consernet about this, cuz i want one of these gas cars, but in 2030 every car n denmark must be in electrician cars

  • S
    S 6 days ago

    Do you have to have a degree to operate this car ? It looks like you need to go to college to learn how to operate this car.

  • S
    S 6 days ago

    And I guarantee you my Civic is more reliable than either car.

  • Hilda Ndaba
    Hilda Ndaba 6 days ago

    Is the key charged

  • Nataly Mendoza
    Nataly Mendoza 7 days ago

    If only i could afford this lol

  • conan3778
    conan3778 7 days ago

    I was the whole Video waiting the squirrel to disappear. But Car is nice..

  • HungHewProductions
    HungHewProductions 8 days ago

    Tesla is still better

  • Solid Logix
    Solid Logix 8 days ago

    I bet he smashed it from the back when the camera turned off

  • Germanophilie1
    Germanophilie1 8 days ago +1

    Purest German excellence! Thanks for this …

  • sizwe bamala Ndlela
    sizwe bamala Ndlela 9 days ago

    Its insane indeed
    I love it

  • Helal Hossain
    Helal Hossain 10 days ago

    Wow... BMW M760i.. 😍😍😍...

  • Niyazi UNGANER
    Niyazi UNGANER 10 days ago

    Even 2005 mercedes s320 has refrigerator and u dont know also u presentation it like a super cool feature

  • sainglain
    sainglain 10 days ago

    Spray it in GOLD or Silver but that is Not a colour of a nice car.

  • Dilo.sweat Dilo
    Dilo.sweat Dilo 10 days ago

    Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • baudoskvitas
    baudoskvitas 10 days ago

    Не обоссысь от восторга

  • Shoaib K
    Shoaib K 11 days ago

    $180k for a BMW ?? , rather buy a crazy nice SLS Amg

  • Somath Po
    Somath Po 12 days ago

    How do I become wealthy also???

  • Kostas P
    Kostas P 12 days ago

    i bet this kid has worked a lot for his whole life to get his cars

  • kent brockman
    kent brockman 13 days ago

    back in the day.. only 50+ years olds could afford these things. after a career at a bank or something. remote control reverse and then the computer skitzos out and it goes flying into the street.

  • Evans Smith Donald
    Evans Smith Donald 14 days ago

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  • Mark Biggin
    Mark Biggin 14 days ago

    Great video ! Enjoyed it . This exceptional car has all of this , because it is basically a hinged model of it's fancier self - beginning at the Topper level ( aka. Rolls Royce ) !

  • Ola K
    Ola K 15 days ago

    I like your content but filming yourself a little less would be something you could consider.

  • Naadiiyah Channel
    Naadiiyah Channel 15 days ago

    Who's dreaming to have this car right now 😓

  • venusfan
    venusfan 15 days ago

    5 features that can be done on a 2 yr civic for $14k saving $120k on those 5 useless features.

  • Abdulwahab Ali
    Abdulwahab Ali 15 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Abdulwahab Ali
    Abdulwahab Ali 15 days ago

    I'm a kid I Love this video when I'm 21on gonna by it

  • yoloswager 02
    yoloswager 02 16 days ago

    he says the car can't steer itself but at 5.58 I really do see the steering wheel turn

  • Fender 1960
    Fender 1960 16 days ago +1

    After 5 years it's time to get rid of it...

  • Caden Casto
    Caden Casto 16 days ago

    This bmw reminds me of a rolls Royce 😂

  • Erik Spierenburg
    Erik Spierenburg 17 days ago

    Pleas say "actually" more. Thank you.

  • stefan voloseniuc
    stefan voloseniuc 17 days ago

    BMW cars for sale www.autovolo.co.uk/used-cars/bmw/

  • Ivan Novak
    Ivan Novak 18 days ago

    Since when cars are a she ???

  • Jeohn Rebosura
    Jeohn Rebosura 20 days ago

    Where can i find this concept key fob

  • Isaacs Random Videos
    Isaacs Random Videos 20 days ago

    You know why BMW's have twin kidney grills because you have to sell both of them to buy one

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera 20 days ago


  • SneakyBryan20 Official YouTube channel

    Legends says that cars with too much technology break down in a couple of years

  • Blad Venci
    Blad Venci 20 days ago +1

    I have the same car the only issue I have is there should be more colors to choose from as far as lighting

  • Keith Olsen
    Keith Olsen 20 days ago

    But will it blend?

  • lynhwm
    lynhwm 21 day ago

    My 1937 Packard has automatic thermostatically controlled radiator grille shutters, too. Big deal.

  • Tobias Andersson
    Tobias Andersson 21 day ago

    Oh the studder on the key display gives me flashbacks from ten years ago. That is so not cool 2018...

  • D loves mint
    D loves mint 21 day ago

    Wow. The car can also connect to cheap android tablets. So impressive.

  • Russel trang
    Russel trang 21 day ago

    No test drive?

  • eddieklown
    eddieklown 21 day ago

    I heard “actually” 116 times

  • MidwestHeady
    MidwestHeady 22 days ago

    So mean

  • Javier pereira rodriguez

    can you test the obsticle aboidance to see if it actually breaks by itself?

  • Andy Power
    Andy Power 22 days ago

    is this in California?!

  • Phil
    Phil 22 days ago

    The colour of the Leather looks so incredibly BAD!

  • predictionzzz
    predictionzzz 22 days ago

    How much

  • akumma
    akumma 22 days ago

    Too many ads

  • Rolls Royce38
    Rolls Royce38 22 days ago

    how much is this puppy?

  • raven Joyner
    raven Joyner 22 days ago

    I need you job. I have too start working harder

  • Bobby Brian
    Bobby Brian 23 days ago

    The best car in the world

  • Plant Seed
    Plant Seed 23 days ago

    Almost an unlimited number of things that can break in 5+ years time.

  • Nathan 11204
    Nathan 11204 23 days ago

    I tried this car 3 months ago and this car is super super comfy

  • jayb198083
    jayb198083 23 days ago

    Tesla has more features than this. BMW is for the old and snobby men, time for BMW to retire.

  • cheeks11us
    cheeks11us 23 days ago


  • Sebastian Costa
    Sebastian Costa 23 days ago

    This guy is the micheal mcrudden of cars

  • Kam Hawlery
    Kam Hawlery 24 days ago

    Most of the time these features are useless because the car is used to drop them off at the desired destination and back home!

  • Zawaprz
    Zawaprz 24 days ago

    tatuś dał domek, i kluczyki na nowe zabawki.. ... . a życie krótkie, hahahahjaha. ... can it do Nord Stream 3?

  • Gaston Deveaux
    Gaston Deveaux 24 days ago

    This would have been so much better if you had taken it for a ride.

  • YG RainbowCAT
    YG RainbowCAT 24 days ago

    It is actually so much similar as a 740Li Xdrive, except that V12 engine.

  • Corp0ralPunishment
    Corp0ralPunishment 24 days ago

    "You can even control how cold you want the refrigerator" - that's so ground breaking...
    Gesture recognition has been around since 1920 - lookup 'The Theremin' - so not that insane really...
    And it can generate a 360 degree positional virtual view but it can't park itself - I won't be rushing to my nearest BMW dealer just yet...

  • Mac Repair
    Mac Repair 24 days ago

    All I can see is his mush

  • Luke Luke
    Luke Luke 25 days ago

    When would being able to go backwards or forward perfectly straight actually be useful? Maybe if you have a garage. Why didn't they give it proper automatic parking abilities? The car costs enough!!

  • Extreme Gaming Dual
    Extreme Gaming Dual 25 days ago

    Also called "M760Li"

  • Ela Karonska
    Ela Karonska 25 days ago


  • Yvonne Kiogora
    Yvonne Kiogora 25 days ago

    I love BMW but this M760i is crazy

  • Mat cool
    Mat cool 26 days ago

    i hate that you can see shite looking speakers

  • Mister Sxeuaveex
    Mister Sxeuaveex 26 days ago

    Lost the Key and Lost Everything ! Haha 😂

  • RAna SAm
    RAna SAm 26 days ago

    In future we will unlock car with our eyes

  • avery domingue
    avery domingue 26 days ago +1

    dude youre the biggest TOOL I have ever seen. It would be hilarious if you suddenly became penniless so you would have an understanding of what real life feels like. the only reason you do youtube videos is so you can show off

  • Ferny Guap
    Ferny Guap 27 days ago

    I need this playa i live in fallbrook 760 never had a car always walked on foot 😬 tahha that shit gone be mine if i ever dreamed it

  • Eli G
    Eli G 27 days ago


  • Spencer Lim
    Spencer Lim 28 days ago

    Give me that car please. And NOW. Or else. Please. NOW

  • Oguz Kayabasi
    Oguz Kayabasi 29 days ago

    Can it prepare your coffee in the morning before you get in? No? Forget it.It's not worth to buy :)

  • Jose Mrnde
    Jose Mrnde 29 days ago

    imagine doing uber in this car,5 star driviver!

  • רז חננאשוילי
    רז חננאשוילי 29 days ago +11

    Im Too poor to even watch this video

    • K A
      K A 2 days ago

      Right there with you

  • Daniyal Moor
    Daniyal Moor 29 days ago +1

    Wow So you mean HAckers Can get In my Ignition ? Scary xD

  • mr y mysterious video

    Why does the narrator sound so camp?

  • Mike C.
    Mike C. Month ago

    If you say 'actually' one more time...

  • PacMan112
    PacMan112 Month ago

    That feeling when Audi make all those features in 2017 model

  • Queen La Queefa
    Queen La Queefa Month ago +2

    99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of people watching this won't buy this car and a watching purely just for entertainment purposes 😂😂

  • Robin Herrero
    Robin Herrero Month ago

    why is your Mercedes fitted with german transit plates ?

  • KSavage
    KSavage Month ago

    Notice it didn’t come with an IPad, that should say something to all you Apple fanboys

  • Neo
    Neo Month ago

    Insane features starts at 2:56

  • بطل من هذا الزمان

    Are you Ok?

  • Zimbabwe Sickest
    Zimbabwe Sickest Month ago

    Mission Impossible Fallout anyone